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Found 13 results

  1. Is it possible to return the vector location of the point of impact of two objects in a collision event? I wish to create a particle effect from that point of impact. The collision impacts will be occurring randomly on a flat surface. Basically, if I know where an object collides, I know where to place an emitter.
  2. when avatar Collide to same object then how we will get the name of the object? Or Object1 collide to another Object2 then how we will get the name of the object2 by Using Script?
  3. Hi! I am decent at scripting, but have a blind spot the size of Jupiter when it comes to rotations. I have a scenario where I have a flat prim on the ground (basically an invisible doormat), where a collision triggers a bit of chat to the agent. No biggie. However, I need it to respond differently depending on whether an avatar is moving in line with or contrary to the prim's local "forward" axis (x-axis in my test prim). After some testing, I figured I could theoretically do this with the rotation difference between the prim and the avatar. Depending on the global quadrant the prim is facing (and the direction the avatar is facing when walking), this is (in vectors) either <0.0, 0.0, 0.0> or <180, 0, 0>. This would basically cover scenarios 1 and 2 below where you move forward with W, with the camera position behind you. Trick is that it's also possible to move "backwards", by which I mean pressing the S, to that your avatar is facing the camera. (I'm leaving aside, for the moment, that an avatar can cross left-to-right or right-to-left as well) I also get the feeling that my lack of trigonometry skill is causing me to over-complicate things. Can someone point me in the right direction (pun totally intended) on how I can get this to work robustly? I attached an image detailing my four scenarios.
  4. Hi I am attempting a collision avoidance system and would be grateful of some advice: I have coded so far collision_start(integer num) { collision_velocity=llDetectedVel(num); collision_key = llDetectedKey(num); } collision(integer num_detected) { l_collision_object_sz = llGetBoundingBox(collision_key); if(llSubStringIndex((string)llDetectedName(0),"wood") || llSubStringIndex((string)llDetectedName(0),"tree")) { // Do something to avoid if we are able to avoid llSetStatus(STATUS_PHANTOM, TRUE); } else if(~llListFindList(avoid_access_list, (list)llDetectedName(0))) { llSetStatus(STATUS_PHANTOM, TRUE); } } collision_end (integer num) { llSetStatus(STATUS_PHANTOM, FALSE); } But characters cannot be phantom so they must avoid not fly through things, this is not helpful I but can get bounding box size of item I collided with from llGetBoundingBox() and also obtain Velocity impact point in llDetectedVel() How do I compare these too and work out probably best avoidance presumably I can somehow find the edge offset from some comparison of bounding box and impact point but one is a list and other is a vector . I searched for this but could find no information I would be grateful of any kind ideas you could share thank you for looking
  5. Here's an example of an avatar bumper sound script. Is there a way for it to only detect horizontal collisions such that if you tp on someone's head, it doesn't play. This is for people with tp sounds because one sound will interrupt the other. float volume = 1.0; //Volume 0.0 - 1.0; default { collision_start(integer num) { if(llDetectedType(0) & AGENT) { llStartAnimation("lulz"); llPlaySound(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_SOUND,llFloor(llFrand(llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_SOUND)))),1.0); llSetTimerEvent(1.0); } } timer() { llStopAnimation("lulz"); } attach(key uid) { if(llGetAttached()) llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(),PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); } }
  6. Greetings, I would love to create an object that once attached to my avatar reproduces a complete gesture from my inventory when my avatar and another collide, so she complaints like the old lady she is. No pushing, just reproduce my old lady gestures that are already made and inside my inventory. I guess it is easy but i no nothing about scripting.
  7. Alright, lets talk about Bellisseria roads and road vehicles for a second. We all have seen nicely done boat rez zones conveniently placed around the continent. They all have reazonable space and are clearly marked to let everyone know you can rez your water vehicle there. We have also seen couple air strips appearing in the area, each one with their own dedicated rez zone for aircrafts (not clearly maked but atleast they are there), but lets talk about Road vehicles and road rez zones... Bellisseria has a problem with road vehicles rez zones. Current road rez zones seems to be placeholder or temporary solutions. They are all currenly found on undeveloped regions arround the developed areas, nothing in between. They are also lacking any kind of marking to let people know of their existance. Newly developed areas seems to also not take vehicle rez zones in consideration as there is none to be found to the date of this post. I am personally hoping that these rez zones has their own space on the developers list of things to have as road vehicles are certainly important when the continent has so much space dedicated to roads alone, and a large community with big interest for road vehicles. Let's make sure they are not forgotten shall we? Is not lag, or your bad driving... the roads are actually broken. Maybe you have noticed that driving around Bellisseria is not exactly a smooth experience. You are not crazy... roads has some issues you can't really see. Bellisseria roads seems to be the first road by the LDPW made out of mesh pieces and they aren't exactly perfect. After some driving, I noticed my vehicles were pretty bouncy, specially on curves. I also had many issues with my vehicles simply refusing to move, randomly, in some areas.. just revving the engine without moving. Upon closer inspection I realized that the road custom colission shapes had various problems that caused various types of issues with the vehicles. These problems has been properly reported and we hope to see them fixed soon. More on that: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-227210 Bellisseria is a great place to take a drive! The continent is without doubt one of the top mainland areas to take a scenic drive. Let's support improvements like these to help polish that experience!
  8. Hi everybody! Continuing the title of the post, my question is whether I should loop via the num_detected param of collision_start () and collision_end() event handlers for messaging llDetectedKey(i), or can I simply message once llDetectedKey(0). I couldn't find comprehensive info on the subject, that's why I'm posting here. I definitely want to message a scripted wearable on every colliding avatar, both on entry and on exit of the prim (which is supposed to be primwater btw). And I definitely want to do when multiple avatars are inside the prim-water at the same time. I tested with my normal avi and my alt (being in and out of the prim at the same time, and separately in and out) and both of the following snippets seem to work. So I can't really tell whether I should loop or not. I was under the impression that the collided avatars are queued, so I can simply message llDetectedKey(0) every time the event fires, but then I saw the code of a prim-water SwimHUD and they were looping. Which cases does the loop tackle? Snippets: ... collision_start(integer num_detected) { integer i = 0; for(; i < num_detected; i++) { llRegionSayTo( llDetectedKey(i), channel, msg ); } } OR ... collision_start(integer num_detected) { llRegionSayTo( llDetectedKey(0), channel, msg ); }
  9. I'm working on a script but seem to be running into issues when it comes to having multiple requirements without having a specific order to which they are completed or confirmed as met to getting the script to work. For example, I am trying to design a breakable window, but I don't want anything under "x" amount of velocity to be allowed to damage the hit points. (this is only part of the script) collision(integer num) { if(vel < llVecMag(llDetectedVel(0)) && hp > 0) { llSetTexture("Broken",ALL_SIDES); } } If any of you can help I would greatly appreciate it, if you need more to help I'll be happy to give it and if you see that I'm doing anything wrong PLEASE let me know.. I'm getting frustrated with it.
  10. Hello, current trying to script an attachment, i do not fond a way to address two issues: 1) how Can i do a people Can sit on an already worn attachment. 2) how to avoid collision and conflicts between two avatars on order that both could share the same volume (ie. One avi could appear or be hidden inside another one). May someone know how to address these issues? On full Perm script... I ve Heard about some items with docs that allow 1), but never round this and on doubt that scripts could be full perm; sont not usable on own design items. Please to let me know whenever there are some scripting solution. Ty
  11. Hello! Is it possible to make such a script so that if you put it, for example, in an element of clothing (or even full mesh avatar), so that when shooting and hitting bullets on clothes, blood particles will fly out of it? as a spray. Advise me please, thanks a lot!
  12. I'm working on a motorcycle design in SL, and want to create a better base "sled" for it. So I made a "capsule" shape in Blender. Simple capsule shape, faces minimized in Blender. I imported this with full detail and no "simplification", since simplification tends to mess up the geometry and make it asymmetrical. This wraps around the bike, and has to slide well over hills and small obstacles. It has to be symmetrical or the bike will not go straight. In world Here it is in world. As a test, I made it "physical" - it falls over properly and can be pushed around, and will support a physical cube placed on top of it. It's set for convex hull collisions, and since it's a convex object, it should be one perfect convex hull. So I made it part of a bike. That mostly works, except for thin road surfaces at steep angles. It falls through those. It consistently falls through the long wooden bridge at the south end of Hetrocera's bay. It falls through a place on Robin Loop where the road takes a sharp upward pitch. Bike and rider get stuck in the road prim. All this is nowhere near a region crossing; separate problem from that. This is unexpected. Ordinary prims don't fall through. Mesh wheels don't fall through. An ellipsoid prim of roughly the same dimensions doesn't fall through. Am I doing something wrong here? Known bug?
  13. I am trying to make a target system where I shoot it up to five times each time shows a new color, on the 5th time reset the counter and start fresh with it going back to white. this is what I have thus far but it's getting stuck on the 5th color and not working from there. default { state_entry() { } collision_start(integer number_detected) { llSay(0, "Ding!"); { integer i; for( i = 0; i < number_detected; i++ ) { if(i=1) { llSetColor(<1,1,0.0>, ALL_SIDES); } if(i=2) { llSetColor(<0.0,0.0,0.0>, ALL_SIDES); } if(i=3) { llSetColor(<0.0,0.0,1>, ALL_SIDES); } if(i=4) { llSetColor(<0.0,1,0.0>, ALL_SIDES); } if(i=5) { llSetColor(<0.5,0.2,0.0>, ALL_SIDES); } if(i > 5) { llSetColor(<1,1,1>, ALL_SIDES); llResetScript(); } } } } collision_end(integer number_detected) { } }
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