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  1. hii, amm... i don't know to much about men hair but i may give you some tips for clothes, usually i go to look for them for a friend so send me an IM :3 i'll be happy to help, also i guess you had a right choose with the body, Belleza Jake is the most popular body n.n
  2. cards against humanity, there's no better board game :@
  3. usually i'm between 50-120k that's because some creators makes items with to many triangles, that means to many complexity, i've a pair of earrings cute tough but only two earrings gives me 30k complexity .__. i think that's almost the same complexity my body gives so so so... to lower your complexity just take care of what you buy or use, guess i'm starting doing that for my furniture too -w- having a big house makes you have tons of items but if i don't take care i'll be lagged on my own home :c and that's no good, well well... anyways, good luck.
  4. yes yes, look on youtube :3 for vbloggers, some of they are just amazing
  5. i guess the only person who can make anything interesting it's the person itself, so if you feel like want to come back and try some kind of new stuff like making the job of two with just one i think you will find yourself absort in no time, recently i've found a lot of youtubers or vbloggers and it's so fun to watch at their work, same with creators, it's always fun to get impressed by awesome or creative things. i'm not sure if i was of any help but guess you got my point, good luck thinking about it and try always to live a way you will never regret and always get some fun.♥
  6. i can be your friend too, as you say, is so hard to start but once you get used to that it becomes really easy to meet people, so yeah, i don't mind.
  7. Yo aprendí a hacerlo con el vídeo que de LL :3 es muy sencillo. Mucha suerte.
  8. for me, it helps me to make true some of my dreams i can't do RL because you know... RL, it gave me a love for 3D stuff i didn't know i could have and it makes me feel like my world it has no limits, wonderful people, amazing artists, lot of things are hard to know RL because of the places i've been able to do it here, so yeah, i just love it x3
  9. For me is the chance to use all the fancy, sexy, weird, futuristic, etc... clothes or stuff i can't RL because you know... RL, like a bionic arm .-. or floating wings, also a chance to be in and being a part of diferent places, adventures, worlds, etc... i don't think i can go to an post apocalypse place RL wearing fancy pants and a short top, i may die by radiation if that place actually did exists... So yeah my avi is the part of me who can make all those dreams true.
  10. oww, you look cute as hell >w< i'll like to be your friend ps: tis a short answer, tough .-. ps2: i also love japan's related stuff 😛
  11. i'm buying everything i like from the events then i'll go to the "fun" part of cleaning my inventory... yeii(??)
  12. n///n i'm so happy people recognize it, it was really hard but thanks to the amazing things people created i could handle it somehow. ps: just missing the left Ember Celica.
  13. guess i'm not changing anything from now on... (at least with this body )
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