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  1. Nutjob dominionists in political positions with authority infiltrate much of the central and southern states of the US, and let their religious beliefs and conservative politics override the safety of the people they should be protecting. I never understood fully until now how dangerous it could be living in a red state. I mean I had every little progressive thing I could ever want in my life, from the wild witches full-moon rituals of my youth, up to meditation circles of every kind currently in existence, and every other kind of progressive activity I wanted, so I didn't see the danger.
  2. Interesting. So, is this a good use of Presidential power, because it puts American's first, or it is evil because it denies resources to other countries? 'Putting America first' is not the issue. The fact that Trump had such issues getting supplies via negotiating/controlling these corporations is the problem. At another press briefing he said the corporations were not doing things fast enough so he would take control to get the needed supplies. Now we hear this strange story (posted above) where he seems to be blaming them for creating bidding wars and shipping supplies to overseas markets, yet others governors have insisted FEMA was actually one of the buyers involved in the bids for supplies. Something is totally screwy with his system and I think it will be some time before all is revealed, but whatever went on the good news is that it appears the log jam is breaking up finally. During a pandemic he should have taken responsibility from the get-go and mounted a Fema response that would get tests and PPE much more quickly for all states and ignore his religious faith in markets solving all problems. Neoliberal policies and for-profit health systems just don't work in a pandemic. Finally, Gavin Newsom (gov of CA) just managed to get an overseas contract for 2 million masks per month: https://www.cbs8.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/governor-newsom-to-announce-partnership-to-get-california-200-million-masks-per-month/509-7c1facb5-2bce-48f4-8065-cbc081e2feab
  3. How do you straighten out the religious nutjobs that live in my area, that insist not being able to gather for services is a violation of the constitution. It's already been shown via clusters of virus cases that this spreads the virus. Thank God my meditation group went online and doesn't suffer from whatever delusion they are suffering from.
  4. I could not believe the first draft by the Republicans -- really shows who they are. Too bad this can't be posted somewhere prominent for all to see -- nobody would vote for them again.
  5. I'm sure more pandemics will come. We need to analyze carefully what went wrong with governmental responses so we can respond better in the future. Obviously such faith in markets solving the problem delayed responses to the point where many will die unnecessarily (referring specifically to getting PPE and tests to appropriate destinations).
  6. I'm sorry for your loss, Madelaine.
  7. Some hopeful news: FEMA to restrict exports of critical supplies leaving US From CNN's Geneva Sands and Priscilla Alvarez Companies will soon be blocked from exporting critical medical supplies needed by the US for the coronavirus response, unless the Federal Emergency Management Agency gives approval for overseas shipments, according to a federal draft regulation. The combined effort between FEMA and US Customs and Border Protection, which oversees trade and travel, comes as the United States seeks to shore up equipment for hospitals treating coronavirus patients. Late last week: White House trade adviser Peter Navarro previewed these actions, saying there is “a black market which you have described, where we're having people bid against each other, brokers come in, they're bidding and bidding on all this different (personal protective equipment)." "It's driving the price up and guess what? You know where it's going? The domestic sources here are being exported," said Navarro, the White House's Defense Production Act policy coordinator, at last Thursday's White House briefing. "We are going to crack down unmercifully." In a joint statement Wednesday, the two agencies, both of which fall under the Department of Homeland Security, said they're "working together to prevent domestic brokers, distributors, and other intermediaries from diverting these critical medical resources overseas."
  8. I knew there would be trouble when, in a press briefing and pressed for a more centralized approach to distribution of needed tests and PPE, Trump said "well the corporations wouldn't like that very much".
  9. There will be books written about how badly they botched up getting the PPE and tests out. It is so bizarre and demonstrates such incompetence that it almost seems unbelievable, and so spawns conspiracy theories as explanations.
  10. Hush-hush-hush, the grass and the wind and the fir and the sea are saying; hush-hush-hush, the graves of the sailors, of the soldiers home from the war, of the baronets, of the little birds, of farmers, of sheep, of shadows; hush-sh-sh, the bagpipes on the shore, the ocean’s roar... Janet Frame
  11. I need to get my lawn mowed and my air-conditioner serviced, but I'm not due to being extra careful. At least I'll put off a lawnmowing as long as possible. I imagine housecleaners aren't doing too good too. So there are lots of jobs that are actually very much needed and the workers are suffering.
  12. I don't think LL should offer aid for a number of reasons, but I'm curious....what type of job were you working that is now gone? And what about those you know...what jobs did they have that are gone now?
  13. I'm going to start on the new season of Call The Midwife (think it's up to season 10 now). It's a good-feeling show from a simpler time, showing nurses who care for their patients in an impoverished area of London (I think) where, though poor, much joy abounds.
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