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  1. I stopped being a llama ... 6 months ago? I've embraced my inner human for a number of reasons. You were anthropomorphic for a long while. Neko. (Not a lot of actual cat avatars back in the day.) Ever think of returning to that as an alternate form?
  2. This is exactly why I don't participate on the forums, save for this thread. I dislike competition in conversation and too many people there have nothing better to do than stir up drama and put others down. Far better off staying right here.
  3. I've been (slowly) converting my current outfits to BoM and finding it not too difficult (though time consuming). I don't have it all down yet -- putting a system skin on the mesh mody is what I'm tackling today -- but the possibilities with BoM far outweigh any learning curve with the product. I use the Lelutka/Maitreya combo on all outfits. Here's a link to the outfit issue I was having ... no issue now. The stripes and the dress are both Omega appliers, with the stripes on the tat layer and the dress on clothing layer. With the dress in mask mode both layers show exactly as they should. [tiger stripes & alpha'd top] Another example ... the white lines are an Omega applier on the tat layer, shine is a Maitreya applier on the underwear layer. Adding material effects from the mesh body itself below everything else produces a really cool reflective look. [lines on tat layer, underwear layer shine, body mats] I don't know why I waited so long to upgrade. This is well worth it.
  4. I was wondering, as I have a couple of builds that don't suffer the glitch as I use an alpha mask. It appeared that the clothing layer also used one, so I was confused.
  5. Let me ask in here before I brave the ravages of the forums. At least I *like* you guys. πŸ˜‰ I have three body layers (on a Maitreya body) being filled via appliers; a tattoo, underwear and clothing. The clothing later has an alpha over part of it, presumably to allow lower layers to be seen through it. (Yes, I haven't upgraded to BoM as yet.) When I apply the layers in that order, it looks great -- but as soon as I teleport somewhere or even cam away from my avatar, the tattoo layer becomes invisible. It's still there, of course, as it shows up (looking like crap) when I switch to "mask mode." Is the the fault of the creator of the clothing layer, or is there something I should be doing differently?
  6. In celebration of John Frum Day: Saturday, June 15, 6pm SL @ The Listening Room Tonight I'll be bringing you two hours of classic rock, new wave and OMFUG all following a religious theme of some sort. There will be songs that spiritually move you, and songs that move you to denounce the whole thing as a sham. (Probably more of the latter. A LOT more.) Anyway, throw on your favorite ephod and come to TLR for dancing, the worship-or-non-worship of actual and/or fictional deities, and as always, good friends and good music. Your chariot of the gods: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Edloe/208/213/21
  7. You could check the Cartel group floater for login dates. πŸ‘
  8. I just want to know where you got the animated popcorn! 😁
  9. Because some folks don't get notices and/or their messages get capped: Saturday, January 18th, 6pm SL A long lost Cartel tradition, the DEMO party, will be held Saturday evening (6pm SL) at the Hangout. Wear as many DEMO items as you like and come for two hours of silliness, mad music and dancing with avatars that all look like they're just learning to dress themselves. Goodness knows, *I'll* look ridiculous. You can too! No tipping - leave your wallet at home (in your GOOD pants), just come and have a great time. Bring a friend - all are welcome. See you at the party! EDIT: Someone just messaged me for the SLurl to the Hangout. Here you go: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Allana/218/37/28
  10. From the I-told-you-so dept.: Universal Pictures faces at least $70-million loss from β€˜Cats’ debacle πŸ™€
  11. I only post in this thread for that reason. The forums are and have always been volatile. There's not enough moderation and too much drama. Who needs it. Now, you people are nice. I like you. β™₯️
  12. Unless it's had an overhaul and the reviews are glowing, avoid the play. I saw it again for ...uh, the 5th time? 6th? Back ten years ago and decided that was enough. Each time I've seen it the performance had degraded. It had become a children's show, at best. It's not serious theater, unlike the 1st time I saw it in the early 80s. Unless it's been entirely recast and they have serious names, just ... *shudder* The movie looks great and, as my wife mentioned, Practical Cats is one of my favorite books. And that cast! How could this be a bad thing?
  13. Hi, I'm the Lurking Llamaβ„’ ... I follow this thread in email, mostly, but I saw your post and felt the urge to respond. Usually I lie down until the feeling passes ... Anyway, call your ISP and get more bandwidth if it's possible and affordable for you. We had a 300Mb connect and it was adequate for a long time ... now we have gigabit and whoo-hoo! 🀩 Makes a huge diff if you have a high-end gaming rig and your enjoyment justifies the higher monthly bill.
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