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  1. Returned inventory

    The person who returned your stuff had the ability to do so. The land is group-owned so anyone in the group who has right ability could do it. Check the group abilities of those in the group. It wouldn't have been a Linden, so one of them did it, whether intentionally or not. Nobody else could do it. Or maybe the other woman did it intentionally to cause a drama, hoping that you'd quit and she'd have the islands on her own. Just a wild thought that came into my head.
  2. Sim Traffic

    Unless it's changed, a parcel (an undivided sim is a sim-sized parcel) gets 1 traffic point for each minute that an avatar is on it. It sounds like you own the sim, and a few years ago I began to wonder if a parcel owner doesn't count towards the parcel's traffic any more. At the time it no longer interested me, so I didn't bother checking it, but I did notice numbers that caused to me to wonder.
  3. Returned inventory

    Interesting. The items were returned to the OP - she said that. So, if she's been blamed for their return (for removing them from where they were), it would mean that they were on group land, or on land that's owned by a partner or friend, or something like that. I fancy it's a partner or friend who's been playing with land settings, inadvertantly causing the items to be returned, and then saying, "Why have you taken your stuff? Don't you love me any more?" We'll get to the bottom of this if we keep analysing
  4. Returned inventory

    It still does from time to time - in things like About Land, group IMs, and such.
  5. Is this parcel worth it?

    If there's nothing special about the parcel, then it's not generally worth L$4980 these days. Years ago it would have been exceedingly cheap at that price. BUT... whether it's worth it YOU or not is something that only you can answer. If I had a good use for that particular parcel, I wouldn't think twice about it. I'd buy it. After all, L$4980 isn't a lot of money and, if I could get good use out of it, it's cheap. Another possibility is getting in touch with the owner and making an offer. At L$4980, the parcel is likely to be on the market for some time so there's probably no rush. Personally, I'd buy it straight away if it was something that I wanted.
  6. Sansar Vs Second Life - Discussion

    Perhaps that encapsulates why you're so down on things. You can't have what you fancy, and it colours your thinking. I.e. if I can't have what I want, then SL is no good, and the people who run it don't care. I'm not at all surprised that LL chose not to tailor a sim just for you. In fact I'd be totally gobsmacked if they did it for you. What on earth makes you think that they would give you access to the sim code? It's not in the public domain, you know. Even if they did it, and you flipped the co-ordinates, you would need to do all sorts of ongoing tweaking for all sort of situations, and they would need to replace the code continually, and so on and so on. It's not something that a company is likely to want to get involved in. And that's not even taking into account other people who want special consideration. After all, if they've done it for one person, they should also do it for others. Right? I'm sorry, but your criticism (quoted above) isn't valid. It's not even slightly valid.
  7. SECOND Life or Second LIFE?

    I'd stopped rerading this thread a while back, but I had nothing better to do, so I started reading it again from where I left off. There is no forum rivalry at all between Prokofy and me. There can't be. Prokofy is only an occasional visitor to the forum and I am here all the time. What there is between us is huge dislike. I dislike her a lot, and she dislikes me. That's all there is to it. To answer the original question - it's incomplete. Second Life is just that - second life - and not 'SECOND life' or 'second LIFE'. There are odd occasions when it is right to emphasise one word or the other, such "What did you say? Second what?". "Second LIFE". But for most useage, it's just 'second life'.
  8. You probably doze then. I has the same effect. Cut out that silly daily work stuff and you'll be fine
  9. And that's your problem - working hard during the day. It causes you to fall asleep at the keyboard. When you wake, you don't realise that you've been asleep and you think SL has frozen. Cut out the daily work thing and SL will appear to run smoothly again for you.
  10. Second Life Release (64bit)

    I get automatic viewer updates, so I just checked what I was using and it's not the 64 bit version. So I downloaded and installed the 64 bit version and it runs just fine. The release notes did say that it won't run with certain video cards, and that it will reinstall the 32 bit viewer if it finds that it can't run. I've no idea if that's anything to do with your problem though. An oddity I did notice, though not related, is that the 32 bit viewer thought I was using Windows 8, but I've been on Windows 10 since it came out. The new viewer realises that it's Windows 10.
  11. No way to report posts?

    As Alwin's graphic shows, it's moved over to the right and, like before, it only shows when your mouse is over the post. What I hadn't realised before is that it also shows when you're over your own posts.
  12. They've made us reactionaries!

    Ooo. I see that it changed already. But I think that's down to the graphics everything not being available earlier.
  13. They've made us reactionaries!

    I like it. It might be better if there was one or two negative reactions as well - or maybe not.
  14. They've made us reactionaries!

    This sort of thing was asked for or suggested by users (at least one user). I don't remember exactly what was suggested but it was for more options than than just 'like', which often doesn't quite fit.