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  1. People who recognise the altervista phishing scam link and yet lack the brain cells to even consider the possibility that the account posting said link is actually a victim of said phishing scam.
  2. I'm glad I'm not the only person who read that paragraph with alarm bells ringing. I hate being put on a pedestal. I am not a painting or trophy, to be hung up on the wall with your other acquisitions. Yet for some reason many men think it's appropriate to interrogate me about basic information while offering nothing in return, as if they were trying to fill out that little info placard you see on the walls of a museum. Regardless of intent, it honestly feels like the guy in question does not see me (or women in general) as an actual human being, but instead nothing more than a prospective possession. And that's a nope from me. Even if you avoid the casually misogynistic nature of that approach, there's still the fact that it's counter productive. You might come away from several of those conversations convinced that we have a lot in common and would make a good match; but from my perspective we have no mutual interests, because you have no interests at all. It makes you appear incredibly dull and uninspired. I gotta say I enjoyed the rest of Rhonda's post - especially the part about complimenting our choices, that needs to be in massive bold letters on a banner somewhere. Just that one paragraph was a bit of a yikes, sadly.
  3. In an ideal world, all boxes will be HUDs with a click-to-unpack script. Just seems like the ideal compromise, one that works for pretty much everyone. So long as the unpacked box name starts with a letter and not a nonsense symbol... 🤢
  4. I'm part way through sorting out my "Unsorted" folder... I had ~120 boxes in there, mostly weekly sale stuff that would have only cost 50-75L, but built up over the course of 6 months or so. I've seen pretty much every kind of bad box imaginable. Boxes that have to be rezzed in order to be opened. Damn Luddites, it's no longer 2004. (Gacha items are the only exception.) Boxes that unattach themselves when unpacked. I have a system, and this makes it harder. Boxes that autosubscribe to a mailing spamlist when opened. Boxes that take the form of a small attachment that still needs to be clicked to unpack the box. Boxes that have a no-copy notecard or vendor ad inside for no justifiable reason, just to make the box no-copy. Boxes that contain a bunch of subboxes for each colour; bonus points for the item itself only having the size and not the colour in the name. Boxes that contain 3-4 useless notecards, such as "IMPORTANT: READ" which just says "right click -> add the ankle pose helper" and nothing else. (I don't actually mind boxes that auto-unpack on attachment, but I can see why others do so adding it to the list.) If your boxes do any of those things, that's a paddlin'.
  5. "Hey we're running a photo contest to promote our new sim with cash prizes! But the sim is group only for rezzing stuff, and the group is private, can't join it I'm afraid." My brain is not powerful enough to understand this thought process.
  6. Having seen the documentary made about this guy before his arrest; he's mentally ill. I don't mean that in a "lol bad people = mental" way; you can clearly see that he is not fit to be left in charge of an ice cream stand, let alone the lives of multiple women. I'm glad that he's behind bars, and I hope that he gets the help he needs before his release - or he'll almost certainly commit these same crimes again. I'm not insinuating anything about the mental health of Gorean roleplayers... just that the most high profile incidents of people taking this roleplay into the real world are men that aren't exactly firing on all cylinders, and most likely would be a danger to vulnerable women with or without the books.
  7. Bonus points if multiple groups for multiple distinct sims are owned by the same people, so crossping each and every one of those spampings to both groups
  8. I'm a big fan of YS&YS skins, they're simply gorgeous
  9. While I agree; if you use illegible squiggly letters for your display name and someone decides to ignore them and use your account name instead, I don't think it's justifiable to get annoyed at that. If you want people to use your chosen name, make it readable, or deal with the consequences.
  10. It honestly feels like some people need the non-video-game label to justify to themselves why they spend so much time in Second Life. "I'm an adult, adults don't spend hours playing video games... but spending hours in a virtual world? That's totally fine, and completely different!" In truth, the distinction is meaningless. Second Life follows the same patterns of activity and new player retention as MMOs, from a technological standpoint it might as well be a game. The only impact the label has is in the minds of those that use it... and if you're so insecure about your hobbies that you insist upon slapping one label rather than the other on it, then you honestly need to grow up.
  11. The problem here is that you are making two distinct and arguably opposing points in this thread: People shouldn't make assumptions, as those assumptions are often wrong I don't have to give you an explanation for anything; and I'm also choosing not to You can't have it both ways! People will make assumptions, hopefully extrapolated from the facts they do have. If those assumptions are wrong, then you either need to explain why, or just accept that assumptions will continue to be made. That choice is yours, of course; but you don't get to double-dip and have no assumptions while you provide no explanations. Exhibit A: my query. I used my knowledge of Linden Lab's policies surrounding discounted tier, my knowledge of what Djehan wrote on the Indiegogo page, and I made an assumption of how one applied to the other. That assumption was wrong; or more accurately, it was irrelevant. Djehan's post was unclear on a minor technical point ("regions" referring to both regions and homesteads); when this was pointed out and the napkin math rerun, it became clear that there was no discrepancy between the two pieces of factual knowledge that I had, so everything was happy and wonderful. Ideally this would have been pointed out to me, by yourself or any of the other active supporters of Hangars Liquides. Instead I was accused of trying to smear the sim with lies, for having the temerity to have a legitimate query about how the rules were being applied in this case (as that could have set a precedent that would impact other sims). These same people then insisted that they knew the answer to my question, but weren't going to tell me because... I honestly have no idea what justification they could have had here. But I'm glad that the fundraiser is within ~200 Euros of its target with almost a week to go, looks like the sim will remain open for at least the next six months, which is good news
  12. This is why I asked my questions. Because if - and it is a big if, hence the questions - Hangars Liquides had found a way to simultaneously receive the non-profit tier discount while also being able to subsidise the tier through private rentals, then there are dozens (if not hundreds) of gorgeous sims that could benefit from a similar setup. And in doing so, we'd see far fewer of those beautiful sims fail and disappear forever. Surely you'd agree that Second Life would benefit greatly, if it were possible for non-profit sims to enjoy half price tier and be able to cover the remaining cost with rentals? But instead I got accused of trying to smear Hangars Liquides. Just for asking for more information.
  13. What's easier? For every single person posting and reading this thread to individually convo Djehan and separately ask how renting out "5 regions" is compatible with the non-profit discount? Or for any one of the people who claim to have already had that conversation to post "it's 1 discounted region and 4 undiscounted rental homesteads"? Especially when those "in the know" have spent half of this thread trying to convince everyone that because Hangars Liquides is a special RL non-profit it can claim the discount despite renting, which isn't what is happening here. I tried to "inform myself" by reading the posts made by supporters of the sim, only to find that they were both outright incorrect and openly hostile to anyone with questions.
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