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  1. It was indeed a joke... but it's one of these things where one person jokes then another answers jokingly then another answers seriously and suddenly your Brexit icebreaker joke turns into a half hour debate about the complexities of trans-Ireland trade while the bartender reconsiders his life choices that led to this moment.
  2. I'm just posting for free internet validation points
  3. Absolutely! Bra ignorance is one of those giveaways that's actually quite reliable.
  4. Please don't do this. Especially don't do this as a blind IM to a total stranger who isn't even in the same region as you. And especially don't do this when our entire conversation history to date has been 3-4 'conversation's like this.
  5. Vista's free AOs (male and female versions) are honestly competitive with modern paid ones. It's nothing special, but it's solid and reliable, and it blends in well with top of the line AOs. So even if you refuse to spend a penny on SL, there is no excuse. Amen! I honestly don't mind listening in on voice from time to time - but you have to let me know if you want me to turn voice on at all, I don't wander around with that nonsense left on.
  6. I've used the name Ayela in a few other things... and I got baited by the login page. Not only did I not expect your login username to be visible to the world (Account Security 101), but I trusted the whole "you can change the name that everyone sees later!" message. Turns out Linden Lab is both bad at basic security, and outright lies on the signup page. When I put it like that, I'm surprised I stuck around... Oh, and this was the first variation on Ayela that I could find that was free.
  7. Just to pick back up on this point (now that the topic has been moved out of General); Porn that is 'more inclusive' and less misogynistic exists. There's an entire subgenre dedicated to porn made by women (mostly) for women (mostly), and the most popular amateur (of the homemade rather than exploitation variety) videos are some of the most vanilla adult videos you will ever see. But inclusivity is not the same as uniformly fitting one standard. There are and will always be porn out there that degrades women. There also will always be videos of women playing "pop the bubble wrap" with a stiletto and some poor soul's gonads; such is the joy of variety. And as much as I'd love it if the default wasn't a mixture of slapstick-fake moans and genuine expressions of discomfort, I'm not sure what more can be done without employing a porn commissariat.
  8. That's a perfectly fair point. I don't really have an answer for that. Perhaps because of the whole "SL lets you live out fantasies" thing? Except of course that doesn't explain why 50 shades gets so much heat... yeah, it's not a fun situation.
  9. "Free pass" implies a conscious decision not to criticise it. This may be a generational thing, but I'd never heard of Gor until I found SL. It's an incredibly niche thing and a relic of the 70s/80s. You stop a random person on the street and ask them about 50 shades, you'll get a response; but Gor? Confused stares 95% of the time.
  10. While I don't disagree with the bit I highlighted, I don't think that's the problem here. The problem is the raw popularity of the garbage. A failed academic pumping out several dozen pulp novels with a few million sales total across half a century is one thing (with a gap in the middle as no publisher would publish his tripe); but the speed and sheer scale of success 50 shades of garbage achieved fully justifies the volume of criticism it receives.
  11. Informed consent is the cornerstone of the BDSM community, in both lives. I've lost count of how many times I've heard all sorts of people say that... but it's true. In many ways, the community designed around hitting people with spatulas and putting the knot-tying lessons of scouts/girlguiding into practice happens to also be the shining light of what consensual sex looks like. But there isn't really a way for the bulk of the community to "get up in arms" over this, without outing their (usually private) interests to the wider world... so I'm not sure what the solution here is. I'd also argue that 50 shades of abuse has been just as (if not far more) damaging as the porn trends of the last decade. It's one thing if a "lady of the night" is filmed engaging in rough acts, but that's porn. It's still exceptionally taboo, and not something that people talk about in casual conversation, ever. But here comes along this overhyped piece of garbage, showcasing an abuser manipulating, blackmailing and occasionally outright raping a woman. Into the trash it goes... except it didn't. It broke sales records, and was almost exclusively consumed by women. That damned book was the equivalent of the female population holding up a massive banner saying "all this stuff that's not okay, is actually okay". And that's not okay.
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