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  1. I have a couple of male friends who have used a different head and skin with the Aesthetic body, to produce an avatar that actually looks good and avoids the common problems with the Aesthetic look while keeping that gymbro body shape they wanted. So while I don't have any suggestions for a skin creator (sorry!), it's definitely something that's worth the effort of pursuing.
  2. Pet peeve: the puritanical "anti-lag" crusaders that will never be satisfied unless SL can be run on an etch a sketch. Yes, SL has a problem with unregulated content leading to optimisation problems. But some people take this to a ridiculous and unjustified extreme; all mesh bodies are forbidden, everyone has to wear a single prim cube with an 8-bit sprite for a texture, if scripts must be used then they must be simple enough to be sent by telegram, SL is a chatroom and if you disagree then you are Satan. Like... just sod off already. And grow up. Get a sense of perspective, and focus on the things that actually matter... rather than being an obnoxious turd over the most marginal of marginal gains.
  3. I have an alt that I use for designing pose drafts. It has the word "alt" in the name, and wears free bodies, with a single set of clothing for each of the male and female looks to provide modesty. No one with more brain cells than fingers could ever accuse me of using that alt for anything questionable.
  4. As with Perky, V-Tech, the anime boobs addon who's name I forget, and the minor Belleza bodies; the clothing support will never be high enough to make this addon viable, for me. Not everyone needs a large wardrobe of course, so your millage may vary.
  5. 1k isn't a huge price to pay for a fatpack. For most people, a fatpack is a waste however, and 1k for a hairstyle you would only wear in one shade is far above what most are willing to pay and are routinely paying. Most hairstyle 'single colour' packs are in the 200-350 region - usually they come in a pack of "blondes" or "reds" rather than literally a single colour. You don't seem entirely convinced by the hairstyle in question, judging by your own posts. This combination of high price and lukewarm feeling towards the hair suggests to me that this hair is not for you, and you'd do better if you kept looking. (I'll leave the pseudo-philosophical non-answers to everyone else :P)
  6. The forum crowd is not representative of the wider population, and tends to be far more hypersensitive around complexity and script load than most. Scripted stripables sell, and sell well. Demand is generally greater than supply in this area, and so stripable stuff gets snapped up quite fast. Vanilla Bae is probably the major player in this field. I'd check out some of their stuff, particularly around their menu and the way they handle multi-stage stripable outfits.
  7. Do you ever tire of such relentless, unjustifiable contrarianism?
  8. Bonus points when those people are Americans who talk about American politics or American socio-political dynamics as if that somehow applies to the majority of us here.
  9. 1) Wear makeup 2) Wear the almost any mesh hair, including the one in your profile (which I also has!) 3) Move the camera until the wisps of your hair partially covers your makeup, particularly your eyes 4) Zoom in, and have a little cry at what you see Exhibit A: My eyeliner is an applier, because I'm lazy. Notice how the hair overlap removes that slice of eyeliner entirely? My eyebrows and freckles are BoM tattoos. Notice how these are fine? The thing to remember about BoM is that once it's set up, it's considerably easier and more straightforward than appliers. Objectively so. Want to wear a makeup layer? Right click -> Add. Want to remove it, but only it? Right click -> Take Off. No need to fiddle with appliers, no need to wipe a layer so you can reapply. Different makeup sets can be saved as part of outfits, for instant swaps. And if you could get your head around appliers, you will be able to understand BoM. Even if the transition is initially bumpy.
  10. I took a 'real' one of these... but had to censor it for the forums. Flickr link in my signature below for all the pervy pervs.
  11. When Americans forget that, while they're certainly the largest single group of residents, most of the userbase is not American, and America is not the world.
  12. Just going to echo the points already made that the only major security vulnerability in SL lies between keyboard and chair. From the sounds of it, it's unlikely that you'd fall for such simple tricks.
  13. How much does clothing supply matter to you? Maitreya is the gold standard in availability of clothing. It far outstrips anything else. Belleza Freya, Legacy Classic, and Slink Hourglass are widely catered for by clothing creators. The other two Belleza bodies, Slink Physique, and Legacy Perky are rigged for by some but not most creators these days. And any other body would had a limited selection of clothing. It may be that the shape you can get with the body matters more... which is completely fine! It's a highly personal choice, based on your own needs and desires.
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