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  1. Questions undo instigator's calamitous ken. BOOST
  2. Omy - I was eating Captain Crunch and it just took over!!
  3. Thanks all for replying! No auto-refund for me, but plausible that in my case it was a hiccup that ditched an entire system sequence, which sequence may have included the auto-refund part. Who knows. (Premium) I went to Support Live Chat > got through bot thingy and to live help who used the chatted report to create a support ticket and escalated it to the Marketplace help team. At some point a few hours thereafter my Lindens showed as refunded.
  4. I sympathize, I really do. Been there. This used to just totally creep me out, folks showing up in the middle of me dressing, etc, in my own perceived "home". I've left many a rental home where folks just kept popping-in - some silent, others just trawling you know not evil but creepy when you're standing there in something you feel you've "paid for" but they're watching you change clothes. And let's not forget that some used to own that parcel and its an old landmark, some used to rent this home and ditto. These aren't all rude users. Just last week I got an ad for a sale with no lin
  5. And then a ton of work to change each and every one back, including UNDER every single non-english-language tab per item and wait for it to update... its like Molasses - Yup! I dream of the day that I can go in to my full list of items, place a check for YES, place a check for X% OFF (which auto-applies that discount at checkout, and which *also* magically auto adds a [single line of text + two line breaks] to all of the YES-check item AD PAGES at the top which text says "Today - X% off this item - Discount applied at checkout!" - and until I REMOVE that YES-check the item does the same
  6. Morning afternoon or evenin! Great write-up for helping those who paid then the delivery got lost maybe for yes-cc items, ty! This won't work here though, as after the item paid someone somewhere, the next step totally failed. The sellers ad page is still there of course, and I do not show a band across the top of it saying [I purchased it on X date], and there is no redelivery link on the invoice**, presumably because the next step failed and the system never made it that far in cascading logic. When that happens there is a gold box kind of that has text in it on the invoice/
  7. Hasn't happened to me in a good while, the unable to deliver item response (after payment is taken and you arrive at the invoice). But it happened yesterday. The original invoice at time of purchase says what to do next if the item doesn't arrive after 24 hours. After it doesn't arrive, the notice in the invoice changes has no such next step stated. It only now says in the gold box: 1 item failed to deliver. I have not had my coffee yet this morning, so as a community and self-service I am sidestepping sharing my thoughts on usefulness of not including next steps in tha
  8. I like to watch this over the holidays. Visuals are just wonderful. And I like that Vanessa Williams scrooge movie too, A Diva's Christmas Carol. I have only one least fav, the Jim Carrey Grinch movie.
  9. I rarely used this in the past, but I sure will now. Big thanks!
  10. And yes, I can see that now, thanks for sharing. Rereading my initial response included a mesh disclaimer. It appears I have stepped on your toes, when my initial response to OP was only trying to help them when there was no answer posted yet. You called out my response for being inaccurate, and I responded that it wasn't inaccurate. I couldn't have foreseen that might offend, and it wasn't my intent on a holiday weekend. Wishing you joy.
  11. Most FP skin templates do come with teeth and tongue on them, thankfully. But a few do not, including very pricey ones. This FP skin currently sells for L$1000. On an SL head it shows no teeth or tongue when the SL head smiles. Not many do the system smile thing anymore though, I just happen to like one I altered back in the day enough to keep wearing it. https://gyazo.com/a439ff6ce1ebf297555c80ac7f7f719f
  12. Not my experience. I have purchased FP skin texture files that have teeth, and some that have not had them. When one wears the skin file the teeth do not show on a SL head - mouth is empty. Skin textures can fail to include the teeth and tongue, and it looks horrendous. How a BOM skin impacts a Genus head would not be my thing. But a BOM skin most-certainly can make a toothless mouth if the skin file was made that way.
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