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  1. Finally - I've been waiting for this - Snow Rabbit released their Bento BoM head at the Skin Fair!! A nice alternative to the established brands out there, and I love the animations! Nice and easy to use HUDs too! (No affilliation to the brand, just a fangirl )
  2. With those brows on that skin, I kind of HAD to try (Sorry for hijacking your thread, Belinda!)
  3. I totally agree, the eyebrows are not especially good on this skin, and there is no no-brow option in the group gift skin as I can see. One think is the thickness - might be able to take that a bit down by editing the eyebrow shape, but another thing is that the texture/definition is somewhat "muddy/blurry". But I kind of like it anyways, with some tweaking of the brow shape, this skin might make a cute Cara
  4. Like this for instance (straight out of the box, no additional makeup - my own shape...):
  5. Got pulled out to comment on LAQ eyes, so I thought I could show you how I look today as well
  6. I use LAQ head(s) and like these eyes from IKON very much (IKON Fjord)! I still use the system eyes, even though mesh eyes are included in the IKON package. I like these heads very much, and with Omega makeup appliers I have no problem getting the looks I want. In addition, I think LAQ have some of the best face animations and emotions out there, cute and natural! And a very, very cute smile BTW - no photo editing except crop used in these images...
  7. Can somebody tell me what's going on? My otherwise seldom seen main dragged me out, into this crowded shop, cut and dyed my hair, got bananas on a Gacha machine, and then woosh to another place where I was told to look my best despite the blinding light in my eyes... Whaaaat?!??!
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