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Oh my Gawd! - Totally unOfficial Pet Peeve Thread.

Sassy Kenin

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23 hours ago, Orwar said:

   Oh wow. So, I was playing around with making my own EEP preset, and rather like the result ..


   But then I thought I'd best look at ground level just to make sure I hadn't made something that'd only look decent at 2,500 metres .. And I see this:


   Pet peeve: neighbours. 


Oh, gosh, this a gazillion times over! >=O

At home, I have an airfield. Recently, some nob moved in, and put these big blocky things in the sky.

Also, holy full bright abuse! >_< That really gets my goat.

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1 hour ago, Coby Foden said:

Seriously? Why? :/o.O

   "You want a demo? Of course you can have a demo! Wait, what do you mean, you want to actually see the product?"

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Clothes where all the sizes are in the hud. One massively complex attachment with 3-4 body riggings and sometimes different styling variations for each.  One brand I'm well aware of but I happened upon another tonight and I really I wish this wouldnt catch on.

Honest question, what's attractive about it for creators?

Cuts down on clutter seems to be the advantage for consumers? But it makes no sense. 10 objects in inventory would cause less "lag" than 10 needless objects attached to my avatar!

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12 minutes ago, Storii Darkheart said:

maybe it just requires a certain threshold of swears directed at other people 😄

That particular poster seems to be able to stretch the bounds moreso than others.  The vaccine thread is a prime example.  


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#1 - Giving a store credit as a gift at the Shop & Hop, but it expires on June 30th even though the SL18B & Shop & Hop all go until July 6.

#2 - People that post stupid crap in the regular sections of the forums, instead of the Answers section where I can vote their stuff down.

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   When you go to a store for the weekend sales that you've never been to before, and the vendor wants L$1 for the demo - okay, fine, I can do the L$1 in L$1 out deal even though I never understood why people did that for in-world vendors.

   But then the ****ing vendor swallowed my L$1. Seriously? I have to pay for the privilege of trying on your product to make an informed decision as to whether I might consider purchasing it?

   And, glossing around the store, all the other vendors also want L$1 for the demo. I'm not risking it. I don't care about whether stuff looks decent in the ads, I'm not giving you another penny - ever

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1 hour ago, Lysistrata Szapira said:

When stores offer a credit gift at SL18B and the credit won't even cover the price of a SINGLE item in their store. So you're giving me the credit but not enough to buy anything? Nope!

Worse was the store that gave a gift card that expired on June 30th even though the SL18B Shop & Hop went through July 6th or 7th.  Some of us didn't even finish all of Shop & Hop until after June 30th.

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Subscriber nonsense rant

never -to my best recollection- joined group nor subscriber

requested to be removed from list when received ad (nicely!)

store owner: "put request on a notecard and drop it in mailbox at the store"

no, not a joke...



IM from store owner: "name removed from list but can't stop the ad going out in the next few days"



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