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  1. It's currently being shown on a rerun channel in the UK.
  2. Alright. It was only the 2nd time I've mentioned it in all the years I've seen it. I was only wrong about the number of times I've mentioned it, not about the thing itself.
  3. Phil Deakins

    Last names coming back

    Dunno, Boss. You tell me.
  4. Phil Deakins

    Last names coming back

    I dunno. What do they call people who are intentionally difficult just for the sake of it?
  5. Phil Deakins

    Last names coming back

    @Ceka Cianci If you're not careful, you'll get the sort of name you wish you'd never got
  6. True I'd never become angry because girls only liked me for my looks. Any indication at all that I actually have some 'looks' would be most welcome - any time
  7. I agree. This didn't do that though ETA: In all the years I've seen it, this is the only time I've posted anything about it, so it doesn't qualify as "over every little thing".
  8. @Luna Bliss Heck, I've never felt offended by any of it from anyone, or taken it personally in any way. I might (only might) if I thought I was better, but I'm not lol. I just don't think it's good to keep doing it, that's all.
  9. I prefer discussing/debating various points of view (ideas), not attacking them. Attacking them can only deteriorate into badness. I don't know where the idea of attacking ideas came from but it's a bad idea. Attacking anything can only be bad.
  10. @Madelaine McMasters You're not intimidating as far as I know. You may be in RL, I don't know, but it's hard to be intimidating here in the forum. It's just that I've noticed through the years how you frequently put yourself across as being very knowlegeable/brainy/that sort of thing, which you may well be, but I don't think it's good to shove in people's faces. This time it was pretty blatant to the point of being conceited/arrogant, so I decided to mention it.
  11. LOL. There won't be several pages of it unless other people post them. It was a piece of arrogance/conceit and I felt the need to mention it, because it wasn't isolated or unusual.
  12. Whether or not it was the main burden of her post, Maddy put herself across as a "formidable intellectual presence". She may or may not be the most "formidable intellectual presence" we have in the forum, but it's conceited (imo) to say so. As it is she said that there was a "formidable intellectual presence" who could go toe-to-toe with her on any subject "and hold her own". The implication is that Maddy herself sees herself as not only a "formidable intellectual presence" but possibly even more formidable an intellectual presence than the person she was talking about. And that struck me as being very conceited.