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  1. creased carpets in otherwise pristine homes its an sl epidemic! /me ducks and runs for her life
  2. How does your stalker get inside your parcel when you have banlines up - i didn't think that was possible? Maybe I'm having a blonde moment...?
  3. Find it in inventory and rightclick it. From the drop down, choose Edit. That should give you the move arrows on your screen. Beats camming inside myself to find little pieces of jewellery!
  4. I am running on Singularity test build 7503 and am still crashing on the av's I tried today with the bandwidth set to maximum (10k in Singularity). Tomorrow I will try with the official viewer. I've noticed that after crashing on teleporting I am unable to log into either the region I wanted to go to, or the one I came from, but can log into other places such as Pooley. The message on trying to log in is "Avatar not in Region" when I try to log into either...
  5. Thank you Whirly Updated Singularity but crashes continue - though with less frequency I think. I haven't paid attention to the regions as yet. Going "via the map" still has me crashing too. This is affecting my main and the alts I have tried.
  6. It's an alpha version... While that may put some people off I've been using happily their 2016 alpha for years...
  7. Thanks Lil. It would not appear to be viewer related. I have tested with newest update of official viewer and am having the same problems. In addition, I restarted my router and had my ISP check my connection. Today I went on LiveChat who confirmed to me that some residents are experiencing these issues and made a comment for me on the JIRA for this issue. This problem is being investigated by Linden Lab and has now been accepted for triaging. As for my current viewer, I will be updating to a newer Animesh supporting version of Singularity very soon.
  8. I am continuing to have the same issue too - plus, like Chibi, my av's meshes, other avs and sims sometimes don't load at all. In case it's of interest, I am using an older version Singularity Alpha viewer.
  9. I am still getting log-outs on teleport and at random on my main and an alt. For me, the issue is still unresolved.
  10. OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE the things mentioned here Hahahahahaha So much fun :))) Emma
  11. It sounds as if Ger29 isn't rezzing - dragging the cabin to the ground - but wearing it....
  12. I'm wondering if you are using the official sl viewer. My general choice of viewer does not have the option to list on marketplace. Good luck! Emma
  13. i didnt know valerie well i read her posts in the forums and thought her a truly sweet person we only spoke one or twice - and she was delightful i am so very sorry to hear this news my condolences... emma
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