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  1. Well, I'm an idiot. There's no way I'll be ready to do this thing Friday. I have various other projects that need my attentio0n, plus I'm getting ready to take a vacay with my wife in just over a week. So I'll have to postpone. We can do it on a date after we get back, like mid-July maybe. Sorry!
  2. Houseboat Party! June 14, 6 PM SL / 9 pm EST I'll be spinning two hours of Caribbean vibes, ocean-inspired tunes and groovy electronica from the rooftop of my new Linden houseboat. Come dressed for the beach, or that fancy island resort you keep meaning to jet to every summer and bring a friend, significant other, random stranger or favorite snuggle-partner for an evening of music under the stars and by the waves. Afterward, there might be a late-night sail as well. Ahoy!
  3. Friday, 6 pm SLT @ The Listening Room A somewhat impromptu spin session comprised of "complex" music, which could include "complicated" music, "convoluted" music, "contorted" music and even "confused" music, a condition which was may all find ourselves in by the end of the night. If you've never been to The Listening Room, fear not; it's not a club and no one is encouraged to tip. No one is encouraged to dance, either, but people always do. 💃 The joint is open to anyone who wishes to attend. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Edloe/208/213/21
  4. Good gravy. Yeah, I may have an "event" or two coming up in the near future. I'll post something here if I do.
  5. And the overcoat would be a fursuit.* * Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  6. DM me, if I'm about I'll invite you over to the house with E. 😁
  7. /rant mode on Back when applications for performers for SL16B were announced, they specified a WIDE range of dates - over two weeks, if I remember correctly. My wife and I have a vacation already planned, so I chose dates before and after our trip, in the hopes at least one of them would fall within the celebration's timeframe. No. The confirmed dates for performances are 8 AM June 23 - midnight July 1, SL time. I will be away with my wife the entire time, and while I may be able to log on and enjoy the festivities as a guest, I will be unable to DJ whatsoever. The staff reached out to me "in the interest of fairness" to pick different dates and times to DJ, and I informed them that, because of this, I am unable to DJ at all. The birthday celebrations are the one SL community event I give a flying fiddle about. I've DJ'd the past 4 or 5 birthdays in a row and look forward to the event all year; the crowds are always great, I get compliments from both partygoers and staff on my sets, and everyone has a blast. "In the interest of fairness," they should ask for applications AFTER the dates for the celebration are cemented in place, not before. But that's just one llama's opinion. I'm going to go play RIFT and pout. /rant mode off
  8. Correction: HAD a Tumblr. My new address is: https://llamasbooks.wordpress.com/ This is just to make everyone aware that the previous link is dead.
  9. Indeed! I'm crap at texturing anything. I'm barely able to texture prims appropriately. So having to learn the whole AO and UV thing is on a learning curve. I'm going to use a pre-made mesh for the hardcovers, as I can't make anything with mesh at all yet. The texturing will be enough of a project on its own.
  10. I am in the process of replicating my real-world bookshelf in Second Life. This primarily consists of making prim books, but the hardcovers are going to require my (finally) learning how to use AO and UV maps for mesh objects. I'm taking the photos myself as much as possible, and am only doing the books I've actually read thus far. I have a Tumblr to detail the trials and tribulations, for whoever might be interested. https://llama-books.tumblr.com/
  11. Rioko! We're all good here, I think ... you logging on again?
  12. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who showed up for the 2nd set at the Hangout. A huge success! Lots of cool people, everyone liked the set and the props ... I had a great time, too. You guys are the best ♥
  13. Hi kids ... just a note (and I promise to make a full-fledged return to posting here because I don't want to come off like a nincompoop who only shows up to spam the forum) that I'm holding a music/dance thing on Friday, April 12, at the Cartel Hangout. Deets: April 12th. TWO sessions: one at Noon SL time (8 pm London) and one at 6 pm SL (9 pm New York City). Come to both! No one is checking passports. Theme: It's "The TV Set," two hours of music and mayhem revolving around the wonder/horror that is television. Requirements: bring your avatar, that'd be super helpful.
  14. Really! Color me uninformed. Thanks, Lil. I thought the tag would have been a requirement, like for rezzing objects, etc.
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