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  1. I live in hope! And Marianne did a fantastic job. The generosity she showed in spirit and giving her time is so appreciated. Maybe just walking us through how to optimize this particular project only wouldn't give any way too many hard-won secrets... ? One of my greatest pleasures in SL has been to share knowledge and collaborate with other people. I have learned so much from people who generously shared with me. And taking everything that's been - generously - left modifiable by creators - apart! (.... ok and broken stuff...). I will forever be grateful for the help and the fun I have had. Bellisseria seems such a welcoming and helpful community and it fills my heart with joy to see this. Emma
  2. Thank you so much, Marianne. I really appreciate the work you put into this It looks beautifully clear... Emma
  3. Wow - it's really impressive that you managed this apparently quite accidentally! Hat off
  4. I would have a go at swimming in it - putting in a swimming animation... your body would not be visible within the "depth" of the water but if the surface was sufficiently opaque, it may just pass... Emma
  5. Emma Krokus


    Eu uso Singularity também. Às vezes meu avatar não carrega e eu sou uma nuvem. Para remediar isso, eu destaquei algo que estou usando - um objeto ou acessório. Boa sorte! Emma (Google translate of: I use Singularity too. Sometimes my avatar does not load and I am a cloud. To remedy this, I detach something I am wearing - an object or attachment. Good luck!)
  6. if you look on your transaction history it will list purchases with the region even if L$0 eg Destination: Milli Mole Object Sale Region: SL16B Impressive Description: SL16B Female Rebel Avatar
  7. Perhaps try logging into a different region? As it could be the region you are logging into is having troubles. At the location prompt, enter another region name. E.g. Pooley - this is a linden-owned water region. Emma
  8. About mainland - my personal experience: For the last year my friend and I have had a plot around 4,400 prims (not inworld right now, so cant be sure) tier free from the allowances of 4 premium accounts from LL direct and donated to a group. We both have shops there. It is not crowded - for the shops' sake it would be nice if it was! There is no lag. We bought the parcel at L$ 1 per sqm from LL. I know of two other people who more recently purchased parcels directly from LL. The land is on a fairly flat green piece of mainland directly by a Linden Road. One of my friends' parcel is a water front with - not entirely unimpeded - views, but its nice to be by the water. I have found more abandoned pieces of land near water front just flying around and believe it is still possible to ask LL to sell them to you directly. I do feel for me there is some extra value in having Mainland. There are less restrictions - e.g. you may have a shop, club, etc., you are more free to build what you want and where you want. Emma
  9. Thank you for that work around, Fox. I was under the impression that you would be billed if you held more land than your present tier allowance for even one second within a billing period. I hadn't realised that there was a grace period between taking your tier from a group and donating it back. Emma
  10. This to me is one of the most frustrating aspects of the current situation... you cannot really enjoy one of the current perks of premium membership while hoping to snag a new Linden Home. This does seem to me to add much to the exasperation for those waiting. It is particularly difficult if you currently have some mainland with your "free" tier allowance. It probably would be too much to expect for this to be changed so that you are able to ABANDON your tier holding only at the time you "sign" for a new Linden Home... Emma
  11. and then if you make a group for the land you also get 10 percent extra!
  12. You cannot sit on something someone is wearing. (This may seem like the wrong link to post initially - but reading on you'll see the discussion actually develops further.) Emma
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