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  1. Thanks - I'm the one in the dress that is in a color I cannot recall the name of but is blue-ish. Here is one from earlier in the evening. On a bus: Here's a photo from Friday Night's train ride: ETA: Oh, right, here's one where I'm actually in the picture:
  2. To be fair to them: singer group notice said human avatars only (though I didn't see group notice until after I got tossed - when I went looking for group notice); plus: I was there for 20 minutes before they told me to leave - so I had some time to hear the music (they actually told me to change to human, but I can't change from that cat to human in a busy sim (and most of the time in an empty sim) without deforming and ending up naked; whereupon they'd have tossed me for being naked. I went there from a SLURL in a singer's group. So I'm not actually sure where I actually was.
  3. Thanks. Is fun place. Not sure about 'great pictures', but I've two pictures I'll post which are great simply because I was able to get two avatars on at same time. I do not normally look nearly the same, I was testing the differences between two different mesh bodies. Did allow me to use the seesaw, though (there's also a neat snail in the background, very hard to see, but I didn't get a better picture of snail.)
  4. Here is a picture of me as a cat. To keep up with the bumping. I was this cat about 7 hours ago. I probably shouldn't post this one. I got tossed out of the live music event for being a cat.
  5. I like the unicorn version of that shirt.
  6. Dropped my houseboat I had since March because I have another and the water is too shallow (at both places) to have mermaid stuff. And I wanted to play 'let's see what else is out there'. First pickup was a Victorian. Interesting Region name, but otherwise nothing special. Then spent day watching 'old Lindenland' pop up over and over again. So when a Camper came up, I grabbed it just to stop watching stuff. Even though I didn't really want a Camper. Ended up on an island with water surrounding three sides of my specific parcel.
  7. Addams - Lingerie in Petite package from Maitreya; Skirt outfit titled 'Philomena' [BB] - Nipple rings sized for Lara Petite (orig; puffy; hard) (on Marketplace) Cynful - Sun Kissed bikini @ C88 Dolly Daydream - Top titled 'Fiona' Erratic - group gift; crop top titled 'Liz' LYBRA . SEEYA CRIMINAL PALETTE dress @ FaMESHed S&P - June shirt/bottom combo @ C88 -- Moon Amore has an experimental Lara Petite that might work for some @ C88 - it didn't fit me (I was slightly poking through the top).
  8. I've seen clothing for it from Addams (top/bottom in petite package + top & blazer at store), Erratic (group gift), and Nerido (though you have to buy the regular item at event, then use redelivery at main store to get an updated version that has the petite bra/top in it). I went to that one store that was said to be good at 'Simple Stuff' clothing. The Simple Stuff option didn't work for me. I could see that they might with a bunch of breast fiddling, but I do not like making shapes for specific outfits. Also, I kept accidentally putting on the wrong pants versions and seeing my avat
  9. I put up some more of my art in a more findable location. SLURL: Some Art While going through my folders to see what to put up, I found that I'd done about 18 trillion abstracts. I'd actually forgotten that. Most never got put up anywhere, and I don't think I put any up at the current location. Some were kind of neat. I should put up one or two somewhere someday.
  10. I randomly put up some of my real life art up on two of my houseboats. Mostly because I wanted to play around with putting stained glass windows up. I also put out my art book on one of the houseboats. But I do not consider either place an art gallery. Oh, and if anyone does track down one or both of the boats - some of those are in fact stained glass in real life. Some are art made up of cut glass that isn't exactly see-through-able in real life, but are can bee seen through in SL because of transparency. And two or three are paintings I just stuck in a window and made into 'stained
  11. All of the homes I saw there were on 1024 sqm plots.
  12. Well, if is Bayou, just watch out for the . . . cats. They vicious.
  13. Thanks. Not sure if I'm back on this forum, but I'll take a look around while I'm here.
  14. I was more of a cat who had the ability to walk around pretending to be human. Though, occasionally, ears and a tail would appear while I was in 'human' form. I did use the term, though, Neko. Mostly in photo titles and albums on Flickr. I had a cat avatar from the beginning. First as a lion. I had a little too much fun playing 'Planet of the Cats'. That's a quad-avatar, by the way, not biped. Just looked biped when on a horse. Or driving a car. Later as non-mesh cat, then even later as a mesh cat. As for as returning - I've not been an all fours cat in a while, but even as a
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