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  1. Unfair ban from a region

    It might be fair. Landlords incur a lot of costs when dealing with high turnover rates in rentals. I'm not sure how much they should be compensated for this, but by having such contracts/leases it does minimize the problem.
  2. Thanks UK!

  3. Will LL remove the 2.5% second fee on Merchants?

    "they' started it, for sure, when you see how Klytyna responded to Naiman's initial post on page 1, 4th from the bottom. But, it does not have to continue. Just put them on ignore, and the thread is free for anyone who wants to discuss the fee increases. Even if you think we're not considering LL's position enough I welcome your opinion...just don't start with the name-calling and insults.
  4. Will LL remove the 2.5% second fee on Merchants?

    Yes, if anybody cares to go to page 1 and scroll down to the 4th to the last post you can see where Klytyna attacked Naiman, accusing her of all sorts of unfounded stuff with some insane projections, and in a vicious manner.
  5. Will LL remove the 2.5% second fee on Merchants?

    There's no way I can know for sure, of course, but I doubt SL is going to close any time soon. They're still getting a lot of money from all the people renting sims, so that seems to be a bit of a guarantee.
  6. Will LL remove the 2.5% second fee on Merchants?

    thanks for acknowledging the pain it could cause us...
  7. Will LL remove the 2.5% second fee on Merchants?

    Just put them on Ignore as I have done. If they had ever shown they considered our side I would still listen to them, but they only see their side and want to call us names. Better to listen to those (even if differing from our opinions) who don't get-off on trashing others.
  8. Will LL remove the 2.5% second fee on Merchants?

    It's always best for the CORPORATION to take as much from workers as they can -- after all their profits increase this way. But is this fair to the workers, to be squeezed as far as possible? You know, I think instead of them saying "we'll make these changes slowly to see how the economy bears it", they should have said "we'll see how much we can squeeze the creators and get away with it". I suspect they just saw how other venues on the internet don't allow those using their services to get as much of a cut as we have here in SL, and so thought it only fair to increase their own profit. However this could be a dangerous comparison for them, as there are unique differences between SL and many of these other venues. Anyway, I think there's a better way to structure society in general...corporations should think about fairness between all instead of ONLY their profit. Yes, I'm a Democratic Socialist. And I expect more from LL...after all they're in San Francisco ;0 Now if LL truly needs this income lest they perish I'd be wholeheartedly behind them, but I'm not convinced this is the case. I might be talked into this viewpoint, but it's awfully difficult to see reality as we can never have all the facts needed to evaluate it clearly.
  9. Will LL remove the 2.5% second fee on Merchants?

    Yes Blush, I feel like an adult has stepped into the room Voicing concern or disapproval is not the same as a serious mental disorder where a person habitually evaluates life in a narcissitic fashion and never contemplates the other side when needs conflict. The name calling has to stop...better to just say "I don't believe you are considering the other side here"...and then presenting your evidence.
  10. Will LL remove the 2.5% second fee on Merchants?

    I think Majestic misunderstood you, Chic. Maybe it's a language barrier thing.
  11. Will LL remove the 2.5% second fee on Merchants?

    You accuse me of being rude, because I won't suck up to your "Faux-Tycoon Wannabe" ego, but the reality is simple, you are only a Merchant, as long as you have customers, and if you consistently act in this way towards potential customers, pretty soon you won't HAVE any. Without customers you are NOTHING, if you leave others will replace you, probably with newer and better products, less hide-bound and with more attention to the wants and needs of the customers who PAY for your pretentions. And they wonder why "non-merchants" don't share their opinions. Klytyna, I think it's pretty much a fact of human nature that we only truly or fully understand what we've experienced. You have not experienced depending on SL for your RL income nor do you have intimate awareness of any merchants particular life situation that could cause a 30% reduction in income difficult to bear, and so you can't totally empathize with how we are feeling. This observation in no way means I feel superior, nor does it reflect my opinion of your worth or intelligence or realization that you might contribute to SL in equally valuable ways. I do believe there are merchants in SL who feel 'entitled'...I've seen them many times, and I've experienced customers who feel 'entitled'. There are those who feel unusually gleeful when getting 'something for nothing', even when they recognize doing so hurts another. But for you to take this dynamic in SL and apply it to everyone in this thread is need evidence before accusing others. Do you not feel any guilt in labeling another in error? For me that is an egregious and violent act. I can only believe you're not aware that you see patterns in life and then apply them inappropriately, or at least I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt. Patterns are lovely, and a big part of creating art, of knowing reality, of determining our truth. We see patterns of behavior in people and take note, and with a little bit of talent give it an appropriate name that seems to encapsulate it perfectly, succintly, and maybe with great humor...this is the stuff of poetry and great satire. It's also the core of see patterns in people so that we better know what's going on and can help them. But this dynamic can be so misused when in the hands of someone who can't see clearly, lacks empathy, or does not make the effort to get all the facts. Klytyna, again, when someone is feeling 'entitled' they expect something for nothing, or when in a dispute are unable to even entertain the merits of the other side. I do not see any merchants IN THIS THREAD who fit this category, so why are you accusing us of it? Where is the evidence?
  12. Will LL remove the 2.5% second fee on Merchants?

    hahahaha i exist by permission of my customers? i wonder what you meant by that... I create because i have the need to, and rather than to keep the creations just to myself i choose to share it with others, because i know it brings joy to a lot of people and makes a lot of people just a little bit happier. I know this because of all the fanmail i have received in the course of 10+ years of creating for SL, and each and every time i get it it brings tears in my eyes to know that my creations have made somebody somewhere feel a little bit better... And before your obvious snappy remark, I sell my creations rather than just give them away for free because LL (bless them!!) have made it possible. If one fine day for some reason i cannot do that here in SL i most certainly will continue to exist doing the exact same thing elsewhere. but thank you for your concern. Yes that's a bizarre one...Klyt and Alwin telling us we exist for customers. What if I logged on and thought "oh what can I create that a customer would like". Just NO, that's the wrong way to go about it...I would be creating to please another, or to make the most possible amount of money from a customer. Instead, I like to log in and say "what can I learn today about nature and art, what can I perceive now that I have not perceived before, what can I appreciate more about the way forms come together, or how light reflects on a surface, or how a flower opens or stems bend in such a miraculous and interesting design.....of how beautiful and harmonious this precious life in all worlds is". And then, if I choose to sell it the creation reflects my learning and appreciation of has life! And the customer appreciates it too. And I'm glad the customer knows beauty, and I appreciate that they are paying me so we can both continue on in this appreciation of reality. Most certainly if we want to sell our creations as a merchant we are nothing without our customers here, but also SL is nothing without all or our creations and participation in it -- two-way street.
  13. Will LL remove the 2.5% second fee on Merchants?

    Alwin, sometimes people want to discuss what troubles them -- this can help us come to terms with it. Nobody needs you to mansplain our expressions away with pejorative labels such as "whining'. Why don't you take your grumpy little mansplaining noggin over to some other thread if our concerns feel like whining to you.
  14. Will LL remove the 2.5% second fee on Merchants?

    Thanks, Autumn
  15. Will LL remove the 2.5% second fee on Merchants?

    Since the word 'entitlement' is being thrown around so much, it might be good to define it. Without looking it up I'd say it means the expectation of 'getting something for nothing'. I don't see any merchants posting in this thread so far who fit the definition of feeling 'entitled' -- instead I see hard-working merchants who could like to be compensated for their time. I'm quite sure they exist in SL, these 'entitled' merchants, but I don't see it here.