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  1. Process Credit Fees Raised. Again.

    I'm so excited to start earning even less! Thank you LL!!
  2. What will cause SANSAR to fail

    Interesting info...wish I'd experienced the early days too. I have the Oculus with the touch controllers and I guess they're supposed the best so far in the sense of really feeling like your hands are real. I was grabbing things pretty well...throwing items...pointing at keyboards to type. Eventually they will be sensitive enough to record each finger movement so real typing can occur I hope. I was pulling myself through a space ship with the touch controller blue hands and it really felt like I was grabbing parts of the spaceship and that I had zero gravity. Also I climbed a rock face with the blue hands/touch controllers. Before I got my Oculus I wondered why those stupid blue hands were obscuring the view when I watched videos of VR games..
  3. I have a full sim for rent. It's off by itself surrounded by water. 15,500 $L per week, 62,000 $L per month (or 240 usd per month via Paypal). 20k Prims. Full Estate Manager rights to terraform, add textures, make commercial or residential, rent parcels. Message me in-world or email Available now.
  4. Full-prim sim for rent (not a Homestead). It's off by itself surrounded by water. 15,500 $L per week, 62,000 $L per month. 20k Prims Full rights to terraform, add textures, make commercial or residential, rent parcels. Message me in-world or send a note card to Luna Bliss if interested. Available now. * Or send email to
  5. What will cause SANSAR to fail

    Thanks.. I hope VR and their headsets/homes/hubs don't end up too walled-off or proprietary. I see Oculus is revamping their home/hub in the same way Microsoft did theirs, so you can remodel your VR home/hub, surf on the internet there, watch movies, play games (both Oculus and Steam games), and use other apps in VR mode. Microsoft's headsets will play games on Steam (Oculus games are there too, and I see High Fidelity), so this makes me wonder if they just might end up being able to access Sansar least the non-augmented reality aspects. Generation 2 Oculus headsets will have much better resolution, so I look forward to an upgrade & will probably go with that over a Microsoft compatible headset. Both Oculus and Microsoft claim VR will replace the flat screen eventually. I wouldn't mind that once the headsets aren't so cumbersome and become more like sunglasses.
  6. What will cause SANSAR to fail

    Look at all these new headsets! I wonder if they will be able to access Sansar, and if my Oculus will be able to access Windows Mixed Reality.
  7. What will cause SANSAR to fail

    Ha - I'd love to hologram my grandson into my VR capable living room - a little toddler zooming in for a visit without the ability to destroy my nick-knacks or potted plants..:) The news is that they developed a greater integration with Windows 10, and that AltSpaceVR and SteamVR are coming to Windows Mixed Reality:
  8. 200,000L really????

    Updating is the bane of my existence as a merchant in SL, and I have to consider carefully and prioritize since there's only so much time in a day. If I thought Mediterranean Splendor would be a good seller I might update and take photos, but realistically very few people want an entire sim build with a club, and if they did even less people would want that particular Mediterranean style, and so doing a lot with it is not at the top of my to-do list. Originally I created it as a custom job, but decided to box it up to see if I could sell as a prefab, or use it as a template to begin another custom job. I agree with you that some better textures and photos would enhance advertising for those who care about bump maps or do chance across it on the MP (however from my persepctive I see other issues that would take updating precedence). But.. it would take weeks to update the entire sim, plus I have no vacant sim to rez and update it on and so I'd have to incur the expense of renting one. Added to those issues...most people do not hire me as a custom designer of sims from seeing my items on the it's just not a good business move to spend lots of time and expense to update photos that few potential customers see. When someone wants to purchase a particular theme this provides motivation for me to update a prefab sim. But if I consistently updated every assembled garden, skybox, and prefab sim I ever created due to various improvements in SL I would never have the time to create anything new again. It's one of the problems with creating large prefabs (skyboxes, instant gardens, prefab sims)...eventually they have to be updated (changing textures, eliminating big prims...changing from the 3-prim to the 1-prim sculpts for plants...and then again to 1-prim alpha planes for plants, or adding updated plants/content I simply like better). So I have to prioritize updates -- when I have the time, when it's financially beneficial, or sometimes just when a build particularly inspires me enough to improve it. My main priority regarding updating at this time is to improve various instant gardens and skyboxes available for view in my store...especially removing these 'blobs' showing up in some assembled gardens and skyboxes! Apparently the sculpt texture disappeared from the SL data base and so the meadows show up as blobs wherever I used that sculpt
  9. 200,000L really????

    Ah ok, yes I did wonder who you were referring to but just assumed you meant the landlord. Anyway, I deed the prims to the land group and so once I leave group and estate manager roles I can't affect the prims as they belong to the group and not me. Strange how they do (or used to) flood back to my lost and found folder if deleted, but if I remember right I can't even affect the perms on them anymore so they're technically not mine. BTW, one advantage of deeding a build to a group is that the sim owner can make various roles that allow managers to have degrees of access to deeded prims. However, group roles along with estate manager access is where the 'prim deletion revenge' can take place.
  10. 200,000L really????

    Ah, you have updated the listing now I think that having 'xstreet' in the description would have suggested that the product has been available since way back when that was the name for what we now call SL Marketplace. That would make it very much a pre mesh item and possibly slightly heavier in land impact than other, newer designs, and less likely to make full use of normal and specular mapping, windlight effects and so forth. But Joe seems to like it, so perhaps he will soon be the owner of a new Mediterranean sim? Ah but I explained a couple posts up how these types of sims are like a template that I modify for customers, meshing or convex-hulling if needed/desired. I've run into quite a few people who do not want mesh for various reasons though. Old PC's, experience with previous mesh they hated. So best I rez out as prims and tweak to the customer specification.
  11. 200,000L really????

    Yes, the lack of control you cite was one reason I thought Callum would be wary of purchasing it. And I see what you mean about the issues you've had with your sims when others did custom designs for you. I guess I'm lucky that I've had very few problems with anyone having those kinds of sim glitches, though a couple people accidentally deleted an area that I came in and replaced. And to the other concern (the actual owner of the sim taking their rented land back), I've never had this happen, but did envision possible problems with that, and so I have a contract that says the sim and terrain file are only licensed to the customer who made the purchase. Plus, I've referred a lot of people to various landlords so doubt doubt even an unscrupulous landlord would screw me or my customer over like that. But...most of the above points are probably moot as I often give the customer the rezzer so they can rez it again if something gets deleted or messed up. However often they prefer I rez and tweak it to their liking (and it is so much easier to modify when the prims are still in my name) and don't really care about a future rez box, especially if I give them a cheaper price when I don't have to take the time to box up a modified template. It's not for everyone, but is great for those wanting a custom job quickly as opposed to waiting for weeks/months. It's a complex process and negotiations are usually made, though there are some that are happy with it as it rezzes out and don't require modification. I don't really sell a lot of these types of sims anymore (half prefab/half custom I guess I'd call them), but they do provide photos for ideas, good templates to start a custom sim from, and a portfolio for those who might hire me to do a totally custom sim. I've gotten some good feedback here as to how I might market these better in the future. Number one is fix that text that says 'X Street' on some! Maybe I should start calling these designs that utilize the SL terrain 'custom sim templates' and stress that negotiations can be made according to what the customer needs. I've kind of said that in my description, but need to make it less wordy and clearer. Back in the day, nobody dreamed of boxing up a complex nature sim, so these were unique when they came along. But now is not then, and many have trouble understanding just what they are.
  12. 200,000L really????

    Thanks so much for the compliment