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  1. I'm literally not the one crying but okay. I don't think it's okay to try and ruin anyone's business without a very good reason and posting a different experience with the same person is just that, a different experience. You said it was a scam, I said that's not true. If you'd posted your problem without trying to disparage someone and be hostile, I would have instantly tried to see if I could add you. There was and remains no reason for your hostility. I was never attempting to 'take the lead' all I did was post a different experience in counter to your claim that someone was 'scamming' in an attempt to ruin their business instead of trying to be civil. Instead of capslocking and repeating scam, at any point you could've tried to be civil instead of redirecting more hostility.
  2. 1. you don't have a group tag, so you cannot return the items. So that's a question answered. I assumed you'd rezzed it yourself because I assumed you wouldn't blame someone for not being able to return furniture when you aren't a member of the group. I apologize, I was wrong there. 2. Your message was confusing, stating you messaged 'members of the group' and not 'I contacted the group owner' or 'i contacted iamyourneighbour' I'm a member of that group, but I'm not the group owner or the individual, understand? Saying you contacted 'members' means nothing. Members could mean tenants, members could mean the property owners, members could mean people in the wrong group. You left me to guess, and I made the wrong guess. 3. I rent at this property, I wasn't scammed, I'm having a lovely time, and you're disparaging someone for no reason, who has been nothing but pleasant and helpful to me. Like I said, you popped in here and immediately started accusing someone of scamming, which isn't right. It's not a scam. I'm sure they have a reason why they haven't been in touch because as I said, I'm also a renter and they've never been anything but pleasant and helpful. You should have stated your actual problem instead of being incendiary and calling people scammers. 4. The fact that you have one problem, that you aren't a member of the group, but you're pretending to have more (Ie, you're acting like it's a problem you can't return furniture when you know good and well why you can't return furniture) doesn't say much for your case. You shouldn't disparage people if you aren't going to be clear and demonstrate you know what you're talking about. 5. This person has been helpful and nice to me. I have a demonstration of their personality. You have come in, yelled at people for scamming simply because they haven't replied to you, been unclear about who you even contacted, tried to add not being able to return furniture like it's a separate problem, and started off hostile. Maybe you contacted the wrong person. Maybe, if you weren't in here being combative and accusing 'the people in the group' of being rude to you without saying who you were in touch with that was rude or how you got in touch with 'the people in the group' (which caused me to think you were a member who just had a delay), people who rent here could have helped you with that. 6. I believe the owner has RL obligations that keep them out of SL, because as I stated, I had to wait ~24 hours for contact. You never said how long you've been waiting. I'm sure if it's been less than that, they'll get back to you, and when they do you can ask them for credit for the wait. ETA: I log in to the forums from my phone, but not into SL. They haven't been here for six hours, so they haven't seen this thread. Judging by the spelling on 'neighbour' they could be australian, which would make it not quite 7am and their last login would've been between 1-2am, I don't know how accurate the forum times are.
  3. I know you think you pwned me, but like...maybe you should re-read the OP? "Body-Shaming in SL is my most recent and in the comments under the video, most people seem to "get" where I am coming from but I have received some pretty angry emails. [...] I really would like to know how those here on the forums feel about the topic. Is Body-Shaming a thing or are people being too sensitive?" And my original response: "It's possible some of the people getting upset about your post are people who are making that distinction either because they don't agree with the equivalence" Her question was, does body shaming exist? My answer was and remains no. Based on her question, based on her wording, my answer is no. I don't make a habit of reading into what people write or attempting to infer meaning, as that leads to misunderstanding. She used an already existing phrase, asked if it was happening in SL, and I said no because SL is not the same as what that phrase already exists for, which is an RL situation about physical unchangable people. I'm not the only person who feels that way, I'm just the only one still being quoted. I base my responses on what you write and if that isn't what you're meaning, then you can clarify, but I'm not going to read into what you say or put words in anyone's mouth to make myself agree or disagree with them. Now kindly stop quoting me, as I'm no longer replying to this thread. As the kids say, I said what I said.
  4. How did you send a group chat message to a group you aren't in? Why did you put stuff down in the apartment if you weren't in the group yet? That's probably why you can't get it back. Anyway, I don't own the property. For anyone reading, it's not a scam, but apparently you might have some issues, there are issues with the group tag and you'll have to message them to get it if it isn't fixed. I wouldn't suggest putting things down on property until you have a group tag, if you're able to rez something at all. Peace.
  5. You've rented the place, you're in the group, you're having a technical issue and getting poor customer service. I'd suggest messaging iamyourneighbour and I think there's another owner, directly instead of using the group. The group is made up of tenants, they have no obligation to help you and some people are jerks. Tracking down the owner to call him a scammer because you can't pick up something you put down makes you look like one of them. You could've started this whole thing with "I'm having issues at my place, and issues getting ahold of you and I need you to contact me ASAP." Odds are now, since we have rules about naming and shaming, this thread will probably be locked or at least responses deleted.
  6. Look, i'm not saying it's problem free, i'm saying it's not a scam. I've been there over a week and haven't had a single other problem. Having a problem does not mean you're being scammed and that's a really intense word to use against someone running a business.
  7. This isn't true. I didn't get my initial invite, I messaged iamyourneighbour and they sent me one. SL errored and I clicked "join" and nothing happened, and the invite disappeared. i messaged them again, they sent it again and also opened it so anyone could join just in case I had a problem, but I didn't. It did take ~24 hours to hear from them each time, but I'm assuming that's more about a time zone issue. I haven't had to utilize the group chat so I can't speak for others in it, but there's no scam.
  8. Accuracy stops division. Like I just said, we had a similar conversation using accurate terminology that didn't end up divided. This conversation, with it's inaccurate wording, ended up in the weeds because we still can't agree that a broken arm is different than a bruised foot so we can talk about the treatment.
  9. I appreciate your attempts to personalize this for me, but no. Things can be important without being personal. I'm just an activist watching the same patterns of behavior over and over again, and trying to stop them from reoccurring where I can. The broader you make any topic, the less people care about it. If it's something that happens "everywhere" to "everyone" for "everything" then it's too big to change and the attitude toward it shifts, putting the onus to the victim to stop being hurt instead of stopping the harmful behavior. This isn't theoretical, it's a pattern you can observe if you just watch. Accuracy is our friend, not stretching inaccurate terms like a blanket to cover everyone so we can no longer talk about specific issues without running about in the weeds. The pet peeve thread for instance touched on the subject of people being snooty and judgmental about avatars and we did not end up like this. Probably because the terminology was accurate.
  10. We're talking about using a term outside of it's meaning taking away it's meaning. Body shaming is about physical bodies, 3D pictures are not bodies. Applying the term to 3d pictures takes away it's meaning, because that's not a body. I'm really done repeating this, so that's the last I'm gonna say. Body shaming is a term that cannot be applied to SL. Choose something accurate.
  11. If you go back to the original post and read my original response, I went the 'semantic route' because body shaming is an important topic that is becoming more important to address, in the real world. I don't think it should be changed into anything-shaming because it's important. Not because I just want to be contrary. She asked a question that seemed open to addressing her wording, which I responded essentially "I agree with the problem but not with your words." It could've gone from there to address the problem instead of the words, but it didn't. I took her at what she said, if she meant something else she could have reworded for that clarity instead of insisting she meant 'body shaming' because we have body sliders. The word 'triggered' went a similar route of broadening, and is now useless. It was an important word, which meant "this thing bothers me and it's none of your business why" and now people who need that word to describe experiences with mental illness that they shouldn't have to describe in detail to everyone they encounter, can't use it because it's been robbed of meaning and become a joke. If it becomes apparent to the world outside SL that we apply the words 'body shaming' to kittycat avatars, we won't be able to use that phrase any longer.
  12. People not liking the look of your fantasy self is not body shaming just because it makes you feel bad. Lots of things make people feel bad, that doesn't make them all body shaming. That is my point. Just because something is bad and makes you feel bad doesn't make it body shaming. Not being body shaming doesn't mean it's fine and not a problem. Nails and grocery bags are both bad things to eat but that doesn't make them the same thing. Think about it this way. If the question posed had been "Do you feel like people in SL are shamed for avatars?" or "Do you feel like people in SL are being unnecessarily or aggressively treated because of the appearance of their avatars?" we'd be having a very different conversation, one that does not center over whether or not the wording is accurate.
  13. It's not, but we're allowed to have different opinions. I've explained it a couple times, but literally, being shamed for your choices and shamed for your body are two different things that are not the same at all.
  14. Couldn't disagree more. Watering down and broadening terms like body shaming is what leads to them losing their meaning. Words have meanings and have to be kept to their meanings, and not doing that is what leads to this idea that 'evil SJWs' are just 'sensitive' about everything. Broadening meanings eventually leads to no meaning at all.
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