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  1. Oh they are!! Grrrr... I'd love some nice pants with that top - tried so many of the other pants in Addams with no luck. And Mrs Seren! So lovely of you to reply - thank you
  2. May I ask which pants these are? I love the top from Addams, didn't like the shorts or ripped pants it's paired with but haven't been able to find non-ripped pants to go with it... (And they haven't replied to my request for another match... ) Thank you!
  3. Stream from -Club Noir -Trocadero http://s6.voscast.com:11312 I used to have a couple of others but i don't think they're active anymore Emma
  4. I would take all the little hooks that make zippers stay up...
  5. I heard the CSR saying in group chat that they sell ear textures for L$ 50 when asked about the missing ear texture...
  6. Thank you for your reply arabellajones Nothing was deleted from that location on D:\. Phew! I checked that last night actually - sorry I didn't mention that "New" logs were created at the default location (C:\) within the folders set up when I downloaded the official viewer, from the time of relogging AFTER the crash, The contents of the chat logs from before the crash confirmed this.
  7. Noticed this when trying to pull up previous IMs exchanged with customer. Although I had spoken with her recently, the log was completely blank. Checked location of the logs and, sure enough, they had reverted to default. I had downloaded the official viewer some 2 - 3 weeks ago and I guess that had recreated the "log spot" on my C:\ drive. However, apart from the time I logged on with that viewer, there was nothing in those from then on UNTIL the outage. I had logged off "normally" before the outage started and seemed to eventually log back in in the normal fashion after things started to resolve. Glad I noticed right away. I am hoping this is related to the outage, so I don't have to keep checking where logs are saved. Can anyone cast any light on this? Thanks! Emma
  8. Got in - but second tp failed. So still issues... but seems things are looking up.
  9. I'd love to see some pictures - esp comparisons with Maitreya Lara. Does anyone have some to share?
  10. For me, definitely Option 2. Reasons: store in same space as building platform / living space able to use tier from premium to pay for the land Linden Lab as my landlord (it's nice to give to the company who offers me this second life) free to throw down (sometimes literally) whatever i want large space for building I am happy with my plot - quiet green sim, no trouble with neighbours in 3 years but I miss SL Water. I really like to look at it!
  11. You may be able to get redeliveries? At least on some items... Good luck!
  12. Mine - apart from inventory and build menu, most important are texture organisers and teleport pole. Has been far messier and tidier too. In the distance some works in progress. It's surrounded by a skybox (so I can't fall out), transparent on the inside, and has a solid texture on the outside, so people can't easily see in.
  13. yes it is modifiable and only 1 LI - so you need to edit the texture face...
  14. Do you have the "right" group tag on? i.e. the one the furniture is set to - you can see this in the Build Edit tab. This may give you access to the menu back. If this makes no difference, can your alt set the group of the items to the group you created? (Give your alt modify rights for this). Then hopefully she and you will be able to access the menu - which I presume got set to group only. Good luck!
  15. Theresa is right. Tier donation only applies to mainland. I have recently seen a thread but can't remember where here of donating tier to a rental group in return for some land or credits...? Perhaps someone else could elucidate? Which would be a way to use the tier allowance...
  16. I can't get my main in there. Grrrrr....
  17. Yes, you'll need prim or mesh eyes unfortunately. Luckily you can get some that are BOM so you can have "your" eyes. ETA: Looks like I was wrong and you can move the eyes - my apologies for leading people up the dirt track to the ditch...
  18. I would probably look at Reid Parkin's place. There is a lot variety there, reasonably priced and generally low prim. I like to see stuff like that inworld because of LOD's and texture detail.
  19. Thank you, Rolig. ETA: And it happened at around the time you said. All's well.
  20. I'm a little concerned because it's late in the day, yet the USD balance has remained the same so far. Premium renewal is due today. Account has enough USD in it to cover... I think it's meant to be taken from that before going to other payment means? Is someone able to confirm? Thank you.
  21. If you mean transparent prims, there is a keyboard shortcut CTRL, ALT & T pressed at the same time.
  22. Too right! Not long after typing my OP I got that LogHome, then a houseboat and lastly a stilt on land home. Out of tries now. It was fun! And I should give a shout out to Patch Linden who helped my alt with the double camper situation in superquick time - as well as Bellisserian Citizens group who were ever so helpful. What a lovely community Bellisseria is
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