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  1. that should work. i tried scaling the objects away when they are not needed. seems very complicated to do. I'll try the link_message approach. thanks!
  2. and no way around it ? no special secret trick?
  3. Another weird question: I want to touch an object that sits behind another object that's invisible (alpha). I tried switching the top object to phantom, turned physics off, (it's a child) and was reading about various ll functions but it seems that the objects, albeit invisible, always block the 'touch' from reaching the object underneath. It is funny because the cursor does change to touch so it sees the touch object, but can't click on it because of the other geometry in front of it. arg. thought i'd ask.
  4. Thanks for pointing to the code. That's cool. I'll just wanted it for a status board for gms on the sim.
  5. I couldn't find any function that allows to retrieve the current profile picture of players from within a script. How is it done? thanks Rhi
  6. Hello I am not sure if this is the right forum, I have a strange question, I am a sim owner, and I wonder, how the sim ban is working. Is it based on just the name or is there some other information involved that identifies that avatar? I don't think sim ban lists are based on ip addresses. I am asking because one person got ejected (not banned) by a memory usage monitor that usually works pretty well. But this player could not return to the sim anymore, he received the message that he's on the sim ban list. But he was not part of any ban lists, neither region, estate or any parcel. Only when I temporarily removed other names from the region ban list, the player was able to tp back on to the sim. This made me instantly think that one of the banned avis was an alt of the avi in question, but... ...how would the ban list know about alts of an avi? seemed baffling to me.
  7. Hi I want to rezz an linkset from the inventory of an object and then link the two together. is there any way around these popups asking people to click on to grant permissions ? A different way of doing it? the linkset represents a few meshes that I animate by alpha on-off animation, but it's so much geometry, that i'd love to find a way of only rezzing it when i need it, and to not carry these 'invisivble' pieces with me. So i thought maybe rezzing it and then afterwards killing it. But then it's of course disconnected from the original object. thought i'd ask best R.
  8. Speed is not relevant, just annoying. Also I thought there must be something wrong watching a script taking MINUTES to read a already digital content of a text file. It's not a magnetic card reader, but a file, already code. so what does take so long ? reading a notecard should be a matter of milliseconds not 10 minutes. So I just thought i am doing something wrong. but i guess that's the speed it goes. I think it's all set up as fast as it gets right now. thanks for all the input.
  9. Iis this the bento skeleton? I am looking for that too. Thanks
  10. oh great. it saved me 160kb.
  11. I would have guessed that one texture might be less data handling then many small ones. But you have good points about tiles. they are quite useful at times. I have not yet had issues with mixing transparent and non-alpha parts in one texture, using png and alpha blending. I turn it off for the non-transparent material and leave alpha blending on for the transparent one. Seems to work ok. And i don't think that png is never not having some sort of alpha in it. i could be wrong.
  12. Hi I was just wondering, artistic choices aside, is it load weight wise better to make 1x 1024 texture to cover lets say various parts of a building or to have 16x 256 textures? or is it just the same ? R.
  13. Related to efficiency, if i would use the same texture file in two different items, but rezzed on the same sim, would sl be clever enough to load this texture only once?
  14. That's kinda what I'm doing. So far it's been two textures for the house. I can compress it even more, the glass will be just 2 or maybe 3 variations, each very small, the wood as you say all fits into one texture. there will be some wall structure and some addtional things that all together will fit into another texture. I wasn't planning on baking textures for this one. We'll see.
  15. I will explore this material solution a bit more. I dont think i will need 8 materials. My current way of splitting a mesh into meshes is based on uv space, or better said, based on how much of texture info i can fit into a 1k image. Another thought is transparency needs, so i keep transparent, or alpha blended items separate from meshes i wouldnt need alphas for. I am still exploring the art of packing as much data into a texture file as possible. So it sounds i might be able to make one mesh with only one phys object but still have my split intom3 textures. Very cool R.