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  1. So for context, I'm talking from a UK point of view here. The environmental impact of importing food will of course differ from wherever you might be, for exceptionally obvious reasons. If all else is equalised, meat has a far more significant environmental impact than plant-based foods; for example, growing veg in your garden compared to rearing livestock in your garden. But reality is far more complex than that overly simplistic approach. You simply cannot eat crops grown locally and externally all year round, the climate does not allow for that. In reality, your food usually goes through extra steps which adds to the environmental impact of said food, often significantly. There's three main types of "added carbon": Growing methods. For us in the UK, most of our tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and lettuces are grown either in the UK in massive greenhouses - artificially heated and lighted - or in Spain, grown under similar conditions outside a longer 'normal' growing season. Greenhouse-grown veg under these conditions have a similar carbon footprint to chicken and turkey. Transport. Putting any food on a cargo ship and hauling it around the world objectively increases its carbon footprint. Processing. Many meat-replacements require intensive processing stages compared to meat. For Quorn products, the processing stages account for just over half the total emissions for the total process, which includes shipment of raw inputs but not finished products. Now all of these stages can of course apply to meat too; which just makes that meat super-bad for the environment. For example, battery-reared beef account for most of the UK's soy consumption, and much of our off-season beef is imported from Argentina, and lamb from New Zealand. This food obviously has a far, far higher environmental impact than anything vegetarian or vegan. But not all meat is like that. I grew up surrounded by sheep grown on non-arable land, which we bought at a butcher's shop within walking distance of our house. Meat like this that's at the lowest end of the environmental impact scale can easily be on par with the worst non-meat alternatives. My overall point though was this: while on the whole non-meat is significantly better for the environment than meat, that rule is not universally true, and if you're seeking to lower your environmental impact then more care is needed in your choice of diet than simply "meat = bad". It's more complicated than that.
  2. In today's episode of "50 reasons why Ayela hates fatpacks"; If you're putting a product forward for a sale event which comes with price expectations (eg 50L Fridays), make sure the advert you distribute for the sale can actually be bought in that sale. If you're going to hide the good variations in the fatpack, fine; just do not advertise that pattern as if it was in the sale.
  3. This but regardless of the context. It's one of those things that really sets me off. Let's call a spade a spade; it's gaslighting. It's trying to spin some worthless piece of garbage's dissatisfaction with your response times into something that you are to blame for. Not only is that appalling, but this is how abuse starts. It's petty and controlling over something that doesn't matter, and things only ever get worse from there. It's not okay, and this behaviour needs to be shut down as a matter of urgency. If you're reading this and are one of those people that say this stuff; you're a piece of filth and I hope you get hit by a car, it would make the world a better (and safer) place. Like god damn this makes me unreasonably angry.
  4. No you're not. You're making the "game experience" messy and complicated (or rather, more so than normal) for no real gain. Blocked and derendered people do not disappear. They will still be there in world, standing or sitting or walking around, talking in nearby or group chat. All you're doing is removing your ability to properly perceive your surroundings and act accordingly. Do this for long enough and you'll start bumping into people, sitting on occupied furniture, talking over conversations, and generally being a pain for everyone around you purely because you chose to close your eyes to half the world. In a limited number of cases, usually harassment-related, these negatives are worth the benefit of shutting out an aggressive abuser. But you gain none of the benefits of blocking, and all of the downsides. The viewer logs your IM history and displays it automatically. Between that and the Notes tab on profiles, you have ample tools to make an "avoidlist" if you so desire. If you truly don't to IM people who sent a one-word response to your one-line opener, then go ahead, that's your prerogative. But there's no need to block people to do so. To answer the title; mass blocking is not a strategy, in the same way that cutting off your hand because you had an itchy finger is not a strategy. It's just raw petulance. Grow up.
  5. It's always worth remembering. Because the 15th of Feb is "half price chocolates day".
  6. The best part of all this is that it's almost always the drained victims of said phishing link that go on to spam said link. All these armchair paper pushers are doing is making life uncomfortable for the majority to give themselves an excuse to punish the victims of fraud. It's kinda sick.
  7. Fixed your quote for you. Tipping culture is far from universal in this multicultural mashup that is SL. Hosts and DJs that don't get that can go forth and multiply. Also my standard tip is 69L; I don't have the disposable income to regularly and consistently tip more, and the immature joke is a nice way to shield myself from entitlement.
  8. Some LL-sponsored method of converting appliers into personal system layers is on my "unicorn wishlist", of ideas that would be great if they could work out, but realistically will never happen for a variety of reasons. So yeah, while I'd love to have some way of using my existing content in the new (and more resource-friendly) way, I do appreciate the long list of issues that likely will never be resolved.
  9. On a purely technical note, is there any reason why Maitreya cannot add butt physics to the body without breaking existing clothes? Changes to the shape of the body can be done, just not without invalidating existing content. The question came up in another discussion, and I don't know enough about the specifics of body making to answer this one.
  10. As someone who intentionally takes "near-unedited" photos, I fully agree with you. I've even got a few lines in my flickr bio on this point. Sadly I've experienced the reverse; people who think that your work is worthless unless you've edited a shot until the original is unrecognisable, or who think that "green-screen" edits are the only worthwhile photos. A painter is not inherently better or worse than a sculptor on the basis of the tools they choose to use alone. It's what you do with those tools that counts. Edit: but if you're too lazy to even rename your upload-from-viewer snapshot, I retain the right to judge you
  11. They assume it's dead because their friends list is mostly inactive, most of their bookmarks no longer work, and their groups are long abandoned. What they're actually experiencing is natural churn. People leave, places close, but new people and places replace them on a daily basis. Active participants can keep up with said churn, but if they're inactive or only partially engaged, they have to go through the new player "explore and meet people" phase all over again. But that requires a hint of self awareness. Better to just moan on the forums instead.
  12. The phrase I tend to use in these situations us "the problem lies between keyboard and chair".
  13. Pro tip: don't rely on complexity limits to improve performance. Complexity is near useless at measuring actual performance impact in the days of mesh, and allows high-impact avatars to have a deceptively low complexity. Over-reliance on complexity is a reliable indicator of when someone has idea what they are talking about. So instead of relying on a flawed metric to produce ugly jellydolls; simply set a non-imposter avatars limit. An imposter avatars will look like a low-rez 1 fps copy of the actual avatar, and the selection of imposters dynamically changes based on your camera view. There's no reason to have this above 10 in most situations, and will dramatically reduce the rendering cost of avatars you aren't even looking at.
  14. Bonus points if the landmark is in the group description, about half the notice log and also a group message sent four minutes previously.
  15. HUDs are fine, the panic about them is mostly hysteria. You may wish to remove unnecessary and/Or complex HUDs when going anywhere resource intensive for the sake of your own performance, but that's pretty much the only thing you need to worry about. OP: correlation is not causation. Something else is the cause of your performance issues, there is no reason to downgrade to an objectively more resource intensive older version of the body.
  16. I took a short break from the photographings, but I is back! (Feed me arbitrary internet approval points etc)
  17. I have some category ideas and titles for each winner, let me know what you think: Running competition, with the winner called "Coursing River" Wrestling competition, with the winner called "Great Typhoon" Weightlifting competition, with the winner called "Raging Fire" Smouldering competition, with the winner called "Dark Side of the Moon" What do you think?
  18. This isn't a horrendous idea at all, but it will depend entirely on the implementation. This would need to be done to fit the existing system as much as possible. You'd need the body, head and hair as separate pieces, with either HUD driven or detachable foot shapes, and with a "starter pack" of hair bases, hairs, makeup tattoos, and both mesh and layer clothing. The starter avatars you choose from are nothing more than a selection of these components pre-attached for your convenience. This would allow new residents to swap pieces in and out as they grow, rather than being faced with a solid wall of "all the starter stuff and freebies (and often cheap purchases) are useless, throw everything away and buy everything from scratch at once". Would creators support this? I don't know. Maybe. They don't currently support the free or noob-bait cheap mesh bodies, so possibly not.
  19. Part of the problem here is that Bakes on Mesh should have been a Day One feature when mesh was released. Can you imagine how smooth the transition from system to mesh bodies would have been if skins etc could still be used, with no need for appliers? Instead SL spent many years learning how to function with a system built from duct tape and cable ties; yet still radically different from the system avatars experience everyone begins with. And now that consensus is being partially demolished once more. So no, I don't think avatars are getting more complicated; but they are forcing many residents to go through a learning and adaptation phase once more. And not everyone likes that, or can adapt quickly.
  20. I once helped a resident work out what was pushing her script count above 9mb, and thus triggering the bot at a sim we both visited. The culprit was a certain brand of talking ladyparts (which she was wearing but had hidden), with everything else she was wearing coming in at below 1mb script usage in total. This is what I meant about effort vs reward. Is it worth taking the time to identify which attachment is an obnoxious script hog, and either fixing or removing it? Absolutely, that actually can make a difference, and is something that everyone should check for. My little sandbox platform has a set of "script scales" rezzed for this very reason. But removing stuff like auto-hide scripts (or Maitreya's new foot shape scripts) is the equivalent of arguing over pennies on a mortgage - it's a waste of everyone's time, and will make no noticeable difference.
  21. It boils down to effort vs reward, for me personally. Sure, I absolutely prefer the homemade burger; but I'm sitting next to an empty pizza hut box because last night I barely had the energy to shower, chat for half an hour then pass out. And I make a damn good pizza base myself. For me personally, the performance benefit from stripping out auto-alpha scripts from my clothing is unnoticeable. The performance benefit from not wearing the three applier layers on my body is also unnoticeable. However, the latter is something I can do once (by detaching them) and can undo as and when is appropriate near instantly, thus it's worth my time to detach said layers whenever I'm not using them. Marginal impact, but marginal effort. But going through my wardrobe and manually creating a bespoke alpha layer for each, even if working off templates, for a marginal gain? For me personally, that is not worth the effort. Everyone's approach to this will vary, of course.
  22. I have 700-800 bits of clothing in my clothing folder. About a third of those are in trash subfolders, a further third may have been worn once or twice; but that still leaves 200+ alphas that I'd need to manually make just to make my wardrobe usable. While I fully get your point about the tech ineptitude of your average SL resident - just watching some of my larger groups today has aged me, I truly do know your pain here - there's also the effort barrier to consider for others. I have a job, and an hour-long commute; life's too short for some things.
  23. I get what you're saying here Scylla, but I think your point would be far stronger if Maitreya's update could not make use of an alpha layer. It can. Which means a creator still has to choose between setting up auto-alpha scripts for every individual body they choose to fit to (as well as tweaking the fit itself to coincide with the alpha slices as best as possible); or making a single alpha layer. There's no disincentive towards creators including alpha layers with their products here; it's both less effort and creatively liberating for them to do so. I get that removing alpha slices entirely would be a powerful incentive for creators; but that comes at a cost that is unjustifiably steep, given the alternatives available.
  24. Whoops, my mistake - out of pure illogical habit I use the menus instead of ctrl+shift+x, so was running off memory for that shortcut.
  25. Your argument assumes that applier layers are now obsolete, and that system layers are all you need now. Which is objectively false. In part because of the immense backlog of content which cannot (legally) be converted by the user to system layers, and in part because of the glove/sock/clothing layers which cannot be replicated by bodypaint-esque system layers. Hence why insisting that well over half a decade's worth of content must now be thrown out when there exists a perfectly reasonable and proportionate alternative is puritanical. Because it is puritanical, valuing philosophical purity over practicality and presenting that as the only option.
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