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  1. It posted twice.. No idea why since I only posted once. I deleted the pic here
  2. Looking out over the Isle Du Noir before going to bed.
  3. The art gallery opened up last weekend. Checking out the art.
  4. I disable group chat for each individual store group (and any others I don't need chat from) in both Firestorm and Catznip. I Don't know about the LL viewer. Group chats keep turning back on and I turn them off again as I receive any group chat I don't want.
  5. @Solar Legion Out of curiosity, how was group chat intended to be used? I have no doubt it's being used differently than intended since SL as a whole seems to be used very differently than originally intended.
  6. I had broken conference chats on Saturday. We were using it because of the group chat issues but some of us would stop being able to chat in it and have to drop and re-add the convo. there were only half a dozen avies in the chat. I hope it's an isolated occurrence.
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