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Ok, I call this one "Scylla Dancing Awkwardly in Her Baby Doll 2."

This is another experiment in Photoshop processing, trying to reproduce the impression of movement. Most of the overall effect of this pic, other than the motion blur, just uses FS photo tools and Windlight, although I did "cool" the image a bit. The motion blur is applied using gradient masks in Photoshop, so that (in theory) there is apparently more motion in the head and upper body, and in the lower arms, than in the upper arms and legs.

In hindsight, one thing I'd change, I think, is the use of DoF in the original pic: the blurring of the background means that the motion blur stands out less?

I'd love suggestions and thoughts!


PuP-2-Forum - Blank.png

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Lutz World again.... I just love this empty stage!

There was a live concert today in the main theater (50 people and the lag was insane) so I snuck into this, kind of abandoned secondary theater, to shoot my xmas card :o



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"All I Want For Christmas" - 


I just LOVE this photo. The earnest, intense, loving wonderment being relayed is so genuine and lifelike. I shoot hundreds of pictures to maybe get close to the emotion of this picture. I believe I posted another shot in this series a few weeks back, but had to repost today 12/24/18. Merry Christmas everyone. ~ Sara

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So, I just uploaded this pic to my Flickr page:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/155460000@N05/

Please check it out and follow if you like! Anyway, the background is obviously NOT sl but Tahiti (one of my most fav places in the world). The foreground is shot at @Angelina String new  beach dig place she just got that's amazing. 



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