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  1. Yes, you understood me correctly. Apparently, if you use the inventory menu to dress things, then it ignores the script and there's nothing to be done about it, which is a pity.
  2. Good evening, I became interested in the question: of how to make the HUD always dress correctly, from any point of attachment, I did it. But now I have a question. Is it possible to write a script that will dress any prim as HUD? For example, I will choose to attach to my left hand, but the prim will be dressed as a HUD anyway.
  3. Given a string, you need to remove a certain word from it, is it possible to implement it? I did not find the delete function in the string specification
  4. Wow, thanks for the tip. I just read in the function description llDetachFromAvatar quote: "Only works in the root prim of the attachment. Сalling it from a script in a child prim will cause it to fail silently". It seems to me the whole thing in this, but I just saw how the close button is used outside the parent, how is it implemented?
  5. In general, I do not understand why the script does not work. The button (cross) has number 2. I checked it using this script: default { state_entry() { } touch_start(integer num_detected) { llOwnerSay("Link number clicked: " + (string)llDetectedLinkNumber(0) ); } } Here is the script of the button itself (cross) integer close_button = 2; default { touch_start(integer n) { if(llDetectedLinkNumber(0) == close_button) { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_ATTACH); } }
  6. So I checked the button number and this is the parent script
  7. After all, I correctly understood that this script should be given to the parent, and the button itself does not need to register anything like that?
  8. Yes, yes, I'm telling you, I checked that the close button is 2, I registered for checking everything that you wrote just now, exactly the close button has number 2.
  9. We do not understand each other. Here Wulfie Reanimator understood what I mean, but for some reason the script does not work, although the idea itself is clear
  10. Understood with llDetectedLinkNumber, but for some reason, when I press the button, nothing happens, although the close button does have 2 numbers, I checked
  11. In principle, everything is clear, but I wanted to clarify the number to the button you need to assign yourself? Or is it automatically assigned and you just need to find out?
  12. Maybe you misunderstood, I just need to remove the HUD, why make it transparent?
  13. Yes, I just want to make an X button to close the entire HUD.
  14. В общем, я хочу научиться делать ХУД для предметов, например, цвет менять вот я сделал доску на ней несколько примитивов (типо кнопки) и нужно сделать кнопку для закрытия всего ХУДа чтобы не лазать в инвентарь постоянно для снятия ХУДа
  15. My friend and I study SL. He made a HUD. To change the color of the eyes, and asked me to make a cross to close the HUD so as not to constantly separate myself.
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