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  1. What made me upset was that the seller was claiming that I could no longer use the almost 100 items I have bought over the past years. Since I couldn't get an actual statement from LL disputing that, I was concerned by the large investment that I would no longer be able to use. I have since learned that what I bought is mine and i can continue to use it. I carefully read all the descriptions for anything I buy, so it wasn't a matter of me not reading and then complaining.
  2. The big item for me on complexity is Hair. I have some gorgeous flighty styles that I adore, but they are 45k-65k complexity. Other styles that are great, but not as complex run about 2k (these are all mesh hair). On a side not and only somewhat related are the Li of mesh blanks. I have FP items that are 100Li and others that are less than 10. I would love to rez the clothing in my store so people can see it on the actual garment before buying, but at 100Li each it is prohibitive
  3. I wish I could learn to do mesh. It is a skill that I don't have the ability to accomplish. I'm a good seamstress IRL, but doing even the most basic things in PS are agony for me. My intellect is not set up for it or for programming, but if you want me to power up a reactor, I'm your girl!
  4. My review has now been removed. Thank you for the info about the license. I couldn't find anything that spells that out, so I was erring on the side of caution. I take the designer's rights VERY seriously since it is important to protect them as well.
  5. In world support replied within 5 mins of me updating the garment feedback to reflect that I was banned from using their items for posting the review. They confirmed that indeed I was dishonest for leaving the "negative" (3 stars) review that said "seller resolved issue regarding skirt draping" So I am out over 30k lindens in items that I bought over the last 2 years in retaliation for me posting the HONEST review. So remember kiddies never leave anything except a 5 star or maybe better yet don't say anything at all. I am uncertain if updating the review in light of them taking away my license to use the items I bought YEARS ago is allowed, but I think it is important to say that I left honest feedback and was retaliated against for doing so. I think there should be some recourse for buyers of licenses, that do not in any way violate the TOS, to be able to retain the ability to use the items they have paid for. So it seems that the makers should add to their TOS "I may remove your right to use this for any reason or for no reason at all" Mods, if this thread has gone past the standards, please remove it.
  6. So what do I do now? Almost every mesh items I own is from this designer, 1000's of lindens and hours and hours of work making items. I'm in shock. When I said leaving honest feedback might make it so I can't use the items, I was mostly joking. When she refunded me I left 3 stars and the following comment on the item: Limitation of SL Rigging Posted March 12, 2020 by Semirans 3 stars Seller resolved issue regarding skirt draping.
  7. I guess I learned my lesson. I am now banned from using the designer's items. I have been called an idiot and a moron. I guess I can just throw out the 60+ mesh blanks that I bought from this store and remember NEVER to leave anything less than 5 stars. (I removed my negative feedback and replaced it with a neutral 3 star comment about the rigging after getting a reply and refund from the designer) None of you have any reason to believe me. I have the screen shot from the FB messenger program and I am awaiting confirmation from the in gmae support person for the designer since the tone and the wording of the message is not at all professional.
  8. The local textures are in a very small selection window (no navigation is required, except for finding them on your HD first and adding them to the selection window. When you choose to upload them, they go in your textures folder by default and once you have applied them to your item, you can move them and they keep the texture. My blond moment is being satisfied with the local texture, clicking upload and then forgetting to apply the uploaded version back onto the garment.
  9. I got a reply, and the refund. The designer says that all mesh skirts in SL work this way. I will update my feedback to reflect that I did get a reply. Ty Elvina for your suggestion, I've spent days making Demos for the mesh items that I sell when the original maker doesn't provide them and sometimes even when they do so that customers don't have to go hunting for demos. I wonder how useful the feedback is on the MP anyway. As someone that is unable to make mesh blanks, I am at the mercy of people that can. It seems unwise to alienate them and lose access to the ability to sell what I have bought.
  10. In regards to Local textures, this is a godsend. I've made textures and then uploaded the item into SL only to discover I forgot to remove the alpha (making the texture too complex) or that something didn't work on the garment that wasn't obvious in the program until I pasted onto my mesh blank. A good example of this is matching seams on a garment. I don't know why mesh makers do it, but almost every pair of pants I have has to be tweaked to get the patterns to match at the seams. There is also some difference once the texture is on the mesh blank. I make a texture, it looks great in PS with all the shading and such then I upload it and place on the grament and it looks washed out or muddy. (my hubby explained it one day to me, but most of it was lost between OH LOOK new Textures, and aren't my mesh feet gorgeous?)
  11. I agree ardently with the above. As a fairly novice designer I find it difficult to compete with the very talented and longstanding brands, but also with the rock bottom pricing of other designers. When I first started SL, it was not unusual to find some really WOW outfit and plunk down 1000L or more for it. Now when I browse the MP I see decent mesh designs being sold for 10L or less. I resolved to stop focusing on "how much can I make on this design". I found that , for me at least, the drive in SL is to create, if I get compensation for what I make, that is icing. Good luck and best wishes!
  12. I wanted to purchase a particularly cute mesh outfit on the MP, but was concerned about previous issues with rigging on Mesh skirts. I asked in the seller's Group and also posted a request on the FB page for the designer asking either for a demo (which they rarely provide) or for feedback from anyone that might have bought the outfit. I waited and few days (with posts on the FB group continuing for other items) and finally decided to take the plunge sine the dress was so cute and I had hoped something had changed in rigging over the last 18 months. The skirt flips completely up when you sit. I contacted the designer's inworld support and got no response. My FB post was removed. I messaged support again and waited a bit before leaving feedback for the MP purchase. I then got a response saying that a refund had been issued (which I have not gotten) and asking me to remove the negative review. I am torn about this. My review was honest.
  13. The blog for Altamura has links to designers that make clothes for Altamura. There are about 6 designers that make mesh blanks for that body as well. https://altamurasl.wordpress.com/2017/01/11/altamura-friends/ is the link for their "friends" list. Keep a watch out for their promos since they sometimes sell the full body for steep discounts.
  14. Thank you so much for the replies. Clothing making is much more complicated than I ever anticipated and everytime I make something, some issue arises that I didnt even know to ask about. But I love making things for my avatar. good cigar.
  15. I uploaded the texture as a jpg instead of my normal png file and I do not have the issue with that texture. I am using PS. Is the rogue alpha channel you are talking about any transparent parts i might want to have on the garment? I am going to read your link. I very much appreciate your reply.
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