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  1. For me, the issue is whether those with 'open houses' in Belliserria are actually in the community somehow and not just looking @ the continent as a way to profit monetarily -- in other words, is Bellisseria more than a market to them? I remember years ago when various corporations and entrepreneurs swooped into SL with dollar signs in their eyes -- it just felt tacky as I knew they didn't appreciate SL but only saw it as a way to fill their greedy little pockets. I had a similar feeling when I told various people in RL that I earned some money here -- immediately they wanted to know how to join SL when previously they denigrated SL by characterizing it as some silly game with perverts and time-wasters. I'm not saying any of those setting up show homes are like the above people -- I don't even know who they are. Most of them probably do look at SL as more than just a market, and being a creator IS their primary role and way of participating in the world (it has always been mine). I'm just pointing out what seems tacky to me, whether or not complexities such as 'intent' could be codified into any kind of Linden law.
  2. I think some are just getting sick of posters unable to see LL's side and feeling like things are unfair (whether you are upset about this unfairness or not). I see this as an update, and updates are a process, and virtual worlds are different than businesses you reference. Nice to hear from you too, if you decide to be a little more understanding of 'the other side'.
  3. My toddler grandson copes with not getting what he wants IMMEDIATELY better than some of these people. Is it something in the water or what?
  4. Kyle, before I got my home I went to the new continent and boated, bicycled, sat on the beach with the light house, talked to people. I'm glad I have my home now, but I'm not any happier than when I didn't have it. You could be participating in all that, and looking around and planning how you want to decorate your new home. You are upset over what is actually pennies a month because they give you 1200 $L stipend monthly -- if LL reduced the price even a little they'd be paying you to play...
  5. It's not wise to base decisions on a few complainers. People who are unhappy are more likely to complain, and those who are happy are less likely to post...this creates a skewed sample and not representative of the whole. So I can't see the scarcity as driving demand down at this point. Most complainers are simply people who didn't get want they want, and rather than taking the time to understand the perspective of the other side they blame them by calling them incompetent. I do have sympathy for those wanting to be a part of the new community and hope they can as soon as possible, but there's no need to call LL incompetent unless this is deserved.
  6. It always seems it should take less time when looking at anything from the outside (way more than 700 new homes, btw). That's because we can't see the details of what this entails. But it's far more than tweaking scripts or creating content and placing homes. The regions need to integrate and form a flowing & cohesive whole while exhibiting some uniqueness for each region as well, not to mention the added difficulty of incorporating so many homes on each region -- this is very, very difficult.
  7. It takes time to create these new areas -- they are not doing cookie-cutter sims but instead attempting to provide more variety. It's a process that needs to evolve and change along the way, getting feedback from customers and fixing problems as it proceeds. I'm not an expert, but I don't think it would be wise to, for example, hire a bunch of new people to work on these immediately. Perhaps a few more, yes, as there's every indication that these new homes are a big hit for LL.
  8. I wonder if there could be other reasons why new homes for 60,000 Premium members (plus all the new accounts going Premium) cannot manifest all at once.
  9. I feel your pain...but...you need to consider what these other people want in addition to your plans. They want something to do. The regions I've created were praised for their beauty, but they would not have been successful without the region owner who hired me and who was a great planner and knew what the visitors wanted. It's just the way SL is...
  10. awww Louminca....I think Sylvia is just half teasing. Just go to your Home page (Dashboard) and to the right you see a button that says 'Get Your Home Now'....click and and you'll get to a next page and yes keep refreshing it till you see a Bellesseria option with a houseboat. (difficult to get one now doing this but not impossible) Check Patches update that's stickied to the top under the Linden Homes thread...when it's announced they are ready you'll more likely get one then...
  11. Yes they are disappearing quickly! The turquoise boundaries that I assume integrate the parcel with the website...
  12. Unless there are other parcels I haven't seen, the houseboat areas are 64x16. I was measuring one when a woman ejected me..lol. * Someone did mention there were 32x32 houseboat areas, but I've yet to see them.
  13. Well, you could. But I'm looking at it a different way. I actually have 2 Premium memberships and no home, but I participate in the community by riding a bike, or sailing, or sitting on the dock of the bay..lol. I see it as a contribution to the new project unfolding...like I am part of something bigger...something more than just my little house that I will eventually own. Really, paying yearly it's only a few cents a month for each alt.
  14. You could be sittin on the dock of the day...watchin the tide roll away (Kuga lighthouse good for that).
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