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  1. using controls

    yes, thanks that works. All good.
  2. using controls

    ok never mind. I just found the flag in the llTakeControl command. I had it set to FALSE for the pass_on.
  3. using controls

    Hi I'm stuck thinking. I am trying to use the control event to trigger animations for a weapon. (left mouse down+ control key). But obviously that takes away the control over the avi. Is there a way to have the regular key input plus whatever i want to do by taking away the controls. Like triggering the weapon AND still moving forward as before. ?? thanks R.
  4. Animesh/possible scripting question

    that's brilliant. thanks for the link.
  5. Animesh/possible scripting question

    i tend to make lots of meshes and animate the transparency. but i wish there was more tools available. I haven't seen those dinos. so what does puppeteer do?
  6. Animesh/possible scripting question

    is there anything like animesh already available ? i thought it's an announcement for something in the future. curious !
  7. llSetRegionPos question

    Thanks Ela, i did end up using this idea and first tp to a spot just 10 meters before the target then again to the target. But for other reasons, the reason for my imprecision was that my sittarget has an offset so the avatar briefly appears away from the target in the moment of arrival, which looks like the setRegionPos misses, but it actually is pretty much where it should be. thanks!
  8. llSetRegionPos question

    ok. good to know it's not that command. thanks. i'll dig in more then. i'm switching animations too so maybe i'm seeing that. ...
  9. llSetRegionPos question

    no i am working on a teleporter and it just keeps on missing by about 2-3 meters. only for a very brief flash. then it lands correctly. hm...
  10. llSetRegionPos question

    hi Is it possible that llSetRegionPos 'overshoots' it's target before then rubber banding back to the intended position ? thanks R/
  11. keeping rotation while state change

    so you wouldn't be concerned about firing the llSetTimerEvent within the timer ? this resets and restarts the timer every second. I haven't noticed any extra lag that comes with it when i tried it, so maybe it's ok.
  12. keeping rotation while state change

    bang. it's so easy. just use llSleep instead of a timer. It seems accurate enough for counting minutes. integer min; integer sec=10; integer starttime=3; //minutes integer counter; float sleeptime = 60.0; integer nowtime; integer finishtime; default { state_entry() { llTargetOmega(llRot2Left(llGetLocalRot()),-PI/10,1); nowtime = llGetUnixTime(); for (counter=starttime;counter>1;--counter) {llSleep(sleeptime);} finishtime=llGetUnixTime(); llOwnerSay(((string)(finishtime-nowtime))); //just to check if it's really one minute llSetTimerEvent(1.0); //use timer only for seconds counter } timer() {--sec; llOwnerSay("second: "+((string)sec)); if (sec==0) {llOwnerSay("gameover"); llSetTimerEvent(0.0); llTargetOmega(ZERO_VECTOR,-PI/10,0);} //stop it } }
  13. keeping rotation while state change

    Thanks Rolig The only reason i didn't have the timer tick every second is that i only need the minutes for the most part of my countdown. A tick per second i only need at the last minute. That's where i switch to another timer. But maybe i am wrong in my assumption that a timer tick every second uses more cpu power then a time tick every minute. not sure how it works inside. it might not matter. If it doesn't matter i'll use a timer that ticks every second but only trigger my display of the countdown every minute. BUT: i get the idea: avoid state change. All my testing so far point to the state change as the moment that resets the rotation of my object. I muted everything and it still does it, on exactly that moment.
  14. keeping rotation while state change

    I think i have to change a state, because i am triggering a timerevent within a timer event, and it works, but i'd like to think that is very inefficient because it gets triggered over and over again this way.
  15. keeping rotation while state change

    oh interesting. yes i do change the color of the object in the state_entry of the new state. That can cause a reset ? hmmm... I do change colors a few times within the first state, but that doesn't have any effect on it's rotation it seems.