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  1. Some are my favourite. Some are finished and I'm done with them.
  2. I read his book, now I need another one - me ending my relationship.
  3. Sometimes I do accept people after few words. And sometimes it's ok, because they appear to be nice people. It happens often to delete someone after not responding on IM, just to say hi. I have friends who don't log in anymore but I will never delete them. People I have good memories with. I don't care for a person who contacted me once and then just don't contact me at all.
  4. The same question I asked, mostly myself, about the Ebody. And finally I got the Maitreya body. Just gave up, tired of searching for nice clothes or even sometimes any clothes. I like Maitreya very much but Ebody is also very nice looking.
  5. With the free Lelutka head. I like it, I think it looks good.
  6. Sure, but for me it took less than 1 minute. But my friend had a lot of lag and he couldn't see even the posters of heads. I guess others have same problem and this is the reason why they stay longer.
  7. You can join the group when click to buy, the Lelutka group appears in tge local chat and join from there. I did this with my alt and helped a friend with it.😉
  8. Yay, finally get the head for me and my alt. I had mo tine to try it but I will tonight. Also, there is a free shape for Lilly. I hope tonight to get it.
  9. Another update. He wants me and he said he'll try harder. I still love him, I gave him another chance. He also said that he would never cheat on me. I hope the things to get better. Thank you all for the interest.
  10. Hi, in case you're wondering - he said to me it's over and unfriended me. I wanted to talk to him and he didn't respond. Then I offered him TP - still nothing. I said "good bye then" and then he came. I told him I want to be friends, I hope this is gonna work. So that's it.
  11. I never used alts and I don't want to hide. We had a conversation. I told him how I feel. He refused to accept it. He refused to understand me. I don't want to hurt him but it probably will happen. He really refused to let me go. I remember back In the beginning, I asked him what he thinks of open relationship. He said no way. Now I told him that I want to be with other guys, and suddenly he said he will forgive me. I'm really confused. I'm so confused.
  12. Yes, FairreLilette, I think you're so right. I need passion, I need romance, but I guess I was fooled myself that it could happen with him. I can't change him. I changed my mind so many times, but I feel unhappy and this is where I needed to start from.
  13. I know for sure he's single In RL. Besides, I never asked him to be only with me, because I know how lonely it feels when your love is away. I asked him whether he was with other girls, he knows I don't mind, but he said he doesn't want another. I'm not stupid, but I prefer to trust him. Plus I never wanted to live In his house. I have a place too. I like to be independent. I never asked him for money, or to buy me something. He spends most of the time playing games In SL. The lame excuses are the different time zones and that it won't work. I just thought we could try at least.
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