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  1. Thank you for the link. I did try that route before asking for help on the forums. I am not really adept enough at PS to be able to make the adjustments. I spent 6 hours trying to get the back neckline "fixed" and then said, this is a ridiculous waste of time and I am sure someone can do it faster and with less stress.
  2. I did search this forum for other topics first. So I buy mesh blanks and in many cases the creator does not provide an alpha mask. I just recently understood the utility of these for the people using BOM on their bodies. I know the principle behind making an alpha and managed to hack my way into making a very basic one for some high waist pants, but the necklines on some of my mesh that clips thru would take me days of frustrating trial and error to get them to work. It wouldn't be so hard if the mesh blanks followed the exact lines on the UV maps for the body Anyway, is there anyone that does this? (i've inquired of a couple of the creators of the mesh I need alphas for, but some of them no longer log in.)
  3. I was going thru my mesh blanks and discovered that I have some FP items that were sold on the marketplace, but not by the creator. When I double checked the transactions, I find that the store is gone as well. Is this another case of “buyer beware”? Or can I get my lindens back?
  4. Thank you to everyone that replied. I think I figured out what I wasn’t understanding. I assumed that anyone buying mesh blanks would make their own textures to put on them to sell. It never occurred to me that someone might buy the blank and buy textures made for it, put them in a hud and sell it.
  5. Once you have been in SL for a while, you will actually come to bless those venues that limit avatar by age. Imagine trying to got to a shopping event and have it FULL of bots spamming and giving items that will drain your lindens. There is a reason that the sims limit users that are new and that is so that people that have stuck around and invested in their accounts can access those regions without being harassed or scammed.
  6. I appreciate the replies. I think I am failing to make myself understood. I understand how permissions work and that textures need to be full perm for someone to put them in a hud. if I create a texture that I want to sell on the mp, that is meant to be applied to a mesh blank, is there any reason I would not set the permissions to no mod/ no trans? It just seems bad business to set it to full perms since then people could resell it or modify it.
  7. I have an alt that use for those types of things, to make sure my vendors work as expected and permission are correct. I figured I was missing some essential thing since every "clothing texture" that is sold on the MP is full perms. I figured I must be missing something obvious that I couldn't conceive of. All of the textures I see state you can't resell them as is so the person buying them is either using them for their own clothing to wear, or looking at the detailing and shading in order to improve their own creations, unless I am missing something, which I assume that I am.
  8. I don’t recall seeing people just selling the textures when mesh clothing was first introduced or even until very recently.
  9. I normally make textures and place them on mesh blanks that I have bought for sale, but I see lots of sellers selling full perm textures for the mesh blanks. Is there a necessity that the texture be full perm in order to be used by someone? For example, there is a very common "gift skirt" that is sold for a variety of mesh bodies. If I wanted to make a texture that someone could apply to their copy of that skirt, does my texture need to be Full perm? I would really rather not have people be able to modify the textures I make for specific mesh items. For Clarity: When I refer to textures I am talking about the cut out, shaded artwork that is made to be applied to the mesh blanks, not the regular square textures that are used. Thank you in advance.
  10. I showed your post to my hubby (who is better at PS than I am. He said that looks like it may help or solve our issue. I'm going to keep watching this thread and see if anyone has other suggestions. Thank you so much for your time and assistance!
  11. I have a UV map (like the type that you get when you buy a full perm mesh blank that you can texture.) I am not sure if forum rules allow for posting those things here since they are part of something I buy with a specific license from the marketplace. I want to texture something like a dress. The UV map is a png file that is black with white lines on it showing all the triangles that make up the garment in SL. I want to alter the texture that I am making (out of the game) so that the areas that are stretched by the breasts don't have the distortion. As you can see from my example, the letters across the breasts are distorted and stretched since the corresponding triangles on the UV map are larger in area than the ones in the other areas.
  12. Thank you for your reply. I get that part, but I was given to understand that there is some way to select the portions and rescale them in your graphics program. Most of my issue is that I am unfamiliar with the terms used and I get flustered if the instructions don't follow exactly what I am "seeing". Can you link me a tutorial that shows the process?
  13. I tried looking for this since I know someone has to have asked, but since I don't know the terms, I can't seem to find it. I have blender and PS. I always get stuck on the "unwrap the object part" I have FP mesh that I bought. I have the AO, UV , not the DAE files. I know how to make a texture in PS, but the fabric "stretches" across the breasts like it was a knit fabric IRL. I have looked at a few tutorials that imply the steps fix the issue, but they almost always include the step "unwrap the mesh" I have a vague idea that it involves changing the textures using the uv map. Do I need to have the DAE files to accomplish this? Can I do it in PS. Can you explain it or link me a tutorial? Bless you!
  14. Wow, What a comprehensive and helpful response about the neck fix and breaking the mesh head. I used the term "break and broken" because that is what I keep seeing mesh head designers warning will happen if you don't start with the default shape they provide.
  15. Marianne, it was PERFECT. There were some glitches that because it didn't understand some of the instructions made the set up take much longer. I expect that when I try new things. I'm hoping the Maker will put out some more bento huds to go with their heads or maybe some skins with freckles, but if they don't I am really happy with the way the head was able to be shaped almost perfectly. As a side note, what is the thing about needed to use the default shape with the head or that you might "break the head" if the shape you load to start with is too odd? Can you really "break" the mesh head?
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