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  1. Quick update: By using the LL viewer instead of Firestorm, I was successful again today in an AWS region. Yesterday's success wasn't just lucky. So that's one way round the problem. The other is to go to an non-AWS region, of course.
  2. For some people there is no need for a will because stuff automatically goes to someone, but for many people a will is a must. A lot of people don't bother though. I've made a will and, due to changes, it really is time to redo it. Thank you for the reminder. I might just do that today.
  3. Aha!. Thank you @Fritigern Gothly. I'd already looked here but hadn't noticed it. It is there, so it's an AWS region.
  4. @RowanMinx Having read the Jira, I thought I'd try doing it by using the LL viewer, and it worked! I've managed to change the friend's perms in my Friends list and it stuck through more than 1 relog. I didn't change regions to do it. It might have just been lucky though. I only tried it on that one friend. I've no idea if the region is an AWS one though. It's Mulcahy.
  5. Thank you @RowanMinx. It appears to be current so I'll leave it there.
  6. Today, a friend told me that she can't give someone in her Friends list the permission to edit her objects. So I tried it, and I can't do it either. It sometimes appears to change but on relog the change has gone. I'm using Firestorm and there's a 'Report bug' in the Help dropdown menu, but it goes to Firestorm's site, which is no good. I want to report it to LL. Where can I report it?
  7. It's all a bit beyond me, I'm afraid, so I'll just pass the information along, or better still, I'll pass the URL of this thread along Thank you everyone. It's really appreciated.
  8. Now the last 3 posts are interesting. Being a complete novice at it, I hadn't realised that the physics layer is for clothing. I thought that it's for the body. So the body can have physics and the physics layer is different. @RowanMinx Can you tell me the name of the physics item that you have? I can do a search for it.
  9. @RowanMinx Perhaps the reason a physics layer is sometimes included is the same as the reason why I started the thread. In RL, wearing clothes usually reduces the amount of boob movement, but it doesn't in SL. So maybe a layer is included so that the wearing of the clothes can be more RL-realistic.
  10. Thank you @Wulfie Reanimator. I'm clueless about such things. I didn't even know that there's a physics layer, but it seem like the most likely way of doing it. @Tazzie Tuque. I asked a friend who used to create clothes, and maybe still does, about this question. It was she who told me that she has some clothes that have a physics layer in their inventory. Maybe there is also instructions as to how to use it. It's all very strange to me Thank you everyone. I think I have the answer to my query now.
  11. Since starting the thread, I've heard that a physics layer is sometimes provided with some clothes. I wonder if that a method of doing it.
  12. It's a strange question coming from me, but I'd like to know if clothing tops can be designed which, when worn, dampen the jiggly boobs effect, or even stop it. I'm asking for a friend
  13. @Beq Janus That fixed it Beq! I have no idea how a brand new avatar can manage to change that 'arrow keys' setting but checking it tonight fixed the problem. Unfortunately, I can't give you another 'thank you', or any other form of additional kudos, but I do thank you - lot!
  14. @Beq Janus Thank you very much for your long and detailed post, Beq. I always thought that she'd managed to alter something, because she made it through the Welcome area ok. She's a rare visitor to SL - only coming in to play a few games against me, but the next time she comes in I'll certainly ask her to change that 'Arrow key always move me' setting, or at least check it. I can't imagine how she managed to change that though, if that's what it is. I'm sorry that this is such a short response to your post. It deserves more.
  15. I've no idea what she uses and neither does she. Her husband is the one who deals with that stuff. In the first post I said that she got through the Welcome area ok, so the problem was probably caused by her doing something after that and not knowing what she did. When he installs a viewer again, it should be ok. I've no doubt that the version she's using works fine as long as you don't make changes to things without knowing what you're doing lol. I started the thread to see if anyone knew what she might have done to cause the problem. She's not in mouselook because she sees her own back.
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