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  1. So, I need a small project to take my mind off another project for a few hours. Mostly just to give myself something different to do. So I started looking at the newly updated SL logo and wondered "How would I have re designed it". And decided to have a go. This then led to me wondering if I could create my own viewer concept. Here we are a few hours later and I have these to show for it. Please bare in mind I am not suggesting that LL use my design or anything, I just wanted to attempt this to see what I personally would have come up with and wanted to share it with you as I'm pretty happy wi
  2. Okay it's my turn for "gimme we need" thread. We need a town hall meeting, @Patch Linden @Ebbe Linden. November was the last one and its now march. Can we have some kind of update on how things like global experiences, name change etc etc are progressing?. Serious note though keep up the good work, you guys rock, but can we have a town hall meeting or some update?
  3. But sadly I say, tased she did be, fell to the floor and ban hammered was she
  4. BilliJo then stripped naked and fast did she flee, chased by the linden as nude as can be
  5. If only they listened and harkened to him, he did try to warn them of a terrible sin
  6. Okay I want 500 posts. I want to set my own title and chatting on the forum isn't getting me there as fast as I would like. So, help a sister out....lets play a game.. Rules are simple, you just have to make up a line for a poem that goes with the previous post. Lets see how long and weird we can get the poem... There once was a linden so glee, that kinkily lived with a flea
  7. To my closest friend yes. To everyone else..no. Some of my friends have even ridiculed me for it because I could "achieve so much more by using a real game development studio like unity". I think its hard to explain the appeal of SL to others. They see this aged virtual world and its limitations as opposed to those of us who are here who love its possibilities.
  8. Grow up, do you have a Facebook, do you have a Instagram, have you signed up with YouTube, do you have an email, were you on MySpace, do you eBay, do you PayPal...your real name is everywhere on the internet and your crying about linden labs waning to know it. I created a new alt for a store recently and the only relation to real life info was having to register a bank a"card or PayPal and here's a news flash...you have always had to register payment for as long back as I can remember. If you don't like it then feel free to log out of SL and go build with lego. Your previous thread
  9. Okay new mission. Can we get it locked...il go first....POLITICS, RIGHT WING, LEFT WING, ANTIFA Your move LL
  10. Nice!. Yeah they send out a different one to different people I think because todays for me is... --Main Problem-- You are given an array of non-negative integers that represents a two-dimensional elevation map where each element is unit-width wall and the integer is the height. Suppose it will rain and all spots between two walls get filled up. Compute how many units of water remain trapped on the map in O(N) time and O(1) space. For example, given the input [2, 1, 2], we can hold 1 unit of water in the middle. Given the input [3, 0, 1, 3, 0, 5], we can hold 3
  11. ----Daily Coding Problem No.2--- I actually quite enjoyed doing this one . Here ya go : Main Problem Given an array of integers, return a new array such that each element at index i of the new array is the product of all the numbers in the original array except the one at i. For example, if our input was [1, 2, 3, 4, 5], the expected output would be [120, 60, 40, 30, 24]. If our input was [3, 2, 1], the expected output would be [2, 3, 6]. Follow-up: what if you can't use division? Bonus Problem Given an array of integers, find the first missing
  12. Yeah but, thats already been answered. In 2009 we didn't have mesh. In 2009 most buildings were still made out of prim. In 2009 we were still rocking the system body with occasional sculpted extras. Back then a potato could run Second Life without too much issue. Since mesh has been introduced we now have to deal with avatars all around us wearing full outfits of highly complex, un optimised mesh clothing and accessories from hair to bodies to jewellery to those ridiculous Catwa heads that take an hour to render and appear. We also have to deal with mesh trees, mesh buildings, mesh terrai
  13. Well, yes to mesh but its probably avatars that are doing it for you as well. Your forgetting about avatars wearing clothing and attachments with a complexity level of god^e Also how much graphical memory does your card have. Is it the 2gb version, if so then its a 2gb "m" version which means mobile which means...underpowered to begin with. Il give you a comparison for your card... I have two computers, my high end gaming laptop and my MacBook. My MacBook has a Nvidia GT 650m card. MacBook is nearly 7 years old. It has 2gb graphical memory. 8gb DDR3. i7 and it hates being around more
  14. It's an animesh function to start an animesh animation
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