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How does your avatar look today ?


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*CK* Naughty kitten top MAITREYA PETITE
*CK* Naughty kitten skirt MAITREYA
Spoiled - Cutesy Backpack Maitreya
Sweet Thing. Simple Thigh-High Stockings: Maitreya (Skinny)

I'm also using the **CC** - Love Potion (Pure Heart) aura and, the Animated Cell Shader Aura For Maitreya Petit 2.0 by CREATiCA

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Switched brands of mesh head yesterday.


lelutka Ryn (in it's default, Ryn looks like a blend of a couple of RL friends I had in my 20s living in Korea), heavily shaped to move the look from North-East Asian to a sort of 'Afro-Asian-Neko' (once I had the eyes to 'realistically right' I went in and added '10' to a couple dials to go into 'anime neko' territory).

RL me is a quarter Asian so, wanted to sneak that into my avatar look.



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On 10/28/2020 at 6:40 AM, Eva Knoller said:


Tacoma Bay Photo contest [Eva Knoller]


Are you my landlord in disguise?  She always comes with a menagerie that I call her "Noah".  lol

Here's me with 4 eyes...I wonder if I could get a look where I could have 4 eyes and it looks better than what I have here for "fantasy" looks?  If you look closely, there is just a bit of eye underneath what looks like a main eye.  


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The new LOGO Chelsea head with a shape I made for it,  using Lara Hurley's Mandi skin for LOGO. I believe LOGO still has it out for free by joining their group, which is also free to join, but I don't think it will last much longer. Honestly, this head is lovely! Between this one and my Lelutka, I am pretty much set :)


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