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  1. This is where an unnamed posemaker placed their Saturday Sale landmark today (and not for the first time):
  2. I think Tetra is an example of how to do that style well. It has a similar (ish) feel, with the whole clinical abstract aesthetic, but is vastly easier to use. All the vendor boards are arced around a central landing point, with info boards and sales closer to the middle but without obscuring the view. Simple, effective, clean, efficient. Everything the TMP store is not.
  3. Two ones tangentially related to Second Life: People with multiple names. I can understand wanting to change your name, but being stuck with an out-of-date account name, that's fine. But if you're going to change your name, then actually change your name. If your account name reads "Claire", and your display name is "Megan", then your house should not be called "Naomiville", your blog should not be called "The Haus of Caroline", and your Flickr page should not be called "Jess's Flickr Page". Just be consistent! And talking of Flickr; the Second Life community has a terrible reputation for being utterly incapable of using Groups correctly, a reputation that is fully justified. There are far too many people that just spam their work into every group, regardless of whether it's appropriate or not, relying on the fact that a great many of the SL Flickr Groups are a decade old and the administrators have long since quit. And I'm talking about the blatantly obvious stuff here, like posting generic female fashion blogs in "Hot Men of SL", or vendor adverts in a group named unambiguously after a sim. This afflicts people regardless of their actual talent, with talented artists and basic screencappers alike suffering the same lack of basic literacy. And it gives me the sads.
  4. Hello friends, it's apartment redecoration time. I'm primarily looking for a sofa and a bed. An armchair that matches the sofa would be ideal too. If I find a kitchen set, bath or shower, I might swap it for what I've got at the moment, although that's lower priority. My main criteria is the poses built into it. Most furniture is built for MF couples, and from experience trying to use them with myself and a lady friend looks awful. So something that has non-terrible poses of both a PG and a not-so-PG nature, for both MF and FF couples would be perfect. I don't need threesome poses or anything exotic. Bonus points if the poses have vaguely useful names, rather than just "Solo F 27". In terms of style, anything vaguely modern is good (so none of the ubiquitous faux-gothic leather upholstery please! :P); or just the names of creators and I can do the rest. Copy permissions would be ideal. Thanks in advance!
  5. At least they came back to post their solution. People that ask for help for a specific problem, and simply say "I figured it out, thanks!" without detailing the solution are a special kind of evil.
  6. Places like Tumblr are a self-selective echo chamber. You can get away with pulling the "listen up nerds, time for some truth bombs" approach when you can pretty much guarantee that you'll be preaching to the choir. That's not the case here; none of us chose to listen to FullM00n specifically (or vice versa), the only common interest we share is Second Life. Besides, the subsequent displays of raw arrogance from the OP rule that one out, so we're left with "jumped up moron" as the only answer, sadly. 🙁
  7. When you made your avatar to be 8ft tall, you weren't supposed to scale up your ego to match. I think people are missing the primary reason sim owners routinely ban short avatars: because they don't want their sims to be shut down. Every single sim that I've come across with strict height rules has been adult-rated, and the owners of such sims are partially responsible for what happens there; and many are (justifiably) hypersensitive about age-play on their regions. Their response to that is to systematically ban any avatar below a certain height, as shorter avatars with most mesh heads can look child-like or teen-like. It's a "better safe than sorry" policy that will result in plenty of false-positives... and the effectiveness of it is highly questionable. But their motives are simple; it's not "discriminashun", it's a case of "this sim that I have poured time, effort and money into is worth more than the feelings of a few kicked shorties". And on a personal level, many people prefer a certain aesthetic from avatars that they interact with. For instance, a Katena avatar and myself would look ridiculous in almost any circumstance, because her hips would be five times the width of mine and each one of her boobs would be the size of my entire torso. The same goes for many Aesthetic or Hourglass body users, or anyone else with an exaggerated shape... or if a guy is my height or shorter, or if a girl is a foot taller or shorter than me. In some cases, a combination of avatars can make one look younger than they would by themselves. Take a skinny guy who's around 6ft or slightly above wearing a Signature body, and put him next to a woman wearing Freya with ample curves and who is the same height as him (if not slightly taller), and watch as a man who appeared to be in his mid 20s now looks 15. Many people would understandably feel uncomfortable with that, even though the avatar in question looks perfectly fine by themselves. None of this ever excuses being an ass about it, of course. Politeness is free, and pretty wonderful.
  8. Given that our inventory space is effectively unlimited, and that you can store an effectively unlimited number of items in a single space, I don't think deleting anything is actually necessary - although sorting absolutely is. The main benefit of clearing out trash in real life is so that you can easily manage the good things that you own, else things of value can get drowned by garbage. You can achieve that in SL without deleting a thing; I do so by including an ".Unused" folder in each subfolder, into which I dump everything I am unlikely to use regularly. For example, my "Trousers, Jeans" folder contains around 15 or so pairs that I wear regularly (each in their own folder), and the dumping folder for everything else. The "trash" pairs are there when I need them, and out of my way when I don't. In terms of how Bakes on Mesh will affect this; the big thing for me is that I trim the contents of each folder. Useless notecards, sizes for bodies that I don't own, textures of the vendor logo (why do people do this?), unpack scripts... and up until a few months ago, system tattoos that came with appliers. I keep the boxes, but I still need to go back and unpack ~95% of my appliers, just in case the creator included layers. Fun.
  9. They can technically be made to work together with little issue. The problem lies with the legality of it all. Sucking a texture out of an applier HUD (or object with said applier applied) is relatively simple, and yet a massive no-no according to the rules we all play by; so no vaguely reputable viewer will have such a feature built-in. While this is pure fantasy, my ideal solution would be if we had a Linden-approved method of converting any applier that we own into a no-transfer system layer of our choice. All that would amount to is converting assets that we have paid for (and that the Lab own all the rights to)... but that will almost certainly never happen, sadly.
  10. I've never understood how people can type like this in their profiles. It's not just typos, and it's not just a non-native English speaker (as there is no written language out there that requires you to add in extra spaces every third or so word). It's like they're writing this in crayon, then eating the crayon, then scanning it in and their scribbles are converted to text. That's the only way I can think of to explain it.
  11. The interactions you've had are pretty extreme, more so than I'd be comfortable with, but I do get where they're coming from. SL is at least a partially visual medium, and aesthetics is important to a huge number of us residents. I put many hours of work into my appearance, and I do care about the way I look. It's not much different to the way I care about my real life appearance; except that most of the barriers to looking good in RL have no impact here. When I see someone who clearly does not care about their appearance, it's little different to seeing someone in real life who doesn't care about the way they look; it doesn't make them subhuman or anything extreme like that, but it certainly is offputting. Using a system avatar is not the same as not caring about your appearance... but there is a vast overlap between the two groups of people, very few people with system avatars (or the free mesh bodies/heads) look anywhere near as good as they would if they upgraded. So I understand where these people are coming from with their blanket "no mesh = bad" rules, even if I don't agree with their methods. There's no reason to be unkind with this; if you've got the most basic of system avatars and you message me, I will reply with politeness and common decency, as should everyone else. Your appearance is a red flag that suggests that we are fundamentally incompatible, but nothing more than that.
  12. "My profile is almost entirely empty, if you want to know something about me, just ask!" Here's the problem - I don't want to know anything about you. Not really. I was mildly curious, saw you in a group chat or nearby, and checked out your profile to see if anything caught my interest. Nothing did, because it's almost entirely blank, and what little is there is painfully generic. There's no hooks for me to ask you about, nothing to spark a conversation... so I won't be starting one with you. Sorry (not sorry).
  13. Privacy through obscurity doesn't count and you know it If I cared enough (I don't) then I could quite easily make a list of my friends, and check against that daily to see who has dropped. But that's a lot of work for something that boils down to simple curiosity for me - I was just wondering if anyone had automated that process?
  14. Weird request of the day: Does anyone know of any tools/HUDs/whatever that can keep track of any changes to your friends list? More specifically, anything that can tell me who has just unfriended me if my friends count drops? I've tried looking on the MP and all I've managed to find is a bunch of online-status stalker HUDs, which is not exactly what I'm after at all. And life is too short to track this manually
  15. From my experience, the 'easy choice' is to rant and complain about how unfair these restrictions are, and how they'll just take their custom elsewhere if they aren't wanted, and how they'll tell all their friends not to shop here, and how they'll report you to "Linden Labs" for discrimination. Yes, such people are idiots. Chances are, they have no idea what the cause of their high resource usage is. They'll strip off naked, not realising that their Belleza body is the main source of their high ARCTan complexity and their XCite lady parts are the main source of their high script memory usage; and so they'll rant and rave about how the checks are either broken or unfair, and go elsewhere. People are inherently irrational, sadly.
  16. Quick Q: I have a system skin called "Only Body" in with the box of my head skin from YS&YS, only appliers in the body skin box. Is that what you've got, or do you have a full body skin? (I'll poke the creator if the latter)
  17. Just to pre-empt the inevitable question; the use of the word "gender" prior to ~1955-1960 was referring to the grammatical property, eg the masculine form of a word.
  18. I should have put more emphasis on the "have" there. Because you're right; a creator can just tick a box and re-release their product as BoM friendly... but that would fail to deliver the performance benefits of BoM. Doing the job properly is much more involved.
  19. The idea is that the body creators will release a new body version, as the changes they'd have to make don't have to be that difficult. These new body versions can be done without applier layers, which contribute to lag (as you're effectively wearing four copies of your body at all times). So the updated bodies would be less laggy, in theory... but at the cost of making all of your appliers useless, and all of your clothing's autoalpha will no longer work, and your body won't have an alpha hud anymore. Is the benefit worth the downsides? ....no comment
  20. She's referring to the word, not the concept. The word "gender" as we know it today is about 60 years old, doing the usual scientific thing of stealing a Latin and/or Greek word. Prior to that the word "sex" was used for what we now consider to be the separate concepts of "sex" and "gender". In part because of that, "sex" has become a "dirty word" to many, as there's now an "alternative for polite society". That's largely why "sex" and "gender" are used interchangeably, colloquially, by the majority of the English-speaking population.
  21. It turns out if you wait for the first folder delivery notification and then remove the HUD, you miss out on the other two folders scripted to arrive a couple of seconds later. Whoops, my mistake, sorry team.
  22. It didn't, and neither did my Hourglass Bundle redelivery. The Physique body-only installer just gave me that folder, the bundle gave me a near-identical main folder and a separate one for the asymmetry harness. (Side note: that asymmetry harness is a fantastic idea, definite plus points for that!)
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