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  1. All I know is trying to collect, open and dispose of all the free gifts in SL is like trying to view all the pages of the Internet.
  2. 7 Deadly S[k]ins has some fantasy color skin packs rotating in their $L 1 skin board. I'm sure these are also for sale in the store. Lumae has 2 free blue-white group gift skins and other colors for sale in the store and at the Fantasy Faire. Of course, you can also try Fallen Gods, in the store and at the Fantasy Faire. They always have tons of fantasy color skins. As always, demo to see if you like a skin on your avatar's head and/ or shape.
  3. Looks like LL did the same thing the Sims 4 did with their last ad campaign. They used real actors instead of sims, thus creating an unrealistic expectation from would-be users and irritating their actual users. Does anyone even watch ads for SL anyway? Maybe they could send Premium users a free bumper sticker that says "My other life is in Second Life" and let us advertise for them instead?
  4. I suppose if one considers this fee being equivalent to a sales tax, then it isn't so bad. I seldom buy more than $10 worth of lindens myself because I use my Premium stipend for most purchases. Pretty much the only time I buy lindens is to purchase land or a new mesh body. This *will* hit new users harder, which could work against your desire to draw in more new users. On the other hand, if they enjoy SL enough, perhaps it will also encourage them to go Premium, to get a Linden Home and that nice little weekly stipend.
  5. Any hunt that has pictures of the prize and doesn't cost $L's to get them is best. Also just look around the shop and see if you like their stuff. If you would never buy anything in the shop, don't bother with looking for their hunt item. Twisted is hit or miss for me. Except for the merchants who have stuff I know I like, the hunt itself is usually more fun than the prizes.
  6. I would try both your old account and the new one. If you go back to your old account, spend some time trying on old stuff and deleting skin and clothing that no longer look good. You can get a free female mesh body that fits Maitreya Lara clothes with the LucyBody MM board. Once you get it, buy the BOM relay for $L 197. This way you can wear the new BOM skins and Maitreya Lara mesh clothes. Genus still has a free mesh head, if you want one too. If your avi is male, I think Dream has a free male mesh body and Altamura has some free ones at various newbie locations around the grid. Check the
  7. I try to go for a younger, thinner, more idealized version of my RL self for my primary avatar. For my alts, I've created different personalities and looks, so they can represent sides of myself, but not just be clones of my main avatar. It's been interesting with my favorite alt, going from a standard avatar who was a little creepy-looking to a mesh avatar who's beautiful, but with a touch of sadness and survivor strength. You really can get alot of personality from tweaking your shape and getting just the right skin. I love avatars that look like real people. How much you want to recreate yo
  8. Area Search is the best way to quickly find group gifts and hunt items. The fun part is figuring out what word to search for and how to filter for exactly what you're looking for. This can be especially challenging on the Twisted Hunt, but a challenge is what makes Twisted fun. Normally though, just try searching on "Gift", "Group", "Prize" and right now on "Egg". Once you find one hunt item, you'll then know what it's called and who made it, to further restrict your search.
  9. I had hoped Linden Lab would go with a San Francisco-style Victorian theme. The terraced houses certainly would have fit with this idea. I imagined the houses built around a scaled down version of Golden Gate Park as the community area. While we didn''t get exactly that with the Victorian theme, it is close enough to satisfy my desire for a nod to the home base of Linden Lab. 🙂
  10. It could be your hover height is too high. You can adjust it in Avatar Appearance.
  11. How do you like the new LL Apartment Homes? http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Millbank/128/128/24
  12. Death Row Designs [DRD] has all their old group gifts (delivered in 1 big pack) in the room to the back of the new landing area. Their new items are at each of the new sections of the store. There are some clothing items, but mostly grunge, gothic & post-apocalyptic furniture & décor.
  13. This is actually my alt, Alycia. I love the new Catwa HDPRO Queen head on her.
  14. For men's clothing I suggest going to Gabriel. Though it has more of a Japanese Cyberpunk vibe, it also has a good $L 1 section & a 50% off section. Contraption has cool Steampunk & Gothic-punk clothes and accessories, including a bunch of free group gifts. If you can wear old system layers on a BOM compatible body, try the discount section of Sn@tch and the cheap clothes in various small shops in The Wastelands. Lapointe and Bastchild has gothic clothes. Maybe try Zombie Suicide too? Aside from these suggestions, Search on "Gothic" and "Apocalypse" in Places, then go to any shops th
  15. Sailing, horseback riding, going on a Hunt, Dating with alts if your alts have their own personalities. I once had a friend in SL who was also my SL tenant. It would have felt weird for me to date him, but our alts dated & had a great time. 🙂
  16. I never ask a friend to pay for rez rights unless they have their own house and plenty of prims or scripts being used. I have in the past shared a SL home with a RL boyfriend & SL partner. After one un-partnering that he initiated, I insisted on him having his own place, even when we did re-partner. Those who have been in SL awhile may understand why. When a woman breaks up with a SL partner, they will inevitably want to get a new house or at least refurnish their old one. This helps to remove memories of the past partner, arguments you had, and stress they brought you. You can feel l
  17. "Do you delete someone from your list if you: Haven't talked in X days, or worse, have never talked outside of the initial conversation If they did something to upset you If they repeatedly ignore you for no reason If you no longer have any interests in common" - No to most of the above. I delete contacts if was some guy who hit on me but I didn't want to seem mean by rejecting his friend request, if it was a one-time virtual hook-up and now I feel weird about it, if it was someone who seemed potentially cool at first, but now seems creepy, and sometimes if
  18. System hair is the same item as a brow. You cannot detach these kinds of system body parts, but you can replace them. Alternatively if it is modifiable, you can change the texture of a system hair or brow to a default invisible one. If you want to be silly, you could also change it to other textures. For instance, the pink satin Library texture added to a system brow can make it look like a brain inside your head - or coming out of your head if it's sticking through.
  19. In every relationship we create rules (spoken or unspoken). If your wife views this activity as porn or cheating, then it is. If you don't think it should be viewed as such, then that's a conversation you need to have with her.
  20. Send them to YouTube channels that help with newbie advice. I think SL is easier to understand with a good video than with just notecards. Keep an updated notecard for where to get good free stuff too, especially one for male avatars and one for where to get free mesh bodies & heads. I always direct newbies to join SL Frees and Offers and Fabulously Free as well.
  21. Welcome to Second Life. The SL forums are not read by many people in SL, so you're not likely to find your friend here. Try Searching on variations of his IMVU name in the People Search inworld and looking for groups he's likely to be part of in SL. You can add a note in your Picks pages to say you're looking for him too. Could you contact him through a Facebook group or elsewhere? Good Luck.
  22. Maybe Linden Lab should give premium accounts a discount on buying vitamins online?
  23. Btw, there is no firm limit on how high you can put a skybox or platform when you own mainland. There is an understanding that it's bad to put one so low that it's easily visible from the ground or could get in the way of people flying a balloon or airplane. I think 4096 m is the upper limit for where some scripts work and where prims that fly up accidentally end up, so 4000 m is often used as an upper height soft limit.
  24. Owning a 1024 lot of mainland is a great way to have almost full control over what you can do with your land. The price of mainland plots varies alot. So do the neighborhoods. Look in Search for parcels to see what's available & what lots are selling for. Your initial purchase price doesn't have to be very high if you take time to find a good deal. Then you'll never have to pay for SL rent again - unless you want to purchase more land. Features that make a parcel desirable are access to water or a Linden road, a nice view, neighbors that have good-looking builds, and no breedables or
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