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  1. Nope, there isn't for me... what viewer are you using? Or does the attachemnt in question habe to have specific parameters?
  2. Pinterest boards... the ones that force you to execute some hacking skills on them to even see them? Great way to advertize a shop... sorry, storeowners if you do not care to show me I will not go great length to work on seeing ads =^.^= (the being illegal to circumvent that annoying login wall in some countries comes on top of it)
  3. mehh, yeah that could get difficult... Did you remove the outside faces? You only need the inner ones, right?
  4. did you consider mixing mesh and prims... in this case a prim sphere (unless not smooth enough) might be a lot cheaper
  5. I can't do that.... so many places I visit have horrible streams...
  6. I cannot help myself I still find "enter mouselook - orientate - exit mosuelook" more convenient. But the more options the more one might suit your style of controls
  7. As an overkill attempt you can even cascade it all: go temp go invisible lldie
  8. My solution atempt: file a ticket stating the automated update does not work and kindly ask the support team to a) update you manually and b) ask them if there are other ways to trigger an update
  9. It's an insane place for a shop... you can even sail your own boats in those 3 sims. You can clearly tell the owners are here for the fun of SL itself. Be sure not to miss out the great sim build they do each year at Fantasy Faire (going on right now).
  10. A big problem of mainland I think... you would have to prove the skybox was only buildt to annoy you to make it abuse reportable... Even if your neighbours decide to build a gigantic cubistic monstrosity out of plywood and decided to call it art you're out of luck...
  11. That is because of the nature of a notecard. I suspect it to be a plain textfile... try converting it to a tabulature seperated text file... that might (I say might not will) work.
  12. I reccommend male nipple pasties as suggested elsewhere on this forum
  13. I did think about it yesterday: would not making it go temp be a more convenient was than going transparent? If it goes temp the garbage collector will destroy it soon in case lldie fails... if it goes invisble... have fun finding it when lldie fails.
  14. I cannot help you much but I can tell you: It can be done. I have a HUD that enables me to lock my eyes looking into a special direction and I can point them pretty everywhere... so I asume there must be some way to do it.
  15. oh no don't be it is pretty obscure I'm sure I still will never use it now that you told us =^.^=
  16. Please allow us to differ in opinion, the thread starter stared it with an indirect insult in my direction, so I won't go away and suffer this behaviour to continue. The way he decided to post his question is relevant to forum manners.
  17. The guitars in this thread have not enough hair ^^
  18. Oh it was in another thread... I told him something is a self explaing variable.... he felt insulted, see yourself: I was very misbehaving there, LOL:
  19. I never unpack furniture (only No copy ones) and keep the package for less space (now that I think of it vehicles make the same logic: if you can rez it, you also have place to unpack it there) I have big folders, "my avatars" "avatar parts" "items" "clothing" and supfolders by manufacturer or ietm time (items has vehicles, furniture and game huds and so on) One of my friends deletes all cloth she has no bodies for and keeps the box around if she ever shoudl get other bodies (nice idea)
  20. Fionalein

    Linden Land

    Try taking one of those flat Linden homes, meadowbrooks, you can easily expand them most of the time without flalling out of style...
  21. I think open chat depends a lot on circumstances... I would not consider anything shared in private group spaces "public" chat as public...
  22. Sorry Mr "Too cool to be not offended" (you obviously don't even have the manner to use names, so why should I) I only stated what it meant. You interpret it as "She called me stupid" ... how do you even get around RL if you cannot take a simple advice for anything else but an offence? You also called SL a sinking boat in your response, if you experience it as sinking boat I have a suggestion for you: Please, for heaven's sake, just leave then! We really don't need more poisonous people here.
  23. I think you can manually add them to the "always allowed" in parcel info... maybe there is a more convenient way using the house menu too...
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