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  1. I downloaded it and logged in but as I thought had no idea how to move lol. I'll keep it installed though so I can hopefully make it to some future events.
  2. Though, since I am home today and kind of bored I think Ill download the viewer and check things out. If I can recall my password.
  3. Nah I've been pretty busy offline. Work and kids mostly. I wouldn't even know how to move around in SL these days. I do miss you guys though and think of you all often! ❤️
  4. Hey guys, just wanted to check on you all and say hi. Hope everyone is doing ok! <3
  5. Ok, so I need to reinstall SL for this party-what is a good viewer these days? I always used Firestorm back in the day.
  6. hey guys <3 Just stopping in to say hello and check on the thread. Hope you are all doing well.
  7. Think you mean 2007. Unless it really has only been a year and I am losing my mind...again. And hello Lil!
  8. Hey all Just wanted to say hi-The last time I was here was threeish months ago,so I cant read all this . Highlights would be nice! Hope you are all doing well.
  9. Happy holidays guys! I'm a little late, hope you all had a good one.
  10. Rhonda I cant read all of this, since apparently I have not been here for two weeks. I need a secretary to keep me updated on thread happenings. Or a newsletter like my great grandmother use to send to the family every year.
  11. Just got the email about this weekend.Unfortunately, Ill be out of town this weekend for a funeral. I was really looking forward to seeing everyone again. Take lots of pictures for me!
  12. That is awesome! Do you have any plans for it in mind? I need to find myself a Ghosty to buy me a homestead. And hello thread! I'm a slacker about checking in.
  13. Hey all. Really busy around here lately. Just wanted to say hi and hug the thread!
  14. I've only had one skin change too over the years. I don't really log in anymore though so I guess it's like a new skin every time I do.:p
  15. I can live without a touchscreen. They actually annoy me,but I'm old and crotchety.
  16. I thought he cancelled? I got a notice saying that yesterday.
  17. Not much changes on these forums.I ventured to GD out of curiosity..some of the same people and the same arguments going on years later.I swear I had to check the date on the thread.
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