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  1. Luna Bliss


    I'm glad there will be other themes. While I can see they did a good job building the suburbs, I was starting to feel a bit oppressed -- I was imagining June & Ward Cleaver with the Beav trailing behind, emerging from one of the houses lol I love themes, and indeed the area is prettier than many areas in SL, so was surprised it could feel oppressive to me...must be mainly my general distaste of the socially conforming 50's and all that went with that.
  2. Luna Bliss

    Please let us see bots.

    It would have been nice if (instead of being so focused on proving yourself right and others wrong), you had thought of interactions with others as a way to learn something from each other.
  3. Luna Bliss


    When I visited the demo there was a sign in front of each home saying one could click to choose a Linden home....so does that mean nobody is stuck with one style and can easily choose between them?
  4. Luna Bliss

    Please let us see bots.

    I hate to spoil this pressing debate over the definition of a bot (not really), but getting back to your initial post, Coffee...where are all the bots you encountered? I'm not doubting your experience, but I made an alt a few months ago and began exploring the mainland because I felt I might be out of touch with the mainstream of SL as I spend all my time in my workshop building or building on customers full sim projects, but I have yet to encounter the problem with bots you're describing. I doubt you are allowed to post the bot farm links here, but can you send them in PM to me?
  5. Luna Bliss

    Second Life 16th Birthday Celebrations Confirmed

    Don't forget, all that you love about the 60's began in the 50's. One could be a beatnik avatar for the SL celebration, preparing the way for the progressive 60's
  6. Luna Bliss

    Product Review no-no?

    Faireye, Perhaps you're not aware...there are models we can get from other places that are legal. You are accusing Reid of doing something illegal when you have no proof. Stop accusing Reid, stop harassing me in PM.....I will report you for harassment if you continue.
  7. Luna Bliss

    Product Review no-no?

    I made that snarky comment because someone entered the thread saying nasty, untrue things about Reid. It must have been reported, as comments have been both changed and removed now. Anyway, Reid, on the rare occasion someone has been upset about a billboard type plant using mesh alpha planes I point out the LI savings using the billboard and they then choose the billboard plant over a "true mesh" or 3 dimensional plant. In the case of your vine, I bet a complex 3 dimensional one stretched to 16 m would be way over 1 LI -- don't know if it would help to demonstrate that to this particular customer, but maybe worth a try. I do love the 3 dimensional plants for their realism, but one can link two mesh alpha plane plant groupings of 10 plants each together and get 20 plants using only 1 LI! Can you imagine the LI for a tall truly 3 dimensional tree?
  8. Luna Bliss

    The average custom Mesh creation fees in year 2019

    There is a market for selling full-perm meshes. Merchants use full-perm in their larger builds to resell. The license in these full-perm meshes always states they cannot be sold individually and must be part of a larger build. I'm not sure how large this market is presently, but it might be worth checking out with a few items to see if it's worth your effort.
  9. Luna Bliss

    Is there virtue in being a Second Life troll?

    Thanks for the links, Maddy! I'm afraid my mind is simmering so much it will boil away and never return on this subject.... But later...
  10. Luna Bliss

    Product Review no-no?

    Oh great, miss-the-point merchant has entered the thread.
  11. Luna Bliss

    Is there virtue in being a Second Life troll?

    I'm always thinking about this, trying to understand it. What is this "significant lack of awareness" exactly? I was just reading about how experiments have demonstrated that the people you are describing are less able to be introspective, and if you can't examine yourself on a deeper level and understand your feelings, well is there much hope? Is this characteristic a structure of the brain formed at birth or in the womb? Can it be modified via environmental interactions?
  12. Luna Bliss

    Is there virtue in being a Second Life troll?

    Gadget, I generally like you for some unknown reason...and that is a feat in itself as for the most part I don't like people with too much of a conservative mindset. But right now I'm wishing there was a law that could glue your mouth shut. How you could twist Scylla's post in the way you are, quite possibly one of the best single posts on the forum I've seen, is beyond me.
  13. The special effects were great. I'm glad I watched it and felt entertained. But I can always tell if a movie is truly great for me if I'm inclined to watch it again, and I won't be watching this movie again.