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Found 196 results

  1. So, I'm logged into the game just fine, but when I go to open the marketplace ( in the in-game browser, this is my preference setting) it has me log in to the marketplace EVERY single time I open it - say I am logged in for 3 hours consistently and I open the browser 6 times, I have to enter my info all 6 times ( even if I literally open the browser, sign in and then close it, only to re-open it again immediately). I was wondering why it did this, and how I could change it. I don't like having to enter my info every single time I want to browse or buy something. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. I bought :MoonAmore: Caged soul / MechaBoots (Coffee) last night on the market place. The item did not deliver to my inventory, or the received folder. I re-logged and it still did not arrive. The merchant Dragonia Decuir contacted me and they said it is not in their inventory either. Can I please get some assistance on this matter? Stepha Aeon
  3. Heya I saw an item being sold as a gacha on mp, but I actually recognize it as a prop from another creator's furniture. I know some props used as part of AVsitter need to allow copy and transfer permissions, so I'm guessing this person may be taking advantage of that and selling the items to others. My question is, who should be the one reporting this? Does it have to be the creator or can anyone report? (in addition to letting the original creator know, of course) Thanks in advance!
  4. Is it possible to make a store banner with animated gif?
  5. Hola, not sure if I ever used that feature before, so just to make sure that the redelivery option on the MP is meant to work the way I suppose it... should: you buy version 1, the creator releases an update and posts, "OK folks, get version 2 from a redelivery!", you happily hit that redeliver link on your purchase history and you'll get the updated item. Yes, no, perhaps so far? And if v1 keeps coming in, something's wrong, I suppose. Bonus: it's a gifted item for an alt and I'm hitting the redelivery link in my shopping history, so they keep getting v1. And no inworld shop available, it's either sale events or MP for that brand. Though I do have a feeling that general SL wonkiness (... group notice dates 🙄...) might be at work.
  6. ... that many shop owners are trying their best to help their customers, if the bought product is not working as expected. So If you might have a problem with a product you bought in Marketplace, please please please always contact the shop owners BEFORE writing a BAD REVIEW about the product! In case of the shop owner does not react on your support request or the product is still not working, so you still have the ability to write a bad review ... and then its fair, cause you gave them a chance of solving the problem. Thank you!
  7. Hi guys, so just yesterday I started having an issue where, when i create a box to add all my objects into to sell on caspervend and the marketplace, the box ends up showing "creator unknown" when i click take to add it to my inventory. I tried doing this both on my own land that i own, and on the land of my skybox, which belongs to a friend but i am a part of the land group. no difference, in both locations, i get the same issue. I really don't know what's going on. i've provided some images of my process for creating the prim. in the middle i add my unpacker texture, but that shouldn't really do anything as i created the texture myself. any ideas? i don't know what's turning it into no modify, no transfer. i'm not setting it as that.
  8. Hello to everyone! I have an important question for you. Is it free to use a well-known and famous game character in my designs? For example; Like using garfield in clothing design or tattoo design. (Garfield is just an example) Do you think this is legal? do i get a penalty? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  9. I didn't want to submit a ticket yet, in case it's a user issue, but, lately (a couple days/weeks-ish now) any time I open MP, I notice I have to log in again. Even if i was just on MP. Was wondering if there was a way to fix this, that didn't require a ticket?
  10. Hello everyone! ❤️ I hope that everyone is save during this hard time. I have really spend a lot of time and love to create this avatar and very quickly i noticed how much I love fashion and to take pictures. It would be a honour for me to work with an owner of a shop to advertise together your lovely brand. If you own a shop, you are looking for someone to take pictures with and think that you could work well with my avatar, please contact me And here again I hope everyone is safe. Be safe! Maryann
  11. On one sunday evening, I decided to log in into the Second Marketplace after buying 265 lindens and go to the Marketplace to see what I could spend. But after I enter my username and password at the login page, it gave me this error message saying "So sorry to keep you waiting. We'll be right back!" then in the bottom it said that they been notified about this issue and they'll take a look at it shortly. Monday, I went back and it still gives me that error message like what the heck? I've been wondering if this error has anything to do with the COVID-19 going on but when I mention that to my friend who also plays second life said he doubted it. So after that, I had to file a support case for that problem. It is still being processed. Today, I went back to the second life marketplace to log in but this time on my iPhone safari browser and it still gives me the same message. I tried going back on my Mac safari browser and still gives me the same message. I even check a website where you check if the site is down, I found out the Sunday was down but Monday. and today showed they were up. Like I said I don't know if this has anything to do with COVID-19 or the fact that the Second Life Main Channel Regions being under maintenance. I just don't know what to do.
  12. I simply dragged an item out of my inventory into the Marketplace Listings. I opened up my Merchant Store so I can Manage Listings. The item that I had dragged into the Marketplace Listing box isn't in the Manage Listing at all. How long does it take to show up or what I'm I doing wrong to not see it?
  13. I just purchased an ultra rare gacha item from the Second Life Marketplace. When I received it, it contained an item that was not even listed as the one being sold. I paid $750 for a dress and boots and instead received ONLY a fitted skirt with veil (*Amaelle* FDD Stories gacha items). As this is a gacha item, I know it cannot be redelivered. However, I paid the price for ultra rares and did not receive them. Also, I cannot determine who the seller is in order to ask for either a refund or replacement with correct (as advertised) items. What is my recourse? Do I have to just eat this and like it or is it possible to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance for any help!
  14. how copyright works for selling art and media not own on SL?
  15. Since a while i see more and more blank pictures in the marketplace. No placeholders that you see if the creator didn't use a picture or broken links to the pictures, but simply white blank pictures. I can see them in the built-in browser of the firestorm viewer, in the chrome browser and also in the firefox browser. Does anyone know the reason for this? How am i supposed to use the marketplace if many pages look like this? https://gyazo.com/653c0c7e7531d17d1e255ec64312faf9
  16. Wanting to sell items on MP that are currently in my CasperVend and the dropboxes are inworld.......how would i do this?
  17. Hii, so last time i posted on advice on my marketplace and inworld store and did do some of the suggestions told in comments (thank you) but i am still having no sales, and would like to ask for some advice once more if thats ok?: so someone said to flood the keywords with words pertaining to selling product, another suggested lowering the price, and another suggested using my own watermark on my photos in my frames and to put original photo before title, plus put ''in frame'' since i sell nature photography in frames ( all photos are hand taken by yours truly's own camera, not googled), and did most of those suggestions, but still havent made much progress, so i came back here and kindly wanted some advice again if theres anything else that would be good. looking forward to your advice and thank you in advance ^-^
  18. So I recently got a notification that someone had purchased my product. And when I went to go read the email, I noticed that the price of the marketplace commission had went up! Isn't the percent of marketplace commission 10%? Is there a new policy I don't know about? When I sold my product for L$750 dollars before, the commission was L$38 that they took away which leaves me with L$712. Now that I am looking, I have put up the same price for my product which is L$750, and now the commission is L$75 which now leaves me with L$675. Can someone please help, I'm confused.
  19. Hi! Let's just hop right into it, shall we? I'm a complete newbie to Second Life, so I was hoping that some experienced, long-time members of SL- like you- would be willing to answer a few of my dumb questions. I'm not very interested in the roleplaying, socializing(uwa, scary) aspect of Second Life, but I've heard that the economy and business of SL is unlike any other game. The idea of building homes and creating clothing to sell is such an attractive thing, I can't help but feel curious! So, I'm sorry to be bothering you guys, but it would be absolutely wonderful if you could share some of your experience with me! I have some questions, please feel comfortable to give your thoughts! Think of this as a little Q&A, starring you! Choose any question(s) to answer, please! - Have you started or built your own store or business with clothing or houses? If so, please tell! It would be so cool to hear your story! - What are your thoughts on creating clothing? Is it difficult? Time-consuming? Worthwhile? Do you think it would be relatively simple for newbies to begin? Even newbies in their teens? - Is it expensive to begin creating clothing or building homes with the purpose to sell them? Would I have to purchase a bunch of packs or mods or whatever to be able to sell quality products? - How complex is the system/program used to create/build clothing and houses? Would a simple-minded teen be able to basically figure it out in an hour or two? - So, I don't have a lot of money... would that impede me a lot, especially at the beginning of a journey to sell clothes or houses? - Is it possible to rent houses for long-term passive income? Or must it always be a one-time sale through auction? Also, what's the typical cost of a small, medium-sized, large, and gigantic house? - What is the competitiveness of clothing/house markets? What kinds of houses or clothes are super saturated and totally not worth making anymore? (Sorry, this is a weird question >_>) - Do you have any advice for a newbie like me? Anything you wish that you'd known when you were first starting out? I think that's it for now! I'll update my questions- if I learn how too, I'm rarely on forums- based on my responses! And don't worry- I promise not to sit around like a potato; I will actively be searching for answers on my own, too! Thank you so much for your time and thoughts! I really appreciate it!
  20. So I recently got a notification that someone had purchased my product. And when I went to go read the email, I noticed that the price of the marketplace commission had went up! Isn't the percent of marketplace commission 10%? Is there a new policy I don't know about? When I sold my product for L$750 dollars before, the commission was L$38 that they took away which leaves me with L$712. Now that I am looking, I have put up the same price for my product which is L$750, and now the commission is L$75 which now leaves me with L$675. Can someone please help, I'm confused.
  21. This is about it, Paid for home page advertising subscription, LL took the money, but the product does not appear. Where can I get help? Anyone is supporting the marketplace from LL? This feels odd. Thanks for any help!
  22. I used to check my monthly store profits loading the CSV file with orders for the month, and calculating all in Excel. Last time I load it, all seems broken, now each order is in one line taking one field, separated by commas which makes it unusable. Seems something broken. It's impossible to do any analytics on that now. All of that should be in different fields each. How to fix that if anyone knows?
  23. I have been having a strange problem the past few weeks with the Marketplace. When I go to the site, it will often be in Japanese instead of English. I will switch the language back and it will stay in English for a little while, but then switch back to Japanese while I'm browsing, most often at the end of buying something. The same thing is happening to a friend who is in a different state, on a different browser than I am using. I'm in the US and have no idea why the language keeps changing. I've cleared my browser cache, tried a different browser, etc.. but it keeps happening and it's driving me nuts. I'm not using a VPN or anything else that would suddenly make it think I'm in Japan, so I have no idea why the language is changing on its own, in the same session.
  24. Muy buenas a todos a todas, como bien dice el post actualmente estoy buscando en Second Life en varios campos puesto que tengo experiencia en todos ellos, voy a proceder hacer como un pequeño curriculum para que lo tengan todo ordenado lo mas interesados ^^ alguna información no la especifico completamente asi que seria mas por IM ^^ Nombre: Florezilla Zeplin Edad SL: 8 Años - 8 meses - 3196 dias Edad RL: Mayor de edad Actualmente busco trabajo en: Discotecas y Pub Puestos con experiencia: Manager, scort, dancer, Stripper y Hosting He emprendido estos puestos de trabajo incluse cumpliendo con 3 a la vez Tambien tengo experiencia en eventos/fiestas de boda, cumpleaños, solteros etc Y tengo experiencia en el mundo BDSM --------------------------- Escribo reseñas en Marketplace De manera totalmente profesional, abarco todo tipo de campos ya sea: Ropa, coches, armas, muebles, mascotas y las reseñas las realizo en el idioma que quieran, mejor en Español e Inglés pero también puedo en otro idiomas Venta de Terrenos - Skybox He trabajado hace un tiempo como encargada de aconsejar a los clientes y enseñarles los diferentes tipos de zonas de terrenos o Skybox que tienen para asi pues puedan encontrar lo que les gusta mas rápidamente y ayudarles ^^ También podría trabajar de alguna otra cosa pero eso si, posiblemente tenga menos experiencia claro :(, si tienen alguna duda o quieren contactar conmigo ya saben " Florezilla Zeplin "
  25. For some reason I cannot fathom Marketplace has crashed on me every time I've tried to use it, and it's very frustrating. I get a red window saying "Loading error! Message: ERR_SL_VERSON_INTERFERENCE CODE -175" It does that or it just times out trying to load. Does anyone know what's up with this? I've never had this problem until today, and it's made Marketplace unusable. I've relogged, rebooted, and restarted my router, and nothing seems to work. This is driving me nuts! A girl's got to shop!
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