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Introduction to Second Life for Educators - a Course in Spanish

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The University of San Martin de Porres from Perú is offering a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) called "Introduction to Second Life for Educators". This course is designed to help spanish-speaking educators in the use of Second Life as a starting point in their interaction with emerging and innovative environments that can be used for education. This initiative meets the needs of students who are experiencing this new way of learning and studying in virtual environments, as well as their tendency for increased use of technology.
If you or someone you know, might benefit from a course like this, you can watch an introductory video (in Spanish), review course details, and register at their websiteStart Day: May 19th, 2014
Additionally you may visit the inworld Headquarters from our Destination Guide.
La Universidad de San Martín de Porres de Perú ofrece un curso en la modalidad MOOC (Massive Open Online Course ) llamado "Introducción a Second Life para Educadores". Este curso está diseñado para ayudar a los educadores de habla hispana en el uso de Second Life, como punto de partida en su interacción con entornos emergentes e innovadores que se pueden utilizar para la educación. Esta iniciativa responde a las necesidades de los estudiantes y su nueva forma de aprender y estudiar en entornos virtuales, así como a su tendencia cada vez mayor hacia el uso de la tecnología.
Si tu o alguien que tu conoces pueden beneficiarse de un curso como éste, pueden ver el vídeo de introducción (en español), revisar los detalles del curso, y registrarse en la página web. Inicio: 19 de mayo, 2014.
Además se puede visitar la sede del curso dentro del mundo virtual en nuestra Guía de Destinos.

Second Life Destination Guide Highlights - April 18, 2014

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We’ve got a few tempting destinations to brighten up your weekend and you won’t even need to check the weather to enjoy them. Feed your body and soul with tea, art, philosophy, a little shopping, and a full-blown holiday thematic egg-stravaganza at these lovingly crafted regions. We'd love to see you share your adventures on the Official Second Life Flickr Page.


Rico's Tea House

Rico's Tea house is a place to meet new people, socialize with friends or just relax, all in gorgeously stylish surroundings. Rico's Tea House welcomes you!

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The Kollective

The Kollective is a monthly shopping event that unites the creativity of designers and bloggers to bring exclusive and intricate designs to the during the event. This collaboratiion between designers and bloggers is well worth your time.

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The Philosopher's Stone

What happens when 15 artists interpret 15 philosophers? The Philosopher's Stone, a delightful mix of original thought-provoking and immersive artworks. Come see the wondrous floating islands above a sim filled interactive discoveries. Throw on your favorite toga and and get your philosophy on at The Philosopher's Stone on LEA-17.

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Outdoor Roman Technology Museum

The ORTEM Project is a Second Life outdoor museum of ancient Roman technology, conceived, developed and built by Alexia Carnell with the cooperation of Fern Leissa and Linteus Dench. The museum highlights both the military and civil technology used from the late republic to the height of the Roman Empire in 117 AD.

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2014 Easter Town

Welcome to the 4th annual 2014 Easter Town. You can do everything from race marshmallow peeps, drive carrot cars, dance the bunny hop, ride egg boats, hunt for Easter eggs, enjoy hot air balloon tours and even take pictures with the Easter Bunny. There is also an egg decorating contest with L$6,500 in prize money. Lots of fun activities and shopping await you at Easter Town 2014.

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If you have an incredible build you want to share that isn’t already in our Destination Guide, be sure to submit it.

Second Life Destination Guide Highlights - April 11, 2014

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Here's another edition of Destination Guide Highlights, bringng you a variety of some standout spots we found and wanted to share. From the Paradise Lost build featured in the last Drax Files, to some goold ol' fashioned Rock 'n Roll bowling - there's sure to be something you'll enjoy exploring this weeked.

Don't forget to snapshot your experience and share those pics with the Second Life Official Flickr Pool for a chance at being featured in the Pic of the Day program.


Global Surf Treaty

Island Sea Dreams & Ellimatta Banyandah are a surfing community. Global Surf Treaty runs surf lessons and events for anyone wanting to surf in Second Life. Find your smooth transition over the waves.

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2014 Easter Town

Welcome to the 4th annual 2014 Easter Town. You can do everything from race marshmallow peeps, drive carrot cars, dance the bunny hop, ride egg boats, hunt for Easter eggs, enjoy hot air balloon tours and even take pictures with the Easter Bunny. There is also an egg decorating contest with L$6,500 in prize money. Lots of fun activities and shopping await you at Easter Town 2014.

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Gehenna Crossing

Gehenna Crossing is an immersive, emotive roleplay sim set in 1888 Wyoming. Brought to you by the storytellers who had made the legendary Deadwood sim, this build typists to re-live the real life-range wars where ranchers, farmers, railroad interests and townies battled for control in the time of Billy the Kid and Cattle Kate. There's saloons, brothels, ranches, respectable businesses and more.

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Fancy a bit of Seaside Sauce? Slap on your wig and flash those knobbly knees because this time, it’s personal. Test your Sauce Factor, try your luck at the Modern Love Bureau, get sparky in the Saucy Science Lab and dive headlong into a bountiful sea of fish and chips. Come visit this interactive art installation from Maya Paris.

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Rock'n Bowl Bowling Center

Travel back to the 1980s and enjoy a night of bowling at Rock'n Bowl. Enjoy the greatest hits from the decade while you bowl the night away with family and friends. Rock'n Bowl is the perfect place to relax with friends, snacks and free shirts!

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Paradise Lost

Set to the 14 movements of Mozart’s Requiem, the Basilique Performing Arts Co. performs its weekly production of Milton’s “Paradise Lost.” Join in this immersive theatre production and experience the mind blowing show show everybody's talking about. For tickets, be sure to visit http://bit.ly/mpbpac.

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 If you have an incredible build you want to share that isn’t already in our Destination Guide, be sure to submit it.

SL® Go Beta Updates Pricing, Expands to New Regions

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Since launching the beta of SL Go about a month ago, OnLive reports they’ve seen a very positive response to the Second Life® Viewer for Android™ that allows users to access Second Life over wifi or 4G LTE on tablets and laptops.

Today, OnLive has updated the SL Go beta with new pricing:

  • Monthly unlimited-use subscription for $9.95 (USD) / £6.95 (GBP). No contract and no commitment.

  • Reduced hourly rate: $1 / £0.70 per hour.

The previously available offer of a 20-minute free trial still stands.

Additionally, OnLive is expanding the regions where SLGo is available. The service is now supported in 36 countries - you can find the full list, along with more details over on OnLive’s blog here.

The Drax Files Episode 18: Paradise Lost

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SLShare Now Supports Flickr and Twitter

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In late 2013, we released a new way to share photos, status updates, and check-ins from Second Life to Facebook: SLShare. That project is now receiving an awesome update: SLShare will include Twitter and Flickr support!

This SLShare update will allow you to share your Second Life experiences beyond Facebook. Twitter and Flickr sharing is just as quick and easy, complete with specific options relevant to each social network.

For Flickr, you will be able to name and add a description to your image. We have tagging capabilities so you can ensure other users can find the images you want to share. Maturity settings are a requirement for Flickr, so we’ve made it easy for you to set this right from the Viewer.

The Twitter integration is also designed to be very intuitive, so it will be easy share what’s happening in Second Life with your Twitter followers. You’ll also be able to add photos and your location when you share to Twitter, and by default, SLShare tweets include the hashtag #secondlife, so it will be easy to see what others are sharing with this feature.

This update will also introduce a set of post-processing filters that you can run your pictures through to create cool one-of-a-kind images! The new filters were inspired by the images posted to Flickr by Second Life Residents. With more than a million uploads, most of them enhanced by some post-processing, we thought it would be great to include this feature right in SLShare. These filters will work regardless of which social network you choose to share your Second Life pictures to.

But it doesn’t stop there. For those more technically savvy, we designed this feature to be modifiable by our users. If you’d like to create your own filters, check out the wiki page on this for more information.

Check out the video below, then go try out the new Project Viewer here. We can’t wait to see more of your SL experiences online so share today and share often!

Introducing Anaglyph 3D Mode

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As we’ve previously blogged, we recently integrated the Oculus Rift with the Second Life Viewer; users with the development headset can try out the beta now and experience Second Life in a uniquely immersive way. Today, we’re happy to announce another exciting new way to experience Second Life: anaglyph 3D mode.

We think this will appeal to literally dozens of Second Life users nostalgic for the kind of 3D experiences provided by comic books, cereal boxes, and B-movies.


As with the Oculus Rift integration, you will need a specialty headset to take advantage of this new Viewer mode. Fortunately, the consumer edition of the hardware has been in production for many years and is readily available around the world. Though not quite as immersive as using the Oculus Rift with Second Life, the hardware required to use this mode is certainly cheaper, very comfortable even with prolonged use, and less prone to inducing nausea for first-time users.

A key immersion feature of the Oculus Rift is the ability to look around the world by moving your head. This works with the anaglyph 3D mode as well. Simply attach the monitor to your head and coordinate your camera controls with your head movements.


Anaglyph Glasses by Snaily is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States license.

To start using anaglyph 3D mode today, download the project Viewer, then from the ‘Me’ menu, toggle Anaglyph Mode or press CTRL+3+D.

While we look forward to bringing Second Life into the future with exciting new technologies like VR headsets, we also think it’s important to balance cutting-edge innovation with tried-and-true last-century technology - at least on April 1st.

Second Life Destination Guide Highlights - March 28th, 2014

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The weekend has landed and it's time for another edition of Destination Guide Highlights! From a club at the top of a castle to relaxing and tranquil outdoor adventures or beach living at its best - there's something for everyone.

Don't forget to snapshot your experience and share those pics with the Second Life Official Flickr Pool for a chance at being featured in the Pic of the Day program.



Eternum Impiorum

Eternum Impiorum is a metal, rock and EBM club located in the AdEternum Realm. They have live DJs all days of the week and good tunes. Give 'em a visit, you won't be disappointed.

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Aspen Fell

Aspen Fell is a great place to relax and get away from it all. This artfully-darkened location is open to the public for all to enjoy, so set to estate/region settings and make sure you have your music turned on. Come get lost in perfection.

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Southern California

Welcome to Southern California! This themed sim is dedicated to Southern California beaches. Hang out, soak up some sun and enjoy the famous SoCal skateboarding at their local skate park. Be part of the SoCal community and live the Southern California dream.

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Blue Lotus Okiya

The Blue Lotus Okiya has been a place of tradition and artistry since 2007. A place for women of culture, intelligence and distinction, geisha with honor, grace and beauty. This is an environment rich with traditional values combined with sisterhood and support. Stroll in the lush gardens to the ochaya (tea house) for an afternoon engagement. Or seek to rest your head at the local ryokan (inn) for the evening.

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Aloha Beach

Aloha! Aloha Beach has spacious sandy beaches, big waves and the best surfing features. Come to this welcoming place for good sun, great water, dancing, live music and more. 広々とした砂浜、波乗りにもっとも適した大きな波が特徴のビーチです。サーフィンするもよし、日光浴をするもよし、散策はいつでもどなたでも歓迎します!ダンス、ミュージックライブ、DJクラブイベントなども楽しめます。

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If you have an incredible build you want to share that isn’t already in our Destination Guide, be sure to submit it.

Second Life Destination Guide Highlights - March 20th, 2014

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Spring is one of Mother Nature’s sassiest seasons so slip on your virtual hiking boots and visit these allergen-free showcases of nature in full bloom. We’ve got natural to the fantastic in every snapshot-worthy scene you can imagine.

If you’re the indoorsy type - take a trip to a punk art gallery to admire the attitude and fashion of an epic era in musical history.

After that-  you may just want to treat yourself to a little shopping. The Skin Fair boasts an impressive number of exclusive items from well known designers - but be sure to strip your script count down to get in, as they’ve implemented a script limit in order to speed up your shopping experience. Take a walk on the steampunk side and drop by to play the machines at the MadPea Steampunk Gacha Fair.

If you have an incredible build you want to share that isn’t already in our Destination Guide, be sure to submit it.




Alki offers many fun activities and scenic spots to kick back and hang out with friends. Wander the forest path and discover peaceful little hideaways. Watch amazing sunsets on the beach or meet new people and enjoy music events at Z&A Coffeehouse and Art Studio. Experience the sights and sounds of this living, evolving project inspired by the Pacific Northwest.

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Serenity Gardens

Want to explore or are you looking for romance? Serenity Gardens has majestic hikes through forest, caves, waterfalls, rustics coastal shores and romantic beaches. A little eerie, a little enchanted, utterly beautiful.

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Eldalote is a garden. Navigate throught it in gondola, walk, laze on the beach or explore its mysterious caves. Discover the wealth of the land and let yourself be lulled by the romanticism and authenticity of Eldalote.

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Britannia Village

Come by and enjoy Britannia Village's natural British beach, marina and promenade. Two sims in size, Britannia Village has a sprawling ocean and several exclusive builds. Enjoy games, sailing or their very own night club. Britannia Village is a great community spot for all to enjoy!

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Land of the Lycans

There is something for everyone in the Land of the Lycans, whether you want to relax, explore or just enjoy. Roleplay is welcomed within pack rules and guidelines.

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Welcome to Woodsy! Enjoy the gentle rain, the forest and the stream. Dance under the stars with someone special. Explore, dream... Everything is possible in Woodsy. Namaste.

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Oi Oi Oi

Oi Oi Oi is a rockin' art gallery starting Saturday, January 25th at 6 pm. With three separate spaces, you're sure to find something worth looking at. So what's it gonna be: Rock, Mayhem Museum or sweet, Sweet Chaos? Only one way to find out...

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MadPea Steampunk Gacha Fair

Mad City plays host to an amazing steampunk gacha fair from March 15th through the 31st. With a revamped steampunk sim to explore, complete with weird contraptions and a huge kraken, there's something for everyone--even if you're not the world's biggest shopper!

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Skin Fair 2014

2014's Skin Fair is now open! That means lots of goodies from skin makers, makeup designers and more. Come see old favorites and find new discoveries in three sims of deliciousness. For more information, be sure to visit http://skinfair.wordpress.com/. At the Skin Fair, you're sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

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We were recently contacted by Back2back Productions, a production company in the UK, about a documentary series they’re working on, one episode of which will feature stories of couples that first met online.

For the episode, they are currently looking to speak with UK-based Second Life users “who have solid relationships/marriages as a result of meeting in these online communities, but also couples who are together online but not yet in real life.”

They describe the planned piece as “an entirely positive exploration of these relationships and plans to overturn people’s misconceptions through honest storytelling – it’s very much about ‘love conquering all.’”  

They’re seeking couples of all kinds, but at least one person in the couple should be UK-based.

If this sounds interesting to you and you have a story to share, you can reach the production company directly at jamie.stratton [at] back2back.tv. All initial conversations will be strictly confidential.