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  1. So, I need a small project to take my mind off another project for a few hours. Mostly just to give myself something different to do. So I started looking at the newly updated SL logo and wondered "How would I have re designed it". And decided to have a go. This then led to me wondering if I could create my own viewer concept. Here we are a few hours later and I have these to show for it. Please bare in mind I am not suggesting that LL use my design or anything, I just wanted to attempt this to see what I personally would have come up with and wanted to share it with you as I'm pretty happy with it. Firstly we have the logo concept This is my viewer UI concept. The buttons along the side pop out and in via the arrow button on the bottom. I was trying to go with the idea of as much screen space as possible However. If the Firestorm team (or any other third party viewer) @Whirly Fizzle (xD) want to help me turn this concept into a skin. I would not complain because I would LOVE my viewer to look like this quite honestly. *Edit* I also tried designing a new Linden Lab logo based on the above SL logo but I am not sure on this Also, on the off chance that I am not allowed to make concepts of these logos and any lindens look at these. Please don't ban me, just ask me and I will remove them.
  2. Okay it's my turn for "gimme we need" thread. We need a town hall meeting, @Patch Linden @Ebbe Linden. November was the last one and its now march. Can we have some kind of update on how things like global experiences, name change etc etc are progressing?. Serious note though keep up the good work, you guys rock, but can we have a town hall meeting or some update?
  3. But sadly I say, tased she did be, fell to the floor and ban hammered was she
  4. BilliJo then stripped naked and fast did she flee, chased by the linden as nude as can be
  5. If only they listened and harkened to him, he did try to warn them of a terrible sin
  6. Okay I want 500 posts. I want to set my own title and chatting on the forum isn't getting me there as fast as I would like. So, help a sister out....lets play a game.. Rules are simple, you just have to make up a line for a poem that goes with the previous post. Lets see how long and weird we can get the poem... There once was a linden so glee, that kinkily lived with a flea
  7. To my closest friend yes. To everyone else..no. Some of my friends have even ridiculed me for it because I could "achieve so much more by using a real game development studio like unity". I think its hard to explain the appeal of SL to others. They see this aged virtual world and its limitations as opposed to those of us who are here who love its possibilities.
  8. Grow up, do you have a Facebook, do you have a Instagram, have you signed up with YouTube, do you have an email, were you on MySpace, do you eBay, do you PayPal...your real name is everywhere on the internet and your crying about linden labs waning to know it. I created a new alt for a store recently and the only relation to real life info was having to register a bank a"card or PayPal and here's a news flash...you have always had to register payment for as long back as I can remember. If you don't like it then feel free to log out of SL and go build with lego. Your previous thread wasn't deleted because of the topic, it was deleted because you threw a tantrum and insulted people and I'm willing to bet money there is a community warning in your inbox over it explaining that. We al have to agree to the TOS, even if we don't agree with parts of it. If you can't agree...then...legos...
  9. Okay new mission. Can we get it locked...il go first....POLITICS, RIGHT WING, LEFT WING, ANTIFA Your move LL
  10. Nice!. Yeah they send out a different one to different people I think because todays for me is... --Main Problem-- You are given an array of non-negative integers that represents a two-dimensional elevation map where each element is unit-width wall and the integer is the height. Suppose it will rain and all spots between two walls get filled up. Compute how many units of water remain trapped on the map in O(N) time and O(1) space. For example, given the input [2, 1, 2], we can hold 1 unit of water in the middle. Given the input [3, 0, 1, 3, 0, 5], we can hold 3 units in the first index, 2 in the second, and 3 in the fourth index (we cannot hold 5 since it would run off to the left), so we can trap 8 units of water. I havent attempted this one yet as I have only just got to my computer and I want to do some more blender tutorials, but others are welcome to . I really like these coding problems as they have me solving problems I might not usually come across
  11. ----Daily Coding Problem No.2--- I actually quite enjoyed doing this one . Here ya go : Main Problem Given an array of integers, return a new array such that each element at index i of the new array is the product of all the numbers in the original array except the one at i. For example, if our input was [1, 2, 3, 4, 5], the expected output would be [120, 60, 40, 30, 24]. If our input was [3, 2, 1], the expected output would be [2, 3, 6]. Follow-up: what if you can't use division? Bonus Problem Given an array of integers, find the first missing positive integer in linear time and constant space. In other words, find the lowest positive integer that does not exist in the array. The array can contain duplicates and negative numbers as well. For example, the input [3, 4, -1, 1] should give 2. The input [1, 2, 0] should give 3. You can modify the input array in-place.
  12. Yeah but, thats already been answered. In 2009 we didn't have mesh. In 2009 most buildings were still made out of prim. In 2009 we were still rocking the system body with occasional sculpted extras. Back then a potato could run Second Life without too much issue. Since mesh has been introduced we now have to deal with avatars all around us wearing full outfits of highly complex, un optimised mesh clothing and accessories from hair to bodies to jewellery to those ridiculous Catwa heads that take an hour to render and appear. We also have to deal with mesh trees, mesh buildings, mesh terrain, mesh roads etc etc. Second Life is now much more taxing on a system, especially given that 60-70% of the mesh in world isn't optimised at all. Comparing SL 2009 to SL 2019 is asinine as they were in a sense two different worlds.
  13. Well, yes to mesh but its probably avatars that are doing it for you as well. Your forgetting about avatars wearing clothing and attachments with a complexity level of god^e Also how much graphical memory does your card have. Is it the 2gb version, if so then its a 2gb "m" version which means mobile which means...underpowered to begin with. Il give you a comparison for your card... I have two computers, my high end gaming laptop and my MacBook. My MacBook has a Nvidia GT 650m card. MacBook is nearly 7 years old. It has 2gb graphical memory. 8gb DDR3. i7 and it hates being around more than two people. It visual lags even with complexity turned up if more than 5 people are around me and it definitely can NOT handle being in a highly complex mesh designed environment. Now you would think "Yes but my card is a 940m, surely my card is better than your card". Nope...only slightly and at the same time not, if you check this link out : https://www.game-debate.com/gpu/index.php?gid=2802&gid2=2702&compare=geforce-940m-2gb-vs-geforce-gt-650m-v2 you will find that we actually get comparatively similar scores on everything and the cards come out roughly equal on most things with my card even beating your card on certain other things. Yet your card was released in 2015....mine 2012 or before. So thats probably one possible factor. All I can suggest to you is this.. 1. Turn complexity all the way down so avatars are de-rendered to jelly dolls. That should at least help in reducing your frame rate drop 2. Try updating your graphical drivers. You have probably already done this but sometimes that works. 3. In graphical settings change to mid and then check : -Your draw distance down to 96 or below -Object and sculpt LOD down to 1.0 -Turn anti aliasing to 2x or disabled -Turn down Max # of non-imposter avatars to like 8...5....whatever so long as its low -Turn off atmospheric shaders -Turn down the sky slider -Turn down avatar physics 4. As your on a windows PC running windows 10. Right click the SL / Firestorm / Whatever viewer you are usings icon and make sure that the default card to run SL is your Nvidia card and not the built in Intel card. I had that problem when I first installed SL on to my windows laptop and had to manually tell the computer to use the Nvidia card instead of the intel card. Besides 4 these are some of the tricks I use to make my MacBook more usable for SL. Mainly because I prefer design flow on my MacBook than I do on my Windows PC
  14. It's an animesh function to start an animesh animation
  15. I did it with an old combat system. My method was as follows : Put the hud inside a box A Have Box A scan the sim and create a list of avatars on a timer....we will call this list "Scan" Check that list against another list of people who are already in the sim we will call this list "InSim" Anyone who is already in the "InSim" list is deleted from the "Scan" list You then loop through the "Scan" list (Only people who are new will remain) For each person in the list you : -Set the Box A description as their key -Rez the HUD -Have the HUD grab the person key from the description of Box A using llGetObjectDetails. -Request for experience permissions using llRequestExperiencePermissions..... -When accepted in the experience_permissions event you use llAttachToAvatarTemp.. -Also dont forget to move the persons key from the list "Scan" to the list "InSim" You might also want to compare "InSim" to "Scan" to remove people from "InSim" who are no longer in the sim
  16. Nice!! well done ^_^. And yeah i didnt think about that, il do that on the next one!
  17. So about a month ago I signed up to a email list that sends you one daily coding problem to solve each day, usually asked to potential employees during an interview process. I have quite enjoyed completing them and thought I would start posting them in a thread for others to attempt, discuss and post their own solutions to. Might be fun for some of you. I will post them daily in this thread for you to attempt or if you want...you can sign up yourself here : https://www.dailycodingproblem.com/ So, here is your first one for today. Nice and chill to start... Write an algorithm to justify text. Given a sequence of words and an integer line length k, return a list of strings which represents each line, fully justified. More specifically, you should have as many words as possible in each line. There should be at least one space between each word. Pad extra spaces when necessary so that each line has exactly length k. Spaces should be distributed as equally as possible, with the extra spaces, if any, distributed starting from the left. If you can only fit one word on a line, then you should pad the right-hand side with spaces. Each word is guaranteed not to be longer than k. For example, given the list of words ["the", "quick", "brown", "fox", "jumps", "over", "the", "lazy", "dog"] and k = 16, you should return the following: ["the quick brown", # 1 extra space on the left "fox jumps over", # 2 extra spaces distributed evenly "the lazy dog"] # 4 extra spaces distributed evenly
  18. She really is like Neo from the Matrix 😂, the one that can bend viewer to her will 😂😂
  19. They need to hurry up and tell us what the different premium packages are going to be. I am paying monthly at the minute as I don't want to pay for a whole year until I know what the different packages are and what they offer.
  20. Yep, I know. I have premium myself. Experience keys come in very handy I just can't wait for them to go global. I have some neat ideas I want to do but currently hampered by the lack of global auto granted experiences 😁
  21. And that is the exact reason why I hate Gacha. It's nothing more or less than a money grab and the creators know it. They know people are addicted to playing them and will spend thousands trying to get the one they want where as before they could just buy it for maybe 300 linden as a normal release. I haven't purchased from a Gacha machine in a long time now and have no intention of ever doing so again.
  22. I will leave this here : http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LSL_101/Comments,_White-space_and_Formatting More specifically this bit : "The form of the script that is actually executed (called the compiled version) has all the comments and white space removed, so they don't cause the script to execute any slower, or take up any extra memory."
  23. Its because people are so utterly f... bored of hearing about it. Every opportunity some moron has had over the last 15 years its "millennials....wah wah....millennials...so unfair...millennials". The people complaining about millennials are doing far more whining and moaning than millennials themselves. Its become a worn out meme if you will and has always been laughable when you compare the failings of the previous generations to the millennials and realise that the previous generations broke the world in ways the millennials could only dream of doing and yet its millennials that get all of the hate. When you look at the people in power, those responsible for the recession, debt, house price crisis, those dictating war and conflict etc etc hardly any if any at all are millennials, most come from the previous generations and cause far more havoc in the world and...yet....its millennials that people just drone on and on and on about for being.....lazy.... In terms of lazy there was one generation that spent a whole entire decade doing nothing other than bumming around, smoking pot, putting flowers in each others hair and peddling tree woo to those daft enough to fall for it Sub note : I am a millennial and a master procrastinator who has perfected the fine art of procrastinating procrastination that fully supports the introduction of robotic helpers to do the majority of the difficult tasks we face in life thus freeing us up to live a life of self fulfilled enjoyment and exploitation and nude bathing.
  24. Your flogging a dead horse trying to correct her. Steph gets all her woo knowledge by gazing into a crystal ball, throwing chicken blood over some bones and hoping for the best.
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