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  1. I have a full sim for 10 years and several properties on main land but found a solution, I bought a much better house 😎boat, placed it on private spot, no neighbor on my back door and protected waters, am happy!
  2. we all got the same email as everyone else at the same time, no advanced notices ????
  3. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yes again you assuming you know my life lol , smh , is this all you have to do? I know real diaster pal , just please dont waste my time before I have to block you not interested in your theories , me English teacher
  4. spoken by someone sitting on his houseboat , I say this, you dont like seeing the complaints, why not just hit the bog x we all have a right to be frustrated and who asked you? These people are sitting on their houseboats folks , eating their popcorn and raisinets , try supporting others instead of being a damm critic
  5. Thank you for your opinion but sorry been here since 2007 , please don't assume and been a premium member since 2007 and I have paid plenty money to LL to get a cheap houseboat, how long you been here and I assume you have one, right ?? 00 Good Riddens to you, don't say you don't want to be rude by being rude
  6. I got the email and went on they was gone! I know how long it took thanks
  7. This is great news and understandable Constantine , but you just made it where I cant rez or build on my land there!
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