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About Me

Found 437 results

  1. Hiii! My name is Adriana and I'm looking to meet new people because I am new and a bit shy but I love to laugh and have fun! Lets chat? ❤️ secondlife:///app/agent/a92dbb89-4149-4748-a897-760e9253a105/about
  2. I'm new, everytime I come on I find it so hard to make friends so I get bored and leave. Things I like: videogames, books, nerdy things, animals, ocean life, anime. I still don't really know what I'm doing in game, but ill figure out eventually.
  3. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Congrua/134/244/989 Club eNVy is hiring DJ's & Hosts. Calling all genre DJs and enthusiastic Hosts. JOB REQUIREMENTS: - Must be minimum 30days old in SL & over 18 in RL. - Able to speak and understand English - Must use voice (for DJs) - Able to work two 2hr shifts per week - Must have your own stream (for DJs) - Able to promote Club and Events Experience preferred... Visit our venue inworld to apply! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Congrua/134/244/989
  4. Hello everyone! I am currently playing on Cedar Creek Township and it gets quiet around here. Mainly because I am a European while most people are from PDT. It would be great if I could meet more people to talk to and RP with! I am currently playing as a 19 year old girl who is forced to live on her own. Interested? Send an IM to Elizabeth Van Hoof! Thank you for your time.
  5. Hey, im looking for a bestie to chill with and tell my worries too lol. im chill, funny and disgraceful lmaooooo but I be real helpful if needed. girls and boys are okay with me u can IM me inworld if so or just message me on here ..WHATEVER U WANT MANEE. Im from Tennessee but I stay in Atlanta also make edits for peoples photo if they want (repaint) you upload I do up so yhhhhhh tell me wassup lol.
  6. Hi Everyone, I've been in SL for nearly 12 years on and off but recently came back after a much longer break and all my old crowd has gone pretty much. I'm a RL gay male who plays SL as a female mostly just because I love the fashion and the excess of options. I have always been "one of the girls" but now I'm alone and I am struggling to find a new crowd to hang with. I'm 34 years old, from London UK for I now live in New Jersey USA. I play openly and it states my real gender in my profile. In RL I enjoy TV, Movies, Drag & In SL I enjoy Fashion, Beauty, Decor, Dancing, Exploring and I'm not really looking for sex or relationships beyond friendship/family. I Any help would be great and if you like the sound of me reach out here or in SL :)
  7. Friday MUSIC FESTIVAL Part I @ Sapphire Beach Club - The STADIUM - July 3rd and 4th / Friday: 1pm till 6pm - Saturday: 12pm till 5pm TGIF!!! and we will bring you guys a new and fantastic MUSIC FESTIVAL with many great Artists who will perform for you all, come by and enjoy the MUSIC have FUN and meet people from around the WORLD FRIDAY Line Up: AARON CABOTT JONES - LEVI ZUZU - ZACHH CALE - TUKSO OKEY and the beautiful MAVENN Come on over and celebrate with us..... see you there Friends! FRIDAY MUSIC FESTIVAL Part 1 1pm ★ AARON CABOTT JONES 2pm ★ LEVI ZUZU 3pm ★ ZACHH CALE 4pm ★ TUKSO OKEY 5pm ★ MAVENN Hosts: Christine - Amber - Swuran - Ervis ❤♪·.¸.·'´♫ ϲoϻє ᴀηᴅ cєʟєʙʀᴀτє Ɯιτʜ us ♫•¸.·'♪❤ Dresscode: Casual attire please Your Limo: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skyhill/128/104/1462
  8. Hey all! I'm Saedi! It feels a little weird to put this out here but after years and years of being on my sim by myself and lonely, I'd figure I'd give this a chance. I'm ready to have some reliable friends and maybe even some willing to be a family with me. I'd love to have a mother, a father, a sister, a brother or all of the above. Even just a friend or two to hang out at some awesome sims with is right up my alley. I used to have a family that I was really close with but RL has taken them to different places. They will always have a place in my heart but I'm ready for that feeling of belonging again. So a little more about me: I've been a Neko ever since I've started SL. (with the exception of the really awkward newbie time I went through) This will only change if I'm doing an RP. I love taking photos and if you're friends with me, please believe I want you to be in some! I love dancing just as much as I love taking photos. Don't be surprised to see me bust into dance out of nowhere. Exploring is a yes for me! If you love to do it please feel free to ask me to come along...with my virtual camera, of course. I love fashion, shopping and events that have to do with shopping. I'm also a gacha addict. *I don't need an intervention...I can stop when I want* 😺 I currently have my own home so I won't be trying to move in or anything like that, but I'd love to visit or have you visit. I've recently gotten married to my half wolf hubby Angelo. He comes in world here and there so you'll see him and hopefully love him as part of a family as well. I do have a little avi that I play from time to time but this is always my main account. I hope that I touch some hearts here and that we can start chatting and being friends or family. I have much more to chat about and I can't wait to meet you!
  9. Since my two year hiatus ive been back for 2 months ive been lucky enough to find a family that i love but when it comes to my own personal life looking for friends and a partner has been harder then i thought it would be. Its so hard to trust anyone so many are taken and many will act like they want to be with you but they end up with another or they dont want nothing but to have fun. I want to get to know a guy before i get into something serious I've been in SL for 10yrs and have been hurt so many times so i am very cautious but i am still willing to try to meet the right guy if he is still out there. I'm taking a break right now cause of being hurt on sl once again but i want to be able to built something with someone when i return. I usually enjoy exploring listening to music and dancing i also take photos that i put up on flickr under the same name here. I do window shopping and hang with friends when i have them and into rp sims with my family. If any of this is interest you please feel free to message me here Thank you 🙂
  10. so this my first post here and well I don't know what to say so I guess ill tell you about me . My Name is T and I'd like to meet some like open minded people. I'm not sure what I'm looking for so that makes this part hard . im 43 in real life and im Male I guess im pansexual . I like taking photos , dancing , hanging out, playing games and anything that leads to laughing. I'm looking to to meet friends. if you think youd have fun with me hit me up in world T Helix (tbone.helix)
  11. Hiya y'all 👋 My hubby and I are looking for other married couples to hang out with.WE are married in RL AND SL . ( I am 43 and he is 54 ) We pretty much like any type of music we currently have on our parcel old school rock and roll. We use voice chat sometimes We are currently building a Tiki bar / beach club in Adult land .. So if y'all interested come look us up we would be happy to hang out and chill at our place or where ever ! Hope to see y'all in game 😘 Bella ( Nayevia ) and RobBass P.S No we are not preppy as our pic LMFAO 😉🤣😂 we are pretty much laid back and are not offended by anything !
  12. Monday LIVE POOL EVENT @ Sapphire Beach Club - The Beach POOL - June 15th / 12pm till 4pm Let's start the Week with great Music. We only got positive feedback, so we are back at the Pool today and celebrate a big party. Our Monday Line up: ANLAIK - WOLFIE STARFIRE - JEFFAH and MELLY FAITH. Jump into your Bikini or Swim Shorts grab the cocktails and jump into our Pool to enjoy these awesome Artists. LIVE EVENT: ★ ANLAIK ★ WOLFIE STARFIRE ★ JEFFAH ★ MELLY FAITH Hosts: Christine - Swuran ❤♪·.¸.·'´♫ ϲoϻє ᴀηᴅ cєʟєʙʀᴀτє Ɯιτʜ us ♫•¸.·'♪❤ Dresscode: Pool / Beach or Casual attire please. Your Jetski: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skyhill/128/104/1462
  13. Hello! I'm hoping for some advice, I made this account back in 2016 and have been playing on and off every year or so since then. I've spent a lot of time making an avatar I'm pleased with, but that's just about it I'm afraid. I find it's nearly impossible to find populated places that have anything to do with my interests. I seem to stick out like a sore thumb. Given the recent outbreak my work and studies have been on hold and I've been isolating for the past 3 weeks. I figured this of all times would be a good time to maybe try to figure this Second Life thing out. I suppose I'm simply trying to find a way to pass the time. I'll give a run down on myself and my experiences so far, I'm a 21 year old female art student mostly into dark sci-fi and horror aesthetics. I listen to industrial/ebm/goth, yadda yadda. Been to a lot of SL goth clubs which are always a hit or miss in terms of what they play. They're alright for the most part as it's a pretty chill environment and there isn't any secret rule I'm unaware of. Tried out Bloodlines but there's only so much I can handle of the tacky shirtless vampires played by 40 year old men and goofy clans that are impossible to tell apart. I have been a roleplayer on many different platforms for about 6-7 years, so I figured browsing some fantasy/sci-fi RP sims would be worth a shot. There's really no graceful way to enter an RP sim when you don't know anyone and you're not familiar with SL roleplay etiquette. I've mustered up the courage to tell members I'm new and ask for advice, but people seem pretty irritated or uninterested in indulging me when I do so. Also I find there's not a lot of people my age? Whenever people talk on voice a lot of the time they're older sounding men and women (and I don't mean to sound rude at all.) Lastly, I feel like I have to sort through so many layers of sims that claim to be cyberpunk/goth/industrial/horror themed but everyone inside is dressed like Kim Kardashian. I know this all might read as very pretentious, but I suppose it's that way because I'm tired of beating around the bush. I think what I need is someone down to earth to tell me if I'm wasting my time on SL and that it really is all just horny boomers with tacky avatars. I'm not on SL to have weird sex. I'm not here to listen to country or have a fake baby. I'm not here to reenact the vampire diaries. This is supposed to be a virtual world, isn't it? You'd think I would have found my niche already. Help.
  14. This Sunday we are back again in our great Beach Lounge, so come by and enjoy the music, meet new people or just have fun We starting Today with DJ WHITE who will spin some great Tunes for you guys live on his SL Radio. Followed by 3 amazing Live Singers: TOXIE DARKMATTER, LEXUS MELODIE and DEXTER SWANSEN! See you there Friends! Opening Party: ★ DJ WHITE Host: Doris LIVE EVENT: ★ TOXIE DARKMATTER ★ LEXUS MELODIE ★ DEXTER SWANSEN Hosts: Christine, Swuran ❤♪·.¸.·'´♫ ϲoϻє ᴀηᴅ cєʟєʙʀᴀτє Ɯιτʜ us ♫•¸.·'♪❤ Dresscode: BEACH or CASUAL attire please Your Jetski: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skyhill/128/104/1462
  15. Saturday LIVE POOL EVENT @ Sapphire Beach Club - The BEACH POOL - June 6th - 1pm till 5pm After we had so much fun yesterday, we thought lets celebrate again today at the pool :) This time we have for you guys these great live singers: TURNER HARBROUGH - QUARTZ - MAX KLEENE and SAMM QENDRA. Jump into your Bikini or Swim Shorts and enjoy the music at our Pool! See you there :) LIVE EVENT: ★ TURNER HARBROUGH ★ QUARTZ ★ MAX KLEENE ★ SAMM QENDRA Hosts: Christine - Swuran - Foxxy ❤♪·.¸.·'´♫ ϲoϻє ᴀηᴅ cєʟєʙʀᴀτє Ɯιτʜ us ♫•¸.·'♪❤ Dresscode: Pool/Beach or Casual attire please. Your Jetski: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skyhill/128/104/1462
  16. Friday LIVE POOL EVENT @ Sapphire Beach Club - The BEACH POOL / June 5th / 1pm till 6pm TGIF Friends.... we start our weekend wet and with lots of fun!!! And of course we have some great Artists.... AARON CABOTT JONES - LEVI ZUZU - WOLFIE MONSADOW - TUKSO OKEY and MAVENN will rock the Pool Stage for you guys! Jump into your Bikini or Swim Shorts and enjoy music at our Pool See you there LIVE EVENT: ★ AARON CABOTT JONES ★ LEVI ZUZU ★ WOLFIE MOONSHADOW ★ TUKSO OKEY ★ MAVENN Hosts: Christine - Swuran - Foxxy ❤♪·.¸.·'´♫ ϲoϻє ᴀηᴅ cєʟєʙʀᴀτє Ɯιτʜ us ♫•¸.·'♪❤ Dresscode: Pool/Beach or Casual attire please. Your Jetski: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skyhill/128/104/1462
  17. Hi I am looking for a roomate. I live in a 2 floor skybox apartment, the place will be open for you to roam free no restrictions the room is a decent size you have a bathroom as well. You can decorate or use my furniture its completely up to you. There are about 10 other apartments in the building renting at 50L a week which is pretty damn good if you ask me. I pay 100L for my place because its bigger. So if you choose not to be my room mate you can also just rent your own apartment. I'm honestly looking for good friends you know and if we are neighbors or roomies that would be even better. Male and females are welcome to IM me in world. I'm on quite often so feel free to hmu or add me. Monaiesha is my name. IM me so I can show u place and we can get to know each other. If you are against sex or company this is not the place for you. Lol you can bring who u want over I do not care. Not looking for payment for the room!
  18. Wednesday LIVE EVENT @ Sapphire Beach Club - The BARN - June 3rd - 12pm till 2pm Yeeehaaw we are back in the Country Barn, this time with 2 amazing Live Artists. JACK DRYDEN - BILLY TALON Put on your Cowboy Boots and come by..... see you there!!! LIVE EVENT: ★ JACK DRYDEN ★ BILLY TALON Hosts: Christine- Swuran ❤♪·.¸.·'´♫ ϲoϻє ᴀηᴅ cєʟєʙʀᴀτє Ɯιτʜ us ♫•¸.·'♪❤ Dresscode: Country or Casual attire please Your Horse: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skyhill/123/107/1440
  19. Greetings, friends! Just poking my nose around to see if there are, perhaps, any undiscovered or new low-fantasy medieval RP sims. I would have in mind, such themes as REIGN or The Tudors, and would seek, in such a RP, the position of a Lady's Maid, Nobility, or I suppose Royalty if such a position came about. I know there are several GoT sims as well as some new Viking ones, though I much prefer the scandal and politics of life at court. This has been and will be an on-going search, likely for some time...so please feel free to contact me if you know of any, or if you're like-minded and would enjoy getting together to maybe set up a small group for such RP while we wait for something larger.
  20. Hey all, until this time I won my money from gambling but it's bull***** last time I lost my all lindens. now I need to find another way to earn lindens. Anyone can help me about it?
  21. Spring Fling Camp Out! Friday, 6 AM May 1 to Sunday, May 3, 10 AM Spring has Sprung and so have we! It's time for the Brayniac Spring Camp Out @ Bray's Place Meadow 24 Hrs Music, fun, Live Artists, Great DJs, dancing, games, friends Tents, sleeping bags, Smores & more! Don't Log Out! Camp Out! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brays Place/122/198/23
  22. Hey guys, My sister and I are renting land and have our own home. It's pretty big and we're looking for two females to share it with. We're super chill and cool to hang with. We like taking pics, going on adventures and chatting about stuff. The rooms are pretty spacious. We are looking to share the cost of the land and are asking for 450L per room with the option of purchasing more prims (I believe it's 50L per 50 prims) Each room will be allotted 150 prims and exception may be made for items placed in common areas. We are pretty much inworld everyday all the time. We would love someone who is on frequently so that it actually feels like we have a roommate and not just a room filled with items. If interested, please contact myself or @TrevorGuy inworld or here! Looking forward to hearing from you all!
  23. ♫♥♥♥♥♥♫♥♥♥♥♥♫♥♥♥♥♥♫♫♥♥♥♥♥♫♥♥♥♥♥ Donthasslethehoff & Honey Join us on Friday, April 25 @ 5pm slt for an amazing get together. Come dance, meet people, play games, and maybe get lucky (Whatever that may mean to you). All is welcome. Costume is encouraged but not required. Best costume will win 1000L. I'm New to SL. Only 2 months in and feel this is a good way to make new friends and hopefully people can share some other places as we talk and listen to music. 4/25/2020 5pm slt http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mulberry Isle/57/243/24 Find me inworld @1GoldenHoney
  24. Afternoon all! Hope everyone is doing alright especially at this very uncertain and unprecedented time. I'm Ollie, 24 from the UK. I've been on SL now for 8 years and during that time, I think I can related to most with this, I have had friends, some come, some go and some flutter. I've recently been finding myself with an ever increasing amount of time on my hands and would love to make some new pals to have a good laugh with, explore, play games, listen to music and just have a good chin wag. I'm particularly interested in design, interior decorating and landscaping. I have also recently started spending some more time learning and exploring in-world photography and so far finding that a very enjoyable experience too! While I frequent my home surroundings I enjoy exploring various sims and events. I'm pretty laid back when it comes to the little thing we call life, that being said I'm very energetic and outgoing. I'd like to meet some like minded lads and lasses. Drop me a message in world (ViscousSummer88 Resident). Hope to meet you soon and keep safe everyone!
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