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  1. Rioko! We're all good here, I think ... you logging on again?
  2. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who showed up for the 2nd set at the Hangout. A huge success! Lots of cool people, everyone liked the set and the props ... I had a great time, too. You guys are the best ♥
  3. Hi kids ... just a note (and I promise to make a full-fledged return to posting here because I don't want to come off like a nincompoop who only shows up to spam the forum) that I'm holding a music/dance thing on Friday, April 12, at the Cartel Hangout. Deets: April 12th. TWO sessions: one at Noon SL time (8 pm London) and one at 6 pm SL (9 pm New York City). Come to both! No one is checking passports. Theme: It's "The TV Set," two hours of music and mayhem revolving around the wonder/horror that is television. Requirements: bring your avatar, that'd be super helpful.
  4. Really! Color me uninformed. Thanks, Lil. I thought the tag would have been a requirement, like for rezzing objects, etc.
  5. I know ... the poor Europeans get left out of our North American evening shenanigans. I have actually given this some thought, because (in part) I don't really know how many active members we have that are European - or residing elsewhere, for that matter. I'll have to devise a poll or something to find out for the next event, which will be in about a month.
  6. The Cartel Alt Party is from 6-8pm SL time at the Hangout. The Hangout grounds will be set to "group only" at 5pm SL; wear your Cartel group tag to get in. / goes back to not posting in forums /
  7. A few things: 1. You have no privacy in Second Life. It's an illusion. Yes, you can set your parcel so that those outside the parcel cannot see you, and so your chat and even avatar sounds don't cross the boundary, but the minimap still shows you're there. If someone crosses into your parcel, even at great distances above or below you, you can be seen and heard. 2. There's no way to kick a player based on camera position - or at least, no way to kick a player off one parcel for caming in on another as far as my own scripting knowledge goes. But, in reality, you have no real way of knowing if someone IS camming into your parcel unless their viewer is set to broadcast that information. Furthermore, Residents can cam across server boundries, negating even a parcel function that DID work. Always assume someone can see your butt. 3. Orbs are inworld objects, and this is the help wanted forum. You don't hire an orb, you buy/script one.
  8. Actually, the "Wanted" forum would be a better bet. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Wanted/bd-p/Wanted
  9. With all due respect, this is a public forum and we'll debate your employer's methods all we like. These other DJs make good points.
  10. It's still possible and is still done. You mght want to seek out Treet TV.
  11. I don't know if this is related - I suspect so - but several times today, upon being on sims that restart, I neither get a warning that the sim is about to restart, and I do not get kicked off the sim or tp'd home. I freeze in place (cannot move, cannot tp, cannot bring rezzed objects into edit), and shortly after I crash. Looking at those sims on the map, after I log back on at home ... the sim appears darker in color, meaning that it's offline I imagine, but I also see green dots of other avatars still on the sim. Other Residents stuck in place? Just an fyi.
  12. The way to make the most money in Second Life is to find a thing that you love doing well and do *that,* instead of working for someone else. Learn to build and create objects. Learn to script. Learn to DJ well, or create art. Open a place of your own on a G sim and draw your own crowds. What really pays well in SL is talent. Talent for business, art, music, entertaining, creating. Any of those areas will give you not only a measure of success here, they can also give you a measure of success outside of SL too. If you don't have those skills you'll have to learn them - but that's what makes the difference.
  13. I made my case way back in April. http://addh.blogspot.com/2012/04/its-time-for-rodvik-to-go.html Since nothing has changed, my opinion stays the same.
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