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  1. Nice flat parcel on Zindra. Its adult, so anything goes. Asking $5 L per sq m http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fenfarg/119/196/64
  2. Oh I understand and yes, everyone is just floating ideas in here. The covenant for the parcels will tell you what is and isn't allowed. Please pardon my negativity, i'm still working through my feelings here.
  3. I'm pretty sure you'll have to live with an above ground pool. LL staff is much too busy to take up such requests, and if you get this special treatment, everyone might want one.
  4. I'm not sure why everyone thinks this new continent will be SL nirvana. The 512 continents are vast empty wastelands devoid of any people. The new 1024 continent will be no different.
  5. one will be along sooner or later. 😁
  6. Unless you live in Quebec, and then there's only one official language
  7. If someone buys land beside me and sets ban lines, I always add them to my ban list. Because, why not?
  8. I've flown through hundreds of sims in my air ship flying 50 m above LL roads, and almost never get hung up on a ban line or a zero notice security orb. The problem with most cars/ motorcycles is that they are largely undrivable and uncontrollable, so yes you'll hit ban lines constantly, but at least that stops them before their car ends up in your pool. I have zero sympathy for people that can't stay on the right of way.
  9. why all the straight lines in the middle of nowhere? It would be far more interesting to follow the coast, and a lot less boring.
  10. Ban lines never encroach on LL roads, Everyone's property is well back from the actual road surface. Crappy drivers might leave the pavement and get hung up on your ban line, but that's their problem, not yours.
  11. The topic should be RP is a misery
  12. I wonder if my hornet swarm could be scripted so that as they push you, they are stinging you, and if you don't get off the (life enabled) property fast enough, your life drops to zero and you die and are teleported home.
  13. Yes but what if you wanna RP some old grump that shakes their fist and says get off my lawn you rotten kids. Paw, get the shotgun
  14. Why would you ask politely? Either you want them there or you don't. If you don't you simply eject them. If they fuss at you over it, ban them permanently and mute them. Oh, and turn off object entry so they can't rezz a griefer item and edit it onto your property. Some people on voice that I banned were actually discussing where the nearest rezz zone was so that they could do just that. Silly kids... you can't beat the landowner.
  15. Aww you changed your picture. I'd have voted for the old one for prettiest avatar in sl.
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