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  1. Oops. Fixed it now
  2. @KlytynaI recommend that you follow Kristen's suggestion and "just stop right there". Why? Because you've been on the losing side if this 'discussion' from the start and, since there is nobody else on your side, there is no chance that your side will come through on the rails. It was mentioned that nobody has chipped in to support you, and that a number of people have chipped in against you. It's a very rare occurence that the majority is wrong in this forum. It has happened but I've only ever seen it once. So you can be absolutely sure that you've lost. The sensible thing for you to do now is "stop right there".
  3. I wanted to add to this but you may not have noticed, so I'm doing it in a new post. The idea that the purpose in designing the Mac was to make a good computer that sells for under $1000 wasn't mere rumour at the time, or anything like that. It was Apple themselves who said it.
  4. No, it being a successor to SL wasn't stated here by LL either. But "the next generation" of something only suggests something that's the same as the current generation but better in one or more significant ways. Like the next generation of mobile phones, for instance. That's what everyone rightly understood. We couldn't understand anything different. Perhaps that's what they intended at the time of the announcements, but totally changed what they were doing later. I suppose it could be argued that creating a system for others to create virtual worlds with could be described as the next generation of virtual worlds, but the announcement was very misleading. And they didn't make any attempt to correct it. People were asking them if they could take various things from SL to it. Their answer for some time was yes, but only some types of things. That alone suggests that they changed from creating the next generation virtual world to something different. It's no big deal though. It's disappointing after being misled but that's all.
  5. HEY! Don't you fob her off into MY group! We don't want her!
  6. I suspect that most SL users won't be interested in any 'experiences' there, at least not for very long. I'm interested to have a look at what's there, but I can't imagine what anyone could possibly create that would arouse my interest sufficiently to want to migrate to it. When LL announced that they were creating the "next generation" virtual world, it sounded really good. They said, "If we don't do it, someone else will." We thought it was going to be what they said - the next generation - and we started to call it SL2, and think of it as a really souped-up SL. I don't know when they decided not to create a better virtual world, but produce a system for others to create them. They may have intended that from the start and misled us with the announcement. It doesn't matter when they decided exactly what to produce, because I still feel let down. I was looking forward to the next t generation virtual world but we're not going to get that - unless some customer or other sinks a load of money into it to produce a big enough world.
  7. You may be,but I'm not. If I read somewhere that white skinned people devoloped only 8-12 thousand years ago, and if I have no reason to think that it's untrue, so I believe it, and post it, it does NOT make me a racist. You seriously OWE kristen an apology for posting that she's racist. So be grown up and apologise. Sadly, I suspect that you are not mature enough to do that.
  8. I ought to issue a 'take down' notice on you
  9. But your quote didn't say that "life" is prohibited, whereas mine says it explicity. They can't prevent you by law from using the word 'life' in the name of your viewer. What they can do is not add it to their list of 3rd party viewers. That's only thing they can do.
  10. That's no good at all. What the selling price was is irrelevant. The Mac was intended to sell for under $1000. They couldn't manage it, but that was the intention of creating it in the first place. Get your facts right. Note: I didn't look that up on the web. I didn't need to. I was in computers long before that happened, and it was well-known then. There was another person here not too long ago who was a lot like you, except that she was popular. She used to try to teach people about their own countries and such. She looked the topics of dicussions up on the web, and then came back to teach everyone about themselves, vainly trying to make out that she was very knowledgeable. She stopped coming (again) after it was pointed out to her.
  11. We must have been reading different things because I'd read that the main purpose in creating the Mac was to create a good computer that sells for under $1000, which would have made it surprisingly cheap at the time. It wasn't designed an "overpriced" anything. I don't read many of your posts, for obvious reasons, but I've read enough to know that what you claim as facts can all too often be taken with a pinch of salt. That, in turn, causes any correct facts that you post to be seriously doubted.
  12. The quote you posted didn't make much sense concerning your post, but the following quote from same document does (in spite of the fact that LL's puctuation is crap):- Your Third-Party Viewer name must not be confusingly similar to or use any part of a Linden Lab trademark, including "Second," "Life," "SL," or "Linden."
  13. "bleedin" should have an apsotrophe after it - bleedin' "adam n' eve" should be Adam 'n' Eve, with an apostrophe for each of the missing characters, and the names should be capitalised. "apples n' pears" should be apples 'n' pears, with a apostrophe for each of the missing characters.
  14. Absolutely right, Alwin. If one did it, then loads of people would follow suit so, unless a sub-forum is created for it, such threads would become a real pain here. @SiriousBlack1 If you want a publically viewable diary page, then use your personal feed, as had been said already.