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  1. Wow, What a comprehensive and helpful response about the neck fix and breaking the mesh head. I used the term "break and broken" because that is what I keep seeing mesh head designers warning will happen if you don't start with the default shape they provide.
  2. Marianne, it was PERFECT. There were some glitches that because it didn't understand some of the instructions made the set up take much longer. I expect that when I try new things. I'm hoping the Maker will put out some more bento huds to go with their heads or maybe some skins with freckles, but if they don't I am really happy with the way the head was able to be shaped almost perfectly. As a side note, what is the thing about needed to use the default shape with the head or that you might "break the head" if the shape you load to start with is too odd? Can you really "break" the mesh head
  3. Thank you very much! I now have a mesh head that looks the way I wanted it to. Still have that fricken neck seam and I've tried about a dozen different skins (including the skinpack from the head maker. Very very happy with the mesh head though.
  4. Ok, so 7 hours later I have a Genesis Lena head that looks very close to my system shaped head. The hardest part was trying to get the skins working. Genesis didn't have skins with freckles so I had to use the BOM feature which had its own set of issues (like why are the ears set so far back on the BOM version? So the head is bento. Do I need to load a HUD for the face animations or do you activate it once and it works after that?
  5. Always try the demos first if you can, that way you will know how much alpha cuts on your body HUD you will have to use. I have a bit of a tummy on my Lara body and some clothing is impossible to alpha without half my belly being transparent (HUD cuts aren't small enough). I just founf out that many designers install a script into the clothes that activates the alpha cuts for your body when you put the clothes on.
  6. Thank you!!! I'm gonna go demo shopping today and see what I can find that will work with my face.
  7. I've been using a system head with my Maitreya body because I can't find a Mesh head with a prominent nose. I've tried adjusting the sliders on demos and heads that I've gotten (gifts or bought) but I just can't get the look I want. It might be my inability to envision what the head might look like. Also, none of the mesh head makers have profile shots for their heads so I have to get the demo and try it out. Any suggestions?
  8. Seconding the "organize the inventory" comment. And then there is gacha and events and freebies and hunts. The SL world is overflowing with pretty things. yeah. pervs and jackasses, but it is easy to block them.
  9. Ok, so that raises another question, if the clothing has a script in it, is it still standard to remove scripts to reduce the load? Do I need to worry about it since it seems you would need the script each time you load the clothing, not like hair where you can change the color, copy it and then delete the scripts in the copy.
  10. I forgot to ask something related. Since I might, sometime in the future, go back to making clothing Is this a script they use to make the clothing trigger the alpha cuts or is it some new layer they can add to the product. Does the feature have an official title so I can look up more about it? I know that a few of the blanks I have bought included an alpha layer (not the system thingy) but another texture that is labeled "alpha" but I never knew what it was for EDIT: Jewel just replied about the scripts as i was posting this. Thank you!
  11. Thank you for your reply. When I was referring to the "standard lara shape" I meant the shape that comes with the Maitreya body. I wouldn't be surprised if the feature has been around fr a few years. I haven't bought anything made by other designers in at least that time. I posted last night right as I discovered the issue and wasn't thinking very rationally. The reason I didnt notice the alterations to my shape was because I had selected more baggy clothing (I'm an old woman and prefer less revealing styles) and as you mentioned the designer had selected all the alpha cuts and upon reflect
  12. I encountered an oddity when I began buying some newer mesh clothing. A few years ago I began buying mesh blanks and making my own textures. I had resolved to not buy anything that I didn't "texture" and prim to make me look like the designer. This information is important to understand my question. Recently I noticed that what was available as ready made textures was far superior to what I could make and decided to just enjoy the pretty things that other people were making for my avatar. I have a Maitreya body with a system head. I do not have any other prosthetics such as tango or lolas.
  13. What made me upset was that the seller was claiming that I could no longer use the almost 100 items I have bought over the past years. Since I couldn't get an actual statement from LL disputing that, I was concerned by the large investment that I would no longer be able to use. I have since learned that what I bought is mine and i can continue to use it. I carefully read all the descriptions for anything I buy, so it wasn't a matter of me not reading and then complaining.
  14. The big item for me on complexity is Hair. I have some gorgeous flighty styles that I adore, but they are 45k-65k complexity. Other styles that are great, but not as complex run about 2k (these are all mesh hair). On a side not and only somewhat related are the Li of mesh blanks. I have FP items that are 100Li and others that are less than 10. I would love to rez the clothing in my store so people can see it on the actual garment before buying, but at 100Li each it is prohibitive
  15. I wish I could learn to do mesh. It is a skill that I don't have the ability to accomplish. I'm a good seamstress IRL, but doing even the most basic things in PS are agony for me. My intellect is not set up for it or for programming, but if you want me to power up a reactor, I'm your girl!
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