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  1. So this: So does this mean the house itself and landscaping, do not count against the 351 you are allocated on a 1024?
  2. Inspired to say I just think this is an incredibly generous offer. And it has some of my favorite selections for "window views" also. Great animation options. Security. Casper.
  3. They look to be catering only to an audience that is so extreme in its viewpoint that it is plausible it may work in some markets (until someone gets sick). Then it is gonna be the next news item on Twitter, with some 40s-ish year old grown-up saying, "Oh, if only I'd known then (and chose to turn my back on)...
  4. Just adding that I cannot speak to the Linden Homes. Since I went premie, I've purchased a mainland parcel for a very reasonable sum. For many years I had more than the premie max+tier, but at this point I find the premie 1024 in a reasonable area and several rentals for purposes other than my "home" works better for me. I've never really qualified for a Linden Home therefore. This has enabled me to pick my own house (after house after house lol) at Marketplace or inworld, and been absolutely thrilled, until my next "whim" where a different home layout or theme is my new mood of the day.
  5. Party of one, please. I am the tactician of my party, and my personhood. My life does not lead me, I lead my life. What I own be it stuff or knowledge, I control, ie use, access, exclusion. I choose how to direct and if and how to share that value. I am the one who knows more about me than anyone else, like it, accept it, or not. Some days are bigger jobs than others managing all thahhht.
  6. Never underestimate the pull of the Redneck gal under all the professional stuff. Likely count your blessings for self control. I keep my Christmas lights on...
  7. An amazing combo of powerful music, and for me the most downer lyrics ev-r. But if you belt this out full-volume in the car, you feel REALLY empowered yelling, "It's Defective"!!
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