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  1. Daily reminder that your radiation exposure will be lower swimming in the coolant tank of a nuclear power station than it is living within something like 20 miles of a coal fired power station. So long as you keep 5-6ft away from the rods. Okay, so serious post: You cannot run a national power grid on intermittent power sources, like solar or wind. That's just an unavoidable fact of life. You need a source of power that can intentionally vary its output to meet demand, irrespective of the environmental conditions, else you are entirely at the mercy of factors outside your control.
  2. If you'd looked at the hyperlink for even half a second, you'd see that this petition is not made by Wendy nor is it SL specific. She's merely drawing attention to a wider petition that has a vast list of high profile signatories already, alongside significant numbers of ordinary people. But let's be real here: your post had nothing to do with the content of what Wendy had just posted. It was "grrr Wendy bad, OC good", tiredly played out yet again. And it's kinda tragic, to be honest.
  3. I agree, but with one caveat: intentionally driving a thread off topic to the point where said thread is at risk of being locked is not acceptable. Here's the thing. Our views on the reasonable limits of a thread don't matter. Linden Lab have put in place rules governing threads going off topic, even if said rules are a tad vague, and enforce them regularly; and that's what matters. So while I agree the people who are overly-restrictive about what's "allowed" in a thread need to do less talking, the same goes for those that drive threads off the rails to the point of locking. Neither extr
  4. Related peeve: (usually submissive) people who call everyone Sir John or Miss Jane, including complete strangers. Miss me with that. If a particular relationship dynamic makes that kind of title appropriate then that's totally fine, but not as a blanket approach. Just as cringey.
  5. You need a containment pit for that kind of conversation. Keep it all in one spot, so those that want to discuss such things can opt in to doing so, while those that want to discuss Second Life may do so in peace. The alternative is what we have here; it spills out into completely unrelated threads, with the usual suspects making everything about their pet political hate, driving everything off the rails, just so they can feed their addiction to outrage. And as a preemptive rebuttal; "politics" in this context does include broader socio-political topics, and it has never been suggest
  6. The marketplace is almost useless for shopping. Perhaps in 2011 it was okay, but now? No. You have to wade through oceans of long-outdated garbage, irrelevant nonsense padded with keyword-bait, and 27 copies of the same item in different colours. They should bring back corporal punishment for anyone who suggests "have you tried looking on the marketplace?" to any post or thread asking for shopping recommendations. Edit: Second pet peeve; the forums don't give you a 2-3 minute grace period where you can edit to fix typos without it being marked as an edit. Others do have this, and it's rea
  7. If you listen carefully, you can hear the frantic clicking of keyboards as they look up wikipedia articles to support their latest hot takes.
  8. With every word you post you continue you demonstrate your significant ignorance about this topic. It's quite remarkable.
  9. Sim = region. A region can be split up into different parcels, and each parcel can be sub-let out. If one 512 m2 parcel is A rated, the whole region must also be A rated, even if every other parcel is G/M.
  10. While this is the correct answer... it still does generate a raising of the royal eyebrow by half an inch, no?
  11. Just quoting this in case you try to hide your admission of guilt later. The raw arrogance of some people...
  12. I have a couple of male friends who have used a different head and skin with the Aesthetic body, to produce an avatar that actually looks good and avoids the common problems with the Aesthetic look while keeping that gymbro body shape they wanted. So while I don't have any suggestions for a skin creator (sorry!), it's definitely something that's worth the effort of pursuing.
  13. Pet peeve: the puritanical "anti-lag" crusaders that will never be satisfied unless SL can be run on an etch a sketch. Yes, SL has a problem with unregulated content leading to optimisation problems. But some people take this to a ridiculous and unjustified extreme; all mesh bodies are forbidden, everyone has to wear a single prim cube with an 8-bit sprite for a texture, if scripts must be used then they must be simple enough to be sent by telegram, SL is a chatroom and if you disagree then you are Satan. Like... just sod off already. And grow up. Get a sense of perspective, and foc
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