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  1. They do (did) get in the way. Some of them were quite large, which was very bad. I'm not all that sure that phantom would work all that well, because the vehicle coming the other way wouldn't know and would be trying to get out its way. If it's small, and moving only on one side of the road it wouldn't be bad, but the other person's vehicles were all over the road, and some were pretty big.
  2. Maybe LL removed all the ones that were stuck on people's property - that might have been most of them lol. She's brought some back?
  3. You don't need a permit (unless LL made a rule about it in recent times). In the not too distant past there were a load of them, all operated by one person. They came in for a heck of a lot of flack, and eventually they disappeared. I don't know that they "roamed" though. I think they were probably on fixed routes, but I don't know. If you operate just one vehicle, you are very unlikely to get flack, but if you start to build up a fleet of them, you'll gradually become very unpopular.
  4. How Are Griefers Able to Spam Everyone On a Sim?

    A bot doesn't need to be registered as a scripted agent. It's only when a bot spends significant time on land that's set to show in search that it needs to be registered. To the best of my knowledge, there is no time restriction on registering an account as a scripted agent, but you can know for certain by creating a new account and immediately registering it as a scripted agent.
  5. How Are Griefers Able to Spam Everyone On a Sim?

    I've written several bot systems over the years, the newest one being just a few months ago, and they were all hybrids in that they each required both LSL and an external programme based on OpenMV, with the LSL part being the controller.
  6. @ChinRey A thought just occured to me. The discussion has been about the surface that an object won't rez on, but what about the underside surface of the object? If, say, a table-top is made correctly and mesh objects will rez on it, would a mesh object still rez on it if its underside isn't physical? In other words, could the problem occur because of badly made mesh objects that you want to put on, say, a correctly made table?
  7. That was already explained in some detail by ChinRey, and demonstrated in the blog that Willow linked to. I'm much like you in that I know precious little, if anything at all, about the technical aspects of it, but I have understood ChinRey's explanation, especially since I read the blog item and watched the video in it. I'm much like you in another way. I don't use Firestorm for what I think is the same reason that you don't use it - it's history, and the possibility of it being similarly repeated. But, if I had the rezzing problems that you sometimes have, I'd use it briefly to check the surface that an object wouldn't rez on. I wouldn't let my principles stand in the way of getting an answer one way or the other.
  8. How Are Griefers Able to Spam Everyone On a Sim?

    It's extremely simple. There's an LSL function that can get the keys of all avatars in a sim - llGetAgentList - and another LSL function to send an IM to an avatar's key.
  9. Do you mean that you don't believe it? Or that you refuse to do it? I guess you meant that you refuse to do it, probably on principle.
  10. Can I really be reported for this?

    Wrong. It impacts only one of them - the one who was deceived. You are right though - not everyone has the same moral standard. Some have a low moral standard. The OP appears to be one of those. They are the ones who don't find anything morally wrong with what the OP did for 2 years.
  11. Probably not. I don't use one either, but if I had that problem frequently, I'd briefly use one just to see what's happening, or to check out something that I'm thinking of buying. And then back to LL's viewer. In other words, I wouldn't cut my nose off to spite my face, just on principle.