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  1. Forums - Backspace Issue

    I'm on Firefox 60.0.2 (64-bit) AND on Windows 10, and I'm not having that problem, or any similar problem. And I keep Windows up to date automatically.
  2. Crystal Fortress Skybox Review

    They are not free. They are a Premium perk. LL plugs the Premium gifts as being a part of the Premium membership. Premium membership costs money, so whatever comes with it is paid for.
  3. Crystal Fortress Skybox Review

    Because of this thread, I got the crystal place. I normally don't get the Premium gifts, because I never see one that's of interest to me. I have 3 observations about it:- 1. The dragon takes 2 clicks to rez and stay rezzed. It rezzes on the first click and then poofs in about half a second. Clicking it before it poofs, causes it to stay rezzed. So 2 quick clicks are needed - for me, anyway. 2. The crystals don't look like crystals, because they don't have sharp edges. 3. The teleporter is nice. The script can be removed and placed in any object if the pseudo-crystal shape isn't desired. For me, that's necessary because the crystaline teleport object tends to disappear (not transparent) after being used. My graphics are set to midway between low and mid, and I have to up the graphics setting to get it to show again. If the crystals looked like crystals, I'd possibly use it, but I'm unlikely to use it as it is. I might make use of the teleporter though.
  4. Annoying SL15B failures.

    You have the patience of a saint, Qie. While all that was going on externally (you writing message is external), I wonder what was going on in your head that you never divulged I read the whole first page of that thread, and one person posted something that rang a bell with me - that some (inadequate) people desire power, just for the sake of it or, more especially, to be seen by others as having the power. The bell it rang was from years ago, when I was in the Concierge group, which was owned and moderated by LL. It sometimes got spammed, of course, so a few members asked LL if they could be moderators so that they could deal with the spam. LL agreed, and they were given moderator privileges. The first thing one of them did was try to direct the discussion, in that he said that a particular hot SL topic, that everyone was talking about, has been discussed this morning, so stop discussing it now. I refused, and he ejected me from the group. You could only get in the group by an invitation from a Linden, but he ejected me. I learned later that he only intended a short suspension but had made a mistake. He who was set up specifically to deal with spam, decided that he was now something special and proceeded to excercise power over other things. Another of those who were set up specifically to deal with spam asked me, "Do you think we should let them discuss anything they want?" Power. They were given it for one specific thing and immediately extended its range, just because they could, and they liked it. Your SL14B case wasn't too dissimilar, Qie. A user believed that you infringed the LL ToS, stating that it's LL's rules and not theirs, and asked you to change something. A Linden then said that you weren't infringing it at all, so there's no need to change anything. After that, the user decided either that the Linden was wrong, or to invent a new 'local' ToS, and you had to comply. Power. Some inadequate people want it, not so that they can do good with it, but just for the sake of having some power over other people.
  5. beta viewer

    No. The viewer makes no difference.
  6. It all depends on the landlord's circumstances. It could be the way to do bad business.
  7. Lines that annoy you most

    Maybe someone once sent 'huggles' to someone, meaning 'hugs,' of course. But the recipient misread, or mistyped, and inadvertantly replaced the 'l' with an 'i' when sending hugs to someone else, and so the nappies version spread Well, maybe.
  8. Oz and Grumpity Linden Interview @ SLS15B

    Thank you for the link. I listened to most of it. It confirmed a suspicion that I've had, and posted a number of times, about mesh. It is that LL didn't bring mesh in for avatars. They brought it in for objects, and they hadn't intended or expected it to be used for avatars. That fact does highlight a way in which LL works. They saw what users were doing with mesh, and they followed it. They didn't just leave the users to it, because it hadn't been their intention. They actually sat down and worked it into SL. From what was said in that interview, it sounds like that's not uncommon.
  9. If it were chips (plural), I'd want a battered fish with them - not a motorbyke And they wouldn't stay on my shoulder for long. They'd be eaten in minutes
  10. @Qie Niangao You've got me thinking - not very productively, but thinking nonetheless. LL wouldn't want to offer the option to buy a private, low-prim, sim to all Premium accounts, without the need to own a full private sim, because it would most likely cause the gains they've recently made in mainland ownership to deteriorate to some extent, but they could offer such an option to the highest of the upcoming Premium levels, so that the user would need to pay for the highest Premium level in order to qualify for one. Like I said, my thinking isn't very productive, but I enjoyed it
  11. @Callum Meriman It's how I knew he'd been previously banned.
  12. Chip? What chip? Explain please.
  13. I know it is. That's what I looked up when his profile wasn't available in the web search. It's why I told Theresa that "I see what you mean".
  14. To be fair to LL (and I'm not even suggesting that you weren't), there used to be only one landlord, and that was LL. LL LL has a product - Second Life - and Second Life is land (and sea). That's all it is. So it's not surprising that they would seek to earn more from it. And, of course, lower land costs is something that we users have been asking for since forever. I don't consider it to be "moving agressively" into any market. They are merely selling their own product. So any impact on landlords doesn't bother me. We've all been asking for lower land costs, and it was always known that it might affect some landlords.
  15. I see what you mean. His profile isn't available in the web search, so maybe he's been suspended since his previous post, or perhaps even banned again.