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  1. Human rights should not be a political issue, even if some attempt to control the narrative by making it so.
  2. Oh darn, I had just submitted my plans for a Battle of the Boyne event
  3. https://www.statista.com/topics/1249/homosexuality/
  4. Something appears to be wrong with the houseboats on Penitent Beach...I can see the green text and nobody is claiming them.
  5. So true -- for a corporation's success public perception can be more important than the facts.
  6. I can understand getting upset from having to explain something over and over. But we need to keep in mind that a good percentage of these people complaining about not getting a Linden Home are individual people and not some 'group' we've been explaining the facts to over and over. The respectful thing to do is treat them like the individual person they are.
  7. bye felicia When someone says that they're leaving and you could really give two shirts less that they are. Their name then becomes "felicia", a random birch that nobody is sad to see go. They're real name becomes irrelevant because nobody cares what it really is. Instead, they now are "felicia". https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=bye felicia
  8. We're all just overgrown kids, and we all want what we want, and we'd prefer to have it right now. Sure, the reasoning adult can dampen this, but our child self is still there. When you respond to people with this awareness instead of telling others they should not have the reality of the child self with its desires then relationships go a lot smoother. No matter how much information you pump out at people regarding the reality of the Linden Home situation some are still going to look out and see other Premium members having what they do not, and they're going to feel this is unfair. If we don't respond to their feeling they won't hear the information that might help them dampen their feelings a bit so an acceptance of the situation can be reached. So this is why I said "Perhaps reason would prevail if approached in a kind way". IN A KIND WAY is the operative phrase here -- if we respond with kindness they are more likely to hear reason, but if met with anger and derision there's very little chance of them ever receiving the message. In practice, this usually does work -- not just in theory as you've posited.
  9. I have a lot of experience with this -- customers in SL. In my early years I was very upset when a customer would try and power-trip me or approach me as if I had set out to harm them or something when they were having trouble with one of my items (usually they couldn't figure out how to use my skybox system as it's very complicated). My brother told me I needed to toughen up and not be offended, that whenever money changes hands it changes everything (he's a businessman). And I started to realize I really do have power over my customer when they send me money and have to trust they'll get what they'd hoped for. And so when they think they don't get treated fairly some of them will freak out because I actually do have power over them. I mean I could ignore them, I could give them nothing, I could laugh in their face or just say "tough". But if I talk patiently, kindly, usually they will come around and know I'm not "out to get them" or something.
  10. I see most of the posters on this thread responding to the OP as one might respond to a friend who harmed them, and I see Fionalein responding as a customer support person might respond. Actually, since the forum is the face of SL perhaps we should (to a degree) be a bit more objective like a customer support employee would attempt to be. While I'm not exactly happy to see someone respond with a tantrum or power trip when not getting what they want, I realize they are in a power imbalance with LL -- they are at a disadvantage in the exchange. They have trusted LL, giving them some money, in faith that what they were promised would be delivered. And they feel betrayed. So I think we should try and ignore the power-tripping and respond in a way that would enable them to get some of their power back. For example, we could explain how they really will eventually get what they want if they could be patient. Or tell them WHY they can't have it right now (that LL is not doing anything nefarious). Perhaps reason would prevail if approached in a kind way.
  11. I'm beginning to feel we should all cut our premium memberships in protest of not being provided a 1024-meter SL Home as promised!!!!🤬 Well please don't do that if u can help it! We need to fund those Moles and keep them working
  12. Generally, there is no "group who keeps going on here".....you see it that way because you've grouped all complainers you've encountered into a group named "Complainers". Usually, however, it's new people wandering in out of the mainland forest or wherever and saying 'hey where's my home'. So out of respect, please address each person as the individual they are and stop stereotyping them.
  13. .. they simply don't reply anymore and let the community of whiners for what it is, the group who keeps going on here will isolate itself, it doesn't need more encouraging. When you resist something you make it stronger...you increase its expression. If you just let it be then it tends to wind down. When you counter something you cause it to come back stronger. Feed the flames and they grow stronger. You can't force people to 'behave'. You can see this dynamic in many of these threads. Look at the other thread "No Linden Home - Please Vent Here" and see how BJoy and Bellebax are getting along.
  14. I watched it from the beginning, and I saw forum posters attack the complainers first, even those who hadn't gone into blaming mode. I agree, I watched it to, and I was one of those impatient with complainers in the beginning (a couple times anyway). It can be frustrating to see the same complaints over and over. I changed my tune though and became more supportive. One good thing happening of late is that the forum is much more supportive of the complainers! So happy to see that.
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