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Found 12 results

  1. Hello. I'm not a scripter, but I am slowly learning. I have an object that when rezzed will ask the avatar if they want to attach it..yes/no. The problem is the dialog box for their response disappears after 6 seconds. I tried using llSetTimerEvent(60.0); in various places of the code to make the script wait 60 seconds for a response, but have not been able to make the dialog box wait longer. I'm posting a simple shell of the code below. Can anyone suggest a way to make the dialog box wait longer? Is the LLSetTimerEvent even the way to go? Thank you in advance. Raena Parx ---------------------------- default { state_entry() { llRequestPermissions( llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_ATTACH ); llSetTimerEvent(60.0); } run_time_permissions( integer vBitPermissions ) { if( vBitPermissions & PERMISSION_ATTACH ) { llAttachToAvatarTemp( ATTACH_LHAND ); } else { // object never attached llOwnerSay("\object not attached"); } } on_rez(integer rez) { if(!llGetAttached()) { //reset the script if it's not attached. llResetScript(); } } attach(key AvatarKey) { if(AvatarKey) { integer test = llGetAttached(); if (test) { //object is attached llResetScript(); } else { //object is not attached"); } } } //state_exit() // { //Exit script - not sure if this is necessary // } timer() { //Time ran out (timed out) - object never attached llOwnerSay("\nTime has run out."); // Stop the timer now that its job is done llSetTimerEvent(0.0); // you can use 0 as well to save memory } }
  2. I am attempting to make an overhead timer on an object. It's supposed to work in that as soon as the object is rezzed, the timer will show how many seconds until the object is deleted. I've been able to get it to say the seconds in the chat, but I want it to show as hovertext. Is this possible?
  3. Does anyone know of any script like this for sale? I need it to countdown from 24 hours on touch. Ideally, it should prevent others from resetting the time once the countdown starts. I am having trouble tracking something like that down on the marketplace and inworld. I would post to the scripting forums but I am not a scripter and any advice there will fly past my head. EDIT: 11:29 AM. I have found the script. Thank you to all the scripters that replied.
  4. Hi, I'm new to LSL though not coding. I'm trying figure out how to fade a prim for say 5 seconds, and then reappear for 0.5 seconds, and then loop. I realise there a number of ways to do it: a) Set the default state to be 100% transparency and then reduce transparency to 0% for 0.5 seconds, and set the whole thing on a 5 second loop.tex b) Do the opposite, set default state to 0% transparency and then increase transparency to 100% for 5 seconds, on a 0.5 second loop. c) Do something with textures; i.e. have two textures, one blank and one default texture, and do the whole 5 second, 0.5 second texture switch loop. Problem with this one is that unlike with transparency, alpha textures can sometimes leave that alpha 'halo' effect you can sometimes see in hair. I tried to use a very basic llSetAlpha script generated online, but it doesn't work. I'd rather work with transparency instead if someone is willing to give me a hand. Thank you!
  5. ive made a pet-play agility course and would love to make a stopwatch and system to record highest scores, this would preferable be able to be cleaned every so often for competitions ect. anyone that could help id love to hear from im happy to pay a fee LOVE to hear from you
  6. so the issue so far is that timer is coming back with a syntax error normally i dont have much issues but im at a block and could use advice and knowledge from the community
  7. Hello! What is the easiest way to make the light blink using the llSetLinkPrimitiveParametersFast? Preferably not using a timer, since there is already one timer, and I tried to build it into it, but it didn’t work out yet. Is it possible at all?
  8. Hello! I'm trying to create a script that allows you to simulate tossing the ball in your avatar's hand. the ball must be attached on the avatar, the hand holding the ball is animated, and a tossing animation is triggered through the timer, the ball moves up and down. Are there any suggestions how to do this?
  9. Hello! help please to sort out! I'm trying to create a script for the 10 minutes demo rezzed object. what is better to use llSleep or llSetTimerEvent? and what's the difference basically in this case? llSleep seems shorter and simpler. thanks! default { state_entry() { llSleep(600); llDie(); } } or default { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(600); } timer() { llDie(); } }
  10. I'm trying to make a script for a rodeo game, so random movement (rotation wise) on a random timer to stop animation and make the avatar stand, i just dont know where to start on this one as never done a timer let alone a random timer before >.<
  11. OK so i'm probably overlooking something really simple in the logic, but I can't see it for myself right now. I just want the llOwnerSay("so and so is in the region") to only display once if that avi has been detected already and added to the "seen" list (unless they are removed and come back later). I'm sure it's something simple I'm overlooking, but any help would be nice! If there's a better way to do this, please suggest it also! timer(){ //Recheck the region REGION_KEYS = llGetAgentList(AGENT_LIST_REGION, []); NUM_KEYS = llGetListLength(REGION_KEYS); key thisAvKey; string this_agent_name; integer i; for (i = 0; i < NUM_KEYS; ++i) { thisAvKey = llList2Key(REGION_KEYS,i); this_agent_name = llKey2Name(thisAvKey); //See if targets are in your region integer listIndex = llListFindList(TARGET_LIST, [this_agent_name]); //llOwnerSay((string)listIndex); if (listIndex != -1) { //Update notifation list SEEN_NOTI += [this_agent_name]; SEEN_NOTI = ListUnique(SEEN_NOTI); //llOwnerSay(llDumpList2String(SEEN_NOTI, ",")); if (llListFindList(SEEN_NOTI, [this_agent_name]) != -1){ //Only give notifation if it's not been said already! llOwnerSay(llGetDisplayName(thisAvKey) + " is in your region of " + llGetRegionName() + "!"); } //Remove from SEEN list if they leave the region if (llGetAgentSize(thisAvKey) == ZERO_VECTOR){ llOwnerSay("removed " + this_agent_name + "from the list!"); SEEN_NOTI = ListItemDelete(SEEN_NOTI, this_agent_name); } //llOwnerSay(llDumpList2String(SEEN_NOTI, ",")); } } }
  12. Dear all, Perhaps you have an answer to my question. I have two objects. One is a clothing and the other one is a hud. The hud is for changing the texture of the clothing. So clothing would be worn "often" and the hud "sometimes". To make the texture-exchange as easy as possible, I have two scripting options for both objects to see eachother. One is that the clothing has a listener that is always open and reacts with llRegionSayTo. The other options is that the clothing has a timer, for let's say every 10 or 15 seconds and the hud has a listener. After the two object "see" eachother the exchange of information can start. Will there be a best option of those two options? Thanks in advance, Trivis
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