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  1. As you type, the typewriter moves in the opposite direction as seen in the gif, but - what she did is what you would do if you want to continue typing. Unless I'm not seeing the gif correctly, which is possible, since my eyes are bad and stuff. ETA: oh, oops, you guys already moved past that.
  2. Oh. I've seen and heard 'guys' used too often as a 'everyone here regardless of gender' type of word that I forgot it might not always be used that way. Let's see what randomly looking at Google tells me. ... um, hmm, now how to create a blockquote in this forum. hmm. "Guys" can be used in English as gender neutral to refer to a group of mixed gender. You will even hear women refer to other women as "guys." The closest linguistic equivalent with a feminine tilt would be "gals". "Guys and gals" is a rather informal variant of "ladies and gentlemen". That annoys me. The last line should be 'Guys and gals' is a rather informal variant of 'gentlemen and ladies'. Unless Guys is supposed to correspond to ladies and gals with gentlemen.
  3. I do not believe I've ever visited a store called 'KMADD'.
  4. One of my current favorites is Samm Qendra. Then there's Grif Bamaisin, and Wolfie Moonshadow and Nance Brody and . . . many many more.
  5. While visiting the relatives in Virginia, I stopped in with them in one of my favorite Greek family restaurants (sadly it's been 'updated' so it's just a Family Restaurant now). While eating a pizza I happened to glance outside and spot - a motorcycle parking in the handicap zone . . . taking up four spots. Handicap spots - he had parked in that . . . um, whatever you call that area with stripes on it - the place where handicap people enter and exit vehicles. In effect the jerk blocked four parking places.
  6. I'm reminded of a John Ritter movie where he got into a sword fight with his glow in the dark dangling bits. Oh, and the Gary Shandling one where his bits kept making vibrating noises. oops. I didn't realize it'd actually post the video of John Ritter dancing around with his giant dangling glowing bits. I thought it'd post a link.
  7. Have been missing in illness. (related - making up missing a day of work by working 10/11/12 hours the rest of the days of the week is hard, especially if still kinda ill). ETA: Hope people have fun at hangout party. I will be away from computer last two weeks of April. Weekends, not weeks. Last two weekends. Of April.
  8. As of today - every (family) cat who was alive when this thread was originally alive is now dead. Is sad.
  9. hmms, well it is the one the forum software has deemed 'Hot'.
  10. *blinks* Oooh, boots. booTs. I misread a letter there.
  11. *mew mew* Oh. heh. The thread I quoted/linked to in my first post in this thread here is actually still active? No wonder the 'last two posts' when I made my post in this thread had no year in the date. Because that thread as still active. Shesh. I didn't realize they'd bring a thread from a former forum into the new forum.
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