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  1. I'm bowing out, nothing good will come of this.
  2. You see though, in the brave new world so many people desperately wish for, national identity will become a thing of the past, we will all be "citizens of the world" and you'll feel no greater kinship to your neighbor down the street than to someone that lives on the other side of the world.
  3. And yet even in the "utopia" of Star Trek, they hadn't been able to eliminate or eradicate an individual's national pride, pride in their heritage, pride in their ancestry. Why is that?
  4. What is sad is that in this day and age, some would say that living in a free society isn't good OR desirable. Don't worry though, you'll get your wish soon enough.
  5. LOL @ incite. That brush is so broad in Britain now.
  6. political threads never end well.
  7. The topic was politics, it should have been locked and deleted right away.
  8. I wonder if there's a Libertarian club.
  9. Oh, they changed the rules? Free speech is allowed in here now? I was actually referring to the gratuitous slanders I've had to endure from other people in here. In future I won't respond, I'll just report them.
  10. BilliJo Aldrin

    One night stand

    What's the point of that? Then I would just draw the attention of all the guys that love dickgirls. Oh wait, I get it now, just lie to every guy I meet. That doesn't seem very nice.
  11. BilliJo Aldrin

    One night stand

    The whole point is that so many men in sl are so desperate and/or loney that if you have one time s e x with them, they want to friend you and be your bf / fwb because they have no idea how long it will be before another girl will say yes.
  12. BilliJo Aldrin

    One night stand

    Who takes one night stands home?
  13. BilliJo Aldrin

    One night stand

    Oh, I could only wish.
  14. BilliJo Aldrin

    is there any such thing as a FREE apartment?

    You can live at my place, set home there, use all the toys, rezz any packages you buy.