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  1. I suggest to contact the group inworld. They are very nice and will help you. Good luck.
  2. Not ready yet, but I'm happy with the result for now.
  3. It depends on how you feel it. I was alone for a short time and I felt very happy to spend more time with friends. But then I met my boyfriend and.. well I suffer because I can't spend more time with him because of the time difference. So if you meet someone and the time zone is right for two of you then it's very nice to have someone. Being alone doesn't mean lonely. Enjoy your sl time the way it's best for you.
  4. Thank you. It seems sometimes black&white could be full of colours.
  5. I would suggeat the same as Laurel Aurelia - to try to use the dated version of the head. It must says Lelutka Skyler (dated). After the update my Erin head didn't work with my shape because obviously the shape had no update.
  6. Don't worry, it will pass. They see a new girl and try to take advantage of you. I think we all went through this. I get new IMs from strangers, some just to tell me how good I look, but all are very polite. So be patient.
  7. I've met the most wonderful man and we danced all night.
  8. Some are my favourite. Some are finished and I'm done with them.
  9. I read his book, now I need another one - me ending my relationship.
  10. Sometimes I do accept people after few words. And sometimes it's ok, because they appear to be nice people. It happens often to delete someone after not responding on IM, just to say hi. I have friends who don't log in anymore but I will never delete them. People I have good memories with. I don't care for a person who contacted me once and then just don't contact me at all.
  11. The same question I asked, mostly myself, about the Ebody. And finally I got the Maitreya body. Just gave up, tired of searching for nice clothes or even sometimes any clothes. I like Maitreya very much but Ebody is also very nice looking.
  12. With the free Lelutka head. I like it, I think it looks good.
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