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About Me

  1. Hii I'm Ashlee, I've been on sl for 6 months. Well experienced. And I figured I'd give a chance to explore more and meet more people and make my friends list grow. I do not have sl parents but I am open to it. As well as cousins, aunts grandparents and ETC And I have a daughter on the way. I'm just now starting Beyou , I mostly use Xeolife though. I'm very family oriented , FUNNY, and sometimes a brat haha. But I promise its worth it. I do have a house I'm currently decorating and I'm open to roommates as well just let me know. And I am single as well not really looking for a relationshi
  2. I won't lie. I've had some really bad experiences that have caused me to be more and more closed off and kind of just recently left every SL server I was in in a fit of anxiety because well. I don't feel like I fit in? And every time I made a human avatar based on how I actually look, people would be really really gross about it and make all kinds of bad assumptions about me [which in turn with the avatar based on me, made me have worse self image issues...yikes] and I just gave up and decided to be anime. And on top of that, everyone had a specific look and I just didn't fit in that. I was to
  3. Hi i hope you are doing well . I am looking for some friends with whom i can go for shopping have some chat , explore and have fun . If you also enjoy these things then hit me up .
  4. Seraphim Club, part the Seraph Falls D/S kink playground is looking for energetic and entertaining staff members. The region features two massive dungeons an ever growing array of toys. Designed escort, match maker, and photo contest areas. AFK house slave options, private sky boxes, and public play areas. Seraphim Club operations are Thursday to Saturday currently. Please take the time to visit the location before applying. Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tarja/188/78/61 We are committed to provide a safe and accepting environment to all adult appearance avata
  5. I would love to make some new friends but its honestly so hard on SL lately. All I do is shop and perfect my avatar. Although I wanna get out there more so feel free to message me My girls gays boys and nonbinary friends
  6. Hello, all! I joined a few months ago when my friends from IMVU joined SL. I feel odd that most of the people I've met on SL have been through them and I'd like to make some of my own connections. I'm a 25 year old woman. I enjoy smoking weed, binge watching shows and reading. Not in that order. I'd prefer to meet people closer to my age or older, however I don't mind having younger friends. Feel free to IM me if you'd like.
  7. Hi my name is Jaide Beck in sl. I have been in sl since May 2007. I am looking for serious christians/messianics, who are very serious about there faith in Jesus/ Yeshua. I want to find some friends because I am alone a lot in sl and i want to read the Bible together and discuss, but we could also parachute, shop, play games, etc. i just wanted to find some like minded friends. Of course I'd be friends with anyone as long as they are respectable. I've been in the Lord for over 25 yrs, not to say I know everything cause I'm far from it. 😛 I just want to fill my sl with friends and not be lon
  8. Hi all! I am a outgoing mermaid who loves to dress up in ballgowns. I also love fishing. I wanted to take a minute and invite anyone who wants to make a ton of friends, explore new places, and earn some L$ while doing it to join us in Fish Hunt. I love meeting new people and so I have a lot of fun in the community. Come join me if you like: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Business Park/104/149/22
  9. Hello, I'm Jinny Seesaw. Being new to SecondLife for about two weeks. During these days, I tried to hang out around, learned to build something, and finally bought a small land to set a store. I didn't meet many people because of the UTC+8 time zone. Most of the time, I stayed at home to learn how to create, but it's hard for me to build 3D structures. I'm not sure what the next step is; maybe I'll still try to explore, join the party to meet people, and attend events. Or play games on Gaming Island, I found that it is fun! It might be a chance to meet new friends, so that I post this t
  10. Hi , i am new to 2nd life and most of the time i wander alone as i dont have friends. I have tried many times to make friends but could not keep the conversation going as i am an introvert . I would really like to have some good friends who could teach me around and also have some fun together. Thanks
  11. Let's dance with DJ Scrappy!! Livestream and on the big screen!! Raffle drawings with cool prizes!! Bring your friends!! Club1069 @ Lionheart tonight at 7pm cst
  12. having a hard time finding an active furry hangout with ppl to talk and flirt with. help?
  13. Hi! Decided to come have a looksie around here, since in-world it seems like its getting harder and harder to find like minded people. We are a small goup of friends who like to do dumb stuff and hangout. We're kinda weird, but hopefully that won't be a problem. There are currently about 6 of us who are the most active, looking for new friends as our group has slowly grown smaller over the year. We bounce between rp styles and would love to meet new people interested in hanging out with us and maybe joining us for things like this as well as parties/hanging out during
  14. Hey all I am Mai and I am a few months into SL and have found it pretty lonely so far. Sometimes when I explore I dont even run into other people. Where are all the places where people go and hangout and chat? I went to a couple clubs because I love dancing especially to EDM and indie dance rock music, but at the club nobody said ANYTHING in that chat and it seems to be the case every club i go to. I dumped all this money into getting the best stuff for my avatar but now Im wondering if it was a waste? A little bit about me: I am on the east coast and am SL+3 I love building so
  15. General Zod Colville was a DJ for many years on Second Life. He made many friends whose lives he touched with his generous spirt. In recent years he worked as a CSR for WK (Wild Kajaera) breedables. In 2020 Zod hosted a monthly WK event at Mountain Lion Club. We will miss him. There will be a Memorial Set this Saturday 10 am - Noon, Feb 20th at Mountain Lion Club & Amusement Park to celebrate the life of Zod Colville who passed away February 8th 2021 He was a DJ at Club Retro and various other clubs. The past several years he was a CSR for Wild Kajaera breedables. Please join
  16. No really requirements just looking for some friends to play with
  17. As a British person on SL, I have only ever encountered a handful of other people from the British isles... So where do they all hang out? Lol Don't get me wrong, not that I only want to meet British people, I enjoy meeting and talking to people from all over
  18. Hi I am looking for a family or friends... What I might mesh well with...A family of misfits that just allow each other to be who they are, that care, chat on voice, understand that every second of your second life won't be with them, but that you value time with them...no matter how much or how little that may be. I work in sl and sometimes that takes up a lot of my time. I can be very shy or very out there...u really never know lol. I don't like people that treat people like crap...I just want to loved and accepted really I guess....Its hard to know what to put here. I have a variety of inte
  19. Heyya Guys and Gals.. In your opinion, Whats the favourite spot to meet some new and friendly people, To make friends and to hang around. Tip us down. Teehaa
  20. Hi Everyone, I've been in SL for nearly 12 years on and off but recently came back after a much longer break and all my old crowd has gone pretty much. I'm a RL gay male who plays SL as a female mostly just because I love the fashion and the excess of options. I have always been "one of the girls" but now I'm alone and I am struggling to find a new crowd to hang with. I'm 34 years old, from London UK for I now live in New Jersey USA. I play openly and it states my real gender in my profile. In RL I enjoy TV, Movies, Drag & In SL I enjoy Fashion, Beauty, Decor, Dancing, Exploring
  21. I took a break from SL in the midst of Corona, however now that things have mellowed out I'm back! I find it hard to know where to begin in even looking for friends, I would like to make girl friends I'm open to guys friends too just would love to be able to have a sleep over and apply a good face mask and binge watch harry potter or lotr! A little about me: I enjoy shopping a bit too much and also love building, decorating, and landscaping. I love games, movies, adventuring to new sims. I know how to role-play and have before and would love to get more into it however by no means
  22. Hey everyone I am Sunshari I go by Sunny! I roleplay a TEEN (16). I am having a hard time finding other teens on sl! I am a 10 year vet, Im on and off the game. I am back and looking to make teen friends. I am grown in RL(30). I love to discover new fun sims, take pictures for (FB and FLICKR) I really just want to enjoy my time. I hate DRAMA and LIARS. Sunshari Resident in my inworld name
  23. I am all about meeting people from all over the world. That being said, I have not found but maybe two players close to my play hours. I'm in South Carolina, USA EST time zone. If you or anyone you know is looking to meet a friend and you are in or near the same time zone, please add me! If you aren't and you think I'm interesting for some reason 😄 I'm not going to turn away ANY new friends. Thanks ya'll! ~ Birdie
  24. Hi! i have been on SL almost 8 years and I wanna meet new people on there. I'm very talkative person I like shopping, editing my avatar, photography, anime, art and music. I'm on my early 20's and it would be so nice to have a deep connection with people on there. Almost forgot to mention I love black humour and I do have weird humour sense Feel free to message to me and lets get to know each other my username is: Swagrawrr Text me whenever you want!
  25. I'm having trouble with my friends list going back to where everyone can see me online. One day I wanted to be alone and not be bothered by anyone so I went down my whole friends list and Un-Checked "can see when I'm online". Well now I want it back to where ALL my friends can see when I login. I re-applied the check mark next to every single name. But my friends tell me they still do not get notified and it still shows me offline. Even after rechecking each name, it doesn't save either. I log back in and all the names are unchecked again. This is becoming a hassle because fri
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