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  1. I've been looking for this answer for years. Maybe if I posted somewhere else once in a while, I'd have done it by now.
  2. What the heck do you people have against raisins? Cinnamon rolls have had raisins since forever. I don't know where you people live, but this isn't new!
  3. So, it appears a Hangout Warming Party™ is in the planning for November 21, 6pm SL. 😮 That's all we have at the moment. I'll spin if there isn't another Cartellian with skillz who wants to entertain. And we need someone to decorate. And someone needs to tell Maureen! Uh, and I don't know what else.
  4. Who's in charge of decorating? Besides you, of course 😛
  5. Don't be. Coming forward to say what you did takes guts. We've all been there, on one or both sides of that sort of scenario, and setting terms for your relationship is healthy and normal. Without treading too deeply into your personal shiznit, I hope you guys will work it out and this is a good sign that you will. Either of you need an ear to fill, I'm available.
  6. Or at least be more convenient. Friday the 30th is my proposal.
  7. Correction: I've finished a set and my calendar is open. If you'll have me. 💀 Either way, should we do Halloween proper, or Friday? Considering people may have to tend kids at doors etc.
  8. I just started working on a set for elsewhere, but I'd rather do something at the Hangout for Halloween...
  9. I have yet to own a region People tell me I look like my ava but I think that was accidental. I am not a sports guy, not even in SL. Inner peace hahahahaha I bought a cat. Probably doesn't count.
  10. I have a real pet peeve about places and events like this. They have the right to admit who they want, etc. ... but that doesn't make it right. This is SL, and some people are cats, robots, angels and llamas. It's very unfair and I've thought many times about creating a venue where humans are disallowed, just to make the point. ☹️
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