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  1. I'm interested in truth...and it's far more complicated than English being tricky. I mean, people don't usually read statements with an eye toward literary rules though of course this has some influence. More than the double interpretation of "we" being paramount, the most important consideration as to how we interpret another is frequently whether we like or trust the person. This slants our perspective to a more positive one when we like them and so we give them the benefit of the doubt. This has been proven in psychological tests on perception. Also, our mood could be a factor --
  2. This is how you, personally read it. Many other native speakers read it otherwise. I'll just say English can be tricky and leave interpreting what is "correct" or "incorrect" to those with strong opinions. I think an interesting question is more "why do some people choose one meaning over the other"? For example, why were you offended (taking it personally) with his opening paragraph while I did not feel offended? Perhaps I wasn't offended because I've actually known a lot of people who do hide in SL, and although I wondered if he was believing more people hide than
  3. Yes, that is the most important thing...to arrive at an understanding. However I stand by my statement that many on this forum are too picky (this does not mean you specifically, but apparently you took it this way even though I said "there are way too many people on this forum who are overly picky") I wish you had read the OP's 2nd post on this thread where he clarified he did not mean EVERYbody, and then we would not have had to discuss it again. My main point in bringing it up was to point out that there really is no difference between his language and the English language in
  4. I was way too nice. There are way too many people on this forum who are overly picky and pedantic, looking with a microscope in order to find something to criticize another over. * I will add that it takes time for people to trust a stranger, and so they are more likely to assign a 'less than positive' meaning to someone unknown. Most likely a known forum member could have gotten away with what Wili said -- they would have given the poster the benefit of the doubt as to whether their feelings were also being taken into account.
  5. People do express themselves in the U.S. in the way you're describing, and for the life of me I don't understand why some on the forum don't get it. For example, just the other day I saw an article in, I think it was theAtlantic, and the title was "why were we so mean to Brittany Spears". Well, I never thought I was mean to her, and only assumed perhaps quite a few people were. Another example...people will write articles on "why Americans love baseball". Well, I hate sports and never watch them though I am indeed an American, yet I never thought they were meaning me specifically w
  6. No, I'd hope she'd choke you until you're dead. saved
  7. An adult acting like a toddler, and being abusive, does not deserve much sympathy...if any.
  8. Abusers project a lot too...imagine they know things about others they have no way of knowing.
  9. You've not once in your life been a victim of bullying, have you? You've not once in your life been in situations where you've vented and been vehemently stressed? Where people circle around you, pointing at you for all of the problems and everything? You act like you know so much but you yet know so little to just label. Just shut up and be a "better person" already by *****ing off.
  10. You are flat out an abuser. And like most abusers you believe you are the victim.
  11. Okay, retard. I've worked with people who were learning challenged, and my daughter works with high-school kids who have trouble learning. It's not okay to use the word "retard".
  12. Yeah, that's my thoughts too...I don't think he really wanted help. He just wanted to fight.
  13. I don't think starting a thread where you're screaming like a banshee engenders warm feelings in others and a desire to help you. It's abusive really, to take up so much emotional space with screams in a public space. I certainly did not like to log into the forum today and experience it. Kind of frightening really, to see someone so out of control & cussing, having some kind of anger meltdown without concern for how others might experience it. And you go on threatening to maul people, and expressing they should die? And you expect others to take your concerns seriously???
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