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  1. How about a backyard swamp... water, reeds, frogs and some stepping stones to the bench... and those weird greeny moor lights, so pretty at night... Emma
  2. This makes me want to cry. There is not one I'd feel comfortable inhabiting.
  3. @Sandra8675 Ok... there is a skin you can "earn" through having 7 Deadly Skins in your picks. Furthermore there is a gift skin for avatars of less than 30 days old. The monthly group gifts are on the wall just over the reception desk. I will take this opportunity to compliment the owner, Izara Zuta, on her generosity towards her group members. Seriously, I am the Queen of Freebies, group and hunt gifts, and midnight mania boards - so I can judge I have worn 7 Deadly Skins skins for 2 years with a classic head and an omega-enabled mesh body, and also for my full mesh Altamura alts. There is a minute seam and an almost invisible mismatch of texture at the neck with the classic head. They have not bothered me to the point of "needing" a choker to cover those. Demos are freely available in the store - so do try it with your own body and head.
  4. 7 Deadly Skins has a reasonable selection of classic skins. It is currently Classic Skins month there and the current group gift (group is free until 5th September) is a fatpack of a classic skin, including BOM compatible ones as well as ordinary Classic, plus Omega appliers. I am not familiar with the Lara body, so unsure it takes Omega... I do wish [Mock] would return - I loved her make-ups and still use tons of hers. Emma
  5. Ah... my issue really is intermittent - maybe 1 in 10 log-ins. Good luck with resolving it. Every log-in would be an utter pain! Emma
  6. Maybe I wasn't too clear - my problem is IMMEDIATELY remedied when I attempt to detach any item. I don't even have to relog - I just pop into view from the cloud as soon as I do that. So, it's not really a biggie at all. BUT thank you for you kind words and suggestions Emma
  7. Something similar has been happening to me for months now. I use Singularity however. My avatar doesn't actually render at all - what I see is a white cloud and the "Failed to find" messages. And, as in your experience, just trying to detach one item renders my avatar fully... (The item itself stays attached - to detach it properly, I need to detach it again.) It doesn't appear to matter which item I try to detach. Emma
  8. This. Still looking to find info on the whereabouts of the experimental omega applier.
  9. A friend of mine was using Resolve to produce some pretty good videos earlier this year. IM me inworld please if you would like to know more. Emma
  10. Just a guess... I'm using Singularity. When I reduce the amount of avatar impostors to 1, this happens for me (also other animation oddities). Emma
  11. My avatar and clothing certainly don't represent my own "real" world - just saying... Emma
  12. YES please - same name inworld i adore this stuff - used on friends I hasten to add. Emma read a bit further in thread - will IM you inworld, Alyona
  13. I would only buy mod. If textures are supplied with the walls, I am quite capable of applying them. Learning skills such as texturing makes SL so much more. If there were no textures but a basic texturing map was supplied, I would have a go at making my own. OR slap on the textures I got (can do this happily for hours!) until something looks just right.
  14. The Juliet and the Romeo bodies who were an Altamura gift for Valentine's this year are... Emma
  15. i feel bad... the post had been up until i commented... google was a failure on reverse fig leaves...
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