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  1. last forum visit feb 22nd according to profile... i wish her well
  2. And not to link to a full version is a marketplace violation I believe... Emma
  3. Vielleicht hast du auf der Seite nach "Check-out" nicht nach unten gescrollt? Und da "Place your order" geklickt? Das ist ein bisschen versteckt... Oben auf der Seite steht: Click 'Place your order' at the bottom of the page to complete checkout eventuell auf Deutsch fuer dich:) Emma
  4. Haven't read the whole thread... so apologies if someone else already mentioned it. The head works well with male skins too. I've played around with it for an old man RP character and he looks amazing. Great for older classic skins too as it can very easily be converted to BOM. You may want to use tattoo fixes for the fingers and toes. Emma
  5. so I built one... and sat my avatar on one of the cars... and she is turning around while the car stays in the upright position oops - where did i go wrong? Emma ... tried again just now... this time, she is going around the car prim in the right position but making a 2m or so circle around the car prim... hmm
  6. An SL story... My friend had a lovely pond on his region - and let me share this land... Unwisely, left me to my own devices for some weeks or so. Well, I guess the devil loves idle hands. I turned the lovely pond into the town dump, throwing in shopping trolley, wheelchairs, rusting fridges, washing machines (easy peasy since I love collecting weird stuff), other junk, tree trunks... you get the idea. The water was turned a horribly murky colour by laying a prim, set to phantom, just under the surface. A couple of prims (transparent) turned out foul greeny brown particle clouds. To top it off, I ran a motorway through the pond complete with a disgustingly dirty workmen's loo. Wish I'd taken pictures... Emma
  7. It's possible the light prim was separate from the item you blacklisted, and perhaps transparent. Try CRTL+ ALT+T key combination to give transparent objects a reddish glow and see if you can see something where the flashing comes from. If you do, click and black list it. Doing CTRL+ ALT +T again will remove the reddish glow. Good luck! Emma
  8. You need to remove the name of the store from your post - naming is not allowed.
  9. Thank you - I so appreciate your sharing of your knowledge. Emma
  10. We do need a hug button. Especially now we got Covid-19. Please, Linden Lab...? Pretty please. So, Skell, I offer you a virtual hug. Emma
  11. Thank you so much! Mine has something tagged on after the store number... looking rather different to the above: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/80270?id=80270 I've no idea what it is! And before someone thinks I've derailed the thread! - here's one: why oh why are the internet things so complicated? Emma
  12. Thank you for the swift response! I will see if I can work it out from what you said above. Emma
  13. Thanks for that heads up. May I ask how to remove the language code? Thank you! Emma
  14. I adore thunderstorms. Best one I ever was in was in Massachusetts.
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