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  1. Emma Krokus

    Mythical, Limited Edition and/or Hard to Find Items

    OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE the things mentioned here Hahahahahaha So much fun :))) Emma
  2. Emma Krokus

    problem with the winter cabin

    It sounds as if Ger29 isn't rezzing - dragging the cabin to the ground - but wearing it....
  3. Emma Krokus

    Problems listing my first item on the Marketplace

    I'm wondering if you are using the official sl viewer. My general choice of viewer does not have the option to list on marketplace. Good luck! Emma
  4. Emma Krokus

    Another MP change - a Good one. Thank you, LL!!!

    OMG this is so awesome! Thanks Linden Lab x Emma
  5. Emma Krokus

    Valerie Inshan (Redenblack)

    i didnt know valerie well i read her posts in the forums and thought her a truly sweet person we only spoke one or twice - and she was delightful i am so very sorry to hear this news my condolences... emma
  6. Emma Krokus

    Do You Miss Anything Purged from the MP?

    Just curious - does anyone know how much has been removed? Emma
  7. Hi Drake No, I didn't know them and think maybe it is phishing. It does look very legit. BUT I am not clicking anything in there. Emma
  8. Hmm, that's interesting, Pamela. The person who appeared as the sender of my message is deffo an avi, not a bot, and I have no reason to believe from what they said and from their profile information that they may have been sending me ads or spam. Since I also haven't received the message inworld I just can't know what this may have been. Emma
  9. Yes LittleMe. It looks like a link to my email settings in my SL dashboard - ostensibly to unsubscribe from receiving emails offline... I did wonder myself about the possibility of it being a phishing attempt, so I haven't clicked it... I'd rather not chance it... Emma
  10. Yes, Cindy. They assured me they didn't and have never sent me any messages. Emma
  11. Hi Pamela Nothing received - and I was in world after relogging for at least 30 minutes.... Hmm... Emma
  12. Hi Sasy No I don't forward to this account. And i checked the recipient - it was me. (I did because it's not that obvious in googlemail and I use the same email for some alts.) I've contacted one of the apparent message senders who assured me they didn't and have never sent me any messages. And no offline senders in my store. The mystery persists... Emma
  13. Thanks Drake:). Those were the only 2 in my inbox. And I was logged into SL at the time I received them. I will check out the store, but I think I no longer have those there - as all my offline go to IM anyway. And i can't remember the last time my messages were capped (it's a nice perk of being premium that I get more now). Emma:)