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  1. Aebleskiver - hello!
  2. Zena!!! *hugs*
  3. I love the 40s' hairstyle. Or some other era. Retro something. Anyway, I love it!
  4. Analog Dog is hands down the best place for curls. I'd say 70% of my hair is from AD, if not more.
  5. I may or may not have seen you in "Vikings"... and with that ice blue gaze! I've missed your blog!
  6. I had a blast! So glad folks stopped in. As always, Ghosty did a great job DJing, and it was good to hear a "live" singer with WireNWood.
  7. WireNWood - and his guitar
  8. Ghosty is just finishing up - WireNWood is getting ready to start!
  9. Anthony and well, me.
  10. Cee and Litta!
  11. Bec and Steven Strikker
  12. LittleMe Jewell
  13. Cinnamon Mistwood
  14. Gabriele and SophiaAnne
  15. Amara and Hairy