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  2. Heh...I still have the folder in my inventory for Skell's Trailer Park wedding/reception.
  3. Heh...I dropped the ball on this. Pesky RL! But we could try for this weekend! Thoughts?
  4. A belated Happy Rez Day! I will always remember - with fondness and laughter - your wedding ceremony and reception!
  5. Oh and by the way Bay City, it's time for the weekly Rumble. This week, we're having a Hot Air Balloon Rally. Starting ooint: City - Truro/127/225/25. I got a balloon on the marketplace for 10L. These rumbles are fun! 7 PM SLT tonight (Thursday)
  6. My inventory stands at 39.499 - not including the stuff on my lands. Glad all is AOK, Skell! Back in my early days, I remember SL vets talking about storing things in boxes on their land. But then there was one time where many, many people lost those boxes. Early 2008. I stopped hearing people talk about boxes as a storage option. Good to know folks are still doing it!
  7. Yesssssss! So excited and happy for the two of you!
  8. Speaking of rez days, and such....the 10th anniversary of the Forum Cartel is upon us! Anyone up for a party this weekend? Friday evening? Saturday? Sunday? All weekend?
  9. YIKES!!! Sorry to hear about the power outage and about the damage at Rhonda's place.
  11. Root beer: I LOVE ROOT BEER! I keep forgetting to get a few bottles at the store.
  12. I sent you an invite to the inworld group "Clickers Anonymous"...
  13. FYI, for those of you who enjoy Ghosty's playlists, he's spinning tunes this evening at 6 pm his place. I don't have the LM, but will get it to everyone later (or maybe Elora has it?). Here's the info Ghosty sent out: ** Friday, my house, 6pm SLT.** It's a "sensible beats" set, with softer EDM, dream pop, psychill and fuzzy indie blended into a mix that soothes the senses while nudging your urge to dance. The set starts promptly at 6; do show a bit early so you don't miss any of the aural goodness. I have no idea what most of that means, but I'm going anyway! ETA: Here's the slurl: