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  1. I'm definitely in the "local chat for small talk, IM for actual conversations" group with this, but it's definitely situational. With a group of people? Local chat is just easier, unless there's a pressing reason why it needs to be private. On the other hand, if a conversation started long-distance but then one of us came to the other, I see no reason to suddenly swap to local chat, so that stays in IM. People that overshare in their private conversations conducted in local chat - please stop, thanks.
  2. Yes. Second Life has been on a downward slope for over a decade now. But that slope has been incredibly gradual, once the initial cycle of boom and bust was over. SL is fundamentally no different to any MMO, and follows the same patterns of activity; a major spike some time after launch, followed by a rapid falloff as the first batch of users start to drift away, which settles into a slow decline. In some cases, including SL, that decline can take place over years and years. Here's a lazy MS Paint graph to demonstrate this: So yeah, SL is dying. SL will also be around for years to come. I don't know how many years, it could just be 3-4, or it could easily be going strong after another full decade. Given that "the end" is so far off, there's not much point panicking - just enjoy SL while it's still here
  3. What do you have to offer that other people would be willing to pay you for? Some people create content that others buy, like clothing or decor. Others are good scripters, and write tools and huds for people to use. Others have a creative and literate mind, and market that mind in the, uh, adult industry. Others offer photographic services, or avatar customisation services, or anything else that covers a need that people have. Many of us have these marketable skills but already work full time, and so would rather relax in our SL time. That's a perfectly valid choice too. But for most people, the answer is nothing. Most people have skills that are not easily marketable in SL. Those skills are usually marketable in RL though, which is why we work and pay for Lindens that way... usually at a far better L$/hour rate than anyone with a 'SL job'.
  4. I chose my name because both "Ayela" and "AyelaSecondLife" were taken, and I had been lied to by the signup process into thinking that I could change the name that was publicly visible. *shakes fist*
  5. I log off if I'm expecting to be gone for much more than an hour, or if I'm leaving the house at all. If I'm just making some dinner, or something else like that around the house, then I stay logged in. Sometimes that one hour can turn into three, if something unexpected comes up. Either way, if you IM me while I'm afk, you'll get a response with a reason why I was afk. If someone consistently IMs me between 6 and 7pm my time (timezone is in my profile) and thinks that me being "afk for dinner" is just an excuse... that's on them And I don't do anything special, just TP back to my skybox apartment. I try and avoid leaving myself in public places afk for more than a few minutes.
  6. The new Firestorm release is less than a week old, so it's pretty reasonable for him to think it was up to date, don't worry
  7. I'm using a system skin that came with my applier-based head skin, that was bought before Bakes-on Mesh went into public beta. Everything works fine as normal. Whenever I add a shoebase, the lower half of my skin rebakes. Normally that doesn't cause any problems, but for at least one brand (KC Couture), the bottom inch of my foot including my toes are painted matt white instead. Removing the shoebase rebakes the skin and removes the issue. I have no idea how this happens. But as a heads up, somehow, shoebases by KC Couture are not BoM compliant 😄
  8. Whenever there's a split of opinion like this, but one side is effectively saying "everyone else needs to change to suit my wishes"; that's the side that's in the wrong, in my opinion. Options are good; options are amazing. "My way or the highway" is not.
  9. The person you're replying to is doing a piss-poor job at communicating it, but is still making a valid point: Slink will not be providing any further, unrelated technological updates to the Classic body. If an update similar to Bento came along, Slink Classic users would have to choose between the new technological update, or their existing clothing collection that does not come with system alpha layers. Unlike with the original transition to mesh, there is no technological reason why a "throw out your old stuff and start over" approach is necessary. It's nothing more than a creator choosing to impose their ideological purity upon their existing customerbase. And that is something fully deserving of criticism.
  10. I'm not sure how active it still is, but there is a wonderful group of regions called "The Wastelands". It's a vast area of desert-based post-apocalyptic wastelands (hence the name), with a vaguely Mad Max/Fallout: New Vegas vibe. I think it has an opt-in HUD/crafting system, but it was all very lightweight and optional. Here's a photo I took there this time last year, to give you a taste of what it's like:
  11. Huge numbers of people wear Maitreya and are well over 2m tall. You just need to edit the shape; and if you can't do that, then the problem is with the user and not the body.
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