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Just Ignore and let this one die

Maureen Boccaccio

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I stopped by the FC yesterday. Except for the bartender, it's changed a lot since my last visit.  It gave me hope that people still go there and do stuff. 

It would be wonderful to hang out there again from time to time.  It was always so much fun.


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9 hours ago, Rioko Bamaisin said:

Yes, I do think this is worth bumping. 179 days with no posts?

 I received an email from SL today and it reminded me to check in on this thread. Good thing too, someone had to resuscitate it! Hope you are all doing well!


Nice seeing you pop in.  

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On 3/25/2022 at 6:27 AM, Lexxi Gynoid said:

*purrs, wiggles in the catnip*

Thanks, is well, hope you and others are well as well.

@Lexxi Gynoid

~ waves hello~   I wondered if you still hung out !   Please drop by TFC sometime,  if you can.  Miss you.

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