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  1. AyelaNewLife

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    For me it's the other way around. A "pet peeve" is a minor annoyance that most people are fine with, or is otherwise irrational. By definition it's petty, and not a major issue. But the definition is also open to your (and others') interpretation; neither is "wrong". That's just how a rapidly-evolving mishmash of several radically different language groups works (ie, it works badly and inconsistently). I added this little one at the end of my list just to make that point though although gesturespammers do have no soul
  2. AyelaNewLife

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    Oh, here's a new one: No copy/no mod/no trans boxes for copy items. Why is this a thing? There is no reason to make the box no perm when every one of the contents is copy. It's raw inconvenience with no upsides at all. People need to stop doing this. Edit: Bonus points if they make the vendor ad no copy yet still no trans, thus making the box no copy.
  3. AyelaNewLife

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    It's more that if I make a landmark to a specific point in the region/sim/store, and a landing point overrides that and pulls me to the landing point, that's just petty and annoying. There's rarely ever a need for this.
  4. AyelaNewLife

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    It's the natural result of LL giving us a range of reacts, yet none of which take the place of a "dislike" option; so some people made their own.
  5. AyelaNewLife

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    "Bring more potential donors in and don't forget to give me money I've got tier to pay and it's hard work pressing play on a preset playlist and also give money to the greeterbot script dancing next to me she also has tier to pay and no marketable skills"
  6. AyelaNewLife

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    With a handful of exceptions, fullbright on buildings or objects Gesture spam or noisy gestures, especially during a concert or DJ set Voicers or non-voicers that look down or slander the other group; each to their own Landing points that override TPing to landmarks for no justifiable reason I don't mind how shops give out items; just make it easy for me to get a box (re)delivered for a backup Empty profiles, or profiles that just say "ask if you want to know more" - hint: I won't bother asking I'm not a fan of caricature avatars; but the caricature personalities that seem to come with them are far worse In fact, anyone that just jumps in with roleplay as an introduction; bonus points if that roleplay dehumanises me in some way System avatar guys that are in turn mesh snobs towards the women they want Anyone that starts a conversation with "hi" but expects me to start the actual conversation Permanoobs - actual newbies and high effort system avatars are fine Fancy character names, I'll just call you all Kevin instead People that instablock anyone that breaches their pet peeves, rather than just being slightly annoyed at someone else's choices (apart from gesturespammers, they deserve it)
  7. AyelaNewLife

    Can I wear a mesh head and still look like me?

    These reviews are extremely outdated, most of the details are no longer accurate, but it's a good place to get a list of head creators to check out for yourself.
  8. AyelaNewLife

    An 'honest' view of SL

    At least I had the decency to find a practically useless patch of hillside/cliffside for my skybox flat No seriously it was like a 60 degree incline, no one is building anything worthwhile on that
  9. AyelaNewLife

    List of stores with Christmas boards / trees

    Vanilla Bae has one, they have a gift board that changes each day rather than a full panel, so you guys will have missed the first half dozen, but they are often pretty great edit: oh and a ~200L join fee, but that's worth it just for the normal gifts I think
  10. AyelaNewLife

    Best Pickup Lines

    I think that's the key to "good" pickup lines. They're an attention-grabber, an icebreaker, an interesting introduction; but that's it. You can't pickup line your way into someone's pants, but you can get the ball rolling. I got a great opener on Tinder a while back: "Would you like me to start with an inappropriate compliment, an over-cheesed pickup line, or a pathetic attempt at negging?" It made me laugh, and kickstarted the pair of us mocking all the terrible tropes of people we'd met there. Great way to start off a conversation.
  11. AyelaNewLife

    Do sugar daddies exist on second life?

    Yes there are, yet far fewer than there are sugar babies looking for free stuff; and the $ to L conversion means that almost all of them are more like splenda daddies than anything else.
  12. AyelaNewLife

    Redeliver or refund?

    If the shop hasn't given you a manual redelivery in over three weeks, the chances of them giving you a manual refund is probably close to zero. So I'd be patient, and if you've not heard back by friday, then try speaking to the rep again and make it clear that the redelivery notecard got you no response twice in the past etc. It's the downside of LL's "hands off" policy towards the economy; all of the consumer rights and protections that you enjoy in any first world country don't exist here.
  13. AyelaNewLife

    Best Pickup Lines

    Yeah, I'd nope right out after reading that, that's waaaaaay too strong for an icebreaker. That's wedding vow material, not an opening line. At least buy me dinner first
  14. AyelaNewLife

    whats next....?

    Vista have a free AO that's a couple of years old, but is still top notch. It's also not that widely used, I don't think I've ever recognised anyone else using it. It's probably better than any cheap AO, you'd need to splash the cash to get a noticeable upgrade.
  15. AyelaNewLife

    Downturn in the SL Economy?

    Yep. I made the pose and lighting with one hair, realised that the braid was defying gravity, and swapped to this one, missed the overlap issue until after I'd taken the shot. Luckily this was taken on my old land and I'd left all the stands and lighting up, so I can reshoot, but... ugh. Annoying.