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  1. *Appreciate the response ty! I have tried that many times, but with the same experience unfortunately. To bypass it, it would be such a pleasure to just be able to choose it at login. *hugs*
  2. *waves hiya!* Beings you asked, making this up, daydreaming (or keep dreaming, whichever might apply): = Inventory maintenance - I would like an alternative way to log into inventory (only), two windows of it open, and quickly drag and drop/organize it without the added strain of running nonessential tasks/my avi inworld. Emphasis on quickly. And while I'm thinking on inventory... = Inventory level-two. Speaking for myself: I'd pay a small extra fee on top of my premium cost, to choose to add an optional additional layer of "full perm" inventory storage, which does not load up at every login but I dunno floats in the cloud. I don't build all the time, and I don't need to see it all the time. If I want to pull it in I can -- or I can choose not to (this minute). Ideally when I choose to work with the secondary inventory, it would load in a way where I can see it all and work with it - perhaps pull one folder/items to the primary inventory group for now, or delete, add stuff to it -- all without lagging things up overall. = Login as "unavailable". I experience a rate of 50/50 at every login that the system will log me out before I ever get to the point where keyboard/mouse can move my avatar. Absolutely, on my end. But 100% of the time if I jump fast enough to change my status to "Unavailable" the notices stop instantly and mesh and inventory finishes loading. Its a challenge clicking through fast enough before the system snags then "Quits" me. = Landing point side-step standard: That collision at tp thing gets really reeeeally tiresome and time consuming. I see parcel folks have the option to add landing zone stuff that picks up arriving parties and gently scoots them left right/away from all the other arriving avis. I have seen a few owners use them, but the vast majority does not. I'd love it if everywhere I tpd this were the standard all the time, never again arriving to a busy event standing on/being stood on/frozen in place for several minutes by 10+ other hungry avi shoppers typing in chat exasperated that they are experiencing lag. *thanks for asking!*
  3. Hiya Whirly, *waves* Yah it was L$77 for sure. I didn't take it too seriously because well you know been here long enough I've always been made whole to the limits of what was possible so my concern was very low on any missing Lindens - but yah that's surely what it said was L$77. Somewhat amazing! I'd seen the "??" before in the viewer so I've known that's possible - that was the first thing that came to mind. And at every login my experience was identical to what OP describes. I'm east coast US, fastest xFinity broadband, testing healthy up/down otherwise, streaming various other devices same network no odd behaviors noticeable, modem seems fine but lots can go wrong there, I'm on a desktop with a wired connection in this case. At this point today I've got what looks like the next Win10 16291.0 (rs3_release) installing to my left now, a fresh FS release reinstall, and a new SL release installed also. I thought perhaps something in the SL viewer install might trigger or clean up some obscure (but feisty!) bit that had corrupted perhaps with the Win10 install. After the new install finishes will try it out again. Likely it will work itself out. I am not used to my avi having empty SL pockets though so it was kinda funny for a second or two - can't shop much with only L$77 showing in the till . :)))
  4. FYI similar experience here, on FS. Private sims, other sims, I track stats a good deal into the weeds because I do a good deal of pre-release testing on (by design) a common-pc. I've discounted my own similar experience since the update based upon my installing at about the same time the Win10 pre-release. That complicates things of course. And that may very well 100% be the reason for the issues in my case (not SL, not FS). I planned to wait until this morning to reinstall FS release x64 so I could give full attention to it. I have not done that yet this morning - that is next. If that doesn't work > clean install of FS x32, and if that doesn't yadda backward. With current install still, I tried logging in as usual. HAH. Viewer showed "L$77" balance (made me laugh, I knew that wasn't right, and learned long ago everything isn't a panic-I've-been-hacked event either). Seconds later I logged in to browser/MP and yah showing as about right L$12k+. That the viewer showed me at L$77 rather shocks me on identical avi account-I mean, from what calculation did it get L$77 available - not L$78, not actual L$12,000 or even a flat L$0? I cannot come up with a plausible formula, but much more I don't know than do. I do know I have not been at that level of Lindens on this account in likely many years so it cannot have come from any restore of anything even momentarily unless it was a restore back to um like 20- oh maybe 2011 *EDIT: or would that be 2010?* September before this avi went premium? Somewhat fascinates me I'd love to know why just because, but I need to focus on one troubleshoot-ditch at a time this morning, lol so that will likely work itself out somewhere along the way separately. I can't stay in SL long enough for my avi to rez fully, but something in my account surely connected to something else pretty quick to calculate my avis wallet seemed to look very very light-weight at exactly L$77 Eh, this too shall work itself out, and we will all be here zoom-zoom this time next year likely one way or the other. Let it work itself out sooner rather than later though. I have dishes in my RL sink.
  5. I realize this is an old post, but thought I might share. This morning I've been getting the "unable to create requested inventory" error when clicking "Open Attachment" button from a group profile page and also notice my FPS are about half of what I believe is my norm. I'm on Firestorm x32 and just tried as last "Answered" below mentioned in the menu: Avatar > Avatar Health > Recreate LSL Bridge, and when I did my FPS instantly doubled (matching yesterday FPS), and viola no more error Unable to Create Requested Inventory: clicking "Open Attachment" button opened the notecard notice, and it appears I am now receiving incoming pop-ups asking to Accept/Discard/Mute Owner object notices. super to find this recommendation!
  6. Similar experience here. Once arriving at invoice page, the quantities and/or listed items are either old stuff, long ago removed stuff, etc. And, because the invoice page is not editable, and on that page there is no real options to buyer to fix wrong list/quantities except using [back] button to edit wrong list/quantities, that may be complicating the issue in a browser. This, using IE 10. And the page before that -- the "see cart" page where it says you can remove a single item, or you can edit quantity in box per line item)? Changing the form box quantities fights me, and also the global "update quantities" button if you click it after you fix the above actually resets what you just fixed back to the higher/wrong quantities lol. The remove item button? It looks like it removes it, item disappears, but then hit [Checkout] and it is still there on invoice page. And if that doesn't make you smile enough to yourself: Because the quantities now double, I also sometimes get an error message in the window because cart list (that it just doubled mind you) is of a quantity above the 10 items max. Trying to fix the list for me makes it worse. Using a single browser window instead of multiple does not make any difference in my experience. And sometimes? I don't even get the new cart invoice page at all. It advances me instead through to the old "zero dollar in your cart-but maybe buy this stuff ads then click button lower right bottom to buy now" sequence page. When that happens I shut it down and don't proceed because if I click the button it may be totally bypassing letting me see what's on that uneditable invoice page and who even knowssss what it thinks I am buying or how many L$. Presuming they are working on it, and it will work itself out. But certainly a time intensive process consistently now to even buy a single item. I have many items on a cart from hours ago, some of them removed before I even purchased anything, and all I want is a single item, just one thing, but it won't update the cart down to one. Nice workaround would be a working button called "EMPTY CART" on either the editable or invoice page or both.
  7. OK now showing *again* in GUN, this nonsense. Second time today. Dudes, Knock knock already.
  8. Hi! UPDATED: Thanks to everyone who answered below (and any future recommendations for us all too!). I shortened this post up a bit too. Some details left for keywords. ISSUE: A nuisance self-replicating object on my mainland parcel, left on one of the parcels in my region, growing larger and multiplying, flashing and loud, rapidly consuming the region and lowering frame rate, blocking sky, and pushing avi as they float around and grow larger and move. Objects are huge blue or red morphing corkscrews and they grow to super-huge in size individually and float and move so that means even if I block them on my parcel they still somewhat float over from neighbors. They each have their lovely air raid siren audio too that gets louder as it grows bigger, they each flash, and they actually push avatar (land set to no-push). My auto-return is always set to 1 minute, and did not return them until I blocked the actual Owner name on each parcel. All the corkscrew-objects contain two no-perm scripts (rc, and self) and some also contain a no-perm object, others do not. I blocked owner, then blocked the object, then returned all objects. Even after I blocked it all of course neighbors had not blocked and so neighbors were still growing, and the loud air raid siren in each travels to me on my parcel from objects on neighbors parcels, and as they multiply and grow in size on my neighbors properties they each float and stack and even when blocked rain down on my property and push avatar as they fall. And that's all on the ground. You'd think way up in the sky it might be better, and thankfully no more incessently flashing loud overtaking trash up there but the lag brings the Lag Meter for the Server down to red and usually up there my framerate flies but with this going on I can only walk-in-place. Unfortunately it appears to be a very effective way to make land use unavailable actually. Presuming some might think it no biggie to just log off and go do something else, for those that actually want to help if possible what is the most proactive/protective thing we little-people-parcel-owners out here can do to mitigate/help when we see this hitting our parcels? Last time I heard someone describe this happening to them (only weeks ago) in a popup chat their sim crashed and they were down for days. My initial response: What I do have available to me is prim "owners" name by right-clicking the nuisance object. Having the owners name, I went to About Land >> Access and under blocked ADDED that owner's name. Then went to Objects tab and "refreshed" the list at bottom > saw that prim owners name was there with X prims and highlighted THEIR name (not mine!) and clicked Return Objects button. I can then again right-click the Object somewhere on a neighbor's property and choose Manage >> Report Abuse. Wished in the Abuse dropdown there was more than "...unfair..." to describe it--I see "unfair" as whining and this is more than that-Jes sayin. I pull up object Owner name's provile and I see that object Owner is not a premium member -- this in no way shocks me, and at least until this is under control I also change land settings to ADD that visiting avis have to have payment info on file. Make a mental note to maybe remove that again later--maybe. And I am putting the nuisance object's avi names here at least until it is fixed in case someone who has the EASY button up in the sky sees this and can fix quicker. Thankfully all virtual-problems are only a single button push away, even if its just the power button smiles. Owner is showing to me here with green-dot as online. Tried to get a response from Owner, but no response -- that was a *nice* thing I did though acknowledging that this could be an innocent avi account just stolen by griefer. Hesitated to put any names here because accounts hacked maybe, but primary goal is to stop the maddness and in light of no-response/until response from object owner I'm putting them here so they can be dealt with. Object name: Object Creator: Oppps Cardalines Owner: Baysu Group: angel's eyry Keywords: sim crash grief nuisance
  9. Kyrie Deka

    Lindens today

    Looks like its beginning to work itself out. Thought I might share that my 4am-ish (SL time) purchase just went through to Linden balance. Presuming when the queue gets caught up I'll see the second purchase of 5000 L added to balance.
  10. What does this mean, trying to use a HUD (with no previous problems over many forced SL viewer and beta updates) and this now consistently comes up in local chat over and over. Just after forced-update in the newest SL viewer: Second Life 3.2.1 (244864) Nov 10 2011 10:33:28 (Second Life Release) Release Notes ...(Translation failed: the parameter 'appId' must contain at least '16' characters Parameter name: appId) ... Thanks! ADDED: Hiya N-thanks for answering -- it's happening in every single hud, beds... - identical error in all of them. Just did the auto update thing in regular viewer--before that 100% fine/new computer no issues happy happy joy joy--updated and bam 100% error. Tried to see if it reset any of the Preferences on me just in case it was something incredibly simple--if it did I sure can't find it, all looks the same as I always manually set it myself (and until now rocked). Not sure what to think... ADDED: Thanks everyone for responding. IT SEEMS that I was getting this error because either because my prior settings (before update) or the default settings (in new update) had the Google Translate checkbox checked in chat box/preferences. So funny that now there's a fee for Google. For anyone else in quick need: In Preferences under Chat >> Chat Translation Settings button, you can choose either Google or Bing -- quite frankly I unchecked the thing and solved the problem altogether. But if I miss it, thanks to response below, I can steal the time from doing other things and run off to get a Bing thingy and enter it in the box in Preferences. I'll only steal time away from an otherwise manic calendar to do so if/when I miss it. It was a terrible nuisance over and over in the chat box couldn't find the real chat in between all that repetitive error! Thanks again everyone for responding!
  11. [03/12/11] I repeatedly received the system response while TPing to my own property "Region full-please try again later". Adult mainland region, on a Saturday--really? Is this a common occurrence for others? Isn't this something that is foreseen and offset/compensated for before maxes are hit (on both the server side, and when apportioning off land available for sale)?
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