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How does your avatar look today ?


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11 minutes ago, Saravendi said:

Belinda... what’s going on here???? Are you ok??? What’s this AO? Inquiring minds want to know ;)

Well....*coughs* this anim is from XO!! It's the hero/herione anim.

You can imagine my surprise and mirth when I hit the sit button and it did this!!!!

It has some superhero type poses and the usual stuff. Nothing really special except for this swooning dive, which I might use in a public place for a laugh.

Or better still when being hit on....hehe!

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Can somebody tell me what's going on? My otherwise seldom seen main dragged me out, into this crowded shop, cut and dyed my hair, got bananas on a Gacha machine, and then woosh to another place where I was told to look my best despite the blinding light in my eyes... Whaaaat?!??!


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2 hours ago, BelindaN said:


Or better still when being hit on....hehe!

Please go away you are going to give me a stroke.

Ha ha, let me give your xxxxx a stroke ............... Oh crap, somebody call 911

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Went to visit XO....AGAIN! I was in full decked out Super Girl costume. Anyway... I buy this outfit there, and as I’m about to leave it starts raining cats & dogs!!!! So, I just happen to have my umbrella with me and it was photoshoot time! The pics are kind of large files so, I'll have to post separately. Kisses 😘 


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Fixed auto correct.,, it was incorrect
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