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  1. Oh god, that reminds me of this shaman woman I had to endure in a kind of vision quest and shamanic healing I embarked on with her -- spiders walking all over me at night was supposed to be okay because they were daddy-long-legs and didn't bite?? NO! Talk about 'in touch with nature' -- I'm afraid I just can't go that far. She had a pet wolf spider that came out each night and sat on the sofa beside her as she read or watched TV.
  2. I love seeing some of the regions I created mentioned here Midnight Reflections...Acropolis.. Wandering back to the past, a delicious feeling of longing, like returning to a beloved home, with an imagining that it would all be the same. Except it can't be. There was a German word that described it perfectly, a word we don't have in English. The thing is, if I rezzed out one of those sims there would be a flatness, because these environments, no matter how lovely or innovative, are ultimately about the experiences we have there, often with other people. I understood this more fully with a wildly popular region I once created named September Rainforest. It was the first one I boxed up to save, because I didn't want to lose these creations and also realized I could make some money by reselling them to others. As almost all regions go, the magic ended when the sim owner grew tired of the work required to keep it going, along with the drama that often surfaces when two or more are gathered. Well those who loved the region were heartbroken, and eventually one of them asked me to rez it again. Fortunately I had it in my inventory, although I felt the need to update it to bring it up to modern standards, and I wanted to build my own stage as in the original build I wasn't happy with the stage. Much to the dismay of the former lovers of September Rainforest though, the magic was gone. They were sure it was because the former stage/dance area was different, and so the old one was put back in place. Still, no magic. Anyway, not long ago I rezzed it for someone else who had great times in the original incarnation and remembered it fondly. She has her own dance club there, but doesn't expect 'the magic' to return in such intensity and has a more realistic appraisal of 'going back', loving what she has in the present.
  3. I believe some cultures are better. I love Native American consciousness (some tribes) where 'balance' was/is valued -- staying within one's means. An ability to accept death rather than hoard resources as a misguided attempt to prevent it. I don't know if Canadian culture (on average) was or is better in this regard.
  4. I know, that's such an annoying damm thing about life -- it's always trying to kill us ;0
  5. I see that clearly now, yes the vastness is HUGE up there. I'm always willing to trash the U.S. -- I'm so sick of what's going on here. If you say Canada has had a better relationship with nature and Natives I'll take it! lol A little voice says, however, that once anyone has success in conquering it can be like the spread of a virus -- very hard to stop it. So were the Canadians actually 'better', or were they simply unable to continue on with Western man's objectives to conquer nature and make nature submit to man, vs realizing man is a part of nature and not all that great in the scheme of things.
  6. I listened to the Glen Gould movie referenced on the other thread, but it was difficult for me to get a sense of the History -- probably because vast amounts of background were missing -- what you've explained makes more sense.
  7. Well, we are stardust, we are golden, and we've got to...........lol Canadian!
  8. If I finally manage to get a home near a waterfall they better not!!!
  9. Interesting what the vast expanses do for you. For me, vast expanses give a sense of how small I am in the scheme of things, and I feel more distant from the way I was conceiving myself, and closer to nature than I usually feel (when standing at the edge of, for example, the Grand Canyon). * I feel this way in the wheat fields too. I went on a road trip with a woman who had never been to the mountains and valleys of the West, and she was absolutely terrified of these vast views! For me, there is some fear, but along with it a sense of exhilaration and beauty. *...remembering a trip to Colorado and my brother's girlfriend who was terrified of the mountains. She had always lived in the wide open spaces and felt the mountains were "closing in on her". I almost thought we'd need to take her to an emergency center due to the extreme anxiety. Very interesting what nature can do to people..
  10. Oh, I see where you are. I lived for a time on the Michigan border, and one of my fondest memories is traveling all around the border of Michigan, observing the lighthouses and lakes, picking up rocks. It's a whole different culture in that area, from where I live now. I call it 'lake culture'....I remember being amazed at just how large ships are. I mean, I saw them in movies of course, but there's nothing like the experience of standing right against one to get a sense of how immense ships are.
  11. Scylla I see you as a traveler to wild places of the mind... Perhaps there are many paths to the wilderness. When leaving comfort and safety (in the mind or the physical world), a larger and more-encompassing reality can emerge. Of course, this is not really happening in my little camper in Bellisseria -- here I sit in my comfy chair playing around a bit and having fun. But it reminds me, the camper nestled in the wilderness reminds me, of leaving some of the comfort and safety behind, and the beauty that might emerge when I let go of some safety, or some patterned ways of viewing the world, and choose to experience a reality beyond my usual consciousness.
  12. I think Shield found his calling here as a SL photographer...
  13. Indeed, but the problem is that these regions are getting so beautiful, with these new waterfalls especially, that now I want to house-hop again...
  14. I haven't road-tripped for sooo long myself. For awhile I planned to sell my house & live in an RV, but that proved too difficult. I think though, it might just be possible to keep a home base and make shorter trips, getting some of what I want.....those awesome expanses out west (if it isn't all burned up by the time I get there).
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