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  1. AyelaNewLife

    Halloween - Bored with it already 😫

    Halloween is fine. I loved Halloween week/weekend as a kid and through my teens. It's the sim owners/creators/flickrites that turn Halloween into a two-month long tediumfest that need to just stop. I've never actually been bored of Halloween until I started Second Life, although I'm not sure if that's a uniquely SL thing or just American over-commercialisation infecting everything it touches.
  2. Makes sense, thanks! I've not really touched RLV for anything, never had the need, so wasn't aware of the difference.
  3. Gotcha. Any idea why that works when I have RLV disabled on my viewer?
  4. Obligatory "I'm not a scripter" disclaimer. I'm a simple girl. I walk through invisible wall, the lighting changes, including the sun angle on my windlight panel changing; I say the experience is changing my windlight settings. It's not a simulated effect, my windlight settings are actually being changed. I've watched this happen on two different viewers so far, over the course of several months. How exactly the sim is doing that, I'm not sure. But it doesn't show this behaviour with the sim experience blocked. If I had to guess, I'd say the sim was attaching an object which is scripted to change my windlight settings, then unattaching it a second or two later - if that's even possible? http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mirage/21/217/3447 The windlight change triggers when you load, when you walk through the gap in the banister in the landing zone, and when you walk through any of the TP doors to another part of the sim, and whenever you stand up from a piece of furniture. Go play, I'd love to know how it's changing my windlight settings with the sim experience.
  5. Yes, I just confirmed it by disallowing the experience and walking over the trigger point repeatedly - no windlight changes. Accepted the experience again, and it resets my lighting once more.
  6. Oh no, I would never do that, don't worry. I just say that to myself
  7. While I don't think this was aimed at me, I reworded bits anyway to make them a little less aggressive As long as the sim owner a) explains what the experience is for, and b) allows the sim to function with the experience blocked, then that's fine. The second example I use has experience-only TPing, so I don't have an option but to suffer the poor lighting choices of the sim owner if I want to actually use the sim. That's just poor sim design.
  8. Very, very few sim owners are actually good at all aspects of building a sim. A now-closed beach sim I used to visit had one of the worst windlights I've ever seen. It was supernova-bright, the glare made it near impossible to see what things actually looked like, the colour of the light changed massively as the sim clock ticked over, it was a nightmare. But the sim itself was beautiful (with Midday 1 lol). Gorgeously terraformed, and well decorated. Sure I had to change windlight each time I visited, but with that one quick and easy change I was able to actually enjoy a gorgeous sim, and take a range of photos there - because there was no mandatory experience. Another sim I use for pics has a mandatory experience. And the sim owner... well, I'm not a fan of his lighting choices. The experience forces a windlight change every time you step through a door, or stand up off a piece of furniture (or pose stand), and that windlight smothers everything in a thick blue fog, both the indoor skyboxes and the outdoor section of the sim. It's totally at odds with the vibe of the sim, and totally useless for taking pics of any kind - despite this sim advertising itself as a "photography" sim. I can work around it by learning where and when the experience triggers a windlight change, but it's a pain in the ass. Which is a shame, because his sim includes some fantastic indoor rooms for pics, it's a great community resource, but that sim experience has put off more than a few photographers that I've spoken to at the sim. Sim owners are rarely as competent as you think you are. You'll make mistakes and make terrible design choices, because you're a hobbyist doing something for fun. Without experiences, that's totally fine, I can just make some minor changes on my end so that I can enjoy the good parts of your work - everyone is happy. Unless you decide that you know best (hint; you don't) and use experiences to force your decisions onto visitors. To borrow your own analogy; audio guides are great, and many people will choose use them to add to their visit. A sim experience is like making the guides compulsory, and having a security guard follow you around and beat you with a club every time you move the guide away from your ear. It's honestly at that level of obnoxious, there's no need for it, and will just turn visitors away for no benefit to you. Everybody loses. Edit: But I have no issue with an experience that just makes teleporting smoother than traditional TP pads. That's fine. Just leave my graphical settings alone.
  9. AyelaNewLife

    What mesh bodies do you use?

    I used to use Slink Physique, but have switched to Maitreya Lara because of the clothing issue. I can get very similar shapes from the two bodies, but Lara just seems to have a higher silicon content than Physique, which isn't ideal for me. I still swap between the two occasionally. From the surveys I've seen, rigging for Lara only means you cut out ~40% of your market. Which seems like a bad thing to do. Rigging for Lara, the three Bellezas and the two Slinks would cover ~95% of the mesh female market, according to those same surveys. Anything else seems to be a bit... niche, and probably not worth the effort.
  10. AyelaNewLife

    Is it better to be a girl or a guy in SL :)

    We were at a shopping event. This sort of thing happens near daily. So yeah, there's that to consider. On the other hand, I know I've sometimes approached IMs from strangers as "guilty until proven innocent", and assumed the worst intentions from potentially decent guys. Which isn't fair on them, but that's the result of a constant stream of 'conversations' like the above. So there's that too. I'd say it's probably better to stick with the one that matches RL, unless you have a specific reason to do something different. And if you do have that specific reason, then you probably don't need a forum thread to help you make up your mind.
  11. AyelaNewLife

    Secondlife Dating Questionnaire

    Actually, this is completely wrong. Guys who are years old with a noob avatar don't get any women. If that's what they wanted, they'd figure out that women who are looking for sex are looking for guys who look hot, and gear up. The two aren't contradictory; there's a huge number of noob avatar guys that do nothing in SL but look for (preferably attractive) women to bang, but that doesn't mean that they have a high success rate at all they'll tend to hit up any and every female avatar they see on sim, wait until they have a full set of rejections, then move on to another high traffic adult sim. It's a shotgun approach, that some guys use to pick up women from bars/clubs too; 999 rejections but 1 yes makes the night a success, so the focus is on the sheer volume of chatup attempts and moving on from dead ends as quickly as possible.
  12. AyelaNewLife

    What is the best mesh head for maitreya?

    "Best" is a pretty hard thing to define, when so many (pretty much all) mesh heads will work with a Maitreya body. It comes down to personal preference, based on the look the heads give you. Catwa is the most commonly used brand; although most cosmetics these days have an omega applier that allows them to be used on most mesh heads without a problem. I personally love Laq heads, I think they produce the prettiest heads and have a good range of skins available. Lelutka and Akeruka are two other good places to look. Don't get the Catwa Catya head, you'll end up looking like a cookie-cutter clone of every Starbucks-sipping basic white girl out there. Any of the other newish Catwa heads are good options though.
  13. AyelaNewLife

    Friends list bug?

    Thanks, could well be what happened to my landlord's too
  14. AyelaNewLife

    Friends list bug?

    Can confirm that logging in at a different sim seems to have fixed it; I'll ask my landlord to restart her sim when she's next on. Any idea why the standard Tuesday rolling restarts didn't fix the issue?