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  1. I am 10 years old... I only learned last year that i can rightclick the HUD which is not visible on the screen, in my inventory. Then I choose EDIT from the menu and, with the build window now visible, I use the position up / down buttons to bring the HUD into visible screen area. Emma
  2. Emma Krokus

    Hey everyone LAQ Bento head 300L$

    it's now L$ 1,500...
  3. Emma Krokus

    Free and Zero Cost Item in the MP

    I am wondering if - on the page after you click CHECKOUT for the cart, the one with 'Place your order to complete checkout' - you scrolled down the page to click the button 'Place your order' at the bottom of that page? I always think that's not all that obvious to see..
  4. Emma Krokus

    Current Premium Gift - camp fire & tent

    Mine is: Here lies the very curious emma... Hahaha They're great fun! Emma P.S. and ChinRey - I love that you want to make pretty and cheerful things
  5. Emma Krokus

    Current Premium Gift - camp fire & tent

    Left you the glowing review you deserve, ChinRey - thank you for this lovely gift. Emma
  6. Emma Krokus

    Current Premium Gift - camp fire & tent

    Thank you ChinRey Emma
  7. Delighted with this! It's modifiable - thank you Linden Lab for listening:) The weather feature is awesome - and i adore the swooping bats. i love the idea of the story time too and the animation for the listeners are very cute. Lower LI would have been nice but the build does remain stable from a long way away and it is an outdoor scene... So THANK YOU very much! Emma
  8. Emma Krokus

    Where did my inventory go?

    ive had this happen and the kittycat team replaced mine. good luck! Emma
  9. Emma Krokus

    Door Script

    Try changing the rotation to - 90.0 Emma
  10. Emma Krokus

    1970s female hairdo

    I would suggest Alli & Ali (it could be Ali & Alli - not inworld to be able to check). They have a lot of styles similar to this, plus fully functional demos in one colour and a very well organised store for finding hair of different lengths and styles. Good luck Emma
  11. Emma Krokus

    Attaching an object before the animation starts...

    Hi Rolig Will do :). Thanks! Emma
  12. Emma Krokus

    Attaching an object before the animation starts...

    Thank you Rolig and Ruthven ! Your comments are really helpful I will experiment. And yes, I thought about putting the animation into the object BUT orientation towards the washing line is really important. I don't know how to do that as the avatar is free to wander with the attachment. I felt the animation needed to be in the wash tub which is linked to the clothes line to make sure the avatar does hang clothes on the line and not in midair somewhere. And I am not nearly clever enough to know how to do it otherwise. But please... educate me! Emma
  13. Scenario: a wash tub - a washing line - hang up clothes animation - clothes item to hang up in wash tub inventory Ideal scenario: I'd like to have the avatar sit, for an item to temporarily attached to them, then start the animation when that item is attached and detach it when they are unseated Issues: I don't think from reading I can attach objects from a prim's content... how annoying! so the item needs to be rezzed... then attached using llAttachToAvatarTemp it's essential the avatar maintains its orientation towards the washing line... but I don't want the animation to start yet... - so maybe I could use a kind of start/waiting animation maybe, then trigger the hang up clothes animation when the item is attached to the avatar with llGetAttached...? If anyone has other ideas or can point out flaws in my logic I'd be very grateful! Emma
  14. Thank you Profaitchikenz, Bitsy and Ruthven @ Profaitchikenz: I'll look into that. Interesting about the sign... And yes I suspect the problem with the rocking chair is getting off while it's in motion. Haha - just thought of jumping off an rl playground swing while it's swinging really high - good times @ Bitsy: Thank you, my learned friend @ Ruthven: I will look for one such animation and experiment... maybe it will throw unseat the avatar clear of the bounding box. Emma