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  1. is it possible an alt is a member with whom you share an email address? if you do not see the email header by default, you may be assuming it is being send to you
  2. I think Escalated had two-tone hair, also Olive do a streaks version in their hair HUD's. Emma
  3. Inspired by Gregorian Chant (the avatar), I decided to experiment with Bakes on PRIMS! uncropped or edited CalWL windlight otherwise Singularity graphics default settings
  4. without knowing what you tried... could you be wearing another hair "underneath" is it possible the hair was originally tinted black and removing the tint has not worked on some strands? (I have had that happen with hair high in prims...) good luck - do try contacting the creator (rightclick the hair and click the creator's name for an instant link to their profile) Emma
  5. Thank you Charlotte - I do think many (?) of us here are loathe to maintain a social media presence and use that as a route to air inworld issues. Most creators I've dealt with inworld have been overwhelmingly lovely and more than willing to help , both from large and small businesses. In 12 years here, I've rarely had bad experiences. Most often they occurred with larger shops - perhaps because owners are very busy - I don't feel however this negates their responsibility to enable issues to be dealt with speedily - using competent CSRs for example. Leaving things up for sale that you have been made aware are faulty (in this case at least 2 weeks) is a big turn off for me. The item I had the issue with was a couple dollars and that is a lot of money for some residents. I'll cut the shop owner some slack in terms of having to deal with RL issues... this does not let his uncommunicative CSRs off the hook though! Me stop getting new shinies? NO WAY!! My expectation is still great products and fabulous customer service! Emma
  6. Chakryn is exists - but much changed. The giant cave is there still - I discovered it when i fell into it through the mountain. Since I've found the proper mountain pass to it. Met two of my closest friends there and many others. Not sure I ever visited Hidden Reflections... maybe it's still around... Avatars are hugely improved from those days, but I loved my avatar wearing Eloh Eliot (Le) Greed skin (given to me by a kind fairy in Chakryn Forest in late 2008) - early 2018 I had it surgically removed from me when I decided on a mesh body. Facelights were a must until I discovered windlights, having swapped to other viewers when LL brought in their v2 viewer. At some point in 2009, I found out about hunts, that's where most of my clothes came from after I gave up on the freebie places. Doing the Twisted Hunt for the first time - I think I nearly went mad then, made good friends hunting though. It's much too hard for me now to bother with (it won't let me use area search). The hunts were my introduction to many SL shops - it was difficult before Marketplace and blogs to find stuff. Through them I found out about Ali & Alli's and midnight mania boards and every Friday, I'd drop by to collect their latest hair freebies - I still like flexi hair now - SUE me! Early 2009, I started taking things apart and modding them which was my entry to building, and I started scripting when I dropped a rotation script into a cube (I was so proud!), then got interested in particles. I hate that things aren't as moddable these days - this includes most mesh even if it is modify - I learned so much messing around with prims. And had enormous fun... and I still do. I am so glad I came here and hugely grateful to Linden Lab for hosting this giant playground and so appreciative of all the people whose creativity, generosity, kindness and hard work have made this world possible. Emma
  7. My rez day was November 28th, 2008. I wanted an easy to type, short name. The first couple days are a blur now... at some point I tried to adjust some jewellery. The person who got me into SL was taking me to freebie places (McMoney's, Yadni's), I picked up everything! I remember dancing on a picnic table at a beach club in platform bling heels, and some short skirted outfit and thinking it was the best :). Someone asked me if I had prim hair - I had no idea what they were talking about and I was presented with a black hair with 2 cute buns on top. I danced for tips (from the owner) at the Orbit Industrial Club - I loved that place, setting off particles everywhere, and gesturbating. Somehow maybe a month in or so, I landed in Chakryn Forest when it was still big and had that huge tree house. I stood under a tree that had glass baubles hanging down from it and looked up the hill where my avatar was walking and I was just in awe. Chakryn was my home for some time, whenever I was homeless - l would log off sitting crosslegged under the waterfall. Everyone seemed to be wearing wings or tails (Nekos). I shapeshifted constantly at that time - a new outfit every 10 minutes. Changing into a zebra or some other creature in the middle of the dance floor was great for giggles. For a while, I lived in Uhre - I so loved the dragon battles - my fave memory is standing on a flying carpet sending healing rays to wounded dragons. I have so many more memories - perhaps I'll have to return here... Emma ETA: I met one other Krokus and we were friends for a while. I do say Hi to Krokus cousins, didn't have replies from the others.
  8. Update: Just received a full refund from the shop owner - with apologies for absence due to RL stuff. A lot of bad feeling could have been avoided if the CSRs had simply communicated that the shop owner had RL stuff going on, instead of not replying to my subsequent messages at all.
  9. Even when you do hear from them, it may not be the end of it: Bought an item from a large and good looking store - part of the animation menu was missing (I know enough to be able to check this out). I sent a notecard to one of the two CSR's as requested by the shop owner in his profile. After not having received a response 24 hours later, sent a copy to the other CSR. Received an answer promising a refund from the shop owner "once he has looked into the problem" (I described the issue exactly - it wouldn't take 1 minute to confirm. This was 2 weeks ago, and a further 3 messages to the CSRs and a couple days ago, the shop owner as well - still crickets. The item is still for sale, I got a redelivery to check and the animation data is still missing... so anyone buying the item still, will have the same issue... Like others have said here, I would never treat my customers like this. I am grateful if they tell me about issues they have (even if it's their doing - then I can think of how to make that issue avoidable in future) and will contact them immediately, and rectify problems the very soonest I can. (And that's quick.) But yeah I am a mere tadpole in the pond... and don't get many complaints... I would like to think that if I was a big shop owner, I'd be the same though or have a team to help me do that. Emma
  10. @Luna - I wouldn't mind your pop-up as it's offering rather more helpful things than just "hello".
  11. You have a point there - however, I'd prefer a message in local rather than having to click something to turn off... I dislike landing points a long way from the entrance to the shop - generally I don't go to a store for the landscaping - unless it's for landscaping items. Strange I know . If it was supposed to get me in the mood to buy things other than that, well I don't feel it works well on me.
  12. oh good point! haha in my case that would be a couple of hangars full i may just have a tiny shoe obsession
  13. Just add your shoes and / or stockings to your naked body outfit folder:)
  14. Perhaps you could make an extra copy of your body, with your full body, no alphas, in an outfit folder to quickly wear when you want to get naked...? Or have a save stick with no alphas to apply to yourself?
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