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  1. Thanks for the reading @Rat Luv !! Proceeding ahead, but mindful of that cliff in the last card...
  2. I just ask a competent nerd for these types of things, and I asked a good one when I got my new Eluktronics laptop -- Torley Linden
  3. I liked the videos. I mean even as an experienced builder I had no idea how to create a new mesh human appearance as I'm always running around as a little cat or a tree. She made the process look pretty easy though.
  4. I have a request, if you would be so kind. I'm thinking of getting back into something, but not sure if I should. What does your reading reveal? Sending vibes your way, focusing on what I might or might not delve back into...
  5. Serious gratitude: My coffee in the morning, which I was sipping when I first saw your statement.
  6. Well Paul, given this Tuesday revelation, I have to say I'm grateful for the fact I don't live in your house! 😉
  7. It's difficult not to feel a pull toward power and safety in a group. I've seen the 'mean girls' and it's usually not just fun and games....they are serious with their adolescent power games though they do appear silly from the outside... I'd call her a Baby Bee Autocrat...lol. Within this dynamic displayed by the silly girls (or mean girls if u prefer) you can see how immature people develop social power within groups. It's typical that a leader (baby bee autocrat) amasses a following via trashing others who won't worship her as the leader. Those who follow Baby Bee identify with the st
  8. Some mornings when I wake up I sing a song to my herd of kitties. I sing, with a tune I made up, "it's a brand new day, it's a brand new kitty day". They really get off on it and become alert and look happy. My grandson heard me sing this to the kitties, and one day he ran up to me early in the morning saying "Grandma, it's the day!" Yes, it's the day...it's the day! People, understand!
  9. Certain little guy, apple of my eye Photos newly sent, showing where he went.
  10. I've never seen noise comparisons between liquid-cooled vs not....could be on average liquid-cooled is more noisy so good to check this out. But my desktop and laptop (Eluktronics brand), both liquid-cooled, are not noisy at all. I even use VR with my laptop -- I do have the laptop sitting on a separate fan base to help cool it.
  11. Heheh, maybe it'd be helpful if we met on SL? I go could log in and offer you a TP. She'd just think it was me. We'd probably have to all go on voice...
  12. Isn't it funny how some people think we're the same person?
  13. Maybe it's mostly a language thing. He's from Pakistan but grew up mainly in the UK...
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