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  1. Kymrie

    The Home and Garden thread

    I just put the finishing touches on my fall themed living room and it's perfect.
  2. Kymrie

    Sci-Fi landscaping/builds

    If you're still looking, Cerridwen's Cauldron has beautiful plants that would work for a sci fi theme.
  3. Kymrie

    Weird emoting issues

    That was it! I don't use gestures, so I would never have thought to check for that. Thanks so much! <3
  4. Kymrie

    Weird emoting issues

    A friend of mine invited me to go RP with them yesterday. I haven't done that in a while so I was pretty excited, but when I got there none of my posts were showing up. With some experimenting, we found out it was only the posts starting with "/me" that were having issues. I started complaining to them in IMs and, that's where the weird part starts. Though it wasn't showing up in local chat, every time I typed "/me" in an IM, it showed up as "/10 /me". I wasn't wearing any HUDs or titlers at the time that would cause that. I have since tried everything I can think of to fix it. I've relogged. I've relogged into a clean sim. I've taken off everything I possibly can and relogged into a clean sim using the default viewer. Nothing worked. If there's something attached to me that's making this happen, it's a persistent little critter. I'm out of ideas, so I could really use some help. What could be causing this?
  5. Kymrie

    Would you live in a fancy hotel focused on RP?

    One of my favorite RP spots started out like this. It was a fancy boarding house with just enough of a fantasy undertone to provide a little intrigue. It was just a small parcel with the building and a yard, not very many RPers, but it developed into a great community. Depending on the genre, I would consider trying out a place like that again.
  6. Kymrie

    The Home and Garden thread

    Redecorating again. It still needs work, but I like how it's going this time.
  7. Kymrie

    The Home and Garden thread

    It's gorgeous!
  8. Kymrie

    Whats your avatars eyecolour?

    Usually blue or green. Sometimes I wear grey or purple depending on the outfit. These might be my favorite:
  9. Kymrie

    The Home and Garden thread

    Haha, sure! I have no willpower in that place, so it'll be good to have a shopping buddy.
  10. Kymrie

    The Home and Garden thread

    I'm getting frustrated with the inside of my house again. It always ends up looking pretty similar to this. It isn't bad, but it doesn't suit me very well. I might have to give in and go for a massive shop at Half Deer or something.
  11. Kymrie

    The Home and Garden thread

    I'm bad about needing everything to be perfect too. I got my SL yard to look cute, but I'm redoing the inside of the house for the third time this month because it just doesn't look right. Good thing I like it because I spend a whole lot of time working on it. I really suck at getting motivated to do it IRL, though. My house is all cluttered and my yard is big, but it's all weeds except for the little patio where I keep my veggie garden. Even that's getting cluttered because I keep buying more plants. I want it to look nice, but there's just so much work involved. Working in stages might be the way to do it. It's more manageable when you're doing it on your own, and I'm not willing to hire somebody else for it either.
  12. Kymrie

    The Home and Garden thread

    Aww, thanks! <3
  13. Kymrie

    The Home and Garden thread

    I'm the opposite. I love decorating. I've actually been thinking of hiring myself out as a decorator the last few weeks, but I have no idea how to do that or if I'm even good enough that people would want to hire me. xP
  14. Kymrie

    The Home and Garden thread

    My teeny little corner of SL.
  15. Does Frank's have some sort of reputation that I don't know about? I've gone there a few times to stare at dresses and feel fancy, but if there's something funky going on then maybe I should stay away.