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  1. Actually I always wondered how could you left sl for so long. I'm planning to stay away for 1-2 months. And I'm still struggling with my willing to log in. Something that stops me is that I told my friends I'm taking a break. I have to do it for myself.
  2. I never thought it could happen but that's it - I gotta take a break from sl. I'm such a mess right now.
  3. Hey, I like same things. I'm 29. HelenaNavy92
  4. I was looking for simple and nice AO, Body language has some nice Aos but always some poses annoyed me, so I ended up making my own. Just buy poses you like and add it in Firestorm and you'll be happy with your choice. It really took me weeks to deside it but this is the best descision for myself.
  5. My advise is to stop wasting money on things you don't understand. I know how hard it is to understand how things work right now, but take your time and read, try demos and read. I know how confused I was with sizes and other thing - shapes. I didn't know what it means. Then skins, then heads. Then separate skins for heads and bodies. I was thinking i will never get it. But you'll get to the point to buy a mesh body, then head, then skins and other stuff. And for the women's private parts - I never thought I should buy such thing. But now I have the V after doing some researches and... s
  6. You remind my heart of a lie I wish you never told.
  7. I'm tired of trying to impress you - she said. - Should I give up? NO - he said.
  8. Absolutely lovely. Is this the Lily head?
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