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  1. Alright! I've had enough! 😁 I demand my friends list gets expanded with people that love to socialize, build, do things, etc, umm etc? As SL unfolds and brings upon more possibilities the longer I play, I find my friends list unnervingly small . This is horrible, and completeley unnacceptable for such a socialized game. I find myself reaching out to many, but for most, people don't speak unless spoken to. In response to this new revelation, I have officially resorted to pleading on these forums so that I seem desperate, and unable to help myself in any way 🤣. I ask myself only one question. Where are all the fun, laid back, laughy, not take things too seriously, kind of people on here. I can't possibly be the only one. At least I'm hoping not. 😋. Add me!... Lets get chatting! Come on peoples. Lets blow this thing up! Show me SL isn't dead...yet
  2. Hey yall, I'm new to SL, and I'm currently in search of new friends! I am down to earth, shy at first, goofy, and am the parent friend of the group. If you don't care, I most likely care enough for the both of us. I am genderfluid, I am open to all pronouns, but I do prefer they/them. I am AFAB, and in world I am using a female avatar.. If any of that even matters to you. I love hoochie-mama attire, bougie on a budget, baddie on a budget, throw back to the 90's early 2000's, whatever you wanna call it. I love all forms of styles but this is my favorite kind. I also want to find some friends that want to go to cool places and maybe take pictures or videos for social media (I am on TikTok, Instagram.. New to Flickr). I hope this doesn't get lost in the forums like the rest, but I think that's too high of a hope to have. Happy chatting! ~Rae
  3. Looking for friends to just hand with and have fun with . I love gaming and listening to music . Im 25 years young , but would love to get to know some people . I started secondlife a few m onths ago so im still knew . Would love to meet some genuine ppl !
  4. So for me, SL is total freedom and fantasy. When I'm in SL, I love meeting people and hearing about what makes them tick. What their hobbies, passions etc are. The only part of their RL I'm interested in is maybe where they live, food, hobbies, interests etc. I think maybe I'm a bit weird because when I asked about voice chat, some people said they needed to confirm gender through voice chat and I just don't see the point. I come to SL to do things and experience Sims I just can't in RL. I assume everyone's AV is not an accurate depiction of who they are in RL but rather an aspect of their personality they are exploring or a piece of art. I love the variety of AVs. Am I the only one who doesn't really care about how much the avatar aligns with the person's RL identity? I mean, I only interact with them in SL anyway. SL is very separate for me. Maybe I compartmentalize too much 🤷‍♀️. I heard the word "catfish" thrown about. So do you think the avatar should somewhat be in alignment with RL? Do you think it's wrong for people in SL to fabricate an online identity and then have a flirty relationship with other AVs? Do you feel that people use SL trick others into romantic relationships? Do you think they are just having fun and exploring their sexuality or other fantasies in this way? For me, I have found covid lockdowns really tough and it really helps to travel and explore in SL. I'm not into anything too heavy in SL though. But I do like flirting. I don't care what gender the person is in real life as long as the AV has the right gender for me because I will never meet them in RL 😄 What do you think? 🤔 I never thought about it until I read the comments on the voice chat thread. I have no problem with middle aged men pretending to be young women. ^^
  5. Hi Everybody, My name is JulettRose and although I have been part of Second Life since 2013, I haven't really spent enough time meeting others. The past few years I have been so interested in building and creating that I just don't go out and socialize. Now, I just feel lonely when I am online. I am still working on building my private region called Euphoria Falls. It is an adult private region with lots of exploration and activities for all with beautiful rentals. If anybody out there is interested in coming to say hi, I would love to meet new people. I am still building, so please be patient if I don't see you pop up right away, just send me a message! I could use some input on my region and of course it is always fun to meet new people. Visit me at Euphoria Falls! JuliettRose xo
  6. Hello, Im Coco and I have a really small circle of friends in SL. Most of them stopped playing like my daughter and my sister. I have a mom tho. Not looking for family, but if happens I would like to find a sibling. Boy or girl (also for friendship doesn't matter the gender). Im a very introspective noodle who likes to stay at home. But if you're not like that I would enjoy it a lot! I love dance clubs, and I actually listen to the DJ cuz some of them are really good. Not gonna lie, I have several problems. I talk too much, Im jealous, I dont like clingy people but at the same time I want someone who cares, and who logs in SL regularly. Im from Brazil, I'm 33 years old. Oh, and I want people who are mesh. Like full mesh. It's a very ugly prejudice, but Im only human and I like pretty people to hang around. Take care, Coco P.S.: You can add me instead of replying here. Costanza.Lytton
  7. 🎶 Tuesday, May 31st @ The Venue Nightclub 🎶 ⭐ 10am DJ TBA & Host Soni ⭐ 12pm DJ TBA & Host TBA ⭐ 2pm DJ Ducktales & Host TBA - Live Mix ⭐ 4pm DJ TBA & Host TBA ⭐ 6pm DJ Dominick & Host TBA ⭐ 8pm DJ Mac & Host Amethyst - Live Mix *Subject to change as Real Life comes first. The Venue Nightclub has it all! Your #1 party spot on the grid for 11 YEARS! We strive to be a place of great music, good vibes, & lasting friendships! Come hang out with us! ALWAYS HIRING DJs & Hosts, applications are available at our landing point - fill it out and return it to the application kiosk drop box. 🚕 Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wet%20Dream/68/77/902 📅 Calendar: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0/embed?src=babsfallen77@gmail.com&ctz=America/Los_Angeles 👉 Discord: https://discord.gg/Za7JMTpKhv
  8. Hello , im just now getting back on sl and im looking for new friends and family memebers. Im a very nice person , i love to shop and take pictures. If you're interested in being friends too dont hesitate to message me PS. this is a photo of one of my many looks INWORLD: pradabo IG: https://www.instagram.com/aaligoodaz/
  9. 🎶 Monday, May 30th @ The Venue Nightclub 🎶 ⭐ 10am DJ Addie & Host Leya ⭐ 12pm DJ Tom & Host TBA ⭐ 2pm DJ Rah & Host TBA - Live Mix ⭐ 4pm DJ Goatman & Host TBA - Live Mix ⭐ 6pm DJ TBA & Host TBA ⭐ 8pm DJ Maverick & Host Kira *Subject to change as Real Life comes first. The Venue Nightclub has it all! Your #1 party spot on the grid for 11 YEARS! We strive to be a place of great music, good vibes, & lasting friendships! Come hang out with us! 🚕 Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wet Dream/68/77/902 📅 Calendar: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0/embed?src=babsfallen77@gmail.com&ctz=America/Los_Angeles 👉 Discord: https://discord.gg/Za7JMTpKhv
  10. 🎶 Saturday, May 28th @ The Venue Nightclub 🎶 ⭐10am DJ TBA & Host TBA ⭐12pm DJ TBA & Host TBA ⭐ 2pm DJ Goatman & Host Floss ⭐ 4pm DJ Maverick & Host Kira ⭐ 6pm DJ TBA & Host Sara ⭐ 8pm DJ Canuck & Host Coffee *Subject to change as Real Life comes first. The Venue Nightclub has it all! Your #1 party spot on the grid for 11 YEARS! We strive to be a place of great music, good vibes, & lasting friendships! Come hang out with us! 🚕 Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wet Dream/68/77/902 📅 Calendar: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0/embed?src=babsfallen77@gmail.com&ctz=America/Los_Angeles 👉 Discord: https://discord.gg/Za7JMTpKhv * BRING A FRIEND OR TWO **
  11. Hello to all yee fellow SL Ladies / Gentleman! Old player here, finally coming back to the game. Was bored one day and decided to log in. Boy! What a mistake :D. Its reign pulled me back in instantly As to the subject matter at hand, I am looking to find some excellent new SL friends and even a possible relationship with the right woman. I know, I know, I am working on my profile and I keep expanding each day. Boy there is a lot to fill out. Whew! I am an extremely outgoing person and love to chat, mingle, flirt, and just generally have a good conversation. A movie buff at heart, that can pretty much quote them all. RL I am a thrillseeker and always active, with some new task or adventure staring me down. Since it has been so long since I've actually logged in, there has been a ton to tackle. So please if you happen to see something, most obviously wrong, please let me know I will get it corrected as quickly as possible. I would normally type an entire bio here so that one can get an idea of the type of person I am, however, Ill leave that up to the "About Me" section in my profile as to not repost a bunch of redundant words. I look forward to meeting and greeting all of you as you come along and introduce yourselves. Im excited to see where things go as this will be the first time I've dove into SL with this much tenacity and desire. As well as, taking it a step further than I have in my past.
  12. Hi friends My name is Millie and I am new to SL, so I thought I’d make a post to share my experiences so far and see if I can make some new friends along the way. Sorry if this is TLDR worthy. How I was introduced to Second Life: Simple, I was randomly recommended a YouTube video of a Gamer trying out Second Life! So I thought I’d give it a shot and here I am. Day one thoughts: ⁃ Why does my avatar look like one half of the high profile celebrity defamation case going on right now? (IYKYK) ⁃ Clearly MS Paint sponsors this game, evident by the low-res bulletin boards littering the place. ⁃ Free stuff is just a trap of confusing files and boxes. ⁃ Thank goodness for YouTube! Sorta. At this point I had bumped into every surface I came across, downloaded 30 of the same free top and almost called it quits. But thankfully, the greeter in the room reached out and made me feel okay with being such a “n00b”. Greeters/helpers - you all rock! I followed the signs and arrows and finally did my first teleport! I joined a social room with lots of people… and dogs. Of course I was immediately drawn to the virtual animals in game. Cute wagging tails and pixelated floofs? I’m HOOKED. p.s. I’m sorry to anyone wearing an animal avatar that I may have tried to pet that day! After listening to some people on voice chat complain about other avatar looks, troll each other, and lots of spicy language later I almost gave up. But then I got my first private message! Of course I know how the internet works so my first instinct was to be skeptical of anyone and everyone, but spoiler alert - this guy just turned out to be super friendly and helpful. (Without giving away their username, it was slang for “hr0ny man”, so don’t judge my skepticism.) This person took me on a tour of where to find the best free avatars, heads, and skins! Then they invited me back to their apartment to get dressed. Which I finally did thanks to them having the patience of a saint and not laughing at me for freaking out at the accidental nudity that apparently comes along with dressing oneself. Cue lots of frustration and laughing at myself for about what felt like an hour and I was finally dressed. Then I was invited to stay and watch a movie. No, for real! They had a working “TV” with YouTube and other streaming things just hanging out on their virtual boathouse. Was this about to be a Netflix and chill situation? Nope! We just watched a slightly awkward, low-budget drama with a couple of awkward love scenes. Which of course made me hide my newly installed eyes and laugh like my parents were in the room with me or something just as embarrassing. Then I got to meet my first “creep” for lack of a better term. He mentioned his “roommate” has a dog, so obviously I said yes when he suggested he summon said roommate and dog. All was well and only slightly suspicious and catfishy at first. Then I got my first request to “voice chat” for pay. I’ll leave the juicy language used to your imagination. I declined, as that’s not what I’m here for. But no offense to anyone that is. Get that Linden coin! I went exploring a bit more and completely wrecked my avatar once I was left to my own devices. Thankfully stranger number 3 was just as helpful as stranger number 1 and got me semi back on track. But at this point it was like 3 am and I only had one nap that day so I had to GO. Dreams of flying into trees and missing eyeballs later, I decided to give it another go. Day two thoughts: ⁃ Is $12 worth it to not have to get accidentally naked in public trying to change clothes? Yes. ⁃ Where are all of the dogs and why have they suspiciously disappeared? ⁃ Why is this guy with his pickle out standing so close to me? After shelling out the big bucks for a premium membership (yes, they sunk their hooks into me almost immediately and bled me dry) I spent all afternoon trying to repair the damage from the mistakes I made the night before. When my avatar was half decent and only missing her shoes, I went out exploring once more! I met lots of friendly people and a couple not so friendly people. For anyone curious it was an immediate private message asking to be my boyfriend and “crying” when I said no, because that’s literally not how relationships work. Then spammed with compliments of my avatar, invites back to their luxurious beach, and told repeatedly he was a millionaire in real life and wanted to buy me everything I could ever dream of. And then immediately called a gold digger when I replied with my wishlist taking them up on their offer of buying me things instead of their offer of “romance”. Hey, maybe it’s tacky but I knew this persons game. (If you’re feeling extra nice, here is said wishlist lol - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/wishlists/shesdelicate) Thankfully the friendly people outwieighed the negative and I had a lot of fun dancing, shopping, and chatting! I’m still trying to find my confidence when it comes to initiating or jumping into the conversation. I appreciate when others take the first step and message me, then it’s practically impossible to get me to shut up lol. I still don’t know how to decorate my house (a few random boxes are stuck in the floors/walls) and shoes are still next level, but I’m sure YouTube can help me figure something out. All in all - I really enjoy SL and hope to make many friends while I’m here! Just a quick get to know me: I have a family cat and two dogs, I’m going to school for programming (I’m not very good at it yet), I love all things Disney, most shades of pink, Hello Kitty, Studio Ghibli, chocolate snacks, my favorite game is Animal Crossing, I enjoy crafting/making, reading, going on adventures, and taking naps. If you want to be friends feel free to message me in game! Username: shesdelicate TLDR: Saw a YouTuber play SL, signed up and ran into a bunch of people and things but eventually met some helpful strangers along the way. Now I’m hooked and want more friends!
  13. Hi there, yet another returning player looking for new friends I left SL about 10 years ago because of RL and getting interested in other online games. When I got back to SL a few months ago, I noticed that my friends list was pretty much always offline, and places that I used to like, weren't there anymore or simply abandoned. Because exploring SL alone gets pretty boring and lonely fast, I'm searching for some new friends. I like music (clubs + live), exploring, taking photo's, chatting, dancing (also slow dancing), and much, much more... I'm very Dutch, friendly, a bit silly and naughty, a free spirit, and single in SL + RL. Because I'm from Europe, it would be awesome if you are on the same timezone as me (SLT+9 GMT+2) or close to it. Feel free to drop me an IM or to contact me inworld.
  14. Hiyaa, My name is Jasmin I want to find friends/Family (sister, Mother, Father, Brother or anything lol I really don't mind )/ maybe BF I am 23 years Old, love to shop ,dance, Music, Movies and games ofc. I take pics for Flicker/work/ or shopping most times and am very quiet and shy tbh I love to have fun and I like to see myself as kind person and RP not very good at it but I do I want to post here for a very long time but was so Frightened still tbh a bit but I know I have to try . I am from the middle east and I do speak English very well I think hahaha learned it from school and movies and sl helped a lot anyways am usually online from 10am-6pm slt add me if you want to hangout, get to know each other and do stuff I would love to xx
  15. Hey! I'm Elise, 30F from Los Angeles, California. I've been in SL for a very longgggg time - off and on. The pandemic brought me back and since then I've been really into exploring the continents (sailing, chartering flights, driving around and staying at hotels). You'll find me in Bellisseria, Blake Sea or at some airport waiting for a plane. I really enjoy experiencing what people have created in SL including attending a sport event or going to a concert. Would love to meet new friends to hang out with, explore & make good memories! (this was taken at the Bonaire YanuYanu resort - 1/29/22 - https://www.bonaireyanuyanuresort.com/)
  16. Come take a plunge to enjoy the summer sun! Join us poolside for cocktails, music and fun! DJ Angelina will be spinning some high energy tunes you won't resist grooving to! Make sure to bring your suits and towels 🌞🌴🏄 https://bit.ly/3eKbHI7
  17. They are all gathering. Telling stories of heroic deeds, saving the world and beyond. Are you ready to be in the company of might legendary superheros. AURA NRG present a day of Superheros Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paradise Dreams/204/219/3499 Live dj sets from 2pm to 8pm 2-4pm Wacky Dj Gleanr with hostess Angilique 4-5pm Dj Santio with hostess Belen 5-6pm Dj Anthony with hostess Belen 6-7pm Dj Jackel with hostess Belen and Celinn 7-8pm Dj Ixtar with hostess Celinn
  18. Friday, April 1st @ The Venue Nightclub «----»♬«----»♬«----»♬«----»♬«----»♬«----»♬«----» [[♪]] 10am DJ Jernes & Host Sabariel [[♪]] 12pm DJ TBA & Host TBA [[♪]] 2pm DJ Beca & Host Motley [[♪]] 4pm DJ TBA & Host TBA [[♪]] 6pm DJ Dominick & Host Floss [[♪]] 8pm DJ Insane Melly & Host AmyJo «----»♬«----»♬«----»♬«----»♬«----»♬«----»♬«----» The Venue Nightclub has it all! Your #1 party spot on the grid for 10 YEARS! We have a little bit of everything from our nightclub to cuddle spots, playable basketball & volleyball, an arcade with game tables, a bowling alley with smaller games, boardwalk rides, and Promise's Designs, Cloud9 Breedables, and Khaotic Butterfly Art for your shopping needs! 👉 Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/Za7JMTpKhv 🚕 Taxi to the Beach: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight Oasis/71/70/42
  19. Dont blog really just want to show my creative style. Gets pretty boring after creating a look with nowhere to go. check me out on flcikr or im in world : Joystana
  20. Hi, would anyone like to be friends? I'm kind of new to SL, I used to play casually a few years back but I'd like to get into it more and meet new people! I'm a 20 y/o male (openly bi, I am taken though ^^). I'm interested in a lot of things, like gaming (Genshin Impact, Persona 5, Elden Ring.. etc.), RP, anime, tarot/spirituality/astrology, art (mostly digital/3D), photography annd a lot more. I adore foxes and other animals too.
  21. Ladies are you looking for a fun atmosphere to work ? Do you like meeting new people? Do you like making new Friends? Misty's Strip Club is now Hiring Freelance Dancers and Escorts at its new club. We are looking for top quality Ladies from around the World. Misty's is female Owned and Managed We are looking for ladies with Outgoing personalities Work Flexible Hours Stop by the Club To get a Tour Message me for Job Application MistyRai http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Virtual Reality/197/201/25
  22. Check out this video tour of six love-themed regions so you can plan your visit ASAP. There’s a quick peek at Isle of View, the Linden-run location that pops up every February. In fact, this region is hosting Dunk and Hug a Linden TODAY from 1pm to 3pm SLT. Come hang out and chat! There is also Hypnotic Romance, owned by Miss B. Miss B met her partner in SL, so she really means it when she says, “avatars can fall in love, after all they are real people.. you don't have the boundaries of looks. You find it easier to open up and learn so much more about the other person just by talking.” Miss B owns several Linden Homes and is a very active user, telling us, “I love everything about Second Life because I can explore, dance, build, design and {do} anything I want to (I can even dance naked). What I love most is being able to talk to people from all over the world and from different walks of life!” In terms of what inspired Hypnotic Romance, Miss B says, “I wanted a romantic {region} to reflect my vision of a perfect date in a moderate and beautiful setting. Hypnotic Romance was developed for avatars to have a place to meet, to spend time alone, getting to know someone intimately, with a romantic interest or someone special.” Valentine’s Skiing, owned by Lestat Zalivstok, champions the idea that a more wintery vibe can make snuggling with someone special extra fun. Lestat tells us, “the idea of Valentine's Skiing came from the fact that my SL brother Kwajkid (who owns the region with me) and I love mountains and snow. What's better than a cozy place with a fireplace for you and your loved one after a day of having fun in the snow?” It’s important to celebrate and engage in traditions to both connect to others as well as maintain a sense of normalcy. As Lestat knows, “it's not easy to be together on Valentine's day, especially during these years of pandemic. Second Life has been an amazing and safe way to meet, and to spend romantic and fun time together.” Ashley's Oasis Elite is owned by Ashley Bellows, who believes that “each day should have love, caring, loyalty, joy, enjoyment. I find each of them in Second Life on a daily basis from friends who have crossed my path and have remained friends for years.” Ashley encourages everyone to be open to the special connections waiting in SL, and Oasis Elite has fun games and gorgeous scenery to get conversations started. Need a last minute V Day plan? Stop by today, as Ashley would like us to know that “on Valentine's Day we will be enjoying an hour together with anyone that would like to attend our Love in Air Formal/ Sim Formal at Ashley's Oasis Elite. Chris London will be performing live from his home in London England.” Crystal Line Romantic Ballroom, is an opulent region owned by Anzenpin, a Resident from Japan. For Anzenpin, “Second Life is a part of my hobby where I can enjoy riding a marimo, playing a guitar and singing live. You can also make friends with people from all over the world.” Last but not least is Incanto Musical Dreams, a colorful fantasy region owned by Nicky Mirajkar, as well as the Valentine’s category of the Destination Guide. We hope everybody has a fantastic and safe V Day that serves as a warm reminder that love will always prevail. Plus, stay tuned to find out about the love story between Ajay McDowwll and her husband Syn Zabelin, who met on Help Island and have been married for over a decade. Episode coming May 3rd. Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres
  23. Hey everyone! Club Strato is hiring and we want you! Yes YOU! If you enjoy: Playing sweet, sweet tunes Interacting with the crowd Dancing! Having fun! Earning Tips that you 100% Keep Enjoy being in a club that is 100% all inclusive. A synthwave/cyberwave vibe themed club We Want You! Come by and fill out an app! Taxi We look forward to hearing from you. ♥
  24. My imaginary friends are my alternate accounts. Is there anyone else who considers their alts their "friends"?
  25. Hello there my name is Viper and I am a role-player here on second life since 2018. I am seeking to make friends of all sorts and for those who use Bloodlines to roleplay with or learn the system with its improvements over the years. I am a polyamorous type person and I hope that is fine with you. I do not bite or attack in bloodlines and use the system for mainly roleplaying purposes. I am also a female in real life that uses a male avatar / roleplay character it is because what I feel most comfortable with. If you are interested in becoming my friend please contact me on second life. There is more that meets the eye with me and I am a pretty cool person once you get to know me. I know bloodlines has a past of being bad but I want to make it fun for everyone to enjoy on second life. You do not have to be my friend to join bloodlines if you just want to get to know me and hangout I am cool with it.
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