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  1. Animesh Beta testing is HERE!!

    I say the cat must be the ultimate optimist if it thinks it's going to have the elephant for dinner And the elephant needs to find some firmer ground that's a lot less boggy Apart from that it's bl--dy excellent!
  2. Materials enabled vs. has materials

    That would only work with copyable items, Coby. It's a very good system, of course, and avoids the messing about that I mentioned. I was thinking from my experience, and I never sold copyable items. It's a pity I'm not still selling because I suddenly fancy writing a redelivery system
  3. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    We'll have to disagree, Whirly, because I do think it's because they don't care about paying customers. Maybe each individual cares but has to follow policy, if policy is what it is, in which case the people in the company who made the policy are the one's who don't care about their customers; i.e. it's the company that's bad. I often suspect, though, that at least some of the individuals who deal with things often don't give a damn about customers, and often deal with them in the quickest way they can, basically fobbing them off. Whenever I criticise LL, I always point out that there are excellent people who work for LL, so I don't mean all LL employees. I really do mean the company - those who make such rotten decisions concerning their paying customers. I've never dealt with many Lindens in my 11 years here, so I don't know how many of them perform, but I do know that Guy is very good, Tommy (SuperTom) appears to be very good, and Harry (is he still around?) was very good too. There are no doubt many more, but the company is bad when it comes to its paying customers, imo, and is a huge disappointment to me.
  4. Materials enabled vs. has materials

    I suspect it's to avoid frequently sorting customers out who have made a pig's ear of modifying something. Even replacing items can be a pain if it happens too often.
  5. account troubles

    Interesting. Thank you.
  6. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    Nevertheless, since I have no idea what caused the problem, I have no idea what to avoid doing in the future. I know for certain that the stock copy/paste stuff I was given isn't applicable. In RL, the legal system doesn't tell someone that they've broken the law, so they're going to jail, without telling them what law they've broken and what they did that broke it. Not telling a person what they did and which law they broke is sheer stupidity, but that's what the LL company does - intentionally - because they don't care about their customers, which is my point. The only reason it's not actually stupid in this case is because we users put up with it and keep coming back. Anyway, the way that LL treats its paying customers is one of my big disappointments. I just gave it as a current example.
  7. account troubles

    Can you explain that, Whirly. I'm assuming that a 'flat inventory' is one in which a large number of items are in one folder, and not organised into sub-folders. Is that right? Also, why would having a very large number of items in one folder cause the problem? Words of one syllable will do very nicely (i.e. don't be too technical) I agree with the overview of your reasoning - that whatever is causing the problem is specific to that particular avatar, and inventories are avatar-specific.
  8. Your most recent wonderment

    Wow! 11 years in and I never knew that. It's the same in the LL viewer - which is why I'm posting.
  9. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    Here's a current example of LL showing little to no care at all about their paying customers. It's the ticket system. Since I wrote that big disappointment post that I've quoted part of, I created a ticket, asking why something happened. I have a very strong opinion that it shouldn't have happened. The response, which I received by email, didn't tell me why. Instead, it consisted of stock copy/paste paragraphs that had nothing to do with the issue or question. It claimed that an investigation had been done, which I don't believe for a second. Had an investigation been done, then the responder would have been able to tell me why it happened instead of using stock copy/paste rubbish. The email said that I could reply to the response on the ticket, but when I got there, the ticket was closed. It also said that I could reply by email instead but the email was bounced because "The case is no longer available for comment because it has been archived", which I think is another way of saying that it's closed. I'd created the ticket on the 13th. It was respponded to on the 16th. On the 17th, I sent my email reply and it bounced for the stated reason. So, on the same day, the 17th, I opened another ticket to make my reply, stating the original ticket number. Sometime during yesterday evening (18th) an email arrived with the reponse from that ticket. Once again, is contained nothing but stock copy/paste stuff that didn't apply. But I saw it as I was preparing to go to bed last night, so I thought I'd deal with it this morning. Again, the email said that I could comment in the ticket but, again, it was closed. So I replied by email again, and I've just received the same thing - it bounced because of the same 'archived' reason. That's approximately 12 hours after their comment - probably less. I don't believe that the ticket was ever left open for what the emails call, "Waiting for Customer Acceptance". I believe that the person(s) at the LL end think that they only need to fob customers off with stock copy/paste stuff, making no attempt to address the actual issue, and close tickets with the word "Resolved". They're right, of course, because that's the way the company treats its customers. What sort of ticket system is that? What sort of way is that to treat their paying customers? Sadly, it's typical of LL. This is just a small thing but how many years have they been running SL? and still they intentionally choose not to have reasonable customer care or service. I can do the same thing over again - create yet another ticket, etc., but is there any point when it's certain to be fobbed off with the same 'customers don't matter' stock copy/paste reply, with no attempt to respond to the actual issue? LL has been guilty of some much bigger 'customers don't matter' stuff, and a myriad of small 'customers don't matter' stuff, like this one. It just underlines one of my big disappointments about SL. I have to say that there are some very good LL empoyees who I've come across in my 11 years here. It's the company that I find incredibly disappointing. It's a bad company.
  10. Rental Prices -- Through the Roof? :D

    Maybe it's intentional. I'm thinking of those ridiculously priced small parcels of land. I've often thought that the intention was that someone would come along who inadvertanly read, say, 25000 as 2500, and buy it bfeore they realise the mistake. Maybe in this case the owner occasionally gets people who accidentally read 200 when it's actually 2000.
  11. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    Better still, LL shouldn't have even got into it. People do like shopping offworld, but there were already 2 successful systems offering that facility. LL didn't need to take them over and kill off most inworld stores and, in the process, diminish what SL once was. If they'd put their efforts into coming up with an inworld mesh-creating system, instead of spending all that time on trying to sort out the pig's ear they made of the Marketplace, then one of my big disappointments wouldn't have happened. The main one, though - the near total lack of consideration for paying customers - would still exist.
  12. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    @Chase01 Yes, I know what you're saying, Chase. It's one point of view, but it's not my point of view. It's one of things that LL has done to diminish what SL once was, making it one of my big disappointments. That's a response to your 'creation' post - 2 posts up.
  13. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    My biggest disappointemnt is Linden Lab itself. Through the years they've shown little to no care at all for their paying customers, and they've done a number of things specifically against their paying customers, presumably because they believe that they don't have to take us into consideration - and they're right, because we keep putting up with it and coming back. I don't now remember all the things they've done against their customers, but the Homestead fiasco readily springs to mind. Apart from that sort of thing, they've succeeded in changing the very nature of SL. The Marketplace started it. That caused inworld shops to disappear and SL hasn't been the same. Then they introduced mesh, which meant that people can no longer join SL and create on an equal footing like we could all do in the past. That has changed the nature of SL too. I know that a lot of people, probably most people, are very happy with those 2 changes to the nature of SL, but that's not the point. I'm voicing my disappointments in this thread. Mainly, it's LL's near total lack of caring anything about their paying customers that I'm most disappointed about.
  14. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    Viewers aren't responsible for the bots. It was reverse engineering the sim system that did it. I don't think it was, anyway.
  15. Vampire bite with no warning or knowledge.

    To my way of thinking, the point is that nobody has left a mark on your avatar. The mark is in someone's database, that's all. I could make a database of avatars I have met, or avatars I have posted replies to, and make it available to a group of people. If I did, you would be on the list, but there wouldn't be mark of any kind on, or against, your avatar. I know that the nature of the 'list' (vampires) is something you are very much against the idea of, so it's a bit different to my hypothetical list of people who I have posted replies to, but, even so, there is no mark on your avatar, and it doesn't affect you it in the slightest. The only effect is in your head - the way you perceive it. So, imo, the best thing to do is forget it. Let it fade from your mind.