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  1. It's actually a heck of a lot better
  2. Vote for Net Neutrality

    Oh dear. No it wasn't wrong, not even slightly. I explained what comprises the internet. Nothing you can post can show any different. All you talked about in your post that you referred to is history. I never mentioned the history of the internet. I've only talked about what the internet is - now. You said that it's a concept and doesn't actually exist, and I said that it isn't, and that it's cables and connection points that do actually exist. I've shown you that it exists. What more do you want? We are all mistaken sometimes. I admit when I'm mistaken. You were mistaken. Why not admit it? Or don't admit it, and just stop posting stuff that's totally irrelevant instead. ETA: I'm sorry, Theresa, but you were wrong about what the internet is. You didn't know what it is. I explained what it is, and you've read articles that confirm my explanation. So now you know what the internet is, and that your original statement was wrong. It's totally pointless trying to scratch away at it, hoping that you might find something in which I was wrong, because there isn't anything. It's best now to let it rest. You've made gains, because you now understand the internet, so let it rest, huh?
  3. Pedo Hunter

    Just one small point... child avatars are allowed in Adult regions (zones). A lot of people wish it weren't so, and you are absolutely free to be sick of it, but it's allowed.
  4. Pedo Hunter

    If you see them breaking the ToS, AR them. And then depart. It's so much better than getting sick about it.
  5. Vote for Net Neutrality

    Sorry, but I found that the rest of your lengthy post wasn't worth replying to. Yes, the intrenet did exist before today's infrastructure, and yes there was a reason for companies to create and own the current internet's infrastructure. So? Are you trying to make some sort of point? I've taught you what the internet actually is. Why aren't you satisfied with that?
  6. Vote for Net Neutrality

    Those are very strange questions to ask me. What brought them up? I suspect that it's to do with me saying, "We've come a long way from the internet merely being a concept without actually existing lol." If it was, then you misunderstood. I meant that we've come a long from you saying that the internet is merely a concept.
  7. Vote for Net Neutrality

    Ok. They financed it. You did say that the article said it. Now you say that an article that the article links to says it. Ok. We've come a long way from the internet merely being a concept without actually existing lol.
  8. Vote for Net Neutrality

    This is what you said:- The article doesn't say that either - because they didn't.
  9. Vote for Net Neutrality

    If you read what I wrote - that you quoted and bolded - you'll see that I said, "cables and connection points (ISPs)". Some of the cables are backbone, and some are not. The connection points are ISPs, just as I wrote. They are also not backbone. The government privatised what it could - the Network Access Points. It didn't privatise the backbones because it didn't own the backbones. The "backbone providers" owned those. It's perfectly simple. So now... I see that you only want to argue just for the sake of it, and that your arguments either have nothing to with anything in this thread, or are simply wrong, or both, so I'll leave you to it. You can have the last word if you wish, but I see no benefit to anybody in continuing to respond to your argumentativeness. If you have something valid to say, then I may respond but, until then, goodbye.
  10. Vote for Net Neutrality

    Well ISPs do - own their own bit of the internet. They may not own the pavements but they own the cables under the pavements Yep. Of course internet connectivity may move on from fibre in the future. That goes without saying, and it's not part of this discussion. The internet hardware is much more than the backbone. The backbones are a major part of it though. So, contrary to what you said, I didn't insist that the backbone is the internet. The article doesn't say that the government created the backbone. What it does say is, "In the early days of the Internet, backbone providers exchanged their traffic at government-sponsored network access points (NAPs), until the government privatized the Internet, and transferred the NAPs to commercial providers", so the government was involved in the movement of data, not the backbone itself - until it became uninvolved, when even that involvement went into private ownership.
  11. Vote for Net Neutrality

    Yes, of course, some lease from others, and, of course, none own the land that cables go under - under the pavement in my case. But what has that got to do with anything? And yes, of course, the backbone of the internet is not the simple case you described. So what? You were arguing that the internet is only a concept, and not real hardware. You now appear to accept that you were mistaken, so why continue to argue? Honestly, it does give me the impression that you're only continuing for the sake of continuing, and not because I'm writing things that you now disagree with. I get the impression that you're coming up with anything you can think of in the hope that it might make some sort of point. Just out of interest, here's a Wikipedia article on the internet backbone that you might find interesting.
  12. Vote for Net Neutrality

    @Theresa Tennyson Good grief. Of course your ISP owns their bit of the infrastructure. And, of course, it's only a small part of the whole internet that they own. But how do you imagine this post is going to cross the atlantic and end up in this forum? If it's a large ISP, it connects to the privately-owned internet backbone in the UK. If it's only a small one, it connects to something smaller. Here's a snippet acquired from a search in Google:- When you connect to your ISP, you become part of their network. The ISP may then connect to a larger network and become part of their network. The Internet is simply a network of networks. Most large communications companies have their own dedicated backbones connecting various regions. Plenty of small parts of the whole infrastructure, and all privately owned. It doesn't matter whether or not parts of it were originally intended for internet use. They exist, and they are not publically owned. I get cable TV too. The company provides me with cable TV, phone service and broadband. It doesn't matter how the hardware they use originated, the fact is that data moving out of that provider, across the atlantic, and onto this forum has to travel via privately owned infrastructure - cables and computers - much of it created for the internet. What are you trying to argue here? The internet actually exists for real. It's not just a concept. Are you arguing against that? The internet and the content are totally different things. Are you still trying to argue against that? I would have thought you'd understand the difference by now. I don't know what you are trying to get at.
  13. Vote for Net Neutrality

    We know that. We're not talking about anything like those things. We are only discussing the internet and whether or not people have a right to access it.
  14. Vote for Net Neutrality

    It's never been an obsession. It's merely a fact. It's you who didn't know the difference between the internet and the web. And I'm still talking about it - cables, computers, infrastructure - the internet. Not just "wires" lol. Incidentally, when you take a broadband service, you are taking connection to an ISP - cables, computers, infrastructure - of the internet.
  15. Vote for Net Neutrality

    Can you point to any documentation of your claim?