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  1. Nice roadfront property on Gardulla (M) 1088 sq m, $1.4 L per sq m, $1500 L 373 prims gap in LL border elements will allow driveway construction Interested in purchasing, but don't want to go over your basic free tier allowance of 1024 sq m? It's easy. Create a group, invite your alt to join it keep the group active, then go to "land & Ls" tab in the group info and donate your 1024 tier to the group. Don't forget to save it. That will then give the group the 10% group bonus for an allowable total of 1,126 sq m, enough to purchase this property with no additional
  2. A perfect square, 32 x 32, great place for a home or small club. It's adult so (almost) anything goes. Selling for $10 L per square meter, Two connecting 128 sq m parcels can also be listed for sale if interested http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fenfarg/160/167/61
  3. We all know that Second Life is all about tolerance, acceptance and inclusion and that we should never ever post any content here or inworld that attacks anyone. My question is, what if there was a club that was dedicated to anti fascism and anti nazism, would that be allowed, because hey, who cares about their feelings anyway right? Just a thought, just a question. If this thread in some way violates some "no politics" rule I apologize to the forum members and to the moderators.
  4. You can interview me, I love to talk about myself. I live in an old commercial structure on Fenfarg sim in Kama City on the Zindra adult continent. It's a short walk from a Kama City monorail station, or you can take a hover car right to my front door. You'll have to excuse the mess thought. I'm doing a remodel to make the place 100% TOS compliant, but I can rezz us a couple of chairs. 😂
  5. Until results are certified, no one has won the election. This is all mainstream media smoke and mirrors pushing a false narrative. This election WILL end up in the supreme court.
  6. Wish I read this thread before starting one about that same message. At least its nothing I did 😁
  7. The last two times I logged in I got the following message as I logged in. The transaction with the marketplace failed with the following error: 'forbidden' I've not bought anything on mp or had anything to do with mp in days, any thoughts? Edit: I logged my alt in and got the same message.
  8. You paid less than $2 L per sq m for road front. In my opinion, that's a reasonable price. When you go to sell it, two things to remember, a: you probably won't be able to sell it for a profit, and b: you probably won't break even. As your tier date approaches, or your impatience to purchase another parcel grows, you might consider selling to a flipper, who will probably give you about $0.5 L per sq m, and will then turn around and relist it for more or less what you originally paid.
  9. It looks like LL has listened to comments about blocked roadside access, because at least around my parcel on Gardulla, openings have been made that allow access from each parcel. Its great, there is a gas station up the road that is paved to the street , and a proper opening exists, same thing up and down the road. Here is mine, the fence stops at the sidewalk going onto my property. TY moles, keep up the good works
  10. He wants voice, that's a big preference right there
  11. You'll be happy to know that I've sold almost all of my microparcels, and at a nice profit. Thank you for your concern. 😁
  12. The land is for sale, so regardless of what is on the sign, its ad farming and clearly not conforming to the rules, and so yes, anyone is entitled to AR it.
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