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  1. Klytyna, Kristen is not racist because she reads some science here or there and references it -- the science is unsettled. Nor is she 'Afro-Pretentious' or feeling superior as a person of color because does or does not understand the meaning of the word 'creole'. What you are doing here is intellectual bullsh*t, and none of it matters. Google 'racist people at Walmart' to see what people of color deal with in the US every day, and learn what a racist is, and learn what you should be putting your energy toward.
  2. I'm on a mission to understand the Republican-type mind today -- I may be closer than I've ever been...
  3. Klytyna, you are the one that referenced the crazy website as far as I can see. I guess that's an example of the type of places you spend a lot of time at? In other words, where does this idea that some people hate and blame you as a white person come from? Did you experience this in the UK somewhere? Do you frequent crazy forums where this is happening or spend your time searching out websites by ignorant people? I just haven't experienced it, either with myself or in people I know. I'm sure such people exist - people of color who relish blaming whites for their pain - but they are not some major movement in society as you depict. You said something in reference to blacks forming groups and labeling themselves that, for me, is said: "I'm not convinced you need to label your selves at all, frankly, can't you just be 'Americans'? I mean, that was supposed to be the whole damn idea behind America, wasn't it? Hence the fact that the requirement for American Citizenship used to be "Resided in the United States for 5 years". This demonstrates to me that you have no basic knowledge of Psychology & Sociology 101, no notion of how oppressed groups cope with injustice by banding together. Through such affirmation they find strength in an attempt to experience the self-empowerment that was stripped from them. Are such groups threatening to you? Does the fact that they exclude you cause you to feel they are against you, hate you, or blame you as a white person?
  4. Klytyna, I don't doubt that there are a few black people/mixed-race people who are prejudiced against whites, or who claim various ethnic heritages as some kind of ego boost. But the damage to brown races caused by whites far, far exceeds any harm caused by the people you find offensive. Why align yourself as you do?
  5. lol "Triggered By Hyphens"......sounds like the title of a great poem.
  6. Wouldn't it be just 35 per 1000...and so your selling cost would be 70 instead of 120? Or am I missing something...often it seems I'm forgetting junior high math these days...
  7. Once you've experimented awhile it could be good to stick to a beloved theme for a period of time (for example, are you interested in Medieval items, more modern ones, or perhaps fantasy). Then, renting a shop in that community is a good way to go, even if a mall. Eventually you could create in a more eclectic way, but to begin I think this is a good way to get your foot in the door and increase sales and exposure.
  8. Yes, Chic, I was pondering this on my break and wondered if it was a good idea, due to an experience I had a few months back. One of my customers was selling her sim for $4000 usd on the mainland to someone else, and they simply would not let my customer get her money for the longest time. I had created quite a bit for this customer several years back, and I think she paid me partly in $L and partly through Paypal. Anyway, during the investigation of her sim sale they asked my customer "what is your relationship to Luna Bliss". This was more than irritating, and I wondered how many of my other customers who paid me a large sum of money were questioned in this way, insinuating that we could be criminals. I wonder what amount of money exchange, via customer/resident or money market exchange, triggers these investigations. I'm sure it's good that money laundering and tax evasion are kept in check, but this is going too far. I'm wondering who they subcontract to do these investigations, and if there isn't a better way to go about it.
  9. Elvina, please don't let this affect your creativity as you mentioned earlier. There is a way out of it. Most likely they just didn't see that your 10k is trapped, and once they do your money will be released. Surely they would not want to be known as a company that steals from their customers. However, what you could do is let your present monthly earnings of $L accrue and pay the $L to a friend who could covert them to real money, and then this trusted friend could pay you the $ via Paypal. This would then allow you to transfer the $ you have saved in 5 increments. Just make sure, of course, that they can transfer that much money per 30 days.
  10. Luna Bliss Home & Garden is my favorite store. Great customer service - if I have a problem she gets back to me quickly. However she has a warped sense of humor, so do be careful.
  11. It's interesting, this dance between being an artist and earning money. Recently I 'followed the money' by agreeing to create multiple underwater environments for 'the crazy mermaid lady' (she calls herself). At first it was primarily for the money, as I haven't felt too inspired regarding underwater scenes and did not feel motivated to explore this aspect of nature. The more I got into it however, my creativity exploded and a whole new area of art was opened up for me...I was seeing things in nature I never saw before, and it became about 'art' and not 'money'.
  12. If restarting the sim didn't do it I'd put in a support ticket. I experienced the problem you're describing ages ago, and only a Linden could fix it.
  13. Yes I would think this feels a bit creepy to store shoppers...glad they land on an empty floating island in my store. Have not seen them lately though.
  14. The woman out front with the odd expression... holding the cup ...apparently not the first cup she consumed that day.
  15. Marigold Devin wrote: Luna Bliss wrote: I have lots of strange squatter bots on my sim. What does this mean? I don't really mind them being there -- I just don't want people to think I'm trying to increase traffic. Do their groups give any clues? Could they be Tiny Empires players who decided your land looks a nice place to be? Well atm there are only two - Parahsalin has nothing in her profile, and another bot has a short Arabic sentence in hers. Sometimes there are up to 10 or 15 just parked on a couple of floating islands in my store.