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  1. Hey! You can add me, always happy to make new friends! 😃
  2. If anyone wanna go shopping hit me up luvs ❤️
  3. I'd love to hang out! 😃 i'm from France so time zone shouldn't be an issue! I'm a 21 gay guy into a gaming, anime, fashion and a bunch of other things 😃
  4. Wassup y'all, I've recently gone back to sl after not playing for a few years (my laptop couldn't run it =/ ) and i'd love to meet some cool people to hang out with! 😃 I'm a 21 gay guy, open minded, idc about race, gender, religion... as long as you're chill 😃 I love to go shopping, visiting cool place or just hang out and chat. I love a bunch of things, music, cinema, anime, fashion, sport, gaming...
  5. Hey! I can help you out, I love to go shopping so I can show you some of my favorite stores if you want to! 😃 I also love anime, music and gaming so I think we could get along well! I have female avatar but i'm a guy in real (i'm gay tho so i'm not gonna be hitting on you or anything weird like that haha)
  6. Took this pic just after moving to New York ❤️
  7. I got it a few days ago so yes it's still available 😀
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