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  1. Bought this gorgeous hair from DOUX ...and THAT happens... I wear also hairbase. It looks normally sometimes, but most of the time it's like this Can anything be done? Thanks!
  2. Tanks to all! It really helps!
  3. I have Catwa + Genus heads. Thanks, I'll check it.
  4. Can someone suggest please some cute - kawaii - anime-styled skin shops? Something similar to MUDSKIN ? High quality is important. Interesting cute eyes shops are also appreciated Thank you all in advance! 🐼
  5. Interesting conversation, as I just started to sell my own shapes, I had those exact thoughts. So, my point of view: there is a demand for shapes, not all people like to spend time to tweak the sliders, some want just some look without the time investment. Me, on the contrary, making cool looks is a major fun part of SL for me, I don't ever stick to any specific look. It's not only SL, I liked making pretty sims and always spent hours in character creator in all kinds of online games. So for me it's like a hobby that may bring me some small profit....so I can buy stuff to make some more cool shapes, lol. Also the shape is not only the numbers in shape editor, it's a character. The combination of hair, clothes, etc. brings some added value, I see a lot of great avatars in SL and I often wonder where did they get the cool stuff/skins that they are wearing. And yes, about the profit. I do think that shapes are easier to make than other stuff, it doesn't require any tools or special skills, just a good eye, so I sell mine for only 99L.
  6. Relaxing, trying not to think about corona... Have you grabbed the new Genus FREE head already???
  7. Thanks! Maybe it's some bug of the latest version...I am also using the official browser.
  8. Lately I am experiencing strange glitches - my texture HUDs stop working on my head / body and then I realize, that both of them are in lost&fond folder and they do not respond to any change of texture. Then I redeliver the whole thing and it works again. Today I was visiting the Skin fair event and suddenly...EVERYTHING DISAPPEARS and I am standing in all my glory - naked, with my system avatar, no hair, with some peace of something on my head (don't know what it was, some object) 😅. Does anyone has an idea what's going on?
  9. Tried to make a shape as close as possible to the golden ratio mask. What do you think? Was it worth it, or is is a bit boring now?
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