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  1. so you wouldn't be concerned about firing the llSetTimerEvent within the timer ? this resets and restarts the timer every second. I haven't noticed any extra lag that comes with it when i tried it, so maybe it's ok.
  2. bang. it's so easy. just use llSleep instead of a timer. It seems accurate enough for counting minutes. integer min; integer sec=10; integer starttime=3; //minutes integer counter; float sleeptime = 60.0; integer nowtime; integer finishtime; default { state_entry() { llTargetOmega(llRot2Left(llGetLocalRot()),-PI/10,1); nowtime = llGetUnixTime(); for (counter=starttime;counter>1;--counter) {llSleep(sleeptime);} finishtime=llGetUnixTime(); llOwnerSay(((string)(finishtime-nowtime))); //just to check if it's really one minute llSetTimerEvent(1.0); //use timer only for seconds counter } timer() {--sec; llOwnerSay("second: "+((string)sec)); if (sec==0) {llOwnerSay("gameover"); llSetTimerEvent(0.0); llTargetOmega(ZERO_VECTOR,-PI/10,0);} //stop it } }
  3. Thanks Rolig The only reason i didn't have the timer tick every second is that i only need the minutes for the most part of my countdown. A tick per second i only need at the last minute. That's where i switch to another timer. But maybe i am wrong in my assumption that a timer tick every second uses more cpu power then a time tick every minute. not sure how it works inside. it might not matter. If it doesn't matter i'll use a timer that ticks every second but only trigger my display of the countdown every minute. BUT: i get the idea: avoid state change. All my testing so far point to the state change as the moment that resets the rotation of my object. I muted everything and it still does it, on exactly that moment.
  4. I think i have to change a state, because i am triggering a timerevent within a timer event, and it works, but i'd like to think that is very inefficient because it gets triggered over and over again this way.
  5. oh interesting. yes i do change the color of the object in the state_entry of the new state. That can cause a reset ? hmmm... I do change colors a few times within the first state, but that doesn't have any effect on it's rotation it seems.
  6. Hi I am building myself a countdown script and it all works fine, except, that the object rotation seems to reset it's start position when the script changes to another state. I am using this for starting the rotation, llTargetOmega(llRot2Left(llGetLocalRot()),-PI/10,1); but during a state change the object still snaps to a start position and starts its rotation there instead of continuing where it left off before the state change. wicked R
  7. thanks for the infos. i guess json is another tool in the toolbox. i was so curious because often,when i post here with my scripting troubles, json comes up as "or you try it with json". R.
  8. well sorry too sloppy language. I meant, what is the advantage of using json here in sl. what does json provide that lists wouldn't. ?
  9. So what IS the kick about json vs lists? Rhia
  10. that should work. i tried scaling the objects away when they are not needed. seems very complicated to do. I'll try the link_message approach. thanks!
  11. and no way around it ? no special secret trick?
  12. Another weird question: I want to touch an object that sits behind another object that's invisible (alpha). I tried switching the top object to phantom, turned physics off, (it's a child) and was reading about various ll functions but it seems that the objects, albeit invisible, always block the 'touch' from reaching the object underneath. It is funny because the cursor does change to touch so it sees the touch object, but can't click on it because of the other geometry in front of it. arg. thought i'd ask.
  13. Thanks for pointing to the code. That's cool. I'll just wanted it for a status board for gms on the sim.
  14. I couldn't find any function that allows to retrieve the current profile picture of players from within a script. How is it done? thanks Rhi
  15. Hello I am not sure if this is the right forum, I have a strange question, I am a sim owner, and I wonder, how the sim ban is working. Is it based on just the name or is there some other information involved that identifies that avatar? I don't think sim ban lists are based on ip addresses. I am asking because one person got ejected (not banned) by a memory usage monitor that usually works pretty well. But this player could not return to the sim anymore, he received the message that he's on the sim ban list. But he was not part of any ban lists, neither region, estate or any parcel. Only when I temporarily removed other names from the region ban list, the player was able to tp back on to the sim. This made me instantly think that one of the banned avis was an alt of the avi in question, but... ...how would the ban list know about alts of an avi? seemed baffling to me.