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  1. So?. I'v probably spent in the regions of six figures in the near 12 years I have been in Second Life. The amount in linden I have uploaded over the years and spent probably makes anything you have spent look like a poor persons pittance. Yet I don't expect special treatment definitely don't come to the forums with self entitled whining. Premium is there as an OPTIONAL extra for those who wish to pay for it. If you want the extra groups then pay premium, if not, don't. If you do premium correctly you can get most of it back, aka choose the per year option. You get 300 lindens a week, thats 15,600 lindens a year. Add on to that your 1000 linden bonus after 45 days thats now 16,600. Currently to purchase that amount of lindens its $66.40. Premium yearly is currently $72 dollars a year. Take the 66.40 away from 72 and you get the grand total of $5.60 now divide that by 12 and your actually paying 46.6 cents a month for premium. Now to hammer the point home a little more.....go to ANY land rental agency, look at the cost of renting 1024 worth of land which is roughly about 600 linden a week. Multiply that by 52 and you get 31,200 linden a year in rental. The current cost of buying that is $124.80. Take that away from the $5.60 and you get NEGATIVE -$119.20. So to summarise... *Your getting a years worth of premium *60 Groups *Access to experiences if you want it *Access to regions when full *1024 worth of land included For $5.60 a year not including equivalent land rental cost OR -$119.20 including equivalent land rental cost Go home..
  2. Sure, those who are about 200 years old 😂. I however had to look it up. Well, there are many advantages to your children having a cell phone. One is the ability to call you in case anything was to ever happen, thats usually the most important and also to allow you to keep in contact with them if they are ever out anywhere. But the other is recognising that times are changing. Smartphones today serve a much wider purpose than the BS "zombie" argument. They are being used in schools and colleges as educational tools that students can use to look up information in class if they need it, allows them to record lectures etc etc. They allow teenagers an outlet of creativity when it comes to taking photographs, recording videos or getting to grips with many of the free mobile digital development tools that now exist. They also allow teenagers to build memories and keep in contact with their friends. Who by the way, if they are 13 or over, ALL have smartphones. They allow teenagers to look up new and interesting information and keep up to date with the worlds events though the likes of YouTube as well as find streamers who are their peers that they can relate to and learn from. The world has gone digital whether you like it or not and that isn't going to change. By stopping your children from ever having a smartphone....all your really doing is ostracising them from their friends and depriving them of a valuable tool that will ultimately help them in preparing for life in a world that makes good use of them. What you really should do is allow them to have a smartphone once they reach the age of about 13 and teach them how to use it responsibly and also encourage and participate in non smartphone activities with them so they get a healthy balance of the two. Because heres the truth, whether you like it or not they will eventually get one and they WILL spend an inordinate about of time on it. But, the whole "zombies" thing is nonsense, it's always been nonsense. Me and my friends spend a lot of time on our phones sure but we also spend time hanging out in person, grabbing coffee, going for a drive, going for a walk, chatting etc etc as do millions of others that I see who own and use a smartphone. The world is so digitally connected now that unless your in a certain high up age bracket and all your friends meet up weekly at the knitathon for a chat and a coffee...having a smartphone is somewhat of a requirement.
  3. If your interested in the read, here is the blog mentioned in the article http://musingslif.blogspot.com
  4. However, it is something they are looking in to allowing us to do. Its has been discussed in the content creation user group
  5. Would appreciate it if you learned to respond to a post correctly. You have made it look like I stated your response in my own post.
  6. It's a fair point. They said no to lowering land costs, but here we are. They said no to teleportation via scripts, they even stated they were concerned about the griefing potential, but here we are. They said no to animated mesh, I have had Jira's closed and refused for requesting that exact feature, but here we are. They said no to increasing land count, again Jira's have been closed and refused, but here we are. They said no to increasing object scale beyond 10x10x10 but then they gave us 64x64x64. Just because they say no to something now doesn't mean they they won't say yes in the future.
  7. Ohh we can turn the answers into expressive poetry.... Madelaine McMasters Baddy Maddy Burning Disasters Legless Lizard Fall Flail Rising Sun Autumn Dance Let's try another one LOL but waking up Isn't she putting things... ...on fire? Or am i mixing up... ...Madelaine McMasters Two words Humorous Rabbit Humorous Disasters.. *Bows*
  8. Uh huh. Do you have any idea how many people I have heard say this. They always claim they are going to leave and give it a few weeks to a few months and out of no where they get "the urge". Its 9pm on a Saturday evening, when they would usually be on SL and they find themselves thinking... "Hmm, I wonder what's happening on the forum...it won't hurt to look......maybe if I just respond to just one comment.." Then they decide to log in...just to check in... "Oh a new feature, I might just take a look...oh this is neat..." The spend 20 minutes in world and feel their urge being satisfied.... "Well maybe a 1024sqm won't hurt I mean its not much to spend a month, maybe il get premium and then I get some spends as well" Then suddenly and without even realising it....four hours have passed you by....the addiction returns.... No one ever truly quits Second Life
  9. Hopefully that will change when global experiences are released. Its a shame there isn't a way to see what data we have stored in our experiences beyond having to look it up via code. If they created an experience database browser then that would be nifty
  10. You have several options for data storage depending on your needs. 1. You could use scripts as they are. They store data in lists or variables perfectly fine and if you need to retrieve the data you could write in a simple llOwnerSay loop to output all of the information into local chat for you to copy and save. 2. You could use script slaves. This method is having a central "server" script, say on your sim with several smaller slave scripts. The server script receives information sent to it and then send it on to the slave scripts to be stored. You would keep a check in each slave script making sure that memory usage doesn't exceed a certain amount. If it does, lets say in slave script 1, then slave script 1 would send the data on to slave script 2 to be stored. 3. Key pair values. This requires you to pay for premium and obtain an experience key but gives you access to key pair data storage which is....basically....access to database storage using in world functions such as llCreateKeyValue(), llReadKeyValue() etc etc 4. An external database. This requires paying for web hosting but allows you to store your data outside of SL in say an SQL database. Web hosting isn't expensive, my host with Xisto costs me 2 dollars a month and suits all my needs. If you are savvy enough you can actually create the database on your own computer and host the data there but for 2 dollars a month....paying for hosting is simpler. 5. Storage in google doc tables. This isn't really all that secure and is slower than other methods but useful non the less. You are right to explore these options. Data storage is something that comes in very handy depending on the project you are doing. Each one of these has their advantages and disadvantages. For example, using an external database allows you to see and modify the data, if needs be, quite easily but requires you to pay for hosting and usually a web address. Where as using key pair values doesn't give you access to a readable database and requires you to script a way to look up, retrieve and modify specific key values BUT allows you to keep all of your code and storage in world and is very fast and effective. Google docs is simple and effective but slow and not all that secure...etc etc. Your best bet is to just play around with the different methods and see which ones you feel are right for you. Even if you never end up using any of them its good to have the knowledge of how to do it in your toolkit incase you ever need to in the future.
  11. did you set integer close_button=2; to the link number that is your close button?. So if your close button is link 4 it would read integer close_button=4; You can find out what link your close button is by putting llOwnerSay((string)llDetectedLinkNumber(0)); under the touch_start event. Like so : touch_start(integer x){ llOwnerSay((string)llDetectedLinkNumber(0)); } When you click your close button it will output the link number in chat.
  12. He means making a close button. Aka an X above the hud that when clicked will close it. I think the "separate myself" refers to hiding the hud over detaching it.
  13. Deserted or not they are the closest thing out there to SL 2.0
  14. Tbh, iv said it once il say it again. If you want SL 2.0....Sinespace....
  15. *shrugs* They were just ideas of things I would like. Nothing more nothing less.
  16. Hmm....this is purely my own personal wants and desires but my version of SL 2.0 would have to include : -Prims....I don't care what you all say I love in world building. But enhanced, so dividing faces, editing points, edges etc etc. Basically rudimentary "mesh prims". Limitations on how many divisions can be applied etc etc -Mesh importing BUT with limitations on the complexity of the items that can be uploaded or perhaps a restriction on MB size (see region section further down) -Maybe texture limits on uploads to keep textures at an acceptable size -Sound clip lengths extended to 60 seconds or more -Enhanced LSL 2.0 based on a powerful but simplified language/syntax along the lines of Python, Swift or Lua etc. With other extra features such as custom user function libraries, more enhanced debugging such as stepping through code, code cleanup, predictive function display as you type etc etc -Added on to the above, more useable controls. In the present day Up, Down, Left, Right, Mouse, Pg_Up, Pg_Down and Shift + Left or Right.....is not enough -High quality fully customisable starter bodies that actually look decent that ANYONE could create for instead of the elite few. -Clothing that can be created in world. One idea could be along the lines of current system clothing but more enhanced with more options, way more clothing styles, customisation and rudimentary baking for shadows and occlusion. -Master user accounts and under that you create your alts which all share inventories. -Enhanced regions, much larger in scale, with maybe voxel or similar terrain that allows you to tunnel, re shape and remove terrain to your own specifications. Maybe "land count" and prim limitations removed and a switch to restrictions by Megabytes. That way you could possibly have more in your sim than the original 20k prims would allow so long as the size of each item was low enough. Also perhaps enhanced terrain design features that allow you to generate trees and grass. Also the terrain split up into sectors that allow you to apply different textures to different areas...idk stuff I do have more but I am too tired right now and no longer want to type
  17. I would accept it. I would happily start again if the world was decent enough.
  18. timer(){ //Only increment if health is less if(health<(integer)llGetObjectDesc()){ health+=1; llSay(-15238," HEALTH="+(string)health); }else{ //If health is equal to, then stop the timer llSetTimerEvent(0.0); } } Something like this. Also, use an integer to store your health value as opposed to a string. So integer health=(integer)llGetObjectDesc();
  19. Your talking about the six transformational degrees of freedom I think. The 3 x translational and 3 x rotational and if I remember correctly thats only a thing in duel quaternions. They are talking about how we represent it in LSL aka the rotational variable containing four float components
  20. While girls have got the larger volume of clothing, our styles in a lot of ways are severely limited. Especially when it comes to obtaining clothes for certain specific mesh bodies. Lets use Maitreya as an example. In the world of shopping for Maitreya on SL we usually have to sift through the gajillion designers who seem to think that female clothing design should make you look like a red light hooker. If you are on marketplace that sorta makes up about 80% of what you actually see. Outside of that you have about 10% fantasy outfits, overall 60% of one designer copying another basically selling the exact same top over and over all with slight modifications to "make it their own", and about 10% of items that are actually different, interesting and worth looking at. In male clothing, sure the volume of clothing might be less but from what I have seen the clothing design is infinitely more interesting. Especially when you delve into the realms of goth, grunge, urban and some mainstream fashion. I have yet to find a female oversized coat that looks even half as decent as some of the ones designed by say Gabriel or other primary male designers. If you go to a female only event, you might overall find one item thats of interest and the rest is skimpy clothing, thing high hooker boots, **** me panties with holes in the front and tattoos that state "I give my all to daddy" and mostly have awful texturing IMO. Or is all based around cutesy stuff. Go to a male event and you have really cool trainers/sneakers based on Adidas or Yeezy style with Neo Japanese style ninja esque pants and then further down you might find an oversized grunge hoodie, some absolutely awesome tattoo designs, decent looking jewellery with cool symbols and really high quality texturing. And we can't wear any of it really because its designed solely for the main male bodies. Guys say that "girls have more" and they do.....but more doesn't equal quality. We may have more but 80% of it is utter garbage that is badly textured and makes you look like you should be doing tricks behind a dumpster. My opinion though, others may disagree
  21. Idk, I like it. "BigMoe" makes me think of you like as a Furry gangster enforcer. You go around collecting all of the $L debts people owe in world and if they don't pay you just keep stacking prims on top of them as some kind of torture until they can't take any more and either cough up the money or log out 😁. Or if someone somewhere in SL is having trouble with another avatar you just call "BigMoe" who comes over and sorts them out.
  22. Simplest answer I can think of at the moment is to limit the movement of the vertical axis. Your tank is mesh so in theory it should be axis Z but some mesh programs import Y as the vertical axis unless told otherwise. But, you could try converting the rotation into Euler notation so its represented as <X,Y,Z> and then do checks to see if Z>this or Z<that and if so do not perform any further rotations.
  23. The basic information you entered at account creation even years ago was only the bare basics. Even if you entered an incorrect date of birth I highly doubt it would be an issue, if that was the case then half the current grid would be banned as a good portion of them joined "adult" SL when they were still very young and have built successful businesses in world since then, and come from a time when "age verification" meant sending in a scan of your passport. I can think of four people who used their parent passport, and have since had to confirm using their actual details. Around four years ago, I exported some money to PayPal and had to provide a copy of my RL driving licence and there was no issue what so ever. I even forgot the secret question and password to one of my accounts once and I was able to regain access to it by providing my email, linden transaction information and some other details that I forget now. The thing is, people worry about the Lindens like they are some evil overlords but the truth is...they are pretty forgiving. The above account that I couldn't remember the password for also had a debt of somewhere around 1500USD and because the debt was in effect for so long they actually wiped it for me to give me a fresh start, which was very kind of them and I was very thankful for. On the subject of submitting a ticket in regards to account information. I doubt you would loose your account. But before you submit a ticket make sure you do the following : 1. Log into the SL website 2. Under contact information, make sure that is filled out accurately 3. Under email settings, make sure the correct contact email is on your account 4. Under billing details, make sure any billing information is correct and up to date with your latest address etc etc Then submit a ticket and....for example if you can't remember your account security answer. State to them that you can't remember your security question and you would like to change it and state you can provide whatever identifying information they may ask for. They will then send you a message back asking you to provide that information and then they should ask you what new secret question and answer you would like to put on your account. You can also do this by ringing up billing but I would recommend it over a ticket.
  24. So, I saw another post trying and failing to start a game so I figured I would have a go and try one that I think would be more suited to this forum. The rules are simple. You pick a series of letters at random that the next person has to turn into an acronym and also, if you wish, the theme you want the acronym to be. For example, ADIDAP with a theme of Second Life could be "All Day I Dream About Prims" The game is scored based on the post like system. So hearts count as 1 point, laughing faces as 2 points. You must keep track of your own score and if you want insert it at the bottom of every post like so : -------- Score : 12 --------- So, I will go first : L A M A S T with a easy theme to start of "Funniest acronym you can make" --------------- Score : 0 ---------------
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