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  1. Thank you to everyone that came to the party. A wonderful time was had by all
  2. Come celebrate Independence Day at Jameson Cove at 5 pm slt tonight, July 4th. Enjoy the fireworks while you make your own fireworks with a friend or two. Lots of toys to use while enjoying the show. Dance the night away, either vertically or horizontally. Everyone welcome. Hope to see you there. *hugs* BJ Jameson Cove
  3. If the BLM movement was a sincere vehicle for change, their slogan would be ALL Black Lives Matter. Unfortunately, the only black lives that matter to them are the ones that promote their narrative than America is a racist hatefilled country that must be torn down and remade. Does the BLM leadership care about the death of the 75 year old black ex-police caption who was murdered by looters? Does BLM leadership care about all the black business destroyed by looters? Lives destroyed that will never be rebuilt. More unarmed innocent blacks have been killed by rioters during the riots so far than were killed by cops in all of 2019. At the end of the day BLM is nothing but an extreme left wing hate group, counting on white ignorance and white guilt to further its agenda. That's all I have to say, no replies are necessary, because I won't reply. Have a nice day.
  4. I agree 100% that the title "advisor" should be removed. I recently asked a question in the answers section, and 3 "advisers" replied. The first one gave me the correct advice for my question, two other "advisers" used my question to make "clever" replies. One of them I got into a back and forth with where I had to show their interpretation of LL rules regarding land cutting and sales were entirely wrong. Advisers are part of the reason I don't post in the forum any more. Have a nice day everyone.
  5. Thank you Whitney Linden for your prompt attention to my support ticket, and thank you again Marigold Devin for your suggestion.
  6. You are confusing two different things there. Your wiki doesn't say how small of a parcel that can be set for sale, it only says that there are certain minimum limits for listing parcels for sale in "all search" or in "events". Since the micro parcels are not listed in "all search" or in "events", there is no violation of those rules are there? If a parcel is set for sale, regardless of size, it shows up on the world map as for sale, and it shows up on the inworld land sale search. LL never banned the sale of parcels less than 144 sq m, so I'm not exactly sure what your point is, except perhaps to show your dislike for people that buy and sell microparcels. But, SL is a big world, I would think there is a place for everyone.
  7. If you use the inworld search function on the firestorm viewer, parcels of all sizes are listed for sale, including as small as 16 sq meters. It is still permitted to cut and sell micro parcels. In fact, if I was so interested I could make a small profit every month by buying and selling such micro parcels. Regardless of my use for the land, its against the rules to allow your prims to encroach on my parcel. If the tree wasn't a LL tree, I'd have returned it as soon as I bought the land and this thread would not have been necessary All I am doing is asking that the rules be applied in my case. A Support ticket has been submitted, and I await a response. Thank you all for your concerns.
  8. I simply expect Linden Lab's employees to follow the same rules as everyone else. Thank you Marigold. As you suggested I have submitted a support ticket.
  9. How do I go about filing a complaint to have a LL plant placed by a Mole moved to keep it from encroaching on my parcel and interfering with my sign. If It belonged to another resident I could just return it, but because it was placed by a Mole I can't. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Menophra/170/115/32 The plant was there first, buts its encroachment is interfering with the full use and enjoyment of my parcel. Any suggestions?
  10. Advertise at street level in Kama City, Zindra for only $10 L per week. Promote your services, products, store, club, hangout, beach, events etc etc etc. LL TOS compliance expected. $10 L Ad boards
  11. Join us at Southland Park and Pool on Saturday March 7th at 4 pm slt for a wild anything goes pool party. Southland Park and Pool It's an adult sim with adult situations, so no kids please. Southland Park and Pool is an open, inclusive place. We welcome all races, nationalities, creeds, religions, colors, species, genders, sexual orientations, and kinks. Bring a lover, or find a new one here. Hope to see you there *hugs* BJ
  12. My project to accumulate 50 16 sq m ad parcels has been progressing nicely. I'm up to 39, so I need 11 more. I'm interested in 2x protected 16 sq m parcels on any mainland LL right of way, road or water, regardless of maturity rating. I will pay $300 L per parcel, assuming I don't already have one on the same sim. IM met before or after you set it for sale, and we'll do the deal. See attached picture for what is an acceptable parcel.
  13. When I put up my first ad parcel, I apparently broke almost every possible rule there was. Fortunately, someone posted about it in the forums. I saw it, and was able to fix it and make it conform in every way. Of course it's not possible to make something physically appealing to everyone, but objectively, they all conform to all the rules regarding networked advertising: one per sim, grounded on the land, no higher than 8 m tall, no spammers or talkers, land access public and object set to phantom, among other things. To the person who posted about not wanting my ugly ad in their front yard, if by any chance it IS mine, contact me and I'll sell it to you for what I paid for it.
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