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  1. Hi It is unclear to me if the url which i request for my hud is being released when i log out. Is the attach event triggered when the avi logs out? thanks for any clarification R.
  2. Hi I probably know the answer, but thought I could ask. Is there ANY way of switching an avatar to 'undetectable' by the llSensor cone of another source ? thanks R.
  3. Thanks that's all helpful. Is it then correct to assume that clearing a list actually frees up memory during operation?
  4. Hi I was wondering how to measure speed and efficiency in more complex scripts. I am mostly curious about the usage of many individual variables vs lists. Is there empirical data available which of the two is more efficient ? speed and memory wise. curios..
  5. Thanks for all the input! The issue was that I still had a timer running in the script. and that was causing the script to go somewhere else instead of to the listen for the dialog. doh. Steph: what kind of clean up operation would you need there?
  6. Hi. I'm not finding what i'm doing wrong. So i have to ask here for some advice. I'm working on a hud that pings a http server for data, and that server, on my domain, pings back and it all seems to work. If that player does not exist, the server returns a string with a command "fnop" and I want to open a menu with some additional choices, which I then will send back to the server. So far so good. Not sure if these snippets are enough information. There's not much to the script, I have a few states and this happens in a state dedicated to that server interaction. http_
  7. That makes sense of course. in a way. Maya doesn't 'like' these tiny scales SL is working in. So it is better to rig and animate in cm/unit which is 100 times bigger than what SL expects. I couldn't find a scale while export setting in maya exporter of DAE/fbx, which would be even cooler since I wouldn't have to rig in mini-scale. Maybe there is a way around that. I have my workflow down now of creating big then scaling it down, then skin it, then export it.
  8. as so often in my case i find the answers soon after I post a question. Issue is that my maya scene is 100 times bigger then the default sl avi template. I didn't think that would matter. since it's getting scaled down during import. BUT it makes all the difference. If I export from maya 100 times smaller, import it into SL as 100 times bigger. then it works. If I am too big in maya then import it as 100 times smaller into sl it does not work. i'm sure there's a logic to it.
  9. hi I am experimenting with a mesh body. I model it in maya, skin it to the skeleton then export it as dae. I can upload it in sl, click the include skin weights option, scale is set to 1. When I rez the mesh onto the ground it has the correct scale. When I add it to my avatar, it is GIGANTIC! I tried different scales and orientations but it always results in the same result. huge, and completely distorted. what is the secret here ?? thanks a lot R.
  10. wow. i have the exact same result when exporting from maya to sl. even just exporting the base bento skeleton as it is provided with the mel script posted on the wiki results in the distortion you have. impossible to use. Has anybody out there any advice on how to use maya for animations for sl ? seems so strange that this doesn't work.
  11. Thanks Klytyna, that makes perfect sense. I was afraid that I now have to switch to blender/maya for animations on the bento rig. I'll research that then.
  12. Hi I can't find a bento skeleton for poser. I am running into many strange issues with my current setup, which is based on the pre-bento skeleton. hints and links greatly appreciated R.
  13. thanks it's getting a bit clearer and clearer. I understand the first part where it sends the string 'send' to the google form. that makes sense. for the 'get' part, well, i have to understand how this works a bit more. Seems like one of these sl scripting things that seems very strange and then suddenly, after deep studies and experiments, start to make sense. thanks R.
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