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  1. We had a great time! A nice crowd of people and everyone enjoyed the set. There were multiple people who couldn't make it, though.
  2. That's hysterical! My very own moistened bint! 😛 *later ... * I went and looked at this thing. The arm comes out of the water, waves the sword about a bit, and then lobs it! Don't think for a moment I'm not considering buying this LOL
  3. Coincidence! Elora just got tickets today! I think for November. OK, you're excused. 😉
  4. That's not the answer I was going for, but I'm sure you knew that. 🤫 The alt owns those. Never wears them. She's just too weird to dress like a normal person.
  5. Houseboat Costume Party! When: Friday the 16th, starting *promptly* at 6pm to 8pm SL time Where: My houseboat, The Mast Hysteria I'm reminding you *today* (because I'm really RL busy tomorrow) that Friday's houseboat party is (or should be) a water-related costume event! Come as a mermaid, a sailor, Spongebob, a can of sardines ... a bottle of Aquafina ... whatever works! Expect a rather silly and overly-moist playlist to go with the madness. Now, I have to go and put my own costume together 😲See you tomorrow night!
  6. Well, I'm an idiot. There's no way I'll be ready to do this thing Friday. I have various other projects that need my attentio0n, plus I'm getting ready to take a vacay with my wife in just over a week. So I'll have to postpone. We can do it on a date after we get back, like mid-July maybe. Sorry!
  7. Houseboat Party! June 14, 6 PM SL / 9 pm EST I'll be spinning two hours of Caribbean vibes, ocean-inspired tunes and groovy electronica from the rooftop of my new Linden houseboat. Come dressed for the beach, or that fancy island resort you keep meaning to jet to every summer and bring a friend, significant other, random stranger or favorite snuggle-partner for an evening of music under the stars and by the waves. Afterward, there might be a late-night sail as well. Ahoy!
  8. Friday, 6 pm SLT @ The Listening Room A somewhat impromptu spin session comprised of "complex" music, which could include "complicated" music, "convoluted" music, "contorted" music and even "confused" music, a condition which was may all find ourselves in by the end of the night. If you've never been to The Listening Room, fear not; it's not a club and no one is encouraged to tip. No one is encouraged to dance, either, but people always do. 💃 The joint is open to anyone who wishes to attend. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Edloe/208/213/21
  9. Good gravy. Yeah, I may have an "event" or two coming up in the near future. I'll post something here if I do.
  10. And the overcoat would be a fursuit.* * Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  11. DM me, if I'm about I'll invite you over to the house with E. 😁
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