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  1. Everybody talks about groups by interest. Can anyone give some actual examples on those groups? It is a bit hard to imagine what interests can group people in SL. I love to draw & some PC games. There are kinds of social media where people share their works and ask for advise. How can group in SL be active for such interest?
  2. Are there any NOT ABANDONED urban RP out there? I never tried any RP & I am interested to try. But any place I go, there is no people there... So, hoe it works? Is it really dead, or people just schedule some action?
  3. First of all, I am really a dummy in building, so sorry if my question is stupid. I created a super simple photo booth (basically a box), and I tried to put there a few prims with Light effect (I wanted to create something like RL photo studio with light setup). Well, it kinda works with Advanced lighting mode, but I hoped more for a bright-flat effect without advanced mode, which I cannot gain so far. Ill illustrate what I mean with a few pics: 1. The effect I wanted to achieve (this is from TETRA shop, no Advanced mode) - can it be achieved in a box, or it is about windlight options? 2. That is how it looks in my photo booth without Advanced lighting mode 3. My photo boot, but with Advanced mode - not so bad think Any help would be appreciated
  4. Never mind, I finally figured out how to fix it!
  5. Even more weird...I took off the alpha & switched to BOM...and I still got the same issue: It does blends in if I turn on full bright on eyes. So, the problem is that only iris of the eye is on full bright all the time...no idea how to turn it off though
  6. Thank you for reply. I checked it & I do wear alpha eyes...
  7. What happened to them? I am wearing Lelutka Lilly free head, turned off all materials, but on Advanced lighting mode I get this. Any idea how to fix this?
  8. When I think about it, since 2009, not any single girl (well, maybe one or 2 in those years) tried to befriend me. Also I was naturally uninterested to befriend females myself... So, 100% of my friends in SL are males (not that I have much, I prefer being alone in SL). On the other hand, in RL most of my friends are female. Do you have a similar ratio? What % of friends that you have are of the same sex? I am talking about pure friendship here, that not includes sex.
  9. Thank you all, it was a great help for me, didn't know about breathing poses Yea, I also newer buy full AO, I just add to my custom one poses that I like.
  10. I see a lot of almost-still AOs on girls, it looks very nice & calm, but any shop I go & try, it is always much more movements than I want. Please, tell me where to get those beautiful almost pose-like AO stand for HUD. Thanks!!
  11. I change my look every week or two...it would be hard to keep up in RL
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