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The weekend is fast approaching, which means the Destination Guide has an assortment of great places to visit in Second Life. With only a few more weekends between now and Valentine’s Day, things are definitely sweetening up. Read on to see what’s new in this week’s Destination Guide Highlights!

To thrill the senses and warm the heart, the Isle of View has resurfaced with a splash. This romantic destination features swan-shaped gondolas, fireworks, sultry lighting and gorgeous forests. Bring a friend or romantic interest to ride the Swan boat ride at Isle of View!


Isle of View

Looking for something romantic this Valentine's Day? The Isle of View brings together everything the discerning romantic looks for in romantic festivities: boat rides, fireworks, kissing booths, forested walks, tasteful fountains, and free gifts. So bring that special someone to the Isle of View and tell them how you really feel.

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While many clubs seem to undergo re-designs, few have done it as well as Club Eleven Seven. This rock club features live DJ’s, hosts and a wide variety of rock genres. But the real star is the build. Crazy geometric designs, slick chrome and smooth lights? Why aren’t you there already?

Club Eleven Seven

Looking for something a little different? Find it at Club Eleven Seven! This amazing, unique club is home to some of the best DJ’s and hosts around. They’ve also got shops, including V-Twins, Edelfabrik, XTC, and Shades. Music covers most all rock genres from today’s top artists.

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Many role-players looking for new and unique adventures completely forget about the rich stories and power-hungry villains of yesterday. Lightbridge is a period roleplay set just before Henry VIII’s English Reformation. Enter a world of political intrigue and shifting alliances. Don’t doom yourself to repeat the same dragon-slayings and elf-parties of yore, create history at Lightbridge! 


The year is 1529, on the cusp of the English Reformation under Henry VIII. Welcome to Pont de Lumière, a.k.a. Lightbridge. Lightbridge is a fictional city in English-controlled France near Calais during Tudor times. Peace is tenuous at best, and alliances shift rapidly. Turbulent times lie ahead, where do you stand? Lightbridge is a realistic historical medieval roleplay sim.

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Speaking of role-players, We Love Roleplay has just made a triumphant return. This monthly shopping fest caters to role-players of all types. Whether you need a shinier suit of chainmail, an even more-improbable sword, or the perfect period outfit, you’ll find it at We Love Roleplay. 

We Love Role-Play

We Love Role-Play is the original and largest monthly sales-event for role-players. Here, you can buy premium items of high quality at a very nice discount, meet like-minded role-players and find out about great new sims!

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For those of you who prefer your Second Lives to be less hack-and-slash and more dinner-and-a-show, dust off that sport coat (or little black dress) and pay a visit to Aphrodisiac Dinner Theater. At Aphrodisiac, live performers offer weekly shows while diners enjoy the finest in virtual cuisine served in a wonderful open-air theater. A little culture, a wonderful evening, and someone to enjoy it with - what more do you need? 

Aphrodisiac Dinner Theater

Aphrodisiac Dinner Theater brings weekly shows to residents to enjoy the performing arts over the finest cuisine. Experience exhilarating performances from talented and passionate performers who come to Aphrodisiac to entertain its guest.

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Last week, the call went out for romantic destination submissions and you sent in some wonderful spots. There’s still plenty of time to share a special destination or compose the perfect Flickr image. You can even submit in-world snapshots for a chance to be featured in upcoming email and banner campaigns. See you in-world!

No weekend’s complete without seeing what’s new in Second Life! So come see all the new things your fellow residents are working on in the Second Life Destination Guide.

Shadowplay: Tales of Urbanization of China offers a unique look at the conflict between tradition and modernization in contemporary China, told through the medium of a traditional shadow play. Enjoy this thought-provoking, five part experience, and decide for yourself the costs of modernization.


Shadow Play: Tales of Urbanization of China

Integrating virtual reality with an art form known as shadow play, installation Shadow Play: Tales of Urbanization of China tells a story about the changing landscapes of contemporary China. In four chapters, virtual installation sheds light upon real-life incidents and predicaments involving the cultural and environmental degradation. For more information, visit http://bit.ly/1KCEFE5.

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Are you looking for somewhat darker event this winter? The slGoth Timekiller Festival takes place in a land of decrepit cathedrals, large towers and dirty snow. This wonderfully grungy event features a whole host of live storytellers, concerts, content creators and interesting scenery. Who needs sunny pastels, anyway? 

Timekiller Festival

The slGoth Timekiller Festival is a gothic and dark alternative event. This festival features a whole host of content creators, daily concerts, movies, live storytelling and more. There're even free gifts from vendors and slGoth Magazine.

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The first of its kind, Shadow Inc. is an LGBT futuristic mix of fluorescent colors, tall buildings, neon lights, clubs and more. Few locations offer such a vibrant look at a possible future as Shadow Inc. This welcoming location is open to all. 

Shadow Inc.

Shadow Inc. LGBT Industrial Complex is the first of its kind. Come explore this futuristic landscaped city, with hangouts for newcomers and seasoned residents alike. They offer shops, two clubs, even residential rentals. They have an open-door policy and welcome one and all to take a stroll into the shadows...

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Do you thrill in shining spandex, elaborate entrances and larger-than-life stars? Does the thought of a perfectly executed piledriver leave you giddy? Catch a show at Apex Championship Wrestling. Offering weekly shows every Tuesday, Apex Championship Wrestling is the, well, apex of Second Life professional wrestling. 

Apex Championship Wrestling

Apex Championship Wrestling brings sports entertainment and professional wresting to the Second Life grid. Each and every Tuesday night at 5 p.m., visit the Apex Arena for wild professional wrestling.

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Looking for something a little more upbeat? Sick of all that soft, gentle music? Looking for a little more rock in your life? More of a hangout than a bar, the Rock Bar offers live DJ’s, concerts, games and more. Come on by for friendly people and good times.   

The Rock Bar

Dance on the bar, hang out or hookup to loud hard rock music playing on beautiful beaches. The Rock Bar features concerts, live DJs, hosts, games and more games. They play music from current new hard rock to the old classic rock hits. Come for the beauty, stay for the rocking good time!

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Winter is a wonderful time for romance. Snuggling around the fire with that special someone, mugs of hot chocolate in hand? There’s a reason Valentine’s Day’s in February. So with a little under a month remaining before Cupid shows his cherub cheeks, do you have your romantic plans ready? Valentine’s Day is always a celebration in Second Life, so post a picture with that special someone on the official Second Life Flickr page, or share a romantic destination with the entire virtual world. You may also want to submit your inworld snapshots for a chance to be featured in an upcoming email or banner campaign.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we’re looking for some great Second Life pictures from the community.

Let us know what Valentine’s Day means to you in Second Life, and your work could be featured in an upcoming email or banner campaign - with your name credited of course! Do you spend Valentine’s Day inworld with friends, your partner, or maybe even looking for someone to enjoy future holidays with?

Share your story in a picture and on our Official Flickr Page with the tag “SLVday2015” so that we can see all of your amazing works. You may submit as many as you like between now and February 2, 2015.

We’ll showcase the chosen image(s) in an email to Residents, as well as in some banner campaigns. We’ll let the chosen image creators know via Flickr and ask for an avatar name for the credits.

Tips for your submissions:

  • Make sure that your submissions are appropriate for all audiences.
  • Show your avatar or avatars in a scene inworld - an image that tells a story is going to make an impression.
  • Keep your image free of additional text/logos
  • Higher resolution images work best.

Good luck and have fun!


As you may have seen, a company called Skrill recently announced that we’re working together to provide additional payment options for Second Life users. Our relationship with Skrill allows Linden Lab to offer Second Life Residents many more options for their payment activity (like buying L$ or paying account fees), including additional local currency options for Residents outside the US.

We first soft-launched the Skrill options for payments a few weeks ago, and we’ve seen positive results so far as those interested in alternative payment methods have successfully taken advantage of the new options. If you’d like to check it out, using Skrill’s options for Second Life payments is as easy as using a credit card. All you need to do is login at SecondLife.com, click “Billing Information” under “Account,” and then select “Add a Skrill Account” to begin using Skrill for your Second Life payments.

In the future, we hope to also enable credits to be processed (redemptions) to Second Life Residents’ Skrill accounts. Keep an eye on this blog for more info!

Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 1/9/2015

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Whether you’re looking for an exciting weekend of adventure or a few soothing days of relaxation, the Second Life Destination Guide is the place to plan your itinerary. Whether you’re looking for urban cities, pastel islands, charity builds or green flamingo bushes, all sorts of cool spots are just a click away.

A labor of love with more than two years of behind-the-scenes work, the City of Harrison is one of the most realistic builds around. This urban roleplay zone features incredible levels of detail, from working elevators to suspiciously-familiar price tags in shop interiors. If you’re interested in urban roleplay, City of Harrison is the place to visit.

City of Harrison

Are you looking for an incredibly realistic, detailed urban environment? The City of Harrison is arguably the pinnacle of realistic Second Life cities. Descriptions don't do this labor of love justice, you need to see it for yourself.

Visit in Second Life


Timeless Memories is a soothing place of pastel whites and blues, soft lights and sparkling water. A wonderful spot for romance and photography, the creators even invite you to share your photos on their flickr page. Soothe your cares away at Timeless Memories.

Timeless Memories

Without timeless memories, what would you carry with throughout life? At Timeless Memories, time slows, stopping just long enough to catch your breath in this infinite land. Take a few photos, meet a kind soul or just relax in the moment. Be sure to post pictures at: http://bit.ly/1x0mJc3.

Visit in Second Life


Discovery, Mark II, is a rebuild of a popular Second Life theme park and a look at what the future might look like (or at least the future as imagined by people in the fifties). Equal parts nostalgia and fun, put on those shiny future clothes, so grab a bag of astronaut ice cream and get your ticket for retro-futuristic wonder at Discovery!

Discovery, Mark II

Explore the world of tomorrow. Featuring rides, shows and more, you owe yourself a trip to Discovery Mark II!

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An art build to help raise money for disaster victims, ArtFest 4 features a continually evolving set where artists change the landscape as they see fit. Equal parts whimsical and intriguing, this ever-changing landscape is one that rewards multiple visits.

ArtFest 4

Welcome to ArtFest 4! ArtFest brings together caring artists from all over the world, building and displaying their work to raise money for the less fortunate. Watch the building, view the ever-changing art and landscape, talk to the artists, and vote for your favourites. Enjoy the atmosphere, but return often.

Visit in Second Life


Chicago in the Roaring Twenties was a place where rivers of bootleg booze flowed through underground speakeasies, gangsters swaggered around in pinstripes, and flappers showed scandalous amounts of leg. Chicago Empire Burlesque Theater hearkens back to that time, offering weekly live burlesque shows in a fun period setting. So stick a carnation in your lapel, grab the reddest lipstick you can find and head on down to Chicago Empire. 

Chicago Empire Burlesque Theater

Chicago Empire Burlesque is possibly the best live show in Second Life. Come see 1920's-style burlesque every Saturday night at 7:30. They're a bit naughty, so come see a real show with wonderful sets, live music, and dancing beyond belief.

Visit in Second Life


Have you made something you’re interested in sharing? Send a submission to the Second Life Destination guide! While you’re at it, why not send a few pictures to the official Second Life Flickr page?

Once again, the real and virtual worlds celebrated the completion of another year. Fancy glowing balls were dropped, fireworks lit, noisemakers noised and loved ones kissed with all due celebration. Now that the all the New Year’s debris is cleaned up, come see what’s happening at the Second Life Destination Guide! Look below for a small selection of the many favorites from 2014.


Is your ideal world one of crazy technology, mohawks and neon lights? Does William Gibson make you want to strap electrodes to your head and hack a megacorp? Make your avatar show your love with a trip to Clockers. Clockers might be small, but this store has sci-fi and cyberpunk items of incredible detail.



Welcome to Clockers. Clockers is a shop inspired by cyberpunk and the ongoing technological changes of the world. This small store has an amazing selection of incredibly high-quality items and accessories. Pay Clockers a visit, if you have the time, you're sure to enjoy it!

Visit in Second Life


When was the last time you dove beneath the waves? Turned a graceful pirouette in an underwater grotto? Raced manta rays through waving kelp forests? Mittandraland Mermaid Haven is an underwater paradise at the edge of a warm and sunny beach. Best part? You don’t even need a fin to enjoy it!


Mittandraland Mermaid Haven

Explore this Mermaid haven and natural park where anyone is welcome to swim around and enjoy the scenery and the many fascinating creatures that swim around freely. There's also a fishing game, rezzable water sport vehicles and other fun attractions.

Visit in Second Life


The gacha craze continues to get more and more popular, and few places embody the gacha craze like Gachatopia. Start with the thrill of a casino, add a little collecting urge/fun, then top things off with a 1950’s-inspired decor for a pretty good idea of what awaits visitors.



Gachatopia is the first region built exclusively for gacha. It has grown into the largest gacha community on the grid with year-round trading and events. This 1950's-styled location features original builds, shops and the Trailerpark Gacha Yardsale, running since 2012. Gachatopia is home to events like the Gacha Show, the Arcade Countdown and Tag! Gacha, a HUD-based gacha experience.

Visit in Second Life

Club Lucente is a huge and sprawling venue, perched on the water with four unique stages. A great place with DJ’s and all types of electronic music, get those lollipops ready and head over to Club Lucente!


Club Lucente

Club Lucente has been around since 2008, offering live DJ's, dancing, house, trance and more. With four wild stages, you can't go wrong at Club Lucente!

Visit in Second Life

Too often people seem to focus on the same tropical islands, dense forests and bright reefs. Rarely do we seek out all the other great little ecological wonders all around us. The Gulf of Lune is a highly-detailed and lovingly-crafted rendition of a salt marsh. Salt marshes might not sound fancy, but these important ecological niches are home to a huge variety of birds and a vital hatchery for fish. Not to mention all the cool little mini-islands and countless waterways.

Gulf of Lune

Second Life's climate spans the gamut from freezing wastelands to torrid sun, and the Gulf of Lune wet marsh is pleasantly nestled between those extremes. Escape to a simpler time, visit with the ducks and herons, and generally bliss out.

Visit in Second Life

All the greatest places in Second Life are user-created, so join the fun and make something amazing! If you’re running short of ideas, look for inspiration at the official Second Life Flickr page.

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 25: Oblee

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The subject of the latest episode of the Drax Files: World Makers is the man behind the avatar known as “Oblee” and how he utilizes Second Life to express himself via live musical performances.

Despite residing in a remote space in Durango, Colorado, Oblee is able to perform in Second Life 2-3 times a week; reaching a global audience and often collaborating with other musicians from all over the world.

Oblee was able to take his virtual earnings from playing venues in Second Life to finance his debut album Wow Bob Wow. His fans and audience from Second Life were some of the first to run out and purchase his music once it was available.

Oblee finds new audiences by exploring regions where the residents may reside in other countries like Japan, and though they may not speak English they understand the universal language of music. “It’s not an alternative to life - it’s adding to the substance of your existence.” he says in the video below.


Oblee also states that “If you have an idea in virtual reality, what’s to stop you from taking it to real reality?”, and he’s successfully used Second Life as a platform for his musical expression and to explore new things with his own music - creatively pushing him to try new things and compose a variety of original music.

You can follow Oblee on Twitter to stay in the know on his performances inworld.

Want to see more personal Second Life stories? Find all the previous episodes at Draxtor’s Website or below:


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Now that the holiday rush is over, why not come on by the Second Life Destination Guide? There’re sure to be some winter destinations you missed, this might be your last chance to see some of the winter season’s builds, games and creations! 

Eggnog the Winger troll is a fun little hunt in one of the new Seamless Experience regions. Eggnog the Winter Troll also happens to be a cartoonish winter beast with special gifts for anyone who completes this great winter experience. Embrace the cel-shaded troll!

Eggnog the Winter Troll

Eggnog the Winter Troll has returned to Escapades Island to give a special gift to all in Second Life. Unfortunately, the Winter Engineer lost the four crystals that open the doorway to Eggnog's grotto. Help the Winter Engineer find all the crystals to meet the big, cuddly winter troll. This game is available to play until New Years.

Visit in Second Life

Another winter activity for you candy detectives out there, the Unico Candy Cane Hunt offers a mall decked with Christmas decorations and hidden candy canes. But what are the hidden candy canes hiding? You won’t find out unless you complete the hunt.

Unico Candy Cane Hunt

Visit Unico December 21st through the 30th for the Candy Cane Hunt! Candy canes are scattered throughout, some with prizes and others with anywhere from L$5 to L$200. Check back daily as the $L candy canes will replenish. Happy hunting and happy holidays!

Visit in Second Life

Are you passionate about science? Does physics literally float your boat? Take a trip down to Oddprofessor’s Science Center. Oddproffessor’s is a virtual physics lab currently used by Rochester Institute of Technology’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf, but everyone’s invited to come by and learn.


Oddprofessor's Science Center

Oddprofessor's Science Center is a virtual physics lab used by the students at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf over at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The center is open to the public; stop by and see!

Visit in Second Life

A glorious winter island built around a market and hunt, there are a few reasons for visiting Inspiration Point. The glowing pastel palette of blues and whites makes for wonderful photography spots, while the hunts offer a fun intellectual challenge. There’s even shopping, if you feel so inclined.


Inspiration Point

Go to Inspiration Point for the all new Christmas hunt and market experience! Discover the wonders of winter as you venture around the sim to find a market filled with holiday goods and over 20 new hunt prizes from Boogers, Kirin, Tee*fy, The secret store, Flowey, MishMish, Pizza's, Jim, Intrigue Co., Pilot and more!

Visit in Second Life

Most clubs are, quite simply, clubs. Large boxes with garish lights and loud speakers. Trancescending bucks that curve. Come to Trancescending for live DJ’s mixing in forested groves, around waterfalls and gorgeous gardens. Don’t lock your music in a box, enjoy it out in the world.



Trancescending brings the best in trance music with the best live-mixing DJs around. They aim to bring together nature and music with messages of humanity. They've got shows every Sunday from 4pm through midnight, spectacular three-day festivals every three months, and a beautifully chill garden. Come relax at Trancescending.

Visit in Second Life

Now that Christmas is over, what were your favorite places to visit? Share them with the grid. Or, instead of entire zones, share your holiday pictures at the official Second Life Flickr page.

Winter has arrived — and the spirit of the season is evident in every sense — from the snow on the ground in many parts, to the merriment and joy and observances across the world.

We want to know how you celebrate the coming of the New Year in our New Year Snapshot Contest. If it’s a whole new look for your avatar, or an inworld party to celebrate — share your snapshots for a chance to win L$10,000,  L$5,000, L$3,000 or L$1,000. Visit the contest in our Official Forums for details and to enter.



If you’ve got a sweet tooth — come by one of the Portal Park locations to pick up a free holiday gift. Look for the red gift box and click it to get your copy — and enjoy the seasonally decorated Portal Park while you’re there.



Have a warm and bright season and a happy New Year!

It’s the second-to-last-weekend of 2014, how do you plan on enjoying it? Why not make time to see all the new places in the Second Life Destination Guide? ‘Tis the season to be dazzled and inspired, after all.

While winter white and Gothic black provide a rather stark color palette, Gothmas by Gaslight pulls it off with style, panache and an Aurora Borealis. Now through January 5th, do your winter shopping through darkly looming buildings, bright lights and swirling colors. Velvet and lace isn’t required, just recommended.


Gothmas by Gaslight

Gothmas by Gaslight follows a darker, more beautiful holiday season. The night air is cold and crystal, it is a time of velvet and lace, of jewels and silver. Gothmas runs through January 5th, for more information be sure to visit https://gothmasbygaslight.wordpress.com/.

Visit in Second Life


Have you ever driven through a neighborhood, ooh-ing and ahh-ing over all the lights, giant inflatable Santas and silly Christmas decorations? This holiday season, come see as your Second Life neighbors open their homes and show off how they dress their domiciles in the Tour of Lights.

Tour of Lights

Celebrate the holiday season with a grid-wide community event: the first annual Second Life Tour of Lights, December 18th through the 21st! Over 30 Second Life residents came together to open their homes for this free, self-guided tour through a wide variety of holiday-themed houses and winter wonderland landscapes. Bundle up and experience the magic of the season!

Visit in Second Life


Not everyone is blessed with the perfect winter climate. Some people are forced to shovel snow in eight layers of clothing. Some stare at warm sandy beaches all year. At Scribbled Hearts, you don’t have to worry about the weather, season or time of day. Just rez in and bask in everything the perfect winter has to offer.

Scribbled Hearts

Home of tarte. and Plethora, Scribbled Hearts is winterized and the perfect place to visit. Grab a friend, a book, or a spot near the water and cozy up to the beautiful landscape and scenery. Whether you're looking to shop, take pictures, or just explore, Scribbled Hearts has it all!

Visit in Second Life


Are you good at puzzles? Are your favorite challenges described using words like “fiendishly” and “difficult?” The Bushido Challenge is a maze-like treasure hunt that requires a whole host of skills to complete. And what reward would make this task worth your while, you ask? A full suit of customized armor, of course.

The Bushido Challenge

Enter the Bushido Challenge, a treasure hunt and maze that requires planned movements, logic, sequencing, matching, interaction, cooperation and more. Solve them all for a full set of kanji armor. Get your bushido on as the at the Bushido Challenge.

Visit in Second Life


A yearly tradition over at Jasmine’s Hollow, Hollow Days offers all the trappings of good winter fun. With art and music for sale, ice skating and events through the new year, come spend winter with one of the friendliest communities around.

Hollow Days at Jasmine's Hollow

Welcome to the fourth annual Hollow Days winter celebration! Skate, stroll, cuddle, play games and more at this Adirondack steampunk artist community. Shop for gifts at the galleries and listening booths. Or hang out at the live shows and New Years Eve party at the Dirty Grind.

Visit in Second Life


Nothing heats up winter like seeing your new creations, so join the fun and share something great. Or send a picture over to the official Second Life Flickr page and see what your Second Life neighbors are up to.