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  1. He said that one way of doing it breaks the search results, but not his way, and yet he does exactly the same thing in a different way. I've pointed that out, so he is the pot calling the kettle black.
  2. Since I only read part of the first page before posting, I thought I'd have a look back to see what was written. And I found this on the first page. All I can say is that you have a vivid imagination. Google has no way of knowing how many visitors a website gets, so that metric cannot be a part of their algorithm. The best they can do in that respect is know how many click-throughs a webpage gets from their results pages. They do keep track of that, and produce reports for website owners. So get it right out of your head, and out of your list of arguments, that Google is capable of all ma
  3. I don't know what you do except the fishing thing. If you feel vilified for it here, it's because you don't sell it as a game. You sell it as a way to manipulate the search rankings. Personally, I criticise (not vilify) you because you, the pot, called the kettle black, by starting this thread.
  4. Yes you are. You promote the getting of traffic by one thing so that it benefits something else in the search results. That makes it false traffic for the something else. In the scenario I described, the store hardly had any traffic. The club did though, and it was the club's traffic that was used when listing the store, because they were on the same parcel. That was false traffic when listing the store. The traffic that your fishing product produces is EXACTLY the same - false when listing the store it is attached to. In this very thread that you started, you talked about your fishing g
  5. @Wili Clip I'm a bit bored so I thought I'd write a post to you. Some forum long-timers know me and bots from way back, but I want to tell you something from back then. I got into using traffic-bots because of one particular thing. I sold low prim furniture but, for the phrase 'low prim furniture', I was continually outranked by a particular store in the only search system that existed at the time - now called the legacy search. That store did sell furniture but it wasn't low prim, and I discovered that the traffic there wasn't due to the store at all. It was due to their club being on th
  6. I didn't say they are the same thing. I said they are there for the same purpose; i.e. inflating traffic so that the store, or whatever, gets better search rankings. You, the seller of the fishing product, advertise it for that purpose, and not for the pupose of people enjoying fishing. They do the same job, and for the same purpose. So one calling the other 'black' is a bit much, isn't it.
  7. I only just realised that the OP, who asked the question, "Is BOTs traffic gaming SERIOUSLY breaking Second Life search?", is the one who created the fishing game, and advertises it to increase traffic numbers, consequently "SERIOUSLY breaking Second Life search". Increasing traffic numbers is for things like store sales. It's a bit rich asking that question, isn't it? Especially when he states in this thread that it is useful for places, such as stores, that are nothing to do with fishing, but need customers to increase sales - building the brand. Traffic bots are illegal and traffic fis
  8. My suggestion is to pick the area that you can have the earliest success with - i.e. that you can sell the soonest. Imo, that would be animations. You don't need mocap to make decent animations, and you can sell them initially in forms that don't need much in building skills; e.g. poseballs with free scripts. Then you could perhaps get into mesh and create furniture that your animations can be used in, again using free script systems. After that, and only if it makes sense to do it, you could get stuck into your own scripting. An example (sort of):- I made and sold fu
  9. It's not a history of second life. Judging by its title it is one in a series about the history of second life. Maybe the others in the series were never made. That video is what second life was like back in August 2001. A history of second life would start at the beginning and finish at the point in time when the article/video was made.
  10. For the purpose you described, large traffic numbers won't get you to be a customer. You wanted to buy traffic and the owner was trying to sell you fake traffic. But most circumstances were different to that. Back when SL was the original SL (when there were stores all around) traffic got those stores everything. People going to the stores generally weren't bothered how the traffic came about, or even what is was. They just wanted to know if there's anything they fancy buying there. So the store owners used bots, and other methods, to get the store listings in front of people's eyes so th
  11. In this particular case, my knowledge is way superior to yours, and I do appreciate you enabling me to bask in that superiority for a little while I would not only be surprised but I'd be positively astonished if anyone actually reads all of that super-long post of yours that was addressed to me. Perhaps it would tempt someone who wants an early night but isn't yet feeling sleepy lol.
  12. I had to look up what 'Fios' is. I don't know how fast it is - probably up to a Gb/sec, but, as you suggest, it's probably fast enough to run 18 viewers, especially thin ones. I doubt that most places in SL that would want the traffic won't be using broadband of similar speeds though - my best guess
  13. Hehe, you could yes - maybe. Remember that you'd need some very good bandwidth to run 18 viewers - even thin ones. Each avatar is perpetually receiving data from SL. It doesn't just sit dormant.
  14. Nope. But I DO know more than most, including you, about this topic, so don't make untrue statements about me, please. I'm posting about what I do know. If you quote something, as though I wrote it, I will take it the same way that anyone would - that you think you are quoting me - and I'll reply accordingly. If that's not what you want, try writing it another way. E.g. I use single quotes when it's not an actual quotation. You just used another way - *this way*. Clarity is usually very helpful. As for the rest of your post, I'm sorry, but it's waaaay too long for me to bo
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