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  1. AyelaNewLife

    Where are all the black people...

    Oh really? My mistake. I just saw that the post you linked contains a full verbatim quote of a Klytyna Rant (TM), yet her post itself got deleted. Yet your post several posts down did indeed have the quote removed... got to love consistency
  2. AyelaNewLife

    Where are all the black people...

    Completely offtopic; but you gotta love mods that delete a post for being offensive/offtopic but don't then clean up the replies that quote said inappropriate post.
  3. AyelaNewLife

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    Okay, another one. We all know the altervista marketplace phishing link that does the rounds every few weeks, and it always gets jumped on whenever that gets spammed into various groups. But what always astounds me is the sheer volume of utter cretins that cannot even comprehend the idea that the account posting the link is a victim of the phishing themselves. It's stunning.
  4. AyelaNewLife

    Conversion starters

    Did you just assume Satan's gender?
  5. Yeah I was halfway through adding this as an edit when you replied: This is the other problem with conversations on the internet. The written word loses so much of that body language and tone that can communicate so much meaning. Having seen your reply, I can now totally understand why my post could be taken that way, even though I didn't intend it that way at all. It's not really anyone's fault, maybe my own, but it's still a miscommunication that can cause offence where none was intended
  6. I mean... I never said you did. I said that your line of thinking, when extrapolated to the next level by some, morphs into the that second line. Wasn't criticising you at all.
  7. AyelaNewLife

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    Bonus points when the shop is one of the busiest in SL, yet shares a sim with several other popular brands because cheapskates so usually hovers around the free member cap, making you churn through treacle trying to find the one sign to slap to get the gift, at which point you have a 2 to 20 minute delay on the script before you get your gift. Bonus points if you do this weekly, plus frequently put on hunts on this same store sim.
  8. While I agree with you, there's a pitfall to this way of thinking that needs to be avoided; projecting your own thoughts and feelings onto the intentions of others. An example. The stereotypical edgy teenager that uses the N word as punctuation online, deliberately saying outrageous things to the entire group in order to bait out a reaction. They're not doing this to cause targeted offence to any group or individual, they're doing it as a "practical joke", the online version of that friend that taps your beer bottle to make it foam up at a bar and thinks it's hilarious. Is it obnoxious? Absolutely. Does it make them an *****? Yes. Do both of those characteristics reflect their real life persona? Most likely. But it doesn't mean that the person is actually racially discriminatory in their thoughts. Just an insensitive jerk that needs to grow the ***** up. So yeah, if you choose to act a certain way online, I agree that it reflects your real life self. But that's not necessarily the same as "if your actions are perceived a certain way online, it reflects on your real life self". Sometimes there is no difference, in other times I've seen people here erect this massive straw man to drag off to public execution. The latter should be avoided.
  9. AyelaNewLife

    Lines that annoy you most

    I don't speak caveman, I had to get a translator for this The raw arrogance of assuming that it's only a matter of time before I jump into his arms is stunning Waiting a week and trying this again won't get a different answer, we're now up to double figures of pathetic pickup attempts, he's still not gotten the hint
  10. Yeah, I'm not sure that those terms are either accurate or appropriate. As Matty said, it's mainly an age thing rather than a furry/non-furry/'normie' thing - and the furry community (everywhere, not just SL), skews young. Certainly young compared to the overall SL playerbase. (Side essay time) You know when you take a glass of clear water, and drop a single drop of food colouring (let's say blue) into the glass, then wait a minute or two; what do you see? It's clearly blue where the drop landed, a deep vivid blue. You can clearly see the colourless liquid down the bottom of the glass, and at the sides. But where does one section end and the other begin? There are no clear lines. Instead you get a thousand shades of partially clear, partially blue liquid, making up a full spectrum of lightness, of anything and everything between those two extremes. That's the best analogy I can come up with to describe culture, and why trying to squeeze 'culture' into boxes with solid edges is both pointless and counterproductive. When it comes to internet culture, there's a bunch of different coloured drops to consider. And you're doing the experiment on a boat. What you've just described and listed are a whole range of sub-cultures that have a good deal of overlap, but a great deal of non-overlap. Consider the average population of /r/incel and /fit. On the one hand you have a bunch of misogynistic permavirgins (you can already picture the awful facial hair and general lack of hygiene), and on the other you have a bunch of gymbros (and girls; female erasure online is real). Let's call the first one a red dot, the second one a purple dot. Both of these groups would use the whole "lol normies" thing with varying degrees of irony. Somewhere in the middle you have maroon; the subsection of /pol that made the news for miraculously getting Trump elected through the mystic art of pepe memes. You've then got your reddish-maroon, your future school-shooters-in-waiting; and you've got your purple-maroon, the well-adjusted, productive member of society that posts ironic frog memes on an obscure website and has a centre-right political leaning that prioritises personal responsibility, the kind of person you can disagree with politically while still liking them as a person. Furry-hate is your yellow dot. It's easy to see the orange and paint the entire red-to-purple spectrum with the same brush, sweeping up a bunch of extremely diverse communities in the process. That's an overreaction up there with classifiying the cross as a hate symbol because of Westboro Baptist Church. Or calling everyone that's ever been on Tumblr (the single greatest source of non-traditional and lgbt-friendly erotic art and pornography the world has ever seen) a paedophile, just because the site also happened to be the largest single distributor and facilitator of child pornography. That doesn't mean that there aren't subsections of those subcommunities that are deeply problematic; just that it's worth keeping the collateral damage to a minimum. Short answer: yes you're right, there most definitely is more than one type of internet culture, it's one hell of a diverse picture
  11. AyelaNewLife

    Shape Changing

    Excellent set of advice! Just to add to this, as you mentioned some other great examples like hands; put your arm length to 80 and then adjust from there. Far too many people roleplay T Rex's with their 50 length arms.
  12. AyelaNewLife

    Lines that annoy you most

    It's easy to think that... but then I remember when I worked in retail, and suddenly it's not surprising at all As is usually the case with anything involving online discussions, there's likely to be an indistinguishable mix of the deceptively malicious, the ineptly malicious and the simply uneducated. The best way to react (in my opinion) is to expect the best of people, that they're well-intentioned but simply misinformed.
  13. AyelaNewLife

    The Latest on Last Names

    Just to avoid any doubt, this is what the current signup page looks like: (Oh and I fully agree with Phil; the fix is so simple and would take so little extra time, there is no excuse for not sorting this out at some point over the last 8 years.)
  14. AyelaNewLife

    The Latest on Last Names

    Their approach would be fine if at least one person at LL had read Account Security 101. With a system with no 2FA, to paste one half of your login credentials above your head is a travesty. To do so without even having the decency to warn the new player first is even worse. That's the real reason why you get so many "cookiemonster1983"'s out there, coupled with a perfectly normal display name - no one ever told them they'd be stuck with that garbage floating above their head forever. So yeah, on topic, I don't even need a last name really. I just want to get rid of this nonsense name, so the 47 variations on "aRe YoU aN aLt?/" will finally stop.
  15. AyelaNewLife

    New emoji needed for reactions

    Several pages in and no one has asked for a thinking emoji