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  1. "Second Life remains free to access and enjoy" but there will now be a charge for anyone who doesn't spend money. At least it says they're not planning to charge your payment method if you have zero $ balance. That was my first worry.
  2. /me vows not to spend hours doing Advent calendars again this year.
  3. What shall I say here? Maybe fun to post to the forums in Haiku.
  4. Guitar players take note. The ahead-of-their-time, guitar-burning, gentlemanly, riotously funny duet of Roy Clark & Glenn Campbell can return to the stage together tonight. R.I.P. Roy Clark
  5. Really I have no problems - it is stable as hell and knows any hardware I throw at it. UPdates go smoothly. Its fine, but the popups tick me off.
  6. Pop-in window slides out in my face: "How likely are you to recommend Windows 10 to a friend? Me: "Gee, I dunno. How likely are YOU to STOP THAT S**T !!??"
  7. I have to assume there is nothing remaining on any of the countertops.
  8. I just found out that LL officially (and quietly) gave up on the idea of SL for Oculus Rift way back when they announced beta release of Sansar. Guess I shoulda figured it out, but I'm kinda disappointed. I tried Sansar on the PC - meh. I know its been discussed to death so I wont go into specifics. I bought Oculus Go. Its awesome, amazing, incredible, for only $200, blahblah ... and a purchase I regret. After a couplea days it feels like 'been there, done that'. I've felt my stomach lurch on a few impossible coasters, come face to face with deep sea fish, watched short little videos, been drooled on by T.Rex ... now what? The socialization aspects are bland and cartoonish. Yeah, "my house" is 3-D but it looks like the stuff I found on SL in 2004 and there is nothing that can approach Calas Galadhon (for example) in terms of dynamic immersion, emphasis on 'dynamic'. The things I can see may possess a bit more positional depth but thhey aren't any prettier and they're far more emotionally shallow IMO. In any social space I can find (there are a selection of completely unrelated/unconnected choices) the avatars look like Weebles, the movement and interaction is clunky at best, and there is no ... connection. There is no mainland to travel, there is no "IM the creator of this if you have a question". If I could just hold down a damned button to walk that'd be nice. Instead I have to stroke the touchpad with my thumb for each small movement (in clumsy intervals). What I recall from Sansar on the PC it seemed marginally more fluid that any social space I've found on Go yet. If Sansar becomes accessible on Go I'll have a look, but not very optimistically. I don't like FPS games. If I did I might be enjoying Oculus Go. I can use Go to access Netflix and *shudder* Facebook... with less alacrity than on my PC ... but hey, I do it in total darkness and turn my head to see stuff at my virtual sides! ! *yawn*. If the content had any depth I wouldn't give a damn whats at my virtual side. Some of the UI elements I first encountered on Sansar are found here, which kinda explains their origins and presence on Sansar I suppose. More style-over-substance. I feel stupid for having spent $200 for a coaster ride and some dinosaur spit.
  9. I went to Burger King and found my grade-school bully working behind the counter. At first I gloated - I've had 2 successful careers and he's handing out fries - but the more I thought about it the angrier I got. After 50 years that bas#4%d is STILL taking my lunch money!!
  10. "How To Top From The Bottom" - there is a bottom somewhere who doesn't already know this?
  11. Ahhh crap. Thats probably what'll .... wait, somebody's here... NO! What are you DOING? ..... AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *black screen*
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if someone slaps my wrist for the swimsuit model photo but I thought the joke was valid, mostly 'cause that's exactly what *I* thought when I saw the photo (although I wouldn't have been able to name the regions).
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