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  1. Hi, I'm the Lurking Llama™ ... I follow this thread in email, mostly, but I saw your post and felt the urge to respond. Usually I lie down until the feeling passes ... Anyway, call your ISP and get more bandwidth if it's possible and affordable for you. We had a 300Mb connect and it was adequate for a long time ... now we have gigabit and whoo-hoo! 🤩 Makes a huge diff if you have a high-end gaming rig and your enjoyment justifies the higher monthly bill.
  2. Me either. I like winter, I'm just not quite ready for it. In October. Without warning. We're not experiencing anything quite that drastic, but we went from 90 one day to 70 the next - twenty degrees is quite enough shock for me!
  3. We're experiencing a mad temperature drop as well ... but not a FIFTY degree drop. Where the heck do you live, Newfoundland?
  4. Rio! How are you? Tell me you're going to stop being a stranger
  5. As Rhonda said, the new kitten is eating all the time I'd be using to prepare. Hell, I haven't even logged on for more than messages lately. I am working on a set, so maybe something for next week. And what are we doing for Halloween?
  6. I got a demo baseball cap the other day that had a large DEMO sign attached to it, with both no-rez scripting and a 5 minute timer, including the resize HUD. Try editing hair to fit a demo hat in under 5 minutes. 😵
  7. I primarily use my houseboat as mooring point for my boat. I still have a 4096 I'm renting privately. But do you know how hard it is to find sailable oceanfront? So, the houseboat in Bellasseria is a win.
  8. Well, I distinctly recall telling *someone* I'm an idiot. There's nothing wrong with the sun on my region. It was the sun on my *parcel.* Huh? There was an EEP setting on my parcel. I did not know this. I also didn't know that you only need the EEP viewer to change it - it's at the server level so everyone sees it, including scripts. And, as mentioned, I didn't know you could set the sun for a *parcel.* So on your parcel, you could have a 24-hour day with a ten-hour night with the sun setting in the north and, if I'm correct, all the sun-sensitive stuff already out there on your property will react appropriately. Mine did not, because the EEP on my parcel indicated a set sky. No sun movement at all. Lights would not turn on because they were being told it was daytime. Forever. Don't ask me how it got that way. I'm sure I did it to myself but I can't prove it, so I'm technically innocent. 👼 Anyway, once I figured out how to set the EEP thingie to default region settings (and then delete it), everything has worked properly and things happen when they should, and all is right with the world.
  9. You're correct, the estate mgr is not the owner. I have reached out to her, tho, to hopefully escalate this issue. I've moved once already due to this, but stayed with the same landlord. But I'm all set up, again, and don't want to move, again. I'd rather get LL's attention and fix the problem.
  10. Private. The estate manager cannot change the settings; she switches it to default and it switches back to whatever day cycle was set. They don't stick for whatever reason.
  11. Hi there. 😁 There is an issue on the sim where I rent. Although the windlight appears to operate normally, the sun itself is stuck in one position and had been for near 48 hours. Scripts cannot see windlight. Lights and other items that react when the sun rises or sets rely on being told when the sun is above or below the horizon (llGetSunPosition). Because the sun is stuck in one position, all lights, drapes, sundials and anything else that reacts to the sun's position is broken. I have posted a jira on the issue, and would appreciate the eyeballs, especially if you have discovered the issue on your own sim. BUG-227551 Day cycle broken, sun does not move
  12. We had a great time! A nice crowd of people and everyone enjoyed the set. There were multiple people who couldn't make it, though.
  13. That's hysterical! My very own moistened bint! 😛 *later ... * I went and looked at this thing. The arm comes out of the water, waves the sword about a bit, and then lobs it! Don't think for a moment I'm not considering buying this LOL
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