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Found 183 results

  1. how copyright works for selling art and media not own on SL?
  2. Since a while i see more and more blank pictures in the marketplace. No placeholders that you see if the creator didn't use a picture or broken links to the pictures, but simply white blank pictures. I can see them in the built-in browser of the firestorm viewer, in the chrome browser and also in the firefox browser. Does anyone know the reason for this? How am i supposed to use the marketplace if many pages look like this? https://gyazo.com/653c0c7e7531d17d1e255ec64312faf9
  3. Wanting to sell items on MP that are currently in my CasperVend and the dropboxes are inworld.......how would i do this?
  4. Hii, so last time i posted on advice on my marketplace and inworld store and did do some of the suggestions told in comments (thank you) but i am still having no sales, and would like to ask for some advice once more if thats ok?: so someone said to flood the keywords with words pertaining to selling product, another suggested lowering the price, and another suggested using my own watermark on my photos in my frames and to put original photo before title, plus put ''in frame'' since i sell nature photography in frames ( all photos are hand taken by yours truly's own camera, not googled), and did most of those suggestions, but still havent made much progress, so i came back here and kindly wanted some advice again if theres anything else that would be good. looking forward to your advice and thank you in advance ^-^
  5. So I recently got a notification that someone had purchased my product. And when I went to go read the email, I noticed that the price of the marketplace commission had went up! Isn't the percent of marketplace commission 10%? Is there a new policy I don't know about? When I sold my product for L$750 dollars before, the commission was L$38 that they took away which leaves me with L$712. Now that I am looking, I have put up the same price for my product which is L$750, and now the commission is L$75 which now leaves me with L$675. Can someone please help, I'm confused.
  6. Hi! Let's just hop right into it, shall we? I'm a complete newbie to Second Life, so I was hoping that some experienced, long-time members of SL- like you- would be willing to answer a few of my dumb questions. I'm not very interested in the roleplaying, socializing(uwa, scary) aspect of Second Life, but I've heard that the economy and business of SL is unlike any other game. The idea of building homes and creating clothing to sell is such an attractive thing, I can't help but feel curious! So, I'm sorry to be bothering you guys, but it would be absolutely wonderful if you could share some of your experience with me! I have some questions, please feel comfortable to give your thoughts! Think of this as a little Q&A, starring you! Choose any question(s) to answer, please! - Have you started or built your own store or business with clothing or houses? If so, please tell! It would be so cool to hear your story! - What are your thoughts on creating clothing? Is it difficult? Time-consuming? Worthwhile? Do you think it would be relatively simple for newbies to begin? Even newbies in their teens? - Is it expensive to begin creating clothing or building homes with the purpose to sell them? Would I have to purchase a bunch of packs or mods or whatever to be able to sell quality products? - How complex is the system/program used to create/build clothing and houses? Would a simple-minded teen be able to basically figure it out in an hour or two? - So, I don't have a lot of money... would that impede me a lot, especially at the beginning of a journey to sell clothes or houses? - Is it possible to rent houses for long-term passive income? Or must it always be a one-time sale through auction? Also, what's the typical cost of a small, medium-sized, large, and gigantic house? - What is the competitiveness of clothing/house markets? What kinds of houses or clothes are super saturated and totally not worth making anymore? (Sorry, this is a weird question >_>) - Do you have any advice for a newbie like me? Anything you wish that you'd known when you were first starting out? I think that's it for now! I'll update my questions- if I learn how too, I'm rarely on forums- based on my responses! And don't worry- I promise not to sit around like a potato; I will actively be searching for answers on my own, too! Thank you so much for your time and thoughts! I really appreciate it!
  7. So I recently got a notification that someone had purchased my product. And when I went to go read the email, I noticed that the price of the marketplace commission had went up! Isn't the percent of marketplace commission 10%? Is there a new policy I don't know about? When I sold my product for L$750 dollars before, the commission was L$38 that they took away which leaves me with L$712. Now that I am looking, I have put up the same price for my product which is L$750, and now the commission is L$75 which now leaves me with L$675. Can someone please help, I'm confused.
  8. This is about it, Paid for home page advertising subscription, LL took the money, but the product does not appear. Where can I get help? Anyone is supporting the marketplace from LL? This feels odd. Thanks for any help!
  9. I used to check my monthly store profits loading the CSV file with orders for the month, and calculating all in Excel. Last time I load it, all seems broken, now each order is in one line taking one field, separated by commas which makes it unusable. Seems something broken. It's impossible to do any analytics on that now. All of that should be in different fields each. How to fix that if anyone knows?
  10. I have been having a strange problem the past few weeks with the Marketplace. When I go to the site, it will often be in Japanese instead of English. I will switch the language back and it will stay in English for a little while, but then switch back to Japanese while I'm browsing, most often at the end of buying something. The same thing is happening to a friend who is in a different state, on a different browser than I am using. I'm in the US and have no idea why the language keeps changing. I've cleared my browser cache, tried a different browser, etc.. but it keeps happening and it's driving me nuts. I'm not using a VPN or anything else that would suddenly make it think I'm in Japan, so I have no idea why the language is changing on its own, in the same session.
  11. Muy buenas a todos a todas, como bien dice el post actualmente estoy buscando en Second Life en varios campos puesto que tengo experiencia en todos ellos, voy a proceder hacer como un pequeño curriculum para que lo tengan todo ordenado lo mas interesados ^^ alguna información no la especifico completamente asi que seria mas por IM ^^ Nombre: Florezilla Zeplin Edad SL: 8 Años - 8 meses - 3196 dias Edad RL: Mayor de edad Actualmente busco trabajo en: Discotecas y Pub Puestos con experiencia: Manager, scort, dancer, Stripper y Hosting He emprendido estos puestos de trabajo incluse cumpliendo con 3 a la vez Tambien tengo experiencia en eventos/fiestas de boda, cumpleaños, solteros etc Y tengo experiencia en el mundo BDSM --------------------------- Escribo reseñas en Marketplace De manera totalmente profesional, abarco todo tipo de campos ya sea: Ropa, coches, armas, muebles, mascotas y las reseñas las realizo en el idioma que quieran, mejor en Español e Inglés pero también puedo en otro idiomas Venta de Terrenos - Skybox He trabajado hace un tiempo como encargada de aconsejar a los clientes y enseñarles los diferentes tipos de zonas de terrenos o Skybox que tienen para asi pues puedan encontrar lo que les gusta mas rápidamente y ayudarles ^^ También podría trabajar de alguna otra cosa pero eso si, posiblemente tenga menos experiencia claro :(, si tienen alguna duda o quieren contactar conmigo ya saben " Florezilla Zeplin "
  12. For some reason I cannot fathom Marketplace has crashed on me every time I've tried to use it, and it's very frustrating. I get a red window saying "Loading error! Message: ERR_SL_VERSON_INTERFERENCE CODE -175" It does that or it just times out trying to load. Does anyone know what's up with this? I've never had this problem until today, and it's made Marketplace unusable. I've relogged, rebooted, and restarted my router, and nothing seems to work. This is driving me nuts! A girl's got to shop!
  13. Gachas seem to be popular items, but I see a lot of sellers on Marketplace marking gachas with huge, sometimes surly disclaimers. Most are along the lines of "buy at your own risk, zero refunds, zero redeliveries." That doesn't sound legit, and I avoided gachas... until tonight. I was in a friendly sim, saw an interesting gacha item for just L30, and took a gamble. Nothing was delivered. I wasn't surprised. I sent a friendly IM to the seller (there were numerous copies of this item available) and asked when delivery would be fixed. Before a reply came, SL sent an automated message: "Your object has been returned to your inventory Lost and Found folder by <sim> due to parcel auto return." Strange, I had never received the item so could not have lost it. This made me wonder - when buying a gacha inworld should I right-click > take it? Maybe so. In any case, I opened Inventory, went to my Lost And Found, and the gacha item was... not there. I sent back to the sim where I purchased the gacha, right-clicked on each identical item in the seller's collection, but none indicated "take." Maybe the system returned it to a different folder, or the object was titled something unusual. So I searched my inventory for keywords, parts of the object's name, and other "close" words. No match. I then re-sorted my inventory by "Most Recent," but still no luck. The object in question was a Japanese fan with an floral design to hang on the wall, so wouldn't have been blocked by a G/M/A content filter along the way. Maybe the SL Lost And Found process copies the item, deletes what was found, and sends the copy to the owner. If so, maybe this "copy and paste" process wouldn't work for gachas (nor for any other "no copy" items. Long story short, this made me sympathize with residents who have complained of not receiving gachas. I also had to sympathize with the gacha sellers, because the system itself did not send the item to my Lost And Found folder as it had indicated. I understand that gachas may be a big part of SL economy, but if these items continue to cause problems for residents, sellers, and likely for SL then that part of the economy is making SL sick. I'm glad that some people have a good time with gachas, but given how many feel ripped off by them I'm surprised that SL allows the problem to continue. Maybe there's no need to get rid of gachas, just to change them. Could the permissions be modified by the original gacha builder so that they are sold with C/M/T options? This or other alterations might interfere with the resale trade, which it seems is the root of the problem - not the gacha, but some of the many hands they pass through as they are sold and resold. Too many dealers taking a cut, until finally the buyer gets nothing... Lesson learned: no more gachas for me. And because gachas in Marketplace aren't always labeled as such, from now on I'll be buying only items with "copy" permission. Mahalo / thanks for listening to me vent.
  14. Como puedo poner un ariculo de mi tienda en la parte "objetos destacados" (Featured Items)? Hace un tiempo sabía que se pagaba para ello, ya sea por semana o por mes, pero no encuentro donde hacerlo. Por favor si alguien sabe. Gracias
  15. Hey y'all - What are some good ways to earn lindens in SL besides the typical routes (marketplace stores, escorting, dancing etc.) Not so much for the sake of earning lindens more so just to have a business to run and communicate with people about. Open to any suggestions! Thnx! 🙂
  16. Hi, I started my MP market site and everything went fine in listening items first time (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/220955)..all listening showed up online. But my 2nd time I am suppose to have more than 12 listenings on my store page...and I noticed only 5 didn't properly uploaded. I have checked everything, and have found no missing steps I was suppose to do. Please advise. Thank you, Nuria
  17. I have recently put stuff on my MP (3 shapes and 2 Tattoo's) These items has been sold at least 1 time.. I check my "top selling products" every now and then. However I noticed that with all my new items put on the MP, there's 0 times viewed. I think this is just odd because the items has been sold at least once already which should mean the item HAD been viewed? Here is a screenshot of what I am talking about: http://prntscr.com/ov3zc8 Does anyone know why this happens? And how do I make the views appear again? Also in Times Searched under the reports tab, it says 0 at ALL my products even though many of (older) my products have been sold / viewed.. What does this mean, and how can I improve the search? Thank you for reading, I hope someone can help me. - xJoannep (In SL-name)
  18. Hi Guys I made I mistake and if possible I want a refund.... I try to promote an not listed product at my inventory, because this I loose mone, here is the bill: Imprimir esta página Fatura # 1507137362 Pedido efetuado em 04/08/2019 Status do pedido: Entregue Descrição Preço unitário Qtd Total: Assinatura: Incluir este item como destaque na página de anúncio de pagamento de carrinhos com L$ 0,00 por 7 dias: 16 L$ Apartment L$299 1 L$299 Total: L$299 Please can you aid me?
  19. As of today I've tried to upload pictures for my gachas in my store on the marketplace that are currently inactive on my listings...just a few days ago I was able to use the same picture I was trying to use today for one of them and it kept coming up as an error... even though I had it as the right format I decided to make it the sizing they wanted and made another copy in the other recommended formatting... yet the error still came up ;n; below is what kept coming up regardless of what I did to try and fix it, pictures use also included.. please help- ["Attachment content type is not one of the following supported image formats - jpg, png, gif"] Image requirements: Minimum dimensions: At least 512 x 512 pixels. Recommended dimensions: 700 x 525 pixels (W x H). Larger images will be resized to fit within these dimensions. Aspect Ratio: The aspect ratio of the above dimensions are 1:1 and 4:3, respectively. File type: PNG, JPEG or GIF.
  20. I have been trying to manage the listings in the store I'm managing- yet when I click on the link- it takes me to the create store page. I restarted, I logged out and logged back in, I had someone take me off as manager and add me back- and others can manage the same store- I just can't. What could be happening, and how can I fix it so I can do my job? Any ideas?
  21. Is there a way to change the default items per page to always be 96? I've tried adding a bookmark with that but it always goes to "12" when I load a new browser instance. I'm tired of always having to manually change the number to 96
  22. Jeremy Linden

    Managing your Marketplace store

    Managing your inventory Unassociated marketplace inventory Listed, unlisted, and unavailable status Editing a listing Removing a listing Changing the item associated with a listing Editing more than one listing at a time Viewing your Moderate or Adult listings Listing enhancements Managing your existing listing enhancements Listing enhancement reports Your store profile Revenue distributions Transaction history Problems with selling Redelivering an item to a customer Flagged items Email notification settings In other languages: Deutsch Español Français Italiano 日本語 Português Managing your inventory The Manage inventory section of the Marketplace makes it easy to edit your item listings one at a time or in bulk. To manage your inventory: After logging in to the Marketplace, choose My Marketplace > Merchant home in the upper-right. Click Manage inventory on the left-hand side. Unassociated marketplace inventory If you have added an item to your Marketplace listings in the Second Life Viewer, but have not associated it with an existing listing or created a new listing, it appears in the Unassociated tab of the Marketplace listings window. For more information on adding an item to your Marketplace inventory and creating new listings, see Selling in the Marketplace. To associate an unassociated item with an existing listing: Right-click the unassociated item's folder in the Unassociated tab of the Marketplace listings window. Choose Associate listing. Enter the Listing ID of the existing listing. The listing ID can be found in parentheses next to a listed or unlisted item listing. For example, "Example Crate (3732)". The unassociated item now replaces the existing item in the listing. The previously listed item becomes unassociated inventory. Listed, unlisted, and unavailable status Each of your listings has a status: Listed - The normal, active status of an item that is publicly visible and available for purchase on the Marketplace. Exception: limited-quantity stock items stay Listed after they have sold out, but they cannot be purchased. Unlisted - An item that is intentionally hidden and unavailable for purchase. You might unlist a product because: You are permanently discontinuing the product but want to keep the listing for your personal records. The product is seasonal or event-specific and will be temporarily unlisted until the next time an appropriate event comes around. You've discovered serious bugs in your product and temporarily unlist it while you address the issue. Be sure to make an announcement on your Marketplace store (and anywhere else on the web you maintain a Marketplace presence, like a blog) to keep your customers informed. Unavailable - An item can be unavailable for various reasons: Freshly-added items with incomplete listings show up here. You need to Edit each one and fill in the required fields to List those items. Learn about item listing fields and how to use them. If an item violates the Marketplace Terms of Service, Linden Lab may make it unavailable. Note: The Date field in Manage inventory indicates the date the item was imported into the Second Life Marketplace. Editing a listing To edit one of your listings: In the upper-right, click My Marketplace > Merchant home. On the left-hand side, click Manage inventory. Click Actions > Edit next to the item you want to update. You can also click Actions > Preview to see how an item listing looks to potential customers, or click Actions > Unlist/List to activate or deactivate a listing. Make the desired changes to your item listing fields. Click Update to save your changes. You can also get to the Edit Item Listing page from the Second Life Viewer by right-clicking the item's folder and choosing Edit listing. Removing a listing To remove a listing, first unlist the item from the Second Life Marketplace: Login to the Marketplace and choose My Marketplace > My Store (upper-right). Click Manage inventory. Locate the item entry and click the Actions > Unlist link. Next, remove the listing from your Marketplace store: Login to the Marketplace and choose My Marketplace > My Store (upper-right). Click Manage inventory. Next to the item listing you want to remove, choose Actions > Delete. Changing the item associated with a listing If you want to sell a different or updated version of an item using a current listing: In the Second Life Viewer, choose Me > Marketplace listings Find the listing number in parentheses next to your existing listing. For example, "Example Crate (3757)". Click the Unassociated tab of the Marketplace listings window. Right-click an unassociated item you wish to associate with your listing and choose Associate listing. In the Associate Listing window that appears, enter the Listing ID of your existing listing and click OK. The unassociated item now replaces the existing item in the listing. The previously listed is moved to the Unassociated tab. Editing more than one listing at a time Note: Choosing Edit for multiple items is a useful way to standardize fields that are the same. For example, if you're selling colored variations of hair, most of the information will be identical; or you might have a standard blurb you want to add for multiple products. To edit more than one listing at a time: Click the checkboxes in the leftmost column for the items you want to edit, or click the checkbox at the top of the column to select them all. Tip: If you have a big inventory and want to view or select more items at once, change Items per page to a higher number, like 100. Below, next to Modify selected items, choose an option from the dropdown (List, Unlist, or Edit) and click Go. The page refreshes with a confirmation message. Viewing your Moderate or Adult listings When you search for your item on the Marketplace, make sure you select General, Moderate, or Adult as under Show maturity levels. Unless you enable Moderate and Adult content, the feature that lets shoppers exclude this content from their search results also prevents you from seeing your own listings. Your listing's maturity level may be automatically updated by the filters we use to scan for incorrectly rated listings. We occasionally update the filter keywords; if your listing contains words in the updated filter, its maturity rating will be changed accordingly. If you disagree with the automated maturity rating, please contact support. Listing enhancements Listing enhancements allow you to promote an item by advertising it as a "Featured Item" on a highly visible page. While editing an item listing, you can click the Add button on the right to: Feature this item on the home page - http://marketplace.secondlife.com Feature this item on a category landing page - For example, Avatar Accessories. Feature this item on the checkout receipt page - A shopper sees this page after checking out. Feature this item on the L$0 cart checkout ads page - A shopper sees this page after checking out with a L$0 balance (freebies). For listing enhancement prices, please see the Marketplace fees and commissions. Managing your existing listing enhancements To manage your listing enhancements: Go to the Marketplace. Click My Marketplace > Merchant home. Click Manage subscriptions on the left, or click Inventory tab > Manage subscriptions. The Subscriptions page shows the details of all your listing enhancements, including where each item is featured, its renewal period, and its current status. Find the listing enhancement you want to change. Click Edit on the right. You can now edit your listing enhancement. To cancel your listing enhancement at the end of the current time period, click Don't renew. To renew a listing enhancement that you have canceled, click Reactivate. To cancel your listing enhancement effective immediately, with no refund for time remaining, clickDelete. Important: Listing enhancements renew automatically! If you only want to advertise your item for a specific time period, follow the instructions for cancelling your listing enhancement. Listing enhancement reports You can view listing enhancement reports, which show statistics on impressions and click-throughs for each listing enhancement you have active: When logged into the Marketplace, click My Marketplace > Merchant home. On the left, click Listing enhancements (under Reports). Your store profile Your store has its own profile that can be customized. You should take advantage of this to promote your brand: Click My Marketplace in the upper-right and click Merchant Home. On the left-hand side, click Edit Store Information. Here's what the fields mean: Store Name - This defaults to your Resident name, but if you like you can change it to something else. Profile - Whatever you want to tell potential customers about you in up to 2,100 characters, like who you are, what you sell, and why you do it. Examples: "We've been selling in Second Life for seven years and these are some testimonials from thousands of delighted customers!"; "We believe every avatar should be able to have an incredibly beautiful home"; or "Our company's goal is to amplify your awesome." Policies - Do you accept refunds? Do you prefer to be contacted via email or IM, or have you hired support staff that your customers should contact? Make sure to state this here so customers' expectations are clear. Link to Blog - Link to your blog or another website about your store. Many sellers use blogs to announce product updates. Some even group together and form community blogs, like iheartsl. Link to Inworld Store - If you have an inworld store, enter its SLurl here. Store Image - Click Browse to choose a JPG, PNG, or GIF image from your hard drive. A well-compressed JPG generally works best. This isn't usually a picture of your inworld store but rather of your brand's logo. This small image must be exactly 45x45 pixels, so make sure what you upload is legible. There are web tools like Picnik that can help. Store Banner Image - Again, click Browseto choose a JPG, PNG, or GIF image from your hard drive. Must be exactly 700x100 pixels. Your Store Name and Store Image appear on the right-hand side of all your item pages, like this: Tip: If you've gotten this far and you haven't read How to market your products yet, you should! Revenue distributions The revenue distributions feature allows payments to be automatically distributed among multiple Residents. Distributions are based on percentages, not fixed dollar amounts. For example, say you are selling a car for L$1,000. You make L$700 per each car sold and distribute L$200 per sale to Alice and L$100 per sale to Bob. In this distribution, 20% goes to Alice and 10% goes to Bob. Control revenue distributions by clicking Add Distribution on the Edit item listing page. Transaction history To view your Transaction History: Login to the Marketplace. Click My Marketplace and click Merchant Home. On the left, under Reports, click Orders. On the Orders page, specify a Start Date and End Date by clicking the calendar dropdowns. Click Go to refresh the page. On the right, click Download CSV to download a CSV file that can be read in various applications, like Microsoft Excel. If a Resident buys an item as a gift for someone else, the recipient's name shows under Recipient. If the item is intended to be received by the same Resident who bought it, you see the buyer's name next to Customer. Problems with selling Having problems while selling your items? If you can't find a solution below, you can get more help at theSupport Portal. Redelivering an item to a customer If a customer requests that an item be redelivered — perhaps they didn't receive it, or lost their only copy — you can follow these steps: When logged into the Marketplace, click My Marketplace > Merchant home in the upper right. On the left-hand side, click Orders. Search for the order by Order # or Customer (the Resident's name). Click View order or the order number you want to redeliver. Click Redeliver item. Tip: You might want to make sure that your customer is online before redelivering. If a Resident has more than 25 offline message notifications, any new IMs or item deliveries will fail. Also, if the Resident is set to Away, redeliveries from the Marketplace will fail. Flagged items Flagged items are not removed automatically, and flagging does not affect search relevance. If an item is flagged, the item goes into a queue. Based on the flagger's rating, the flagged item will move up or down in the queue. People who abuse flagging will be ignored. If your item was flagged for: An incorrect category (the most common reason for flagging): See if there are sub-categories of the section where your item is currently listed and move your item to a more appropriate section. Do not post items in the "root" categories such as Apparel, Home & Garden, etc. unless you absolutely cannot find a sub-category that applies. You might also suggest a new Marketplace category. An incorrect maturity level: Please check the maturity level of your item. If you still have questions about why your item was flagged or unlisted, please open a support case and include the exact name of the product as it appears on your inventory page. Email notification settings You can change the types of email notifications you receive from the Second Life Marketplace: Visit http://marketplace.secondlife.com. If you are not already signed in, click Sign in in the top right corner of the page. Click My Marketplace at the top of the page, then select My account from the dropdown menu. Click Email settings on the left side of the My account page. On the Email settings page, under Merchant Notifications, click On or Off next to each type of email notification to set your notification preference. As a merchant on the Second Life Marketplace, you may receive the following types of email notifications: Purchase notification Note: This email is sent after delivery and payments have both been completed on a line item. Redelivery notification Note: This email is sent when either you or Linden Lab customer support redelivers an item. Review alert Flag alert
  23. Good morning all. I have a listing I originally listed yesterday, and today I am trying to revise the price, and I keep getting this message: "The change you wanted was rejected. Maybe you tried to change something you didn't have access to." Any ideas why or how I can stop getting that message? It's just on one listing I am trying to edit, I have been able to edit the listing price of 7 other products without error.
  24. Доброго времени суток! Данную тему я хочу посвятить работе маркетплейса, а так же о нововведениях, которые помогут новичку немного лучше разобраться с функционалом. И так, русскоязычного перевода маркета нет. Планируется ли этот перевод? Неизвестно. К сожалению, различные переводчики искажают английский язык и дают недостоверный перевод, который не даст вам многое понять. Поиск Итак, заходя на главную страницу маркета https://marketplace.secondlife.com/ вы можете обнаружить различные категории, а так же поисковик, который во многом упростит вам жизнь. Эта ссылка является верной. К сожалению, некоторые пользователи СЛ подвергаются взлому аккаунтов, поэтому от их имени злоумышленники распространяют ложные ссылки, в которых изменено несколько букв. Не нажимайте на них! Так как мошенники запросто могут заполучить доступ к вашему аккаунту (логин и пароль). Ключевые слова Keywords (ключевые слова) помогают обнаружить вещь, которую вы хотите найти. К примеру, вы можете ввести запрос anime avatar и это выдаст вам определенное кол-во аватаров. К сожалению, запрос "anime" маркет воспринимает как "animation" и начинает выдавать все подряд. Поэтому вы можете воспользоваться категорией Complete Avatars и там найти аниме аватары. Основная информация Допустим, вы запросили поиск аниме аватаров. Далее вы можете указать цену в разделе Price. По поводу Land Impact - эта функция предназначена для владельцев локаций. Дальше вы увидите разрешения (permissions) копирование (copy), изменение (modify),передача (transfer) - это 3 вида прав на объект. Вещи, у которых присутствует передача, но отсутствует копирование - передавать разрешено. Но если вещь можно изменять, копировать и передавать, вы не имеете права передать вещь кому-либо со всеми правами. Это является нарушением правил. Описание к товару Открыв страницу товара, вы получаете полезную информацию. В "Details" владелец товаров указывает чем является этот товар и что вы получаете если приобретя его. Очень важно читать описание, тогда в дальнейшем у вас не останется лишних вопросов. Если же описание не ясное - спросите лично у продавца что входит в комплект этого товара, так как вы не совсем поняли описание. Вы так же можете посмотреть рекомендуемый список в Features (что входит в комплект), Contents (зачастую контент не показывает, так как он находится в папке), или прочитать отзывы (Reviews) если они имеются. К сожалению, в СЛ очень мало полезных отзывов о товаре, поэтому вы не сможете найти для себя важную информацию. Покупка оптом или другу Add to cart - добавить в корзину (если собираетесь купить оптом) Add to cart as gift - отправить другу в подарок. Buy Now - приобрести прямо сейчас. Дополнительно Очень важным является описание с КАКИМИ аватарами работает тот или другой объект. Works with Classic Avatars работает с аватарами, которых скрывает альфа маска. Другими словами НЕ МЕШ. Это свидетельствует о том, что одежда предназначена для дефолтных аватаров и вы вряд ли сможете ее использовать на меш. Если вещь для классического аватара не работает с меш, это не ошибка продавца. Это ошибка покупателя, который не обращает внимания на детали описания. Так же справа указываются разрешения (копирование, изменение, передача) и является ли предмет мешем. Если справа нет надписи "Automatic redelivery" вы не сможете получить объект после случайного удаления. Возвращение удаленного предмета Если так получилось что во время чистки вы удалили нужный предмет, вы можете его получить снова, зайдя на эту страницу https://marketplace.secondlife.com/orders Если владелец магазина не сделал возможность заново получить предмет - вы можете обратиться к нему лично (если тот еще сидит в Second Life). Список желаний Справа от вещи находится кнопка, которая добавляет товар в список желаний - Add to wishlist. Список желаний изначально невидим другим пользователям. Найти его можно по следующей ссылке https://marketplace.secondlife.com/wishlist Чтобы поделиться со всеми или со своими друзьями лично, нажмите на View and share your wishlist, скопируйте ссылку и передайте ее другим, или укажите у себя в профиле.
  25. Seasons Greetings! The Second Life Web Team has been busy working on our Naughty and Nice lists across a number of different projects. We aim to keep the stockings coal free and bring you festive treats! Thanks to the Jiras you file, we hear what’s bugging you and what features you’d like. Please take a look and, as always, let us know what you think. We look forward to your comments and bug reports in Jira Here’s a quick breakdown of some recent fixes and a new feature we’ve deployed. Self-service Redelivery for copy items! (My Marketplace -> My Account -> Order History) No copy items redelivery process makes it more clear to the merchant that it’s a no-copy item: No-copy items will have a little "NO" icon (circle with a line through it) next to the redelivery link, with a click-to-popup message explaining what it means. No-copy items can still be redelivered, but this just makes it more clear. (This is on both the Reports -> Orders page and Orders -> Transaction History -> View Order page.) Centralized distribution page! (My Marketplace -> Merchant Home -> Reports) There is now a link for "Revenue Distributions" which displays product/collaborator/percentage for each distribution set up by that merchant Transaction History Search now allows partial matching on order number and customer name. (My Marketplace -> Merchant Home -> Transaction History ) Synching with other settings including email, preferred maturity (only if not set in MP), dob, and mesh upload status Favorite stores: wishlist sorting by store name was borked and is now unborked If you purchase something that’s on your wishlist, we’ll clear it. Distribution emails were inaccurately reporting distribution %. Stop lying, distribution emails! We no longer reset filters when searching in a sub-category. That was annoying! A store that is no longer available will give a more precise error message “We're sorry, but this store is no longer available." instead of the “So sorry to keep you waiting...” message. Flagged/blocked email for products should now list both reason header and description (instead of just header). CSV exports will no longer be malformed due to quotation marks Items in Listed/Unlisted view weren’t always properly displayed on Manage listings page. They are now. (Merchant Home -> Manage Listings. Click on the very last page of results, and then click on listed or unlisted, and it should return you to the first page of results.) Background work to make sure name changes work correctly with MP
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