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  1. So - late to the party - but I am trying out BOM... and laughing at some of my old outfits (occasionally with delight - OMG Danys French Touch). I expected the old classic skins to have awful toes and fingernails. BUT not BOM skins. (Actually the finger nails are usually kind of ok.) So I am wondering if it's my mesh body, or the skins... Anyone else experience this? There seem to be finger nail / toe fixes out there. Are they meant to improve BOM skins or are they just for classic skins? What are your experiences with those? Any recommendations? Emma
  2. I've skimmed the topics in this forum and haven't found the answer. Is it possible to make BOM apply to only part of a full mesh (body & head combined) body? I usually wear a full body mesh with the head alpha'ed out because I still haven't found a mesh head that's really "me" (and nicely smooth), but my experiments with BOM in this area have failed so far... Do I need to get a headless body to achieve what i want? Emma
  3. Yay! Thank you, Dargo. Had done all that - /me scrambles one step up the scripter's ladder Emma
  4. That's great! Thank you, Dargo. I've experimented a bit, and what I think I need to change to make an even smaller gap possible is ... say 0.01, is to change (float)llGetSubString(msg,2,4); to (float)llGetSubString(msg,2,5); Is that right? Emma
  5. Managed to post these in the "wrong thread" thread - so now here you go - for your delectation and delight: I don't have any good pictures from 10 years ago - the one I have shows me wearing this outfit (typical outfit for fairy me). I kept it all and used it to recreate my look using the SL classic avatar, the original skin (I only parted from this Eloh Eliot in early 2018) and hair. Posed in Chakryn Forest, my favourite place at the time where I slept under the waterfall until I found a home. And one of my 2020 looks (I am a bit of a chameleon) posed today in the same place. Mesh body with a BOM skin, but still wearing my system head with lipstick, lash, eyebrow, blush and freckles tattoos - (I haven't found a mesh head I like as much yet). Emma
  6. It is the Queen Annes Lace Fairy... and I love your story. I seem to remember getting picked up a lot wearing this... Emma (... or was that picked on...?)
  7. Yeah right - I'll admit I wandered SL for a good while in outfits like this... I had that Eloh Eliot skin for the longest time. One of my look in 2020 - I am a chamelon though - changing looks, body and clothes all the while. Both snapshots taken today in Chakryn Forest where I once started Second Life as a fairy - because there are no good photos of me in 2010 - in the one I have with the fairy outfit I am tiny, no more than 10 pixels high. So recreated with original clothes, shape, skin and accessories here. Emma
  8. No you're not. I'll remind myself that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  9. Thank you guys! I must have accidentally done the right thing and now the alts are happy again:) Emma
  10. thanks Lillyanna! unfortunately that didn't work, nor did relogging grrr!! (after a little while, it WAS ok with one alt, maybe the other just needs time to think over the expense... hahaha) Emma
  11. My alts are having trouble accessing marketplace. On a freebie item... so it's not because they are broke. (They are.) Access to cashier.secondlife.com was denied You don't have authorisation to view this page. HTTP ERROR 403 Anyone else getting this error? Or know what this is about? Emma
  12. I just checked for Womens Apparel at L$0 - filtered for no demo... still tons of them with "demo" in the item name... So how are they going to get sorted correctly? Flagging?
  13. To be honest, I may have posted that knowing it could be taken a couple of ways...
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