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  1. Well - guess this is the end of my 1000L$ journey - standing in the shadows of the Berlin wall... A short summary: 50L$ for an Altamura group membership to get the free Romeo Body, a 100L$ skin from the Marketplace, 300L$ for Argrace hair, massive amounts of free clothing from Kauna, and rest of my budget spent on glasses, shoes and outfit from Tomboi - all in all about 1000L$, not bad ey?
  2. Fries with mayo served, but no Scylla or Zeta to be seen... (Actually, the only time I've eaten bitterballen was in Germany - but it was in Nordhorn, right at the Dutch border which might explain it. Not to my liking, but at least better than the similar looking but different tasting súrir hrútspungar I got on Iceland )
  3. "Now Max, do you think it is gonna be any fun at the party?"
  4. Guess I got a few days to work up a tan before the party...
  5. Ok, got it - now I know when the party is!
  6. When is this alt party (asking for a friend )?
  7. To be revealed at an upcoming alt-party, I guess ?
  8. Did I hear anybody talking about an Alt-party?
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