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  1. I downloaded it and logged in but as I thought had no idea how to move lol. I'll keep it installed though so I can hopefully make it to some future events.
  2. Though, since I am home today and kind of bored I think Ill download the viewer and check things out. If I can recall my password.
  3. Nah I've been pretty busy offline. Work and kids mostly. I wouldn't even know how to move around in SL these days. I do miss you guys though and think of you all often! ❤️
  4. Hey guys, just wanted to check on you all and say hi. Hope everyone is doing ok! <3
  5. Ok, so I need to reinstall SL for this party-what is a good viewer these days? I always used Firestorm back in the day.
  6. hey guys <3 Just stopping in to say hello and check on the thread. Hope you are all doing well.
  7. Think you mean 2007. Unless it really has only been a year and I am losing my mind...again. And hello Lil!
  8. Hey all Just wanted to say hi-The last time I was here was threeish months ago,so I cant read all this . Highlights would be nice! Hope you are all doing well.
  9. Happy holidays guys! I'm a little late, hope you all had a good one.
  10. Rhonda I cant read all of this, since apparently I have not been here for two weeks. I need a secretary to keep me updated on thread happenings. Or a newsletter like my great grandmother use to send to the family every year.
  11. Just got the email about this weekend.Unfortunately, Ill be out of town this weekend for a funeral. I was really looking forward to seeing everyone again. Take lots of pictures for me!
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