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Found 83 results

  1. Hola a todos . Soy nuevo en SL, estoy creando animaciones de baile para este gran metaverso y estoy lleno de dudas. Cuando subo un producto y lo pongo a la venta, ¿automáticamente se añade a Market Place? ¿o hay que darse de alta de alguna manera? Para animaciones de baile, ¿qué derechos debo dejar y cuáles no? ¿qué nivel de prioridad es adecuado? ¿5 ó 6? ¿Hay forma de pre visualizar la animación exportada en .anim antes de tener que pagar los 10 lindens? ¿HUD es como se venden las animaciones de baile en packs? Es la única manera? ¿Se compran o tengo que hacerlos por mí mismo?¿como se hacen? ¿Hay que subir manos y cabeza por separado para no llegar al límite de peso de archivo? ¿Como se unen después a la animación de baile? Soy nuevo y no tengo apenas ropa, ¿cuanto valdría que alguien me hiciera los videos? Una vez que he subido el baile, ¿puedo regalarlo sin coste para mi, a la persona que se ocupe de hacer por mi el video? Pfff perdón por tantas preguntas, pero no he querido inundar el foro con preguntas sueltas. Gracias de antemano.
  2. Muy buenas, tengo un problema con el HUD de Lindo flowers, al clicar el HUD me dice: │ Loging in.. └✿ [03:47] Lindo HUD - v5.398: ┌✿ │ Login failed. Inadequate avatar age for participation in this game at this time... └✿
  3. I've created a ride that has a music track that plays different songs in different "rooms" as the vehicle travels through them. I have been trying to come up with something that will preload the music clips for the rider so the playback doesn't cut out. The script I'm using calls up all of the clips by UUID when they attach the HUD at the beginning of the ride. However it doesn't seem to be working. The first ride through, the music cuts out even when wearing the HUD. The second time through it plays fine. Maybe there is something wrong in the script? Here is the one I am using: integer len; integer count; list message; integer tog; default { attach(key id) { if (id) // if attached to an avatar { llResetScript(); } } state_entry() { // make a list containing the sound uuid's - each group represents one full song track message = ["6322ea90-636b-ee51-067d-80ff29f255de","a704fed7-b95f-5b46-ada6-c8fc86bc4a24","deac461c-ffb0-69f8-a2b7-0c19474fde0c","642d552c-3f51-d7ff-a13f-a4699eee8d96","6f207e56-6d3b-5dc4-180f-7ae000b669a1","c0a9a0e1-e16a-dd09-1f24-eceb6cd9f311","96199847-1067-cccb-f0bd-f110f98ce32a","a91c5197-6fde-0632-14ae-2b4dc0793ca9","b1648271-af15-2206-d058-950378d08eee", "43af4af4-fc9a-935d-e92a-ad7509e900c3","6729d381-fb57-7237-c59f-c287737f480f","ea4720e4-7921-4611-72db-1ec645e533d0","444c35ae-046f-6c95-67d5-117786bad111","b97028af-27ca-2f0e-0d32-99b20afec75a","554d63ed-c077-eedf-c0e3-ca23cc548568","d1b93056-01c0-e2c4-6d7a-d0adc4f5012f","eaafa061-b7be-d5f0-0a70-02c6ef5a7df7","06558457-ab92-aea6-78f9-caf7ef80a273", "00d2b43a-3fbe-5b23-4897-c050d1084e22","c80e8eb6-43ee-822c-93a1-bfcc6c7af58e","b1c1d290-663f-5815-1854-b39775933dce","bf810d3d-5d34-c181-52c0-f3dab12c52a7","fd8d1f00-cca3-80f4-ffd1-c87b2c901ea9","962ca6af-4eda-94da-3b04-50a53ec7a6c6","16962a4f-678e-b89b-6596-de7818eb3ec8","898c2517-ed26-8d3b-d285-504cf823ceb6","335d9b38-399d-9f4c-3a67-2741b643781f", "e0b5ae94-d966-4cef-cf01-03703f0be2f1","49b31c00-2bc3-e56c-9468-1c79773000cd","70144860-9fe4-be5b-8ef6-e4b3950e52ad","c12f2a35-15c1-3b4c-72aa-d61194cde17c", "8794d006-5aa4-2177-0f9b-745df2b6d913","829d1956-b6dc-3445-a601-0254ff627b26","9e4d9989-7a63-317b-b044-cd45b1d0e592","c8a76e04-7cc8-f36a-0355-d593d726a80d", "08b0a3c2-2f62-2a11-d412-457fe96b210b","a9d0c856-86cd-1b21-bc36-76be505c1e64","22a28d50-1889-861d-4fcf-f2725ccabb4c","331b46eb-b840-7c4e-398e-0f40be4c20fa", "c6e90401-3532-6f8d-d573-623166d792e7","046aa05f-96b6-7c72-0a26-0574fdf5b4b9","120b0355-16d0-2210-58e9-1e465e43fc61","de5217df-e93e-7f73-3a63-1105b2d3d1d7", "ae927ba9-acb0-4637-3d67-af1ee7940251", "05f3ee69-9238-b27c-b3ca-a4e37ac6dae3","3a21d19a-c088-f06e-07a4-c92615ada204","39943028-8c2c-becf-5693-ab3cd212cacf","812e4011-8063-c977-de52-287ead1bfce1","8e87a3b0-a2af-30e8-c82d-a06208c52ccb","767215d9-7b2d-1377-23b6-a51b97d408e0","2fb860ff-9820-80be-b8c6-83d46bb1228b","c8e0467e-ad0f-128a-263d-67a4677c38f1","cd711f54-958b-4499-9647-5b72a8b77bba","94b117d8-974b-9dac-0c55-335d1ab6313f","135c9f49-3e3c-e218-fa53-ffb850cf25cf"]; len =llGetListLength(message); integer n; for(n = 0;n < len;++n) // a for loop starts at zero and runs until n equals the number of items in the list "message" { llPreloadSound( llList2String(message,n) ); } } } Am I missing something?
  4. I need help! I’ve been away for a while but now back and I want to update my avatar. But I’m so confused and unsure how things interact and how to use them. I’ve bought Belleza Isis And Maitreya Lara, but I need help making things work. Is there a good tutorial around? Anyone out there willing to help an old-newbie! Thanks
  5. I have been making eye appliers for other heads, mainly CATWA, Lelutka, Vista and also recently LOGO and a bit of [AK]. I generally build hud for each, plus an OMEGA one to facilitate anyone wanting to use Omega if they have multiple heads. All has been perfect, never had any issues really with these heads, after an initial learning curve things went super smoothly. I recently starting delving into testing some of my eyes on GENUS. I have two issues: 1. My HUD for the head WILL NOT resize my eyes 2. My HUD will sometimes, but not always, apply its own default eye appliers. Now, I've done what logically I can. I make sure all my tests are done in a area with scripts, I make sure I am wearing the right eyes, I have detached, attached the HUD, I have razzed about 4 heads, had a redevlivery, etc etc etc. I need to be able to resize the eyes, in order to be sure that I am making the correct size, of course, and not making gigantic one! Plus, ya know, it would be helpful if the eyes actually appeared on the head so I can see what they look like! I'm still having issues. I feel like there might still be things that I am not doing, and would love to know if there are ANY eye creators who have had issue with the Genus HUD/HEAD and EYES and how they overcame them? Please feel free to respond here or to me in world .. Tess Falworth. Oh, and I did today contact the creator, and am waiting for a reply from her as well.
  6. I've been searching all over trying to find an answer for this. Maybe it's right under my nose, but I can't for the life of me seem to figure out how to fix this glitch with eyelashes on the Catwa Catya Bento Mesh Head. I know I can switch from blend mode to mask mode, and that does seem to fix the glitch with my eyebrows, but reduces the quality of the lashes greatly. I see others wearing their lashes for Catwa on blend mode, with makeup on even, and it looks fine. Any assistance on how to fix this issue where there's a flesh toned background to the lashes that cuts into my eyebrows would be much appreciated! I've attached a photo for reference.
  7. Created a HUD, works rezzed and worn but only on rezzed item, not worn item. When the socks are worn the textures do change with the HUD but they are extremely blurry and never load. Not sure what to do here to fix this. Anyone else had this experience?
  8. I don't know why.. sim restart after 300 seconds later, but I was AFK so I was crashed after I relog, I realize I lost all hud function(only the items I wore before crash) hud didn't work, mesh item(for example maitreya body, hair) didn't reply from new hud https://gyazo.com/011a5954cdf44d53f6919d744d846ca1 like this! other items that I didn't wear works so well.. I tried change place, reattach, refresh item, clear cache, reinstall firestorm viewer, logon secondlife viewer, rez that item and take again but nothing helped of course I can redeliver almost things but I wore few gacha rare item so that makes problem now pls help me T_T
  9. I've been playing around with various HUDs, but with a couple (the ones I actually like the layout of, wouldn't you know), I get a "Could not find animation" error message https://lensdump.com/i/WxnKBm Even though I get this warning, the animations still work fine, but closing out the box gets annoying, and I don't know I to fix it. I can not mod the scripts on ether HUD, as they are no mod. I am using Linden Labs Viewer.
  10. Hello! please help with scripts! i need to turn the texture changer scripts(sender/receiver) into material texture changer. it uses uuids. There are two scripts. for primmy hud with 3 buttons. I have already posted this request in the job section, but just in case, here too. I understand scripts quite a bit. maybe just tell me what needs to be done, if not difficult.
  11. So I've begun making items on Second Life but I found that the number of variations I've made are such that a HUD is ideal. Unfortunately, I need to move groups of elements on the HUD around (backwards and forwards on the x axis) and I'm not sure exactly how to do this. What I have: A HUD, prim buttons including for textures. The buttons for textures work. Each texture button has a unique name button_### and there are roughly five pages of them and likely more in the future--link numbers may change as the thing evolves so I am weary about link numbers. What I want to do: I'm new to LSL, but I am familiar with Python, Java, Lua, C/C++/C#, and Ruby so I'm not totally clueless but I'm not sure what to do exactly.
  12. Hello, I need someone who can help me out with a custom script. The HUD will look similar to the attached one. Please PN me, if you are interested and are experienced in SL scripting. I attached an example of another artist. Until now there is no HUD concept from me, but I will make a similar one like the attached. The features will be the same as you can see on the example HUD. If you can consult me with more useful features, please tell me about them. I'm NOT a script-maker and have no idea how much time it will take or how the cost will be. Name your price and the time for making. Please be realistic! Deadline is actually as soon as possible! Make a list of all needs (graphics, inworld-"things", etc.) you will need from me. Regards
  13. Hello, I am struggling with a script for days now and hope to find some help here. I am working on a HUD for my FX and Light Screen, almost everything works but I can´t figure out what I am missing in the blinking script. The prim where this receiver script is in only blink once when BlinkON is activated in stead of over and over again. Any help is much appreciated 😊 Thanks, Mistral Shieldmaiden ------ vector color = <1,1,1>; float intensity = 1.000; float radius = 10.000; float falloff = 0.750; default { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(2); } timer() { llListen(737, "", NULL_KEY, "" ); } listen(integer number, string name, key id, string message) { if(message=="BlinkON") { llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(LINK_THIS,[PRIM_POINT_LIGHT, TRUE, color, intensity, radius, falloff, PRIM_FULLBRIGHT, ALL_SIDES, TRUE, PRIM_GLOW, ALL_SIDES,0.2]); llSleep(0.5); llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(LINK_THIS,[PRIM_POINT_LIGHT, FALSE, color, intensity, radius, falloff, PRIM_FULLBRIGHT, ALL_SIDES, FALSE, PRIM_GLOW, ALL_SIDES,0]); } if(message=="BlinkOFF") { llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(LINK_THIS,[PRIM_POINT_LIGHT, FALSE, color, intensity, radius, falloff, PRIM_FULLBRIGHT, ALL_SIDES, FALSE, PRIM_GLOW, ALL_SIDES,0]); } } }
  14. Hello! Can anyone write dance hud script with 4-5 buttons? - invite - next dance - previous dance - stop For reward of course! Please, leave a message! Thank you!
  15. Greetings fellow scripters. I am currently in the middle of building a high fantasy (Flintlock fantasy) sim, for this project ive intended to use a hud, now i am very familiar with building and so on but when it comes to scripts i am not really any good. so i turn here in hopes to find someone willing to assist me in this project. The whole idea is to have a dicebased system where every 3 levels will grant you 1+ to the dice, Max level 100 (for now) So basically the functions i wish to exist is -EXP system with levels, preferably to be able to earn EXP while on sim -Currency, Preferably i can name the currency myself but it will exist in 3 varrieties, Example, (Copper,Silver,Gold) Earn currency for time on sim "Footnote:Both these will be fairly low for balance and prevent camping somewhat, the main income from both sources are player/admin created quests" -Health system, Now this is fairly simple. it will be measured in hits, baseline 3 hits, (3 blobs of health) -Item creation, with this people in the admin staff can create items, items should have a adjustable value. Example . Iron bar (5 silver) -Trade system, A trade system for players to be able to transfer to each other, of course currency should be included in this segment, but trading is limited to the sim area, So short said no off sim trading, this is to prevent banned users from transfering their gear to their alts. -Vendor system, Because of the sheer amount of "items" that will be in rotation for different means players should be able to dispose of their unwanted items. Prefered if this was a script i could stick in static statues as an example. So if you feel up for the task and help me get the project off ground, i am more than willing to compensate you for your time, Please contact me inworld or comment here if you are interested and ill explain more in detail what i want but in short this is what im looking for. Sincerely Millie.Jarvinen
  16. Hello! I have a question on animations and ZHAO HUD. I have a few bento animations, but they do not transit smoothly. Is it possible to make a smooth transition between animations? using a script or something else?
  17. Is it possible for there to be a script of some sort that references outfits? Instead of having to open up the Appearance window and doing all the clicking to change outfits, I'd like to avoid the hassle. Ideally, I'd like to be able to use chat commands to switch between outfits (so whatever code is executed when I click "Wear - Replace current outfit" is run by the command I enter). If, even possible, is something that can only be accomplished though a HUD, I'd be fine with that.
  18. Hello everyone! [ My knowledge with LSL Scripting is at a beginner level, so please bare with me! :) ] Recently, I purchased a texture changing script from Renderworks, I'm not having trouble with creating a HUD with texture changes. However, I was wondering if it was possible to add to the script an option to control the visibility of a particular face of a mesh and/or combine two faces for one on and off toggle.
  19. I have an open source texture change hud for my mesh dress with ruffles. The HUD script textures the whole dress one color. Question: Can I change the script to use several textures at one time to color multiple faces of this dress? Or am I to understand that only one texture for any button Script in the HUD can be used on a mesh dress with multiple faces? Example: I would like to wear the HUD and click the button on the HUD and the dress be solid color and the ruffles be another color. Here is the script I am using for the HUD button (NOTE: I have a relay in the dress): integer channel = -1000001; // Channel for comms (Must be same as reciever). string texture = "9e354a68-c7b6-75b6-39d2-83f345c33b51"; // UUID of Texture to apply integer link = LINK_SET; // Link number to apply the texture to (LINK_SET for all links). integer face = ALL_SIDES; // Face number to apply the texture to (ALL_SIDES for all faces). string SR = "*"; // Seperator to use in the list, must be the same // as the seperator to be used within the reviever // script. Here is the picture of my dress I would like to be able to change the ruffles/neckline only with the button click. Or be able to change the dress color one color and the ruffles another. https://gyazo.com/69e1f0163c69633841e667022791983b thank you for any help, I am not a pro, just someone who loves playing second life and making things.
  20. Hello, I need someone who can help me out with a custom script. The HUD will look similar to the attached one. Please PN me, if you are interested. Name your price and the time you can start and need to finish. Make a list of all needs from me. Regards
  21. I detached the thing the guy sent me (I didn't realize this was going to happen when I attached it) and even turned RLA off, but my avatar is still pregnant. In yellow, it even still says "pregnant by (name)," no matter what I do. I've tried adding the hud again and disabling it, but all it gives me are options for what the baby will look like. And no, there are no other things he sent me. I've rechecked my outfit a thousand times to be sure. Please, help!
  22. Good evening, I became interested in the question: of how to make the HUD always dress correctly, from any point of attachment, I did it. But now I have a question. Is it possible to write a script that will dress any prim as HUD? For example, I will choose to attach to my left hand, but the prim will be dressed as a HUD anyway.
  23. Hi everyone, I'm a beginner scripter, looking for some advice. I've created a HUD that I am looking to attach to visiting Avatars to my sim, then to detach when they leave the sim. Im wondering how this could be made possible. Any advice welcome, I have experiences set up on my region already just need the attach and detach assist please.
  24. Hello! Im a professional scripter with years of experience that offers a unique scripting service for second life, almost everything can be scripted or modified. Vehicles, breedables, RP systems, gambling, clothing , visuals, HUDs, tools, weapons, etc... Also PHP/SQL for external http server communication with databases. Contact me inworld with your request : Hao Zaytsev ( by notecard if possible ) Please do not reply this message or contact me throught the forum, better inworld! Cheers!
  25. I bought a texture changing HUD and i got it to work on objects that aren't linked together, but when i link them the texture changes everything not that one thing i just want to change. i don't know why it is doing that and what i am doing wrong. the script i'm using is ::jAS:: Texture Change HUD Script i'm not used to working with scripts so sorry if this seems like a silly problem https://gyazo.com/116aeead3caadcb847a3812e1f84262b << unlinked https://gyazo.com/c2f6f4c8559f2eb6f4c495831a61c4d5 << Linked
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