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  1. So, at present I use Notes on my MacBook to store all of my project data, information, to do list etc etc of things I am working on in world. However, whilst switching back and forth between two apps isn't what I would call an issue I am going to create a hud version of Notes so that the information is more readily accessible to me while I am working on a project and "in the zone". Now, my question isn't "how to do this" because I already have that part sorted. My question is regarding note storage. I am going to make it so that it has Project titles, folders that are contained inside of this and then notes that are contained in those folders. All displayed using XYZ. So a three tier structure. I can't decide between lists or JSON to store the note data. I do plan on eventually storing the notes on my web server before anyone mentions that, this is more regarding storage inside of the script in world. What do you think....lists or JSON. I personally think JSON might be good as it allows multi tiered structures but then again so would a strided list. Figured I would bring this to the forum to see what suggestions you all had. What do you guys think?
  2. So translate this into something that new users can learn from. I think a youtube series would be one of the best ways you could do this. Take people through making a range of different objects that you think they would ultimately make in Second Life. Furniture, a tree, a plant, a sword etc etc and show them with each tutorial exactly what you are doing and how to reduce the poly count and texture count effectively and demonstrate the result. Show the difference between a badly designed version of your item and a decently designed version of your item. If done well you could easily get a series like that to be considered the "SL industry standard" that the forums, builders brewery and other places send out to new developers to learn from. This is why you start by nipping this issue before new creators get to that point. Some old creators will take your advice on board but ultimately its the newer generation of creators that you should focus something like this on. Help by teaching people the best optimisation methods whilst they are still learning and seeking out those tutorials. Again...I feel like I'm flogging the point a little here....catch it before it begins. We are in SL...NOT a game development studio or amateur team. It's ultimately up to us as residents to guide people, help and teach them in the same way they would in a game studio. Linden Lab isn't going to do it, we have to. See all above points. Ultimately it's easy to complain on the forum about these things but, honestly, if you are even half as good as you claim to be at mesh then it should be equally as easy for you to start helping to make the changes that you seek. Whether thats a blog detailing good optimisation techniques or a youtube series that focuses specifically on blender development for Second Life. I am not trying to be offensive here btw so please don't take it as that. I genuinely mean it when I say that you seem to have a good understanding of what the issues are surrounding mesh and the best methods to use to work towards reducing those issues. Share your knowledge, do something about it. Contribute towards the development of new designers. Even if its running a class one hour a week at the Builders Brewery its still something that will help shape and mould people into more efficient designers. It's not only the in world content that is created by us residents its also most of the learning material that goes along with it. The wiki, tutorials, youtube videos, avastar's website, blogs detailing tips and tricks. All of those are the result of residents trying to help learners by passing on their knowledge of how to accomplish something in SL.
  3. They are but people are impatient. They want to try bigger and better things. Development in SL is a lot harder these days than it used to be and you are already surrounded by high level of competition as well as the sheer learning curve required to do most things that result in an end product. People want to get good and they want to get good quickly and they see all these "amazing" models on marketplace, in world and think "Damnnn I want to create like that" and so they start learning mesh as a beginner. They follow tutorials that teach them the basics of blender and start forming ideas of what it is they want to create and thus a high poly super complex mesh developer is born. The problem is not just the learner. They are a learner, they are allowed to make mistakes and try things that are out of their league because how otherwise would they get any better?. The problem really is the information that is available to learners and how easy it is to find. Most people just head to youtube for a "learn blender in 20 videos" tutorial that will teach them all the basics that they need to know but will say nothing about optimising your mesh to make it as low poly as possible and definitely NOTHING about optimising it for SL. The first time they ever come up against the issues of over complex mesh is when they import the model and see that their skateboard (for example) has a land count of 700. Even if they head to a group and ask for help and are told to "reduce verts" there is still no clear guidelines for them to follow on what the correct land count is for specific types of objects. They are basically fumbling round in the dark with no one really to guide them and the skateboard ends up being sold with a 300 land count which the developer accepts because they halved it and to them thats an achievement. Whats needed is a series of tutorial on learning blender that are aimed at teaching users blender for Second Life and maybe some documentation giving rough land count ranges for various types of general objects that people might create that learners and other developers can reference. You seem to have a strong opinion on what right and wrong with developers so why don't you create it?. Put your money where your mouth is as they say πŸ˜‹πŸ˜πŸ˜‰ The millennial complaint is dull and boring now, we have heard it all before. "Millennials are lazy and just want things without the effort". Awesome, time to move on. I find it interesting how everyone gets hung up the millennial generation for being lazy but not a thing is ever said about the generations that sunk a world into a financial depression and pretty much destroyed entire economies doing so. Or the world leaders that whilst complained about are baby boomers and generation Xers that are allowed to lead us into pointless wars, mass taxation and the rejection and abuse of rights against individual groups. Some of the previous generations inherited a world that ripe and rich for progression and development and p****d all over it, sunk it into debt, ruined the housing market and contributed towards a mass destruction of the planets natural resources and ozone....yet millenials are the ones criticised for being too lazy...go figure
  4. I voice with friends and occasionally without. What I prefer depends on how I am feeling. Sometimes I just can not be bothered to type. Others I prefer typing.
  5. Its not that its bad per say. I personally don't care all that much if someone necroposts as I have far better things to be worrying about. The only concern as others have stated is outdated information. For example : --Your ideal scenario of re using old threads-- Lets say your a beginner scripter, new to the forums and you are having issues figuring out how modify a child link using a script. So you go onto the forum, type in "modify child links" and up comes a post from 10 years ago, that everyone has been adding to, thats now 47 pages long. You open the thread, think "damn thats a lot of pages" see the initial post and shout "ohhh yes thats the issue i'm having, what was there solution". You read the first few answers, because no ones reading 47 pages of information, and they inform you that "You need to use llSetPrimitiveParamaters to do this and each link you want to modify requires its own script inside and each of those scripts can be activated by sending a linked message from the root prim telling those child prims make the modification". You then sit up straight, smile and re open SL and fill your creations with about 10 billion scripts and feel you have solved your issue. --The current scenario-- You are having issues figuring out how to modify a child link using a script. So you go onto the forum, type in "modify child links". This time you get a whole host of different threads clearly dated from a few days prior right back to 10 years ago. You think to yourself "Okay damn thats a lot of threads, maybe il go for the most recent ones near the top and work my way down from there". You open the most recent topic that matches your question and see the initial post and think "Ohhhh...etc etc". You read the first few answers and discover there is this amazing function called llSetLinkPrimitiveParams that lets you do all of those nifty modifications to the child links from a whole single script in the root prim. You smile, open SL and use one single script to do all the work for you!. You feel productive! The difference between these two examples is the first taught the learner how to modify child prims by using a method from SL's archaic past from a time BEFORE we had link functions. Back then we had to put a script into EACH object in the link set that we wanted to modify. Its why if you look inside some of the old flex hair you will find a resize script in each and every object that has been linked together. The second example, which is how it currently works, gave the learner more updated information and taught them how to modify child prims by using a much better and more efficient method requiring only a single script. Humans are a fickle bunch and no one is looking at 47 pages worth of forum chatter and going "By the power of the divine I shall read every post". It isn't happening. On top of that if you are a newbie to the forum you might not know to skip to the end to find more relevant information and even then you may have to spend some time sifting through all kinds of posts to find the exact information you need. What you end up with is newbies and learners reading solutions that have no relevance to how a specific problem is solved in the modern day.
  6. Yeah I noticed it wasn't finished and hadn't been touched in some time. But then there are pages such as this http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/SL_Cert_-_Intermediate_Scripting that would actually make a pretty good guide for a learner to follow.
  7. I found this on the wiki earlier. Quite an interesting read though I'm not quite sure that LSL certification itself would benefit anyone beyond bragging rights. Maybe if certification became a way to check if the coder you are employing actually has the skills they claim perhaps. Though it would be interesting to see the essence of this used to create a lesson plan for beginner scripters that covers all aspects that they would need to learn to start making a wide variety of products in SL. Curious to hear your thoughts on this page, figured it might make an interesting discussion. What do you guys think....certification in LSL? http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/SL_Certification
  8. You can't really assume that people rarely tell the truth, I would like to hear your grounds for claiming this. You see, our experiences in RL and SL, deal with a extremely small group of people that are not representative of the whole of humanity. Even if we are one of those people who have "loads" of friends and meet "loads" of people. You are still really only numbering in the hundreds and in some cases between 1 - 2000 people that they have actually met and had a reasonable conversation with, aka more than a few sentences, in their entire lives to date. There are BILLIONS of people alive on the earth today. Even if you take in the actions of politicians, world leaders, morons on youtube who fake their content, you are still only adding maybe 10-20 people that you realistically know of to that total. And unless you find irrefutable solid proof that what a person is saying or doing is a lie....you are still only basing your conception on your own hear say. Not actual fact. Not everyone in the world is a deceptive individual that is looking to pull the wool over your eyes. People lie and they lie all the time but that doesn't mean "people rarely tell the truth". I myself only lie if I have to, my father was a seriously abusive a-hole who used lying and deception as part of his tool kit, I made a decision at a young age that I didn't want to turn out like that so actively chose not to. Yet I have a friend in RL who lies through her back teeth about knowing how to code in certain languages when in reality she has a minimal amount of knowledge on the subject and struggled grasp the concept of an 'if' statement when I explained it to her and thinks she's an I.T tech because she can replace the screen and battery on a phone and tells people so. The point of telling you this however is to show you that people are varied, so so so varied in who they are. The experiences we draw from those we meet that give us our "worldly knowledge" in reality come from a tiny insignificant amount of people who have no actual bearing on the other 6+ billion people that are alive on the earth today. Sure people lie but they don't "rarely tell the truth"
  9. I had to send in a copy of my driving licence. That was all, one time verification. There must be more going on behind the scenes that you are not fully aware of (could literally be anything). I had 10k deducted from my account a week ago as someone bought a product on my alts store with lindens that were obtained fraudulently. Not saying yours are obtained that way but there literally could be ANY amount of reasons as to why its taking so long. As Rollig said, contacting support and asking them directly is your best bet.
  10. No no no, hamster on a wheel charging up a dynamo that charges up a battery which finally powers the computer. Only, the computer is made purely out of organic materials. Wooden case which he obviously carved himself, crystal storage drives mined fresh from the earth and finally a bio organic neural network to help the computer function with its own custom OS "Recluse OS" which he constructed after countless hours of "experimenting" on the local rodent life. For the screen they generate a hologram using the power of Mother Nature and the reflection of the sun on a surface of water. The less said about the keyboard and mouse the better (see above comments regarding rodent life experimentation) Jeeze I thought EVERYONE knew how this all worked..
  11. That is fantastic. Should have been there to begin with mind but 10 points to Linden Lab
  12. They were talking about making it so everyone else could ONLY see your display name. In that situation you wouldn't see "Latex Dillon - Latex Alcott". Now take that idea and put it this way. I change "Chibiusa Ling" to "Syrana Clasplinger" and several other friends do the exact same thing....weekly....so my original comment "That would just end up hella confusing. You would spend half of your time asking people who they are" is perfectly valid as in this case situation you would never be able to see the original username to know who was who.
  13. Since when have we been able to redeliver products we have purchased on marketplace ourselves?. I just went to look at a new feature mentioned in another thread and noticed I can now re deliver all of the orders I have purchased right back to 2012
  14. That would just end up hella confusing. You would spend half of your time asking people who they are.
  15. You already have this information in the script that I wrote in my previous post. Its basically the same thing only instead of if(llDetected..... its if(message..... Whilst we are here to help you with issues I get stephs frustration (for once) as you have been given all of the information you need and there is also the wiki which can give you the basic examples of how to send and pick up messages (as well as a butt ton of other info). Part of learning to script is sitting and figuring things out for yourself. We can guide you sure but you can't expect us to completely write out the script for you. I'v already done that once with the button click example and you already have a basic example of how the listen event works, as well as everything you need to switch textures back and forth in the script I wrote. If you only tried going to the wiki page and looking up the listen event and listen functions you would find all of the information you need to complete your task. My honest advice to you, and there will probably be those who criticise me for saying this, is....if you are unwilling to sit and try and figure things out and teach yourself to work through issues and at least TRY to accomplish the task yourself...then stop coding as coding isn't for you and pay someone to do it for you.
  16. One of my all time fav computers I ever owned was the Amiga 1200. My fav games were Lemmings, Zool, Sleepwalker and Globdule πŸ˜‚
  17. You could do something like... //You would put the uuid key of your textures in here like this list textures=[ "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" ]; integer textureIndex; //How far through the above list of textures we have moved integer textureLink=1; //Change to the link number to display the texture integer rightButton=2; //Change to the link number of the right button integer leftButton=3; //Change to the link number of the left button default{ state_entry(){ //Here so that everytime you save, add a new texture etc it will reset the image being displayed back to the first image in the list textureIndex=0; llSetLinkTexture(textureLink,llList2String(textures,textureIndex),ALL_SIDES); } //You can use llSetLinkPrimitiveParams as well to change the texture but as you seem to be a learner and because its simpler for a learner to understand iv used llSetLinkTexture touch_start(integer x){ //Change "right button" and "left button" to the link number of the buttons you are pressing if(llDetectedLinkNumber(0)==rightButton){ //Move down through the textures or "to the right" ++textureIndex; //Display the texture llSetLinkTexture(textureLink,llList2String(textures,textureIndex),ALL_SIDES); //Check if we have reached the end of the list and if so go back to the start if(textureIndex==llGetListLength(textures))textureIndex=0; }else if(llDetectedLinkNumber(0)==leftButton){ //Move up through the textures or "to the left" --textureIndex; //Display the texture llSetLinkTexture(textureLink,llList2String(textures,textureIndex),ALL_SIDES); //Check if we have reached the start of the list go back to the end if(textureIndex==llGetListLength(textures))textureIndex=llGetListLength(textures)-1; } } } As I said in the script I used llSetLinkTexture but you can use llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast if you have gotten that far in your learning. But this script will work for open sim also as all of the above functions, including llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast should you choose to use it, are available for use in open sim. The llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast way of changing texture would be... Instead of : llSetLinkTexture(textureLink,llList2String(textures,textureIndex),ALL_SIDES); Use : llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(textureLink, [PRIM_TEXTURE, ALL_SIDES, llList2String(textures,textureIndex), <1.0,1.0,1.0>, <0.0,0.0,0.0>, 0.0]);
  18. Did you remember to add in llListen(channel, blah blah blah) in a state_entry event
  19. For a future update when you do feel up to revising it. You could send your message with a comma separating the "expdd" and the number like so.... E.g llRegionSayTo( user, chan1, "expdd,1"); And then simply do : integer XP; default{ listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message){ if(channel==chan1){ list tMsg=llCSV2List(message); //Split the incoming message up everytime we find a comma into individual elements in a list key objectowner = llList2Key(llGetObjectDetails(granterid,[OBJECT_CREATOR]),0); key regionowner = llList2Key(llGetParcelDetails(<0,0,0>,[PARCEL_DETAILS_OWNER]),0); if(objectowner==regionowner){ //Check if the first entry in the tMsg list is 'expdd' if(llList2String(tMsg,0)=="expdd"){ //If so then add the second entry which is our xp amount to the XP variable XP=XP+llList2Integer(tMsg,1); text = (string)XP; llSay(-15231, text); llSetObjectDesc(text); } } } } } This way you don't need all of those if statements handling each number that you want to add to your XP value. This one single if statement will cover all of them so long as the message is sent in the expdd,50 format
  20. You beat me to it, I had it half written out xD. Foiled again!
  21. Maitreya body with flat chest mod then get a female bento head and re shape it to a more masculine form, might work
  22. Using your variables and functions : integer listenChannel==0; //Here for ease of use for you. Change to whatever channel you want to say the message on. 0 is local chat integer intBulbFace; integer lightOn=FALSE; updateLight(){ //Whatever } default{ state_entry(){ llListen(0,"",llGetOwner(),""); intBulbFace = llList2Integer(llGetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_DESC]), 0); updateLight(); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message){ if(message=="light"){ if(lightOn){ //Turn off updateLight(); }else{ //Turn on updateLight(); } lightOn=!lightOn; } } }
  23. Yet people do use them. But unlike the prefabs of years ago where you could chop change and re arrange things into something that looked like a whole new product...most of the full perm mesh stuff now such as clothing and other kits end up on marketplace simply re textured and you end up with like 20 stores all selling 20 colours of the same jacket resulting in 80+ versions of the same exact thing on marketplace just with slightly different texturing. The sculpted pre fabs we had back in the day for clothes would have had like 10 different lower leg types, 10 different upper leg types, 10 different belt types and so on and so forth. Combine that with various other accessories that came with them and you could usually cobble together something slightly more unique looking than just paying 5k for a full perm dress, slapping a texture on it and shouting "Derp im a designer derp". It is and I recognise that they are now starting to sell "whole set" collections. But the majority of what comes up is still Gacha only nonsense. I havent bought a Gacha from a Gacha machine in a very long time now and have no intention of doing so. If I see one that has something that I like I just wait for it to appear on market at a reasonable price. Id rather give money back to the avatar that was ripped off trying to get the object than to the designers themselves who rip people off Rather than multiple quotes from you il answer them numbered 1. I wasn't specifically saying YOUR mall or a mall in particular. More of a generalisation based on what I have seen myself whilst visiting malls around SL. You may charge less but the general consensus iv seen is to charge more and give less prims than what it costs to just take on a 512m parcel. Its good that the cost you are charging is reasonable 2. Naffy = Naff = Crappy.......and......Tat = UK slang for Junk 3. I whole heartedly agree with you here. Its why I would love for there to be an optional plug in for the viewer that let residents manipulate basic mesh shapes for use in products. Perhaps something similar to that sculpt program everyone used years ago....I forget the name now but was very basic and you just had the option of a few shapes and could alter how many verts you wanted in the shape and then was a case of move and pull till you got the shape you wanted. It may not be on blender level nerd super mesh but would at least lower the "threshold to creativity" when it comes to mesh. Though I suspect the hardcore blender users would gnaw the edges of their keyboards in frustration at the idea. 4. Agreed....I love seeing residents still build with prims and sculpts. Prims themselves are a much underrated medium. I have seen some houses in this last year that were made from prims that look a million times better than their mesh counterparts. If I am building a sim I always try to do as much as I can in prim and then use sculpt or mesh for shapes or decoration that prims can't achieve. Full mesh regions look nice but unless your running a half decent computer you have no hope of a good enough frame rate to enjoy it fully
  24. As much as I love mesh, wear mesh and think that mesh was good in helping push SL forward.....you pretty much just hit on one of the reasons I hate mesh. The entry requirement now to start creating items is too much for most residents I meet to be bothered dealing with. Which is a shame in itself as SL used to be filled with creators big, small, crappy and awesome. Anyone could literally Rez a prim, start playing, add some textures and call it a day. Now however you have to download blender, follow tutorials, learn how to model, learn how to unwrap and UV, learn how to use cycles and thats just covering the basics of what you need to make a decent a looking basic model. Then after that you have to learn how to do advanced modelling, organic shapes, clothing...then leading on from that you have avastar and rigging and if you so do choose yet another program aka Marvellous Designer or Z Brush. It's an insane amount of effort and work and we now sit in a situation where the elite few rule the playing field with the semi elite few beneath them pumping out the same tired old copycat crap but done "differently" and most normal residents saying **** this too much effort I cant be bothered with all that. Go back 10 years and 75% of those normal residents would be creating, modding and probably have their own small store or offering to contribute to SL in some way...now....nada. Mesh made SL better but it also ruined it massively IMO That and the heavy focus on marketplace stores. I do miss the malls of yesterday if I am honest. Given the option between a laggy Gacha rip off event or buying actual decent products in an SL mall...I would pick the latter any day. Some of the best items I ever found came from the gigantic sprawling malls of 200X - 2010. Sadly I don't think there is anything you could do to actually rescue malls. Given (as stated below) you can rent a 512 plot of land for less than 500 linden a week now you would have to be offering out mall stores of a decent size and cheaper than what you can rent for privately to at least have a chance of getting people in and thats AFTER trying to justify to them why they should even pay in the first place when they can have a marketplace store for free. The only time I ever see successful "Malls" now (note quotation marks) is when they are included in some other pre existing sim as part of a shopping district or cater to a specific community, one example of this would be Annie May Heaven which caters to the Anime community and Anime developers. The thing is.... 1. Most malls I see want between 2-500 lindens a week for a tiny space with a limit of say 50 prims or something like that. You can go to someone like the Chungs and rent a 512m plot of land for around the same price with a higher prim limit and design your own custom space to suit your store, list it in search etc etc and even use the classifieds and whatever else yourself to advertise it 2. And completely dead. SL has become too accustomed to events, marketplace and having your own in world store, with marketplace being what most creators tend to go for now. That and the majority of the malls that are left are now selling products most people would consider as naffy tat that no one is interested in buying. We had a hop round some in world malls not all that long ago and, besides the occasional nifty throwback prim made item, it didn't feel like we were walking around the bastion of creativity that malls once were. 3. See point 1 I do agree with you on a lot of the points you have made though and as stated further up I really do miss the malls of yesterday that we once had in SL that sold a wide selection of awesome nifty products. But those days are gone and unless your prepared to develop a voodoo fetish I doubt there is any way you could bring them back to the point they once were. Maybe if they were themed to cater to a specific community, as I also stated above Annie May Heaven is doing very well for itself as a mall combined hangout zone, then maybe a mall would thrive Themed, exclusives, caters to a specific crowd. Though...most (read : nearly all) of them are now Gacha and my stance on Gacha (con products), those who create Gacha sets (con merchants) and Gacha events (con zones) in general are pretty well known. BUT....maybe you could be the one to change all of this. Perhaps a gigantic multi mall with different sectors catering to a specific crowd with fun games, hangout zones, a sandbox and whatever else you can think to throw in there to keep people entertained
  25. And yet none of those involve destroying an entire economy! Millenials rule!
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