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  1. The GSA was waaaay superior to what they had at the time. There was absolutely no comparison between them. Let me tell you again - LL DITCHED THE GSA A VERY LONG TIME AGO. Instead of referring to it as thought they still used it, try using a form of generic words. You'll be accurate then and it won't appear as though you are making a mistake. I hope that helps
  2. I think I'm right in saying that Prokofy is talking about the LL viewer, so your use of the word "we" doesn't come into it. They dumped they GSA at least decade ago - or thereabouts. They replaced it with an open source Apache engine. I have no idea if they are still using it, or if they have written their own, or got another one.
  3. I haven't been a landlord since around 2008 - before land impact was a twinkle in LL's eye - but I don't think it's possible to write a script that adds up the total land impact of objects owned by a particular person. A script can do it for a parcel though. So I think you can take as read that, when a landlord says prims, s/he means prims and not LI.
  4. Not all money/camping chairs are there for the traffic. For a while I had 8 of them on their own little parcel. It was just a small way of giving something to users. In such circumstances, multiple avatars from the same person are definitely not wanted. If they are there just for the traffic, then yes, alts don't matter.
  5. Since the very beginning, the moon has been further away than the stars - they cross in front of the moon. If they are fixing that, then it's about time.
  6. That's from the very first post in the thread, and it wasn't brought up again until a few posts before this one. With all the talk about what the device might be storing, and why, that obvious reason seemed to have been overlooked until Tarina brought it up again. If that's the purpose of the device, and if it doesn't do anything other than detect and deal with alts on the fly, then it seems like a very useful device to my way of thinking, because it would largely protect against alts loading competitions in venues. I have no doubt that many, most, or all venue owners would have wanted, a
  7. I didn't read all the later posts but, up to where I read, nobody mentioned the obvious, although one person did use the word. Cookies. Opening a webpage can cause a cookie to be stored on most computers. IP addresses are not needed, and neither is any other information that can be gleaned from requesting the webpage. It has the advantage of different computers in the same household (on the same IP address) not being matched together. I believe that, here in Europe, it is illegal to put cookies onto computers without specific permission, but that wouldn't stop many people from doing
  8. "INFAMY! INFAMY! They've all got it in fer me! Julius Caesar, as he was being stabbed/ murdered. From the film 'Carry On Cleo'.
  9. Contact tracing is by no means perfect, but many people do follow the rules when they've contacted, therefore it helps to reduce the spread. Remember that those who have the contact tracing app, like me, have it because they will follow the rules if asked to, otherwise they wouldn't have it. So as long as people have it, the rules will be followed.
  10. And now I don't want to become familiar with her 😳
  11. It does. Bellisseria comes back as Linden Homes 2 whereas other Linden Homes return Linden Homes
  12. Tbh, I haven't really tried to follow that type of discussion. I've only been interested in Bellisseria from the point of view of a security device. And only that because I realised that my LevelGuard is ideal for that area.
  13. Ah. Thank you for that, Solar. I popped over to Bellisseria and found this in the covenant:- *Skyboxes are only allowed above 2000m. So I hadn't misunderstood it
  14. Now I'm puzzled. I'd assumed that skyboxes are allowed, otherwise what is the point of having the vertical column above 2000m securable. So I went back to the beginning of this thread to where security up there was discussed - or I thought it was discussed. While there I noticed group-access mentioned as being not allowed. But it is allowed. What isn't allowed is setting group-only access in the About Land floater, because that produces ban lines for everyone else. Group-only access is allowed when it is implemented by a security device. Now I'm off back to find where skyboxes were d
  15. I wondered why she does as a couple of others do all the time, and laugh at (not with) posts. I'm not familiar with her, so thanks for the heads-up.
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