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Found 167 results

  1. Hi Guys I made I mistake and if possible I want a refund.... I try to promote an not listed product at my inventory, because this I loose mone, here is the bill: Imprimir esta página Fatura # 1507137362 Pedido efetuado em 04/08/2019 Status do pedido: Entregue Descrição Preço unitário Qtd Total: Assinatura: Incluir este item como destaque na página de anúncio de pagamento de carrinhos com L$ 0,00 por 7 dias: 16 L$ Apartment L$299 1 L$299 Total: L$299 Please can you aid me?
  2. Hey y'all - What are some good ways to earn lindens in SL besides the typical routes (marketplace stores, escorting, dancing etc.) Not so much for the sake of earning lindens more so just to have a business to run and communicate with people about. Open to any suggestions! Thnx! 🙂
  3. As of today I've tried to upload pictures for my gachas in my store on the marketplace that are currently inactive on my listings...just a few days ago I was able to use the same picture I was trying to use today for one of them and it kept coming up as an error... even though I had it as the right format I decided to make it the sizing they wanted and made another copy in the other recommended formatting... yet the error still came up ;n; below is what kept coming up regardless of what I did to try and fix it, pictures use also included.. please help- ["Attachment content type is not one of the following supported image formats - jpg, png, gif"] Image requirements: Minimum dimensions: At least 512 x 512 pixels. Recommended dimensions: 700 x 525 pixels (W x H). Larger images will be resized to fit within these dimensions. Aspect Ratio: The aspect ratio of the above dimensions are 1:1 and 4:3, respectively. File type: PNG, JPEG or GIF.
  4. I have been trying to manage the listings in the store I'm managing- yet when I click on the link- it takes me to the create store page. I restarted, I logged out and logged back in, I had someone take me off as manager and add me back- and others can manage the same store- I just can't. What could be happening, and how can I fix it so I can do my job? Any ideas?
  5. Is there a way to change the default items per page to always be 96? I've tried adding a bookmark with that but it always goes to "12" when I load a new browser instance. I'm tired of always having to manually change the number to 96
  6. Good morning all. I have a listing I originally listed yesterday, and today I am trying to revise the price, and I keep getting this message: "The change you wanted was rejected. Maybe you tried to change something you didn't have access to." Any ideas why or how I can stop getting that message? It's just on one listing I am trying to edit, I have been able to edit the listing price of 7 other products without error.
  7. Доброго времени суток! Данную тему я хочу посвятить работе маркетплейса, а так же о нововведениях, которые помогут новичку немного лучше разобраться с функционалом. И так, русскоязычного перевода маркета нет. Планируется ли этот перевод? Неизвестно. К сожалению, различные переводчики искажают английский язык и дают недостоверный перевод, который не даст вам многое понять. Поиск Итак, заходя на главную страницу маркета https://marketplace.secondlife.com/ вы можете обнаружить различные категории, а так же поисковик, который во многом упростит вам жизнь. Эта ссылка является верной. К сожалению, некоторые пользователи СЛ подвергаются взлому аккаунтов, поэтому от их имени злоумышленники распространяют ложные ссылки, в которых изменено несколько букв. Не нажимайте на них! Так как мошенники запросто могут заполучить доступ к вашему аккаунту (логин и пароль). Ключевые слова Keywords (ключевые слова) помогают обнаружить вещь, которую вы хотите найти. К примеру, вы можете ввести запрос anime avatar и это выдаст вам определенное кол-во аватаров. К сожалению, запрос "anime" маркет воспринимает как "animation" и начинает выдавать все подряд. Поэтому вы можете воспользоваться категорией Complete Avatars и там найти аниме аватары. Основная информация Допустим, вы запросили поиск аниме аватаров. Далее вы можете указать цену в разделе Price. По поводу Land Impact - эта функция предназначена для владельцев локаций. Дальше вы увидите разрешения (permissions) копирование (copy), изменение (modify),передача (transfer) - это 3 вида прав на объект. Вещи, у которых присутствует передача, но отсутствует копирование - передавать разрешено. Но если вещь можно изменять, копировать и передавать, вы не имеете права передать вещь кому-либо со всеми правами. Это является нарушением правил. Описание к товару Открыв страницу товара, вы получаете полезную информацию. В "Details" владелец товаров указывает чем является этот товар и что вы получаете если приобретя его. Очень важно читать описание, тогда в дальнейшем у вас не останется лишних вопросов. Если же описание не ясное - спросите лично у продавца что входит в комплект этого товара, так как вы не совсем поняли описание. Вы так же можете посмотреть рекомендуемый список в Features (что входит в комплект), Contents (зачастую контент не показывает, так как он находится в папке), или прочитать отзывы (Reviews) если они имеются. К сожалению, в СЛ очень мало полезных отзывов о товаре, поэтому вы не сможете найти для себя важную информацию. Покупка оптом или другу Add to cart - добавить в корзину (если собираетесь купить оптом) Add to cart as gift - отправить другу в подарок. Buy Now - приобрести прямо сейчас. Дополнительно Очень важным является описание с КАКИМИ аватарами работает тот или другой объект. Works with Classic Avatars работает с аватарами, которых скрывает альфа маска. Другими словами НЕ МЕШ. Это свидетельствует о том, что одежда предназначена для дефолтных аватаров и вы вряд ли сможете ее использовать на меш. Если вещь для классического аватара не работает с меш, это не ошибка продавца. Это ошибка покупателя, который не обращает внимания на детали описания. Так же справа указываются разрешения (копирование, изменение, передача) и является ли предмет мешем. Если справа нет надписи "Automatic redelivery" вы не сможете получить объект после случайного удаления. Возвращение удаленного предмета Если так получилось что во время чистки вы удалили нужный предмет, вы можете его получить снова, зайдя на эту страницу https://marketplace.secondlife.com/orders Если владелец магазина не сделал возможность заново получить предмет - вы можете обратиться к нему лично (если тот еще сидит в Second Life). Список желаний Справа от вещи находится кнопка, которая добавляет товар в список желаний - Add to wishlist. Список желаний изначально невидим другим пользователям. Найти его можно по следующей ссылке https://marketplace.secondlife.com/wishlist Чтобы поделиться со всеми или со своими друзьями лично, нажмите на View and share your wishlist, скопируйте ссылку и передайте ее другим, или укажите у себя в профиле.
  8. Seasons Greetings! The Second Life Web Team has been busy working on our Naughty and Nice lists across a number of different projects. We aim to keep the stockings coal free and bring you festive treats! Thanks to the Jiras you file, we hear what’s bugging you and what features you’d like. Please take a look and, as always, let us know what you think. We look forward to your comments and bug reports in Jira Here’s a quick breakdown of some recent fixes and a new feature we’ve deployed. Self-service Redelivery for copy items! (My Marketplace -> My Account -> Order History) No copy items redelivery process makes it more clear to the merchant that it’s a no-copy item: No-copy items will have a little "NO" icon (circle with a line through it) next to the redelivery link, with a click-to-popup message explaining what it means. No-copy items can still be redelivered, but this just makes it more clear. (This is on both the Reports -> Orders page and Orders -> Transaction History -> View Order page.) Centralized distribution page! (My Marketplace -> Merchant Home -> Reports) There is now a link for "Revenue Distributions" which displays product/collaborator/percentage for each distribution set up by that merchant Transaction History Search now allows partial matching on order number and customer name. (My Marketplace -> Merchant Home -> Transaction History ) Synching with other settings including email, preferred maturity (only if not set in MP), dob, and mesh upload status Favorite stores: wishlist sorting by store name was borked and is now unborked If you purchase something that’s on your wishlist, we’ll clear it. Distribution emails were inaccurately reporting distribution %. Stop lying, distribution emails! We no longer reset filters when searching in a sub-category. That was annoying! A store that is no longer available will give a more precise error message “We're sorry, but this store is no longer available." instead of the “So sorry to keep you waiting...” message. Flagged/blocked email for products should now list both reason header and description (instead of just header). CSV exports will no longer be malformed due to quotation marks Items in Listed/Unlisted view weren’t always properly displayed on Manage listings page. They are now. (Merchant Home -> Manage Listings. Click on the very last page of results, and then click on listed or unlisted, and it should return you to the first page of results.) Background work to make sure name changes work correctly with MP
  9. I have many empty, unlisted items still showing up in my Marketplace inventory. These items are empty. I do not own any of them anymore either in my in-world inventory or elsewhere. They are not for sale and will never be listed for sale. Yet I'm unable to delete them. I've tried deleting singularly and in a group from both the Marketplace website and from my in-world Marketplace folder. No luck. It will say removed but they remain in place. This has been going on for months and appears on all devices, all browsers so isn't a cache glitch or anything. It says "on hand: 1" but there are none on hand. They were taken from the Marketplace folder and deleted in-world months ago because they were no value. Any item how to finally get rid of them? It's really distracting to try to add new inventory with all these dead folders in the way.
  10. Hi, So my account isn't new but I've recently found out I had this account. So I used my debt card to buy Lindens to update my avatar. Recently, LL put me on a limit. Now that I know how to create (I do have another store), I tried to upload to marketplace but it won't let me. Can someone help?
  11. During the Governance meeting today, it was asked if it was possible to set up the MP stores with different categories. For example, if you already make clothing but want to branch out and create furniture as well. At present, if you decide to do that but want to keep them sort of separate, you usually create an alt to have one store, while the main has the original store. Is there a way to do it where you don't have to have two different stores or is this something that could possibly be in the future? The ability to catagorize or create departments/separate sections would not only be benifical for creators but would be more user friendly for the customer as well. This way, a customer clicks on the "department" they want, especially if they are unsure of the name or just want to see what you have in that section of your "store".
  12. I'm looking for where and how I can get a product on the homepage of marketplace on the Featured Items list. After some quick searching I don't see this answer anywhere so I'd appreciate someone to point me in the right direction.
  13. I'm curious to know how many of you charge for a DEMO and why you charge for it. More specifically why you charge for a DEMO. Do you only charge for one online or do you charge for them inworld as well?
  14. Here's an idea: have your marketplace pages save your searches including prefs (newest first, etc.) Heck- have em alert you when a new item is added that fits your criteria via email or notification. Help people give creators their Lindens
  15. hi there i have a marketplace store where i resell gachas and today i was looking at my transactions and i see i sold one thing and the lindens where added to my account but then a few minutes later i get it deducted from the account and i get this message Destination: Recovery Linden Linden Adjustment Description: CSR Move Linden Dollars what does that mean ??? did i lose my item ? where did the money go ??
  16. Hi everyone, I hope this topic is appropriate here... I just want to share something I discovered. I am relatively new in this incarnation and don't have much (or any) Lindens at the moment. I'd like to find free stuff in Marketplace but when I do so I am spammed by a ba-zillion demos. I found that I CAN do this in marketplace by using the same syntax as in Google searches. For example, if i search in Marketplace for 'Gifts' and then sort them by price, lowest to highest. I get spammed by a ba-zillion demos. However, if I change my search to 'Gifts NOT demos' (the capital letters are important), then i get rid of the demo spam. (Some still do sneak in but this gets rid of most ) Happy shopping!!
  17. I love to shop, but I hate scrolling through the endless pages of Gacha items there should be a separate MP for this as its gotten ridiculous If you agree please reply hopefully we can inspire a change
  18. Back when I first started designing, you had to have a marketplace box to put your creations in. Well that went away, and then you had to to marketplace to put new items. That changed to marketplace listings. But my problem is I can seem to delete two items that are no longer on my marketplace items list, nor is it on secondlife marketplace listings either, however they are on my mp store. How to I get rid of an item, 1 I no longer have, 2 that was put into a marketplace box ages ago??
  19. New to the "forums and blogs" side of second life. I am in the process of making and starting up a shop in the marketplace when I realized I don't know where to post updates on such a thing. Is there somewhere in the forums I can share progress and announcements or info on patches for my marketplace content and scripts? (The mesh and scripting boards seem more for requesting help with errors rather than sharing projects.) I've been looking through the forums for a bit but somehow I just haven't found any mention of (promotional or condemning or otherwise) 'self promotion' or talking about one's own shops and items. Is that something to make a blog for instead? How does one find blogs, or promote their blog, if so? My particular shop will be focusing on maternity wear and maternity meshes, so I figure since it's a very specific 'niche' (rather than something more vague like "shoes"), it would be nice to be able to allocate others who have that specific niche as an interest, as well as keep in touch with those using my items so they can report script errors or conflict complications and I can see and better respond to them. Please forgive me if this is not something that is done in the forums, as I have no idea what I am doing and I absolutely want to be sure such a thread is even allowed, and where to put it, before wasting anyone's time. (Mods are busy folk!)
  20. So putting up some new items in Marketplace, I know the first item you use a demo for is linked. But forgot at this time and linked it by accident to an Adult item I really did not want it linked to. Do I have to delete and make a new demo item? Or can you reroute the link at all? Thanks
  21. A Seller is a fraud and her marketplace is a scam. She is selling boxes with no items and taking thousands of lindens from second life residents. =/ she I bought: CURELESS[+] Sororis Obscura / COMPLETE FULL SET 14 + 2 RARES which is the new set from Salem . I understand it is a gacha set and I am taking my chances as I have been buying gacha items from marketplace for years and have never had a problem, however when I got the box it was the smallest of a prim you can make and transparent and there was nothing in it. I want to report her to make sure these doesn't happen to other people, but im not sure how? The listing is gone cause I bought the item, Is there a way to report the marketplace store as a whole?
  22. Does anyone know what this dang dress is? I've been looking for it for a while now and no luck. Posting here on the off chance someone else recognizes it.
  23. I am new as a merchant to Marketplace and have successfully uploaded a few items however, when I visit my store the demos are all mixed in with the full version items for sale. Other stores have their full version items listed on their beginning pages and their demos appear on the last pages. The two categories are not mixed together. When I initially uploaded my content, I transferred each item (full version item folder and demo item folder) directly from my inventory to the Marketplace Listings Window then created the listing for each. Have I done something incorrectly, if so... how can I fix it? TIA for your help.
  24. Just a curious question here. My store is called Basically Bratty Kids but I also create for adults too but every time I try and put something on my MP for the adults, someone flags it even though there's nothing about it that's vulgar or anything. I don't understand why my adult products are being flagged. Does it HAVE to be listed under the adult rating? I thought that was for stuff that was made with vulgar stuff on it. I've had simple shirts with just a floral pattern on it flagged. No writing, pictures or anything, jut a floral print. Can someone please help me with this because i'm beating my head against the wall and it kinda feels like someone is intentionally doing this just because they have it in for me. Oh yeah, here's my MP link. Basically Bratty Kids Thank you!
  25. I finally got the screenshot of the Facebook connection to the MP. I don't know what to make of this.
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