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  1. They must have put both back up.
  2. One political fav quote in my profile. One in my signature, which I change up on occasion. And from the movie The Grey, an incredible movie: 'Those parts of your life, whatever they might be, make you want that next minute more than the last. Make you fight for it.'
  3. I've been yes, and I've been oh he** no!
  4. It is a huge challenge learning to live comfortably within ones own skin. And triggers are a menace. Acceptance. Forgiveness. Love. Growth. Its all a journey. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Adding: Who would out of the blue in the middle of their day doing other stuff, poke you for naming names on a RP page? Perhaps well-meaning friends which the named avi has cried to? If that were the case, your mark got the message, perhaps not worth it to you to leave it up any longer. And if the name is only on your "Limits" section of your profile, the context could certainly be up for debate in your favor. I didn't take any of the three names you mentioned seriously, as the first two I should be expected to understand on a RP page we are talking RP. The third I presumed same, had I not read this thread. If later you go shooting off about it in an IM somewhere defending yourself that it is factually true and the user is a crook, that's a different matter. As to other folks telling you about your inappropriate naming in a profile, hmmmph, to be honest unless these folks are *that* user or a Linden, my first thought is they need to be minding their own business about what you choose to type/risk in a SL avatar profile on a tab about RP limits. Block em straight-up and don't even blink. Even so, in the end and given SL is supposed to be an enjoyable exercise and not a drag or risk for users, it kind of goes back to what was said above. Is it worth one more millisecond of ruining your good time to leave it there one more day?
  6. @vampirelicker201You may be surprised that many many of us have at one time or another lived on a parcel we have such high, heavenly visual and use hopes for, only to be clobbered (visually or with lag, even "too many avis in region try to go to the parcel you pay for again later") by something that just crushes our hopes for the parcel... There are only three answers. Know you're hoping for better, others including me have also in the past. But there are only three, and you already heard em: (1) beg other user to give in, (2) file AR, or (3) pack up the U-Haul truck and find yourself another parcel. And yes, even pretty-penny-spent parcels. So sorry there isn't better options. Seriously, combined expertise in this thread alone is immense. It is what it is. Expect more from SL, and you're setting yourself up for some disappointment. I had one parcel I loved - until I realized right-quick I was going to get the "too many avatars already there" reject when I tried to TP (or login home) to the very parcel I had invested in! I tried to hang in there, accept the deal, ask around. But there are limitations to SL like it or not, and that includes whether a Linden will decide to enforce what *you* have determined is just. In my case, I asked myself how much was THAT parcel worth to me if I cannot even tp to my own home more than half my attempts... Answer was zippo, zero, nothin. I found a parcel even better and moved, but I sure did some *very specific* personal research before I laid down any Linden for another parcel. Little lessons learned, better with each move. Last mention is, and I am not saying this is you at all I wouldn't know, but it surprises us sometimes how our *neighbors* may be putting up with something(s) about *our* stuff and usage too. I mean, I tell myself it is always worth considering that, maybe my neighbor thinks my visuals are in their way now etc... etc. None of us ever thinks we are the issue. Most of us wouldn't be a bad neighbor on purpose. But sometimes we find out our neighbors have been VERY nice about not gettin angry with us about how our visuals or usage has really dented THEIR use of their parcel heaven. Best option, always if options 1 and 2 not workin for ya, believe me, is to do your research and then move to another parcel. Once you move, you'll never give this frustration one second of SL time and your life will be much much better for it *poof*
  7. @AngieHawkHonestly this always makes me sad. Agreed it is needlessly vague at the start and should be easier to get info quickly to jump your experience ahead in a "modern" way, while still having fun and without getting frustrated or feeling like one is spending on useless stuff. Great info offered above. Don't give up... very doable! And sometimes inworld is faster to jump you ahead via IM, for rapid fire questions without any "limit" in what you post here as a new user in the forums. If you reach out to me via IM while you are inworld, I am happy to help. I am on most days, SL time.
  8. I dumped Flexi the minute I could, but without movement hair feels much like a ball cap to me. I went with Exxess's "Breeze" series, which I believe uses animated strands, for just that tiny touch of movement. Very realistic, I've never had any lag issues wearing it compared to any other hair (flexi or otherwise), and I just love all the Breeze styles. Lots to choose from. I have a few longtimer brands I love for top quality that do not move. But I really prefer Exxess Breeze hair over all others, because of the movement.
  9. Blue on Black. Can't count the times in RL I should have just said, Blue on Black baby...
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