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  1. Hey...can someone help me please to figure out what are those shadows under my eyes and how to get rid of them? Will be super grateful! It is Catwa head, Catya
  2. Hi everybody! Do you still have an old dusty folder on your PC with the memories of the very first steps in SL? I propose to post here 2 screenshots - the first one is the very first screenshot you made in SL vs now. "Now" should be similar to the first, preferably in the same location, with similar clothes, hair, pose, etc. I go first!
  3. Oh, thank you The items are (trying to remember...): Hair: Truth VIP December 2018 gift Shirt: Blueberry old group gift Skirt: [G-SHOT] Group gift Shoes: Scandalize (I think Shop & Hop event)
  4. One can be said for sure - Blueberry knows how to make a pair of fine jeans
  5. Trying some new look after a while out of SL Trying some new looks after a while out of LS
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