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  1. Ohh I always thought you were a guy. Nvm hey girl! Yes, no number restrictions and capitals would do as is to be honest. That and checking for offensive words and no special characters etc etc.
  2. Gurllllllll thats because you know Gucci is life! (Yes I know your actually a guy) Thats a fair point. I think if they did adapt it they would need to have some kind of authentication process because otherwise we would have names like "Daniel Wardbringer1572"
  3. In its current incarnation yes. But what if they adapted it and brought it up to date and removed those restrictions. Lowered the cost and re released it alongside name changes. Thats sort of where I was going with this. If you had the choice of "Change your name for $30" or "Get a custom last name for $60 with a recurring yearly $60 fee to maintain" then there are people in world who would go for that last option. $60 a year really isn't all that much if you break it down to $5 a month. Random pricing btw not stating thats what it should be. It would make at least a little extra revenue for the lab and could lead to lowered costs elsewhere if it was semi popular maybe?....maybe not?...
  4. I figured as much. The chungs though were the only ones I ever knew of that used it. Tho I do wonder about running out of integers. In an SQL database for example INT is defined as a max of 255 which is something like -2billion to +2 billion same as the channel range in SL. I think in all honesty the cost is to generate extra revenue and compensate for the time required to update everything to the new name. I remember in one of the town hall meetings it being explained that the username is tied into all kinds of systems that are separate from one another and whats taking so long is the updating of all these systems to accept name changes. So perhaps the charge is also to compensate for having to update all of those areas when someone requests a new name. Maybe.. If they did update the custom name program for current times though it would be a pretty neat thing and I think would definitely generate some extra income. Especially if you say....have couples who want to share their own preferred last name or those hardcore SL families who want their whole family to have a single unique surname. Yeah 1000USD to start is insane. Not for a corporation maybe but for the average user
  5. Two questions....random discussion of the day... 1. How many people do you think actually use the custom last name program. I know the Chungs do but I honestly can't think of anyone else who uses it. 2. Do you think that the custom last name program should be included into the coming back of last names. So either allowing people to pay for a name change as is planned or pay more than the upcoming charge for a custom last name?. LL are wanting revenue, that "could" be another way to generate it maybe. Especially if they charged people like.....50USD a year to retain the custom name instead of 500USD as it currently is. Sub note to the angry forum ragers : No I am not demanding SL to be the way I personally want it to be. This is just for random discussion.
  6. You learn something new every day, I had no idea that was even there
  7. If this is what triggers you then you better get off the forum. You're about to get a whole lot more upset 😂
  8. I think the concept is interesting to be honest. As I stated in my original post I think it would mostly result in bragging rights BUT I guess if done correctly with decent teachers and a completed lesson structure (see the wiki for this) it would at least give people a decent foundation of scripting knowledge on which to build. I agree with you animats about it being embarrassing, but only in the modern day. Back in 2008-2010 I can see why this would have been more appealing. Given that at the time there were universities and other education institutes in world offering all kinds of courses and lectures, a much much much larger population than there is now and the fact that there were other forms of development "certification" back then being offered out such as prim building certifications. Certification sort of fit theme back then and isn't the weirdest idea I have seen in SL over the years. At the very least I do think that the setup for this certification could help build an interesting set of lessons for learners, perhaps converted in to a youtube tutorial series or something. One thing I have noticed in recent years is that a lot of newbie scripters seem to be groping around in the dark a lot and are not sure what information they have access to. They seem to struggle with the wiki and no one ever seems to recommend in world learning areas such as the College of Scripting. Perhaps taking this information and presenting it as a youtube series might actually help beginners in developing their skills
  9. Ohhh wow yours is so pretty!!. See, system avatars rock. Theres wayyyyyy too much hate against them at times.
  10. All looking great, il post some more of mine when I get back to my computer ^^
  11. Love them!. Both of your avatars are awesome!. Keep them coming!
  12. I think mesh has had enough of a spotlight in recent years. Lets move away from it and have fun with throwback Friday. Post pictures of your best system avatar outfits!. Heres my best system avatar with a spankingly awesome non system hat I added that I found on marketplace : Your move forum folk
  13. Haha. I forget why I put foamy as my forum badge. I'm actually not THAT much of a fan. I did have a reason for it but I can't remember what it is now. I don't always get a negative reaction but it does happen. I call it "mesh snobbery". Those who think that in order to be part of the social clique you NEED to have the latest mesh EVERYTHING. I love my system body looks and have no intention of giving them up any time soon
  14. I think she's entirely correct to be honest. Thats is pretty much exactly what its like now. Especially as of late. I now struggle to find clothing on the market that ISN'T made for xxx body and is just normal standard mesh with alpha layers. I have a mesh body don't get me wrong but besides my Kemono I rarely wear them. Especially when it comes to Maitreya, the developer has this idea that only the privileged few are allowed the developer kit which in my opinion hampers any form of creativity as only the "super duper maitreya friends developers club" is allowed to officially develop clothing for the body and the rest have to make do with the 3rd party dev kit, which has its issues, and have no choice about it as Maitreya is pretty much the dominant female body on the market. I miss the days when you just created clothing and everyone could wear it without having to spend thousands of lindens on a mesh body, mesh head, body skin, head skin to wear clothing that is restricted to that body. I don't think I would mind so much if there was actually a decent creative variety of clothing to some of the bodies but there isn't, Maitreya for example has hundreds of pages of clothes on the marketplace and 95% of the items listed are either duplicates of some other developers "standard boring ass clothing range" with a slight alteration, make you look like you should be stood at the side of the road in the early hours of the morning offering tricks for loose change or are pages of the same boring ass item from the same boring ass developer who wants to list every single possible colour variant separately. That barrier plus the learning curves of mesh in general have IMO lead to a decrease in creativity in Second Life. People now scoff at prims, scoff at system bodies, scoff at system clothes and yet those were the things once upon a time that ANYONE could just up and use to create something without a great deal of practice or effort. And with creators like Maitreya trying to restrict who can and can not be in the "super duper Maitreya friends developers club" I feel this is leading to a hampering of creativity as most people I know who want to make clothing or start developing feel the task is too daunting because of the sheer amount of effort you actually have to put in now. You should see the rage I get for wearing my system body avatars xD. Its like it mentally breaks people that I could possibly want to wear a system avatar with a system look or a system avatar with standard sized mesh clothing. Have you ever seen that old movie The Exorcist, where the girls head spins round 180 degrees....they react something like that xD.
  15. So, in my latest HUD I have an inventory panel. When you click on a inventory slot another panel appears over it asking which of the inventory buttons on the main HUD you want to assign the item to. I think I am experiencing some kind of bug. The first time you click on a inventory slot the assign panel moves forward and positions itself over the slot but in order for it to appear you have to right click the HUD or click on another slot, in which case it moves and then appears. The panel is re positioning itself correctly so its not a positioning error, its just literally invisible, even though there is no alpha applied, until you right click the HUD or click to move it to another slot. The same happens when clicking the small close button, it moves back into position behind the inventory panel but ghosts over the front until you again right click the HUD to make it vanish. Anyone ever experienced this?. Everything is literally working perfectly....just this weird HUD bug?
  16. You realise that wearing that "full paid member" badge is going to get you no where with Linden Lab right. So many of us are "paid members" but that doesn't get us super special lab treatment sadly. Premium support is live chat and extra ticket options. I'v probably put more money into SL over the last 12 years than anyone, have switched between premium and non premium, at one point owned four sims I was paying 1200USD a month for. That doesn't make me better than someone in the eyes of linden lab in terms of supporting me. Tbh, sometimes things just get backed up in the support system. I'v had tickets answered the same day and tickets not answered for three weeks. This isn't anything new you should have tried submitting a support ticket back in 2007/8 when SL had millions of daily users. The longest I waited back then was nearly 5 weeks for them to respond to something and then another 2 for them to respond to my response. Im not saying thats great but ticket support has always been iffy on how long it actually takes to get a response but generally they are pretty good. If you are that desperate then contact live support, the hours are listed on the support page and ask them to raise your ticket with the appropriate department. I get that two weeks is a long time but if you think that you paying premium is going to get you better treatment than anyone else then you don't know Linden Lab. The most we get is a nice plot of land, 300 lindens a week, live chat support, access to full regions and a few extra ticket options.....oh and an airship . Hope you get your issue sorted though 😁
  17. I switch up a lot but can be anything from maitreya grunge to kemono anime style to goth to whatever takes my fancy. I even maintain system body avatars and usually 9/10 times i'm wearing flex hair as I prefer the look and movement over mesh hair. I can't really say I have a specific style I just wear whatever I feel like wearing. As for SL meeting my needs?. It depends, I usually have to sift through the "Bangkok hooker at 3am" styles of clothing that most developers seem to think that us females want to wear to find that one interesting item that doesn't follow this trend so.....yes and no?.
  18. XYZ text. As in text as a texture on a mesh face and yes when I say multi tiered I do mean nesting. As regards JSON if I remember correctly it does use more than a list and the thought has also occurred to me about note size in relation to script memory. So I think ultimately it will have to be done via my web server and making requests for each projects notes when I want to open them. I have to ask, what do you mean by KPV...I'm not recognising that abbreviation ---Never mind....Key Pair Value....it just clicked with me as I sat down
  19. The order of the data is going to be Project Name -> Project folders -> Project Notes. That order definitely won't be broken although folders and notes will contain multiple entries. One of the reasons I was considering JSON was for server communication but as you said the string has to intact otherwise its invalid which is where I thought perhaps lists might be a better solution. Thought with lists I feel I will have to keep a separate running tally of list indexes to keep track of how many notes are in each project so that each set of folders and notes relate to the correct project name. In this instance I feel JSON would be better as JSON is more geared towards "tree storage", as I will call it, than a LSL strided list. Though I could search a list for a project name and then sort out what comes after into folders and notes but would that be better than JSON....urghhhh.... I think I will have to just experiment with the two and see which I feel comes out on top. I can see advantages and disadvantages to using both methods. -Edit (addon) : I guess if I used lists I could do it via a naming scheme. So you have project names and then the folder names start with an abbreviation of the project names and then notes of the folder names. So project name "Project Chibi 1" with folders "PC1 Ideas", "PC1 ToDo" and then the notes "PC1I1", "PC1T1"....or maybe thats over thinking it....
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