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  1. Alrighty lol well I'm not looking for any negative input because I honestly do not care. If you are not interested in what this post is about Move On. Simple as that.
  2. Hello loves, my name is Mia, and I am seeking a women looking to hang out and spend time with a married Bi-sexual women. I am swamped by men, everyday it seems, even though my profile clearly shows that I am married. I am in noway interested in the opposite sex, because I am happily married. Although, my husband has been away for almost 2 months, for personal reasons. I am and always will stay faithful and wait for him, but I am still human and still have the urge for playful flirting etc. Ima tease, this I cant deny, so shopping and showing off my outfits, really excites me. However, as said
  3. Hey Co Co, Im actually looking for the same thing! hehe someone to have tea with, shopping, chatting, you know the girl stuff. Im messaging you InWorld now. <3
  4. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: Okies, sounds great everyone, Thank you very much haha Im excited to meet you all
  5. Hello all, I am looking for sims that are Moderate to Adult rated, that is pretty populated were I can meet decent people to chat with. I'm not interested in any sex sims, because it seems thats mostly all SL has to offer, were you can meet live people. While I do not enjoy visiting half empty sims, I also do not enjoy visiting sims full of people looking to get their rocks off. If you know of any sims that fit my description, please feel free to list them here. I've been using the Destination guide as a tool to find such places, but I haven't had any luck. Thanks
  6. So it seems Second Life has either turned into a complete sex crazed place, or Im visiting the wrong locations. I am a married women inWorld, and that ofcourse renders off most of the men in the community, and us women generally do not instant message another. This is what brings me to this form today. My already very short friendlist has gotten even shorter with all my friends tending to real life. Im simply looking for an individual to have a nice conversation with. Im open to hang out at a lounge, or invite you over to my home for coffee. I do enjoy role playing during chatting. So, if you
  7. Hey everyone, So first let me say, for the record, Im speaking in General terms, not any kinky sex type stuff lol My boyfriend and I, like many couples, always hang out with just each other. We have other friends ofcourse, but when they hang out with us its almost like they are the third wheel, and sometimes that can be awkward. So, I kinda just thought it would be nice to hang out with other couples, like go on double dates, explore different sims, go to the beach. If anyone is interest let know, or IM me inWorld [caramelbombshell resident]. ps. We're getting married also! hehe So I could u
  8. Hey everyone, So my boyfriend and I want to get tattoos of each others names. Im looking for fabulous tattoo artist to create that for us. Please IM me inWorld [Caramelbombshell Resident] for more details and to discuss charges. Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone, So my boyfriend just purposed to me. Im really excited, and even more excited to plan my dream wedding. I knew a builder, but she's no longer on Sl now. So, Im left with either finding another builder or a very nice sim to marry the man of my dreams on. I want to have a Fall themed wedding, with tall trees and pretty bright orange leaves on the ground. We are looking to be married inside of a gazebo. If any of you all know a beautiful, well built sim, please let me know either here in the form or inWorld. Thank you
  10. Anywho everyone, the inventation still stands. I look forward to meeting new people, its one of the main reasons I came here. Thanks to everyone who contacted me inWorld. <3
  11. We're talking about the first person who commented. They attacked me for no reason. I'm looking for friends and their on my post talking about "why you wearing prim skirts and invest in a space bar" If you not interested in what I have to say just stop reading and move on! Ugh that's so annoying and unnesscary
  12. Aw Thank you Celeste I appreciate that, I'll look you up and send a IM. I look forward to meeting you! And wow yea you Sl Haters, your a **bleep**ing Joke.
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