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  1. Yup. Reality for me is that I do not factor in the weekly stipend we receive into the cost of a subscription. That would seem to indicate it was some kind of loan one gives SL at the start of each premium subscription payment, which SL then pays us back a part of that loan weekly thereafter. I've not ever interpreted the SL advertisements for the list of subscription benefits to even come close to that. Though I can definitely see how one might use some sort of net analysis to determine whether buying a subscription is worth it to them.
  2. I feel your pain. And this worked fine for me up until the first of this year, so it once worked fine for long-time many-page/year spenders. Unfortunately my support ticket hasn't had another response since initial acceptance two months ago.
  3. Always thankful for this kind of sharing. I can delay install as long as possible... ty!
  4. Thanks for sharing, now watching the JIRA. I have a 1080 so this caught my attention, but Jira Environment shows 1070? And courageous, that jumping to Win10 2004! EDIT: Related to a different Jira, I disable my Intel and enable only the 1080, and all runs stellar - grateful for that! Unknown if it helps, but in my case with the Intel disabled, left monitor as primary, and only the 1080 enabled - my FS viewer launches seemingly fine on the monitor I "closed" it prior on, either left primary, or right.
  5. Good gosh this is frustrating. Still happening of course. It takes soooooooo much time to put up even a single new or edited item ad that it makes it no fun at all to do it. I cannot ignore the other what is it six language tabs, because using Quick Fill for a "blue" item, will show "Blue" in the other languages ads but the customer will e.g. receive a bag with a "grey" item. This Jira shows no assigned priority? eww, eww, ask me ask me! Somewhat afraid to admit to myself that I have a list of open issues (not minor, and not just my own), and am confused as to what is priority? Perhaps it is just me and I am being grumpy, it wouldn't be the first time and won't be the last. That's what copy/paste and editing all those tabs in MP ads will do to a person 🤔.
  6. I am watching intently. I almost hesitated to renew annual last year. This because the possibility occurred to me that the up-level new premium might actually pull some current Premium bennies into the new level (where the old premium I was subscribing to for a full year might be *less* later in the year, etc.).
  7. Sharing why I use radar. It has its very positive uses which benefits others as much as me when I use it. When I travel to Public or Premium sandboxes, I use radar to see where [anyone else] currently is already working. Once I see where everyone else already is, I instantly walk to a clear spot and get out of their way. Especially useful if I may be at that location more than a few minutes. Without radar I would have only visuals, and I keep my draw distance small to avoid seeing all kinds of scattered sky objects, etc. Without radar I would have to bump into someone right up close before ever seeing them first! Who wants to trip across other(s) on the way to a simple little spot in a sandbox, or be building and be bumped into by avi after avi while they are building something complex... It's distracting, and I am happy to avoid being a distraction. As to LL's countless other measures on privacy, to my understanding LL does what it is required to do on privacy. I would not be surprised if as a business LL only does what it is required. And if they do more I would equally not be surprised, but I wouldn't expect it. I don't like my privacy tripped across either. But largely it has been by accident, not nefarious and they leave quickly. If instead you are uncomfortable more about someone stalking or griefing you, there are other ways you can respond to that. But radars aren't the evildoers and so unfortunately removing radars would not remove the evildoers. And so we loop back around to this, words of wisdom echoed for decades:
  8. Good reasoning. My thinking is that when I spend, it circulates to others (who may or may not cash out). The incentive for both groups is to do it all over again and receive another payment of some kind, be it Lindens or cash. True that those who cash out may not take 100% of those dollars and reintroduce those into SL. But of course as one who never cashes out (only in lol), I cannot control what others take away. But I can feel I/we all contribute by spending internally, and the hope is that those who have for years been inspired to advertise to attract my/others spending continue to do so. It may not make good sense to SL to raise the Stipend, or it may given some challenges, diversions, and other stuff going on this year. Sometimes only time will tell the good decisions from the not-so. And I really wonder if any business plan, this moment in time, will remain exactly the same as what made sense January of this year.
  9. 2048! I felt spoiled a bit with the 1024. But always its the prim max... 2048 would be awesome!
  10. Waves hiya! Aware, and that has been the case for a good while now of course. Point was use has shown me that this benefit seems more unlikely/not possible, than likely/possible to receive. Which might suggest the value of another conversation at the official conference table as to whether it (or even other bennies) should be promised as a benefit.
  11. So really, see now, for those of us who never ever "cash out" Lindens, my first thought was something like - Lindens just slosh around from individual to individual within game and never go away... but of course, if one "cashes out" that makes ALL the difference. I would gladly look for an option in my Premium membership, to "never cash out" - and get instead of L$300 a week, a stipend of L$500 or $750 a week just to "recycle Lindens" to fellow Residents. My weekly upload image fees alone at L$10 per image burn me up every time I see that pop-up remind me.
  12. A mention only, that I recalled this particular advertised Premie benefit only two or three days ago, as I repeatedly received the Sim Full reject prompt consistently for over an hour plus. So either this isn't a benefit anymore for anyone (or possible due to some "condition" not published), or it is a benefit but it is/was broken for me in that moment, or perhaps other craftie avis flew in there and "camped" for an hour-plus maybe and their Premie age was bigger than mine lol. Cos no, that day this Premie didn't get that benefit. And yes, I thought about support... which lead me to recalling that Grid Status "[behind on support tickets]" comment posted... which lead to my recalling my 6 weeks in progress now Premie support ticket I submitted for the Marketplace search (invoices) being broken... which lead me to believe contacting support would only add to the already 6+ weeks behind queue and would further contribute to my wondering how things are really going... EDIT: Adding that elevated Support is also a Premie benefit.
  13. Could someone at a conference table have mentioned redoing the Logo as a way to brighten up things round these parts during a pandemic? Could the response from leaders have been sure take a stab at it, so long as it doesn't take you more than ten minutes because the support tickets are backed up and we're all booked triple? Would a ten minute max investment only allow for changing of font and hand logo color? All possible. If the update redesign happened in ten minutes away from the other stuff needing attention, this seems a good thing. Factoring in with the ten minute investment the benefit that a change in logo, even if it is updated slowly, implies visually SL is growing, changing, has a future, and it is *bright*.
  14. Thanks for sharing! At the time I went to Live Chat, who converted my report to a support ticket, I waited, a few days later I added a comment that it was continuing and included exactly what I had searched for and pasted the error hoping they might go to server logs etc. and see what the kink is. I then received a response in the ticket they would be investigating and would respond any findings once known in the ticket. Backlog of tickets. I got the same error yesterday when I tried, so no changes yet for me.
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