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  1. Our store (Nebur Cyborg) is seeking a dedicated animator who can help us make some weapon animations for some upcoming projects. Please let me know your price. Contact me inworld if you see me online or send a notecard (Onimochi Resident). You may also shoot an email if it's easier - excy.corp@gmail.com Your help is greatly appreciated! Our flickr for more details of what we do: Nebur Cyborg | Flickr --------------------------- Nuestra tienda (Nebur Cyborg) está buscando un animador dedicado que pueda ayudarnos a hacer algunas animaciones de armas para algunos proyectos futuros. Por favor, hágamelo saber su precios. Contácteme en el mundo si me ve en línea o envíe una nota (Onimochi Resident). También puede enviar un correo electrónico si es más fácil: excy.corp@gmail.com ¡Tu ayuda es muy apreciada!
  2. Hi, can someone please help me understanding what is going on with my dance animations? Since a few days whan I'm dancing may avatar stops for no reason. sometimes it stays stopped sometimes it resumes dancing after a few minutes. Also sometimes seems to be working ok but the moment I move my avi it stops and never comes back. This happens either with my dance hud or someone elses. It even happens with individual dance animations (not using hud). As anyone experienced this, can it be solved? Already cleaned cache, reinstaled Firestorm. Nothing seems to help Tnak you in advance
  3. Good afternoon, I'm in need of some help. I did a pose in Qavimator to hold a hand mirror, in Firestorm you can upload this with priority 4, i read and saw in tutorials that poses could be priority 5 or 6 if you upload them in SL viewer which i see this is not possible either, it goes to priority 4 max also. I need this pose to override others so the arm/hand stays even if i change poses. Can someone point me to some guidance on how to do this? Thanks a lot!
  4. It's a little while since I posted here, so I thought I'd share my new animation which is a combination of machinima and Blender. I used Blender for the modelling and the backgrounds were filmed at Water's Edge Merhaven (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Antiquity%20MarieGalante/30/72/9). I really hope you like the story!
  5. Hi everyone, its hard for me to find one specific type of headpat animation, where u get headpatted and my avatar reacts to it, does anyone know if theres a store i can buy them separately? i looked everywhere, could only find animations of dances / aos
  6. We have an immediate need for modelers of static items, such as decorations, buildings and misc. items. We're paying you. Let's have a chat. The information we need from you is a schedule were we can pick a time and date to meet up. This initial meeting will happen only once so it doesn't have to be a consistent schedule. Additionally we will need a consistent schedule from you in order to sync up times and dates for creativity meetings. Please contact me in-world by sending a note card and include the date and times requested above. It is unlikely that I will notice your instant messages. I am known as BinBash Resident and I will respond to your note card if I receive it. Please don't hesitate to send it more than once if I haven't gotten back to you in a few days, it may have gotten lost. If you are able to produce any of the following then we would like to meet up with you... LSL, Python, textures, animations, concept art, logical puzzles, static mesh, skinned/rigged mesh. For objects we are looking for someone that understands how to produce proper game content, low poly. Your task would require you to generate the required normal and specular maps as well as efficient UVW maps. Thank you \o/
  7. Hi! I've been working on a script somone put into the public domain, trying to adapt it to my purpose, which is to rez an NPC when it receives a message via a Dataserver call. Broadly, it works fine, but upon rezing, I want the NPC to adaopt the included (static) animation and to face a particular direction. It's this last part that won't work. No matter what value I put in for the Z rotation, the NPC will behave as follows: 1) It tends not to change direction at all for small (Less than about 7 or 8 degrees) increments/decrements of Z 2) Then it will suddenly change direction by an estimated 20 or so degrees. 3) it cannot be made to face any direction in between it's two jumps 4) For some values, it jumps into a wildly different direction. 5) Overall, it seems to be a toss up between only about 4 or 5 directions it will face, and none other, no matter which of the 360 degrees I try. Here's the relevant piece of code I believe. Where you see "185" in this example; that's the value I'm changing, but the results don't change as expected/intended. Clearly I'm doing something wrong here, but can anyone tell me what? if(npc_on == FALSE) { npc = osNpcCreate("", "", npcPos, npc); npc_on = TRUE; llSensor("", "", AGENT | NPC, 96.0, PI); vector xyz_angles = <1.0, 1.0, 185.0>; vector angles_in_radians = xyz_angles * DEG_TO_RAD; // Change to Radians rot_xyzq = llEuler2Rot(angles_in_radians); // Change to a Rotation osNpcSetRot(npc, rot_xyzq); osNpcPlayAnimation(npc, "My animation"); } Thank you in advance for your thoughts!
  8. i created a plush toy and i want the object to walk with me with AO as i hold it like in some items i have seen in marketplace now the question how do i do it ? do i create my own animation outside of second life or i can do it with scripts only? how do i start?
  9. I had this idea for a story several years ago, but I couldn't decide how to do it. The basic idea is you put the brain of a cat in a hi-tech robot body and see what happens. So, earlier this year I started it. I decided it should be mostly made in Blender and I'd try for a cell style animation look with a Blade Runner/cyberpunk style setting. There is also a small amount of machinima, filmed in Second Life, so I hope its OK to post it here.
  10. so i bought the catwa toothpick animation accessory which including "chewing" animtion, and i noticed after the first 'loop' it just rest and not moving anymore and i have to reput it on the avatar for this to work again and stop again after few 5 6 seconds and it suppose to be moving infinty until ill detach it whats happening? thanks!
  11. so i bought the catwa toothpick animation accessory which including "chewing" animtion, and i noticed after the first 'loop' it just rest and not moving anymore and i have to reput it on the avatar for this to work again and stop again after few 5 6 seconds and it suppose to be moving infinty until ill detach it whats happening? thanks!
  12. I have a spider that is single prim, I'm trying to make it appear that it is walking and having trouble with the Animated Textures. Firestorm-Releasex64 - Gloverflo (gyazo.com) Here is what we have so far.
  13. Hi I am looking for a script for hugs poses, I am a pose creator and AO made with blender, but I want a script for two people to come together to hug and be in poses stands together. I did a lot of research before asking here, but I can't find anything. Thank you for your precious help LB (French) Je suis à la recherche d'un script pour des poses hugs, je suis créatrice de poses et AO faites avec blender, mais je souhaite un script pour que deux personnes se rapprochent pour se prendre dans les bras et être en poses stands ensemble. J'ai fait beaucoup de recherches avant de demander ici, mais je ne trouve rien. Merci pour votre précieuse aide LB
  14. My avatars facial expression changes when I type. The script/animation clearly has a bug because it leaves me with an inane smile when complete. I do not know where this animation is coming from is it does not appear in my AO and it happens even when the AO is deactivated. I have a Genus head, but a friend has the same one and does not have this issue. I am using Firestorm, but the issue is also present in the SL standard viewer. Is there a way of seeing which animation is running as I type?
  15. I don't know if this is in the right topic, but, I think animations may be relevant in role play... I have a bento body and head, which is great, but,I don't feel I'm using it at the fullest, AO animations are nice, face poses and anims too, but they don't look contextual the most of time, and who has time to open inventory and look for huds? I wanted my avatar to REACT when I say something, to ACT, add some body language to conversations ya know? Question Do gestures work with bento bodies and heads? Do the classic ones work in bento bodies? Where to find it? (I'm tired of that loud and annoying sound effects...)
  16. am i going crazy, or did this change recently? (and i'm not talking about animesh, animesh is... WAS... different.) i seem to recall that if you make another call to play a (looping) animation, it will restart that looping animation, at the top of the avatar's animation stack. however, today, it is not doing so. i'm on firestorm version-i-dont-have-it-running-right-this-second... so i'm wondering if someone with the official viewer can check this. please. thank you. even if i play a gesture that starts an animation... playing the gesture again doesn't restart it. i have to make every gesture that uses a looping animation call an animation stop before it calls the animation start??? i never!! (yes, i used looped animations in gestures. yes, infinite ones. well, i also make 'stop' gestures, too!)
  17. Hi there, I have done several deep dives in the Marketplace, through countless Bento AOs across the grid, and have not found anything in regards to ASL or its potential with bento. Prior to bento, ASL in SL was incredibly difficult, with a few creators only being able to utilise the system hand positions via the animation uploader. I'm looking, or am requesting some information, on who to look for or what to look for in regards to this. I would love to have a better fitting character that is neither using silly gestures when typing, or gesturing as if speaking in conversation. Instead, as my bento head talk animations can be turned off, an ASL typing animation would be perfect for me. The typing animation may be as simple as signing a general phrase (e.g. "How are you?" or "I love you!") with a continuous loop and a priority of about 3 or 4. Ideally also being much more expressive than just an extension of the arms with little to no movement elsewhere (like the popular ASL bento typer on the marketplace). If anyone could please help me, if they know someone who might be able to do this and are accepting requests (with payment of course) please let me know. Thank you so much. 🙂
  18. Hello, I'm conducting a survey to investigate and identify core average heights for human (and other humanoid) males, females and non-binary SL avatar characters in Second Life. This information will provide animators a set of target shape heights and bodytypes they can use to optimize their animations. The purpose of the study is to collect descriptive statistics, primarily average heights, for various sample subcategories (primarily the gender and height categories), and this information will help provide animators with a set of target shape heights and bodytypes that they can use to optimize their animations. If you use a human (or humanoid) avatar, please visit the following link to answer 6 short questions. No RL information will be asked, the survey is completely anonymous: https://s.surveyplanet.com/oANLJX9Im I already have some preliminary findings, form an initial sample of 50 participants, and here are some early results: Current total number of participants: 50 Current participant proportional gender distribution: Female: 41% Male: 36% Non-binary: 23% Current participant average heights of females males and non-binaries, in meters (and feet): Female: 1m87 (6′13″) Male: 1m90 (6′24″) Non-binary: 1m90 (6′23″) Current average height (and standard deviation) of all participants: 1.89 (σ=27.42) Current participant weighted* average heights for general height categories of ‘generally short’ height, ‘generally medium’ height and ‘generally very tall’ heights: Generally short: 1m53 (5ft02) Generally medium: 1m92 (6ft29) Generally very tall: 2m27 (7ft44) * Weighted values calculated from proportioning of collapsed categories based on subcategory percentage counts. The above average heights would be considered preliminary target heights for animators to use when creating animations for either short, medium and/or tall avatars. I have set up a figshare.com account that hosts the following information: - A study overview file that describes an overview of the study, which is ongoing. - The current datasat Excel data file for data exported from the surveyplanet.com survey website. - The current data report outlining up-to-date findings from the data set. The SL Study 1 files can be accessed from the following link: https://figshare.com/s/f2b0e6f3872fdff300dc I kept the survey as concise and simple as possible, and specifically avoided asking participants their RL gender. I also acknowledge that contemporary concepts of 'gender' have been simplified for the sake of simplicity, but the study is orientated towards identifying optinal shape and height metrics for animation designers, so only key relevant information that would help animators is being sought in the study.
  19. Hello everyone. I made an animation for a right-handed person that performs complex hand movements, from which I'd like to also create a laterally flipped (on the y-axis) animation so the animation is for a left-handed person as well. Is there a simple way to do this in blender-avastar please?
  20. Hello everyone. I made an animation for a right-handed person that performs complex hand movements, from which I'd like to also create a 'faster' and 'slower' animation so the animation as well. Is there a simple way to do this in blender-avastar please?
  21. Strictly speaking this animation is mostly Blender but there is a little machinima too, me and a friend dancing on the pink phone, so I hope you'll forgive me posting it here. I originally made this animation a couple of years ago with different music, unfortunately the copyright owners decided to block the music track so I took the opportunity to remaster and tidy it up with new music. I hope you enjoy it!
  22. Hi, Can someone tell me where I can find information about how to make a user interface/skin for an animation HUD. I already have some scripts but I am also looking better animation scripts. I just need to make it work with the HUD interface I am designing. Hope that made sense. I appreciate any help and suggestion. Thanks, Zen K
  23. Helo, does anyone know of any mocap dance animations that I can buy for full perm?
  24. I have a new animation to share with you. This is part machinima and part Blender and is Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata animated with flowers, mushrooms, vines and falling acorns in a garden setting alongside me playing the piano. I hope you like it. I have many more animations and machinima at my YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/PrydaParxStudio
  25. i want to make a clothing item that would bind the legs and arms to the body, but i wanted to make its own AO for that item is there a way to script it inside the clothing so when you attach it you can use the animation to walk ect?
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