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  1. little typo in this line - vOffsetR = <(size.x*-0.5),(size.y*0.5),0.0); //Note the sign difference in the Y dimension's offset } i think should be... vOffsetR = <(size.x*-0.5),(size.y*0.5),0.0>; //Note the sign difference in the Y dimension's offset ? Emma Noob scripter
  2. Re-posting same message (in more or less words) and same photos over and over and over... /me cuts self off
  3. So all this prejudice against men without necks was correctly based on their excess render weight?
  4. Try the Gretchen AO from the SL Library - it sort of glides... Clothing > Inital Outfits.
  5. This may not work ... but have you given the free Apricot Paws neck fix a try? I've used this with CLASSIC (ex TMP) male mesh body and GENUS group female gift head where there was a gap. There's a BOM version in this too. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Apricot-Paws-SLUV-Neck-ExtenderFix-Freebie/14958878 Emma
  6. Go into editing shape (in my viewer, I can rightclick on my tag and go into edit appearance. I've highlighted the setting - male is the circle with the arrow coming off it. Female has a cross underneath. Emma
  7. Ok... I failed!!! Avatar impostors is not your issue... (Hmmm - you have checked both avatar's settings in graphics?...) Just one more idea... maybe check you have picked the correct male / female on your shape settings. I use another viewer to yourself and am able to choose male / female when I make a shape. Setting male or female, there will be differences in the size of... body parts which can impact animations. Hope you get this sorted! Emma
  8. It's on the Graphics setting - here is a picture I pinched from another thread: Set this number at no lower than 2. If it is already above 1, then that is not your issue. and here is a thread where its meaning is discussed - Emma
  9. Not scared but wary. One of my earliest memories is being taken to a circus performance. The clowns were all over a VW Beetle car, performing athletics. All that was fine. And then they proceeded to blow it up - the hood and boot exploded - it was mayhem. I didn't know it was fake and I was besides myself. The thought of anything being destroyed / annihilated was terrifying to me. Maybe that's why I spent a lot of time in SL making exploding things, in an attempt to work through my trauma!! Emma
  10. I've seen some weirdness with animations when I had avatar impostors at lower then 2... - not sure this is the reason for your issue tho! Emma
  11. Thank you, Wulfie - I do have difficulty finding things in the Wiki because I don't always know the right terms to use - and google is not always helpful. RapidTables looks like something I've been looking for all my life! Emma
  12. Oww my head!!!! I will never get radians. Give me degrees anytime (... Bsc, MSc, PhD... hehehe). Your explanation at least makes sense to me. And that's saying something!! I guess I will just head over to the Wiki page for llVecNorm to see if I can wrap my head around that. Again, thank you so much, Qie. Emma
  13. That does exactly what I wanted - thank you so much, Qie. And yes, the script is in the root prim. Your explanation is much appreciated. I really had to crank up the float spinrate (to 23.0) to get anything resembling the original speed. I wonder what the reason for this is? Emma
  14. 1. My head has trouble getting around rotations. 2. I may not be using the right terminology. I have a multi-prim rotating object which uses llTargetOmega in its root prim. Works fine with tweaks to vectors in llTargetOmega as long as the rotation is at right angles (0, 90, 270). Goes wonky, weaves as though drunk (<< technical terms) when it's anything other, e.g. 95 degrees. Can I make it rotate nice and straight when, say, its Z axis is at 95 degrees? The script: integer switch; default { touch_start(integer num_detected) { if (switch)
  15. She's gorgeous - and learnt flirting at the same school I think!
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